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the central nervous system, kidneys, and cause inflammation of the gums. High exposure to mercury will produce bronchitis and pneumonia. Other than an allergic reactions in some patients, dental amalgam is found to be an effective, strong, durable, and economical tooth filling that will outlast other materials.

BIG PHARMA | 29 Warfarin, Digitalis, and Pharmaceutical Synthetics

Warfarin, also known as Coumadin, is a rat poison and the most widely used anticoagulant. During the 1920s, many cattle in the United States and Canada became afflicted with a disease characterized by fatal bleeding. Sweet The United States Environmental Protection clove was found to have a hemorrhagic factor that reduces prothrombin, an essential blood Agency found that mercury absorbed as a vapor through the lungs can be detrimental to a perclotting mechanism in the blood. In 1948, the son’s healh. These exposures can occur when synthesis of warfarin led to an FDA approved roelemental mercury is spilled or products that denticide in 1952. In 1954, warfarin, named afcontain it break and expose mercury to the air, ter WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundaparticularly in warm or poorly-ventition) and–arin from coumarin was lated indoor spaces. The symptoms approved for human consumption as a therapeutic blood thinner. One of mercury poisoning are tremors, “Is the role of emotional changes, nervousness, of warfarin’s biggest successes is leading large insomnia, neuromuscular changes, its effectiveness in preventing emheadaches, and changes in nerve bolic strokes in patients with atripharmaceutical responses. Higher exposures may al fibrillation. However, its narrow companies to therapeutic index also makes it cause kidney damage, respiratory failure and death. Mercury poisondiscover life saving number three on the list of drugs ings are caused from unsafe fish, implicated for hospital treatment drugs, or to make of adverse effects. not dental amalgam.


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Thimerosal, containing about 50% Digitalis, the purple foxglove, digholders through italis purpurea, is an effective carmercury by weight, is a widely used dio-active drug. It is a steroid that preservative in flu vaccines. It is financial exerts specific action on the carmetabolized or degraded to ethylengineering?” diac muscles. The plant has been mercury and thiosalicylate. Ethylused by gypsies and other healers mercury is an organomercurial that Prof. William George, as a remedy for heart problems does not bioaccumulate like methylmercury, making it less toxic to the Harvard Business School for many years. The discovery for human body. Big pharma finds that its use by a medical doctor started in 18th century Scotland by Dr. thimerosal meets the requirements William Withering. In 1775, one of his patients as a preservative by preventing growth of fungi and killing pathogens. Many research studies came to him with a very bad heart condition. Unable to help, his patient went instead to a lointo the effects of safe doses of ethylmercury cal gypsy and took a secret herbal remedy and in vaccinations have claimed that the levels are safe; however, as a precautionary measure, the promptly became well. Dr. Withering found the Public Health Service, the FDA, the National gypsy and finally convinced her to reveal the herbal remedy’s active ingredient, purple foxInstitutes of Health (NIH), the CDC, the Health glove. Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the American Academy of Pediatrics urged Since the dark ages, the extract of this plant was vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate used as a poison for the mediaeval ‘trial by orthimerosal in vaccines as soon as possible (CDC deal’, and also used as an external application 1999) and (CDC 2000). Today there are two flu for the healing of wounds. Dr. Withering used vaccines available, one containing thimerosal various formulations of digitalis plant extracts and one without. Origins Scientific Research Society

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