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Donal Smith, president and CEO of Bermuda Emissions Control

polluting vehicles Donal Smith, president and CEO of Bermuda Emissions Control Ltd., explains how his passion to create cleaner air quality led to the creation of his company’s testing facility at TCD

Emmission testing at Transport Control Department


n July of 1989, while driving behind a tourist couple traveling on a moped, I noticed they became engulfed in exhaust fumes from the vehicle directly in front of them. The fumes were so overwhelming that they were forced to pull over into a lay-by. I pulled over behind them, got out of my car, introduced myself and apologised on behalf of my fellow citizens for their notso-pleasant encounter. I vowed on that day that I would look


into why we have to be subjected to pollutants from exhaust tail pipes on our beautiful island and began a search for solutions. My first significant discovery was that there was a negligible legislative framework in place that controlled or guided laws applicable to vehicular emissions. The only reference to air pollution emitted from vehicles was contained in the Transport Control Act of 1951, which stated, “vehicles that are seen

to be emitting smoke from the exhaust pipes are deemed to be committing an offense.” In 1992, after much further research, I decided to incorporate a company, Bermuda Emissions Control, Ltd. (BECL), the purpose of which was to resolve these issues that led to contaminating the local environment. It took 20 consecutive years of laborious effort to secure the requisite Bermuda Government permissions before we could begin operations in 2009. That’s right, 20 years of arduous endeavor. I can personally attest to the fact that perseverance pays off; when unwavering belief in a vision, personal sacrifice and strength of character compels a steadfast commitment to succeed against all odds. Today, Bermuda Emissions Control, Ltd., through compulsory testing at the Transport Control Department, successfully contributes toward ensuring a safer and cleaner quality of air and, thus, helps diminish the long-term impact of vehicular emissions. Although BECL has complied with the necessary agreement in our operation’s contract, the government has yet to implement the necessary “cut-points” that will identify which vehicles are or are not in compliance of the emissions portion of the necessary inspection, resulting in a pass/fail certificate being issued. We believe that the Minister of Transport will do the right thing and have this component come into alignment with the whole exercise of the legislated vehicle inspection process.

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