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Bermuda Shopping Experience: Elevate Your Fashion Sense

From pink beaches to exclusive lodgings and real-time shopping experience, Bermuda offers world class exciting experiences that should be there on every travelers list. Museums, architecture and ruins add a sense of history and a high population of emigrants lends the country a multicultural feel. Lying on the beach, gazing out at sparkling blue-green waters, staying in luxury weathers and enjoying warm weather can make your stay even more delightful. Apart from plentiful beaches, shopping in Bermuda can be really exciting. With shopping destination areas spread across miles, Bermuda shopping experience brings a whole lot of punch. What really make shopping in Bermuda so one of a kind are the location of most of the retail stores. Shops usually have pastel-colored historical buildings or charming cottages, uplifting your shopping experience considerably more. Wherever you go, you will find something to tempt you. Even visitors who tend to do no more than window-shop are likely to cave in and make a buy or two. You will find independent shops, quirky boutiques and high-end US and international retailers. Plan your trip with today. Bermuda’s Shopping Highlights Bermuda Retailers take full pride on featuring the finest selection from some of the world’s top brands and there are plentiful local talents who store everything from authentic pink sand jewelry to excellent wine selection. 

Boutique Gifts and Food: Shopping for cute boutique gifts and small food items seems to be new craze among visitors. Most shops house a selection of items, but few places to look for are Marks & Spencer and shops in St. George. If looking for unique items such as jewel-encrusted sandals, any jewelry, handmade soap, décor created from Bermuda’s coral, beach plastics and sand, or perfumes and local artwork, then Bermuda won’t disappoint you.

Home and Decor: Brown and Co and Gibbons Store is the go-to for all home décor related accessories and items.

Jewelry & Watches: Bermuda is a real jewelry heaven specializing in exclusive wedding jewelries. Visit Alexandra Mosher for elegant jewelry collections and Swiss Timing for a variety of European watches and jewelry.

Souvenirs and Beach Wear: If looking for both classic and unique beachwear, then Brown & Co, A.S. Cooper, Flying Colors are some of the places to shop for. Marks & Spencer and The English Sports Store carry an exemplary collection of and affordable resort and beachwear. For high end beachwear one can also visit Lusso.

Kids Corner: Marks & Spencer and The Annex Toys have it all you need for your little munchkin. Lusso carries high end kids’ brands including Lily Pulitzer.

Cosmetics & Perfumes: Shopping for cosmetics and perfumes in Bermuda will be real treat with no sales tax and stores following US pricing structure. You will find MAC cosmetic stores here. Gibbons Company, A.S. Coopers and Brown & Co carry all high-end cosmetic and perfume labels that you would find globally. Walker Christopher is famous for their collection of rare coins and south sea pearls.

In a Nutshell, Trip to Bermuda is all-inclusive experience that I am sure nobody wants give a miss. To witness Bermuda’s more exquisite beauty and fashionistas who want to take a spin through their favorite shopping destination, book today with us – bermudaexplorer by paying online.

Bermuda shopping experience elevate your fashion sense  
Bermuda shopping experience elevate your fashion sense  

Shop Bermuda & bring home Island treasures. Go on a shopping spree that take you to the most eclectic shops full of treasures & packed with...