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The Alice Lane project is situated in the heart of the Sandton precinct on the corner of Alice Lane and 5th Street. The three prominent buildings with a public piazza linking them are designed to offer a new dimension to the Sandton skyline.

11 Alice Lane


With the sheer glass facade, visible from Alice Lane and 5th Avenue, the location for an art gallery is prime. 11 Alice Lane is adjacent to the Norton Rose building and between Sanlam and Bowman Gilfillan. Secure parking is available at Level -P2. The Piazza also hosts restaurants like The Grill Hous.e.

Private and Corporate


Berman Contemporary is available for hire for private and corporate events and offers 147 square meters in the heart of Sandton. The gallery emerged as an exhibition space for investment art and function venue hosting a variety of emerging and acclaimed South African and Contemporary artists including Stefan Blom, Daniel Stompie Selibe, Ingrid Bolton and Robyn Denny to name but a few. In association with a selection of artists or performances, Berman Contemporary will personalize your event experience with the dynamic engagement of culture, music and the arts.

View from 11 Alice Lane, Sandton

11 Alice Lane Precinct Piazza ascending from street (Alice Lane)

Split-level (upstairs) viewing area

View from interior onto the Piazza at 11 Alice Lane

ARTIST Roberto Vaccaro

Roberto Vaccaro is South African artist living in the Garden Route area. He predominantly sculpts South African natural wildlife using scrap metals as a medium. His passion for art was largely due to the influence of his parents, and most importantly his grandfather, Vincenzo Vaccaro who introduced him to the use of metal as sculptural medium.

He predominantly sculpts South African natural wildlife using scrap metals as a medium. Vaccaro’s career as an artist started at the age of sixteen with the two sculptures completed in 2011 entitled Scar Tissue and Apex of Evolution I. Obviously talented, Vaccaro received 100% for his final piece submitted for his matric exams. In 2013, Vaccaro received a scholarship to study at Michaelis Fine Arts School at the University of Cape Town. Since then Vaccaro has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across South Africa, including the George Botanical Gardens, the George Arts and Crafts Showcase, the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, Landmark Foundation’s 10 Year Anniversary in Cape Town, Glen Wood House, The Grahamstown Arts Festival, Buzzard Heights Groot Brakrivier and The KKNK in Oudtshoorn.

Thunderhoof Wilderbeest, 2017 Mixed Metals 250 x 180 x 73 cm Weight 400kg

Dischord (Vultures mounted atop Piano), 2017 Mixed metal sculpture (690014)

PREVIOUS PAGE Tens Negotiation - Tooth & Nail , 2018 Mixed Metal sculpture 270 x 120 x 130cm (Weight: 291kg) Free Falling - (Two Eagles battle for a Clarinet), 2018 Mixed metal sculpture 130 x 140 x 98cm (Weight: 170kg)

ARTIST Daniel Stompie Selibe

Selibe uses the language of music and art making to explore texture, as it exists in sound, space, colour, rhythm and in the living of life. The textural path follows a path similar to the one of creating music, art and living. For Selibe it is an exploration of the power and magic of imagination, improvisation and collaboration.

Installation view

Selibe creates his work in music and painting as an invitation for people, as observer, participant or audience, to explore the depth of space, rhythm and texture in painting, music and life. Using the language of music and art Selibe describes his work as a deconstruction and reconstruction of musical sounds and images. Selibe perceives his artwork as a means of creating texture and meaning, with all that he senses around him and as a means of expressing and showing a language of the inner being as it engages with the world. This method produces an impulsiveness and fearlessness, a thrill and exhilaration of exploring the unknown. For Selibe making art is an endless personal expedition to find, free and express who one is. Creating art has developed into an integral part of his “musical being� as creating music has been integral to his artistic expression. The interaction of music and art is artistically captivating, a rhythmic flow of color and sound.

All of you, 2018 Mixed Media on Paper 2250x770mm

My baby just cares for me, 2018 Mixed Media on Paper 2290x2110mm

Moon Dance (Set of 6), 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas 1810x1400mm Installation


John-Michael Metelerkamp was born in 1982 and is based in Knysna, South Africa. His practice of work deals with intriguing sensitivities about both reality and the subconscious, confronting trauma, anxiety, and awkwardness.

The artist has said that his paintings serve as an honest expression of humanity’s shared human condition, where an attempt at confronting life – as well as seeing its humour– has been made. In previous bodies of work, the artist considered his past, present, and future in the hope of learning about who he was and where he found himself in specific moments. His work is most fascinating when viewed across it’s varied scope; in the relatively short span of time he’s been painting he’s fastforwarded through many phases, including (but most certainly not limited to) depictions of beady-eyed people in swirling landscapes, a brief exploration in Cubism, characterful wild animals and peculiar still lifes.

King Fisher, 2017 Acrylic on Paper 1320x1000mm

Nekkies 10, 2018 Mixed media on panel

Following Pools, 2017 Acrylic on Paper 1320x1000mm

Invitation 9, 2018 Acrylic on Panel 901x901mm

The Pink Lady’s Delusion 25,, 2017 Acrylic on Canvas Artwork 2000x1700mm Framed 2260 x 1970mm


Mfupi’s work portrays celebration of youth and mobility; dealing with human life matters that affect people globally. Mfupi’s style has developed into his well known up cycled collage technique, not only is this technique an efficient means of production as an artist living in a small space, the materials also play vital a role in portraying his concepts.

Mfupi majored in painting at third year and after graduating discovered artist’s need space, not only work space, but also for storage. His solution was to replace paint with magazines. He comments on his solution, “Canvases are bulky, paper collages can be packed flat and easily stored. With collages, I’d make 20 or more artworks and stash them under my bed. I was only a couple of years out of the college, and it was tough getting going. I had no space and had to buy art materials; I started using magazines because the only thing I needed was colour.” It is my duty as an artist to get people involved in art, especially the young ones. I have rendered my services to 25 schools around Gauteng teaching art and painting murals with the learners.

People shall Share, 2017 Collage on Paper Artwork 1600x 1000mm Framed 1870x1270mm

Never look back, 2017 Magazine collage on paper 2600x1590mm

Umthwalo Wami, 2017 Collage on Paper 770x620mm

My Food Paradise 2, 2016 Burnt Paper collage 720x510mm

Let’s Play, 2018 Collage on Paper 590x500mm


French artist and international student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town. Elsa Duault graduated with her masters in Marketing in Paris, 2014. With her full focus on art especially on painting and writing, she presented her series of works in many different places such as Paris, Rouen, Reims, Le Havre.

In February 2017 she moved to Cape Town to work and to study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art where she is specialized in Fluid Art. Molecular Painting is the title used to describe her method of painting. Indeed, her acrylic paintings are articulated around several main axes: the density and ratio of materials, the interdependences of substances, movements present in nature, the free expression of textures and the effervescence of the creative process. Duault captures the movement of paint over the axes of space and time. The complexities of life and its dynamics are captured by a time specific to each of her works. Her technique recreates a microscopic or macroscopic environment embracing the geometry of natural and organic compositions. The visual is of energy colliding and dispersing and finally meeting its equilibrium or resting point

Instantaneous Music VII, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 160cm Diameter

Meeting at summer time, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 50cm diameter


Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube was born in 1975 in Barberton, Mpumalanga. He currently works and resides in Cape Town where he started his own gallery, using the space to not only produce his own work, but to provide a platform for young artists. Although he sees himself as a self-taught artist, Ngulube has in fact been associated

with several educational institutions such as the Johannesburg Art Foundation and Artists Proof Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg. However, he says that he was born an artist and unable to conform to the boundaries imposed by institutional art education. His natural talent has allowed him to work in several mediums such as sculpture, printmaking and painting. Ngulube states that his work is subjectively and universally inspired by diversity. He finds much of his inspiration in city life, which he refers to in the following manner: “I stand in the middle of it and observe its crookedness, its beauty, its mysterious people from all over.� Religious gospel stories also serve as inspiration, drawing from his own very deeply rooted spirituality to inform his thinking. His enthusiasm for art and the creative process is contagious and very tangible in his work. His resultant abstract works contain only subtle hints towards the subject matter, with the work’s title often providing the clues.

Jacob & Esau, 2016 Oil on paper 700x1000mm

Angels of Love, 2018 Mixed Media on Hessian 1500x1000mm


Manuela Holzer’s use of the unconventional sculptural medium of melted black refuse bags entices the viewer to contemplate the value we assign to human emotions. The sculpture by Holzer, entitled Isolated Shadow (2016) formed part of her Master’s exhibition at the University of Stellenbosch.

Her Master’s dissertation entitled “Investigating the Human Condition through the Sculpted Figure” and the resulting Nude Existence and Shadow Series, examined the expression of the human condition through the sculpted medium, in particular the notion of the shadow as theorised in the writings of Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Jung, as well as Jean-Paul Sartre’s writings on existentialism. Issues of self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety are explored in her works, as well as trying to grapple with the fundamental questions of the human condition, the human psyche and the use of the human form to express these narratives of singular and collective anguish through the sculpted body.

Cowering Shadow, 2017 Bronze 45cm x 31cm x 25cm Edition of 6 plus 1 artist’s proof

Weeping Shadow, 2017 Bronze Edition of 6 plus 1 artist’s proof

Stalking Shadow, 2015 Steel Armature and melted black plastic refuse bags


Cape Town-based artist Dave Robertson has been producing artwork and exhibiting since the mid 90’s. Initially known for his photographic work, he has exhibited at several galleries in Germany, USA, the Netherlands and South Africa.

His first photographic book entitled, Plakkerskamp 2003-2012 documents a marginalized community in the Western Cape, over a nine-year period. This book won a prize at the Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis 2013, a national book award ceremony, in Luxembourg. At the Spier Contemporary 2010 competition, Robertson won an award for Paper Trails, a documentary photographic project focusing on informal recyclers in Newtown, Johannesburg. Immediately following this achievement, he began to focus intensively on abstract painting. In 2011 he had his first solo exhibition of abstract paintings at Worldart gallery in Cape Town. Since then he has exhibited paintings at several galleries in the Western Cape and Johannesburg. In 2014 he was selected to exhibit work in a significant group show; “Twenty years of Democracy”, which showed at the Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA.

Subtraction No. 6, 2017 Printed on 310gms Hahnemuhle German etching paper They are prints made from miniature paintings on metal. 50x59cm

Subtraction No. 13, 2017 Printed on 310gms Hahnemuhle German etching paper They are prints made from miniature paintings on metal. 50x50cm

Subtraction No. 9, 2017 Printed on 310gms Hahnemuhle German etching paper They are prints made from miniature paintings on metal. 50x40cm

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