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Touch The World “Everythings Begin From Village”

Touch The World “Everythings Begin From Village”

Where “This project will be take place


some village near of Culture City, Yogyakarta, Indonesia”

What For We're interested in development of young leaders who will be sensitive to other cultures

When Let’s come to the warm place of winter!! Starting Date : January 20th, 2014 End Date : March 2nd, 2014


and the value of diversity. We could hold hands

Village Inhabitant

in hands, show the international opportunities


to all perticipants and develop cross-cultural


communications in our countries.

Touch The World “Everythings Begin From Village�

Main Task Teaching : The interns should work together with the village Inhabitant and teaching the kids in the villages. Health Socialization : The interns will do some workshop about health and lifestyle in front of village Inhabitant Global Village : The interns should perform cultural thing. from their home countries such as singing, dancing, cooking or etc.

Touch The World “Everythings Begin From Village”

WE PROVIDE Accomodation (single or shared room) Facebook tag + much much fun + positive emotions :) \^,^/

Get to know more about the beauty of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Get the leadership experience in this project Share knowledge about your country Get new friends from around the world


you will get

Ferdinand Melyanus Nagal Vice President of Incoming Exchange

AIESEC Local Committee Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta | | |

AIESEC UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta |


Touch the world  
Touch the world