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— the upcoming vernissage of painter Lena Petersen and photographer Thorsten Heinze – an interview by Sophie Templin

And you had the idea of hosting a joint exhibition? Thorsten: The stars brought us together. Lena’s paintings have a connection to the universe as well as a beauty and simplicity from the worlds of fashion and design. Lena: The fact that Thorsten’s gallery is called ‘SEVEN STAR ­GALLERY’ was actually an omen for the exhibition. It’s true, the stars really did bring us together. Where and how did you meet? How many pieces will be displayed? Lena: We met through Anita Tillmann. She loves art and is very intuitive when it comes to people. Two of our pictures are hanging in her living room almost side by side – a large photograph by Thorsten that captures the charm of pantomime master Marcel Marceau, and one of my paintings, the magical Universe Woman. As a team, we go together just as well as our two images hanging in the same room.

Lena: As last year my art mainly consisted of large painted murals, starting with PREMIUM before moving to the Zurich Opera Ball, ­restaurants, cafes and businesses as well as the Design Week in Beijing, the upcoming exhibition could be viewed as an overall creative process itself. A painting that will come full circle at this year’s ­PREMIUM show.

Thorsten: Lena’s paintings go perfectly in my gallery; she’s also a storyteller, both as an individual and as an artist.

Thorsten: It’s a development process that melts into itself. The pieces blend with the gallery space to form a single, complete piece.

Who will take on which role during the exhibition? Lena: We both carry with us a large library of dreams, images, memories and feelings we have captured.

DREAMS at SEVEN STAR GALLERY 1 July – 7 September 2016 | Gormanstrasse 7 | Mitte Join the journey!

Thorsten: Lena transmits them onto canvas and I give her the space to tell each of these tales.

Berlin Fashion Week Magazine 22  

Spring/Summer 2017

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