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How Does Drinking Water Help Back Pain? Information is everywhere telling you that you should drink at least eight cups of water a day. Doctors state that consuming this much liquid will help keep you healthy, and that we need a certain amount each day to stay balanced.

But why? Drinking water helps clear toxins from your body and is vital for your organs to function efficiently. More importantly, though, it can also aid in reducing pain in your back and spine, and knocking back some of that clear liquid each day can help you live a happy and pain-free life. Dehydration One of the most untreated causes of lower back pain is dehydration, both local and regional. If the muscles in your body are not receiving adequate water intake each day, they can display this by showing symptoms of intense pain in certain areas – the muscles surrounding your spine especially. If you find yourself drinking less than sixty four ounces of water each day, up your liquid intake to relieve some of your back pain. With this, dehydration coupled with poor posture can be another trigger of back pain. If you’re guilty of sitting in an office chair all day, slumped over a keyboard, it’s more than likely that your posture is taking a toll on your joints. Each individual vertebra is meant to stay in a specific position, and slouching in a chair puts them out of their place. A dehydrated spine is unable to handle this stress and heal properly, causing intense pain until hydration is achieved once again. How to Avoid Dehydration

Avoiding dehydration is simple, really: drink more water. While many sources claim that it’s necessary for adults to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day, the Mayo Clinic supports the idea that adult males should consume around thirteen, while females should drink nine. Either way, the Clinic believes that each amount will help fend off dehydration and will contribute to a healthy, functioning body. Beyond this, the Mayo Clinic proposes that drinking this amount of beverages will be adequate, and that total liquid intake can be from water or other sources. If you are having trouble remembering to consume that much liquid throughout the day, try to give yourself little reminders. Drink a glass of water or orange juice with breakfast, bring a refillable water bottle with you to work, and stop by a water fountain as often as possible in order to keep as hydrated as possible. Dehydration symptoms also often start before the pain is felt in the back. Sufferers of dehydration usually experience headaches, dry mouth and skin, and dizziness. If you have begun to experience any of these symptoms, consume eight ounces of water or more to fend off a completely dehydrated state. Mild dehydration can usually be reversed with in two or three hours. Water Everywhere Water is everywhere, and it’s the liquid that keeps us alive. Make sure to drink enough water on a daily basis to relieve back pain and live a happier life. Daniel Berlin is the owner of Berlin Chiropractic. He and his staff work tirelessly to ensure that all of their patients live a higher quality of life by receiving treatment in a friendly and caring environment. For more information, please visit

How does drinking water help back pain  

How water can help with back pain in addition to overall health

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