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CAS Journal September 2010 Today’s Date: October 4, 2009 Knitting Club: We started knitting club last week, and I have gone there twice. The first time I went, there were five kids plus my monitor, Ms. Smith. I knitted before, but that was a long time ago, and I couldn’t remember how to do it. I spent the whole time just trying to get started, which I did eventually. I casted on a whole bunch of stitches and then I accidently pulled half of them out. There was one girl who really knows how to knit, and even brought in a scarf she made. I think it will take me forever to make a scarf! The second time I went, my friend joined and so we decided that we will go to a store and get nicer yarn instead of the stuff that the teacher brought. Yoga: I also started Yoga this week. I thought it would be really relaxing, which it was, at first. We did a lot of breathing and slow things, but after a while we started to do poses and some of them were so uncomfortable! Not relaxing! (Warrior pose.) But I think I will get pretty strong if I learn how to do them. CAS Planning: As you can see I already started 2 CAS projects. I haven’t started anything for Service yet, but I might join the Uganda Project or I might also do another club. I’m not really sure. I think some other people in school might be doing something with the Red Cross, or I might do tutoring after school. The other planning thing I have to do is find a monitor for photography because another creativity project I want to do is take pictures of different ubahn stations and make some kind of series. I still have to think about action too, because I don’t really like sports.

Learning Goals ___ Increase my awareness of my own strengths and skills & areas for growth ___ Undertake new challenges ___ Plan and initiate activities ___ Work collaboratively with others ___ Show perseverance and commitment ___ Engage in issues of global importance: e.g. environment, health, poverty, prejudice ___ Consider the ethical implications of my actions: e.g. Think about what is right and wrong ___ Develop my skills

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