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How Nancy Got the Body of Her Dreams Reading Breast Augmentation Hi, my name is Nancy, and I came to Dr. Reedy for a breast augmentation. After having two children, my body needed some help. And I had thought about it for a long time, but plastic surgeon's a really big deal. When I finally decided to talk to Andrea, my coordinator, she sat there, and we went over everything, and I decided on a consultation. Dr. Reedy was wonderful. He went over all my concerns, and all my questions, and listened to me really well. Poor Andrea then had to listen to me for days and days after with all my extra questions that I came up with. And I decided for the surgery because the staff was so wonderful. They listened to me. They were so thorough, and all my questions and concerns were handled very well. The nursing staff was great. My surgery went wonderfully. I was really surprised to get a call from Dr. Reedy that night, checking on me after my surgery, to make sure that I was still okay.

The impact has been wonderful on my life. I have much more confidence. I feel great. My family knows I feel much better. It's wonderful. So it's been a great experience. I tell all my friends and family to come see Dr. Reedy. Thank you.

Nancy's Breast Augmentation  

Read about a breast augmentation from Nancy's persepective.

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