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“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” ― Mark Twain


Chris and Karen Senay had experienced two very difficult years with their two Golden Retrievers. Andrew passed away from cancer, and then Juju, their other Golden, had cancer in one leg and had to have it amputated. Though they had intended to just focus all their energy on him, they found that he was lonely with his buddy gone. Four months ago, they happened to see Pup in the Berkshire Humane Society’s weekend advertisement and came to the Shelter to see him. They brought Juju in to meet him and the pair got along just fine. Here’s their story as told by Karen. Pup adjusted to his new home immediately, as though he had always been there. He followed us everywhere. As he is lucky enough to live on 47 acres, he gets plenty of exercise. Since we have chickens, he followed us on our chicken chores and was very curious over those funny-looking things. While Chris was cutting trees, Pup and I walked out to the area where Chris was working to bring him his lunch. There Pup found Juju, who always rode out in the Gator ATV, and stayed with Chris all day. The next day Pup followed Chris in the Gator and stayed with Juju, safely away from where Chris was working. When Chris would take a break from his work, both dogs knew it was play time.

He adores Chris and jumps and runs all over when he comes home. He knows Chris will be going outside to do something and he will follow. While Chris was digging up potatoes and carrots, Pup became the vegetable thief. He would snatch one, run off and snack for a while, then go back for more. Pup can be a couch potato. At night he will jump up on the couch and lay on Chris’ lap. In the morning whoever gets out of bed first is replaced by Pup. He will place his head on the empty pillow and will stay there until it’s time to get up. We shared our Thanksgiving dinner with the two of them - turkey and veggies from our garden. Later we made sandwiches for our late snack. Chris left the room for a few minutes and when he returned the top piece of bread and the stuffing was missing from his sandwich. Pup stood there, no guilt at all on his face, as if that was supposed to happen. Christmas was a fun day. We spoil both of them with many wrapped toys and snacks. Pup unwrapped his gifts with no help and was in his glory with his new toys. We were excited to have the snow arrive to see how he would be outside. We shovel the snow and throw it at him and he barks for more.

Pup used to follow Chris in the Gator to cut and split wood up the driveway, but after watching Chris lift Juju in the back of the Gator, he now barks for his lift into the Gator. We guess he figures, why bother walking when I can ride!

Though they occasionally like a little personal space, for the most part Pup and Juju love each other. They keep each other company when we go to work, and when we get home Pup is so excited he does his burst of Pup energy laps outside.

Pup and Juju became best friends and enjoyed being together all the time. Pup was even lucky enough to vacation at a cottage in Maine with us. He decided the couch was his bed for the night and Juju could sleep on the dog bed. He was happy to sleep there until we were up and moving around. At the beach he enjoyed watching the seagulls and greeting other people and their pets.

Pup has his new forever home and we are so grateful we adopted him. Thank you BHS for such a wonderful dog, for giving Juju a best friend again, and for allowing us to enjoy such a fantastic companion.


PLANNED GIVING Not to sound repetitious, but by incorporating a Planned Giving intention into your estate planning or will, you will benefit not only the Berkshire Humane Society’s planning for the future, but you will benefit financially, as well as passionately. However, it is important that you make this commitment immediately for both BHS and yourself.

our Circle of Compassion. In this “Circle”, you will join a group of dedicated givers who have expressed their confidence in the future success of BHS in its endeavors to continue to effectively help animals and the people who care for and love them.

For instance, donors over the age of 70-1/2 can roll up to $100,000 from their IRA’s to BHS without paying income tax on the donation. And if the distribution is made before February 1, 2013 it can be counted retroactively for the 2012 tax year.*

If you wish to be included in our Circle of Compassion, please contact John Perreault, Executive Director (confidentiality is assured) by mail at Berkshire Humane Society, 214 Barker Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201, or by telephone at 413-477-7878, extension 33. Please let us know if you want your name to appear on the Circle of Compassion Honor Roll among dozens of other animal lovers.

But, amounts of any magnitude will certainly be welcome as a result of your commitment in your estate plan, bequest, or will. And we will honor that commitment in your name by entering you into

*Please consult your tax advisor for details of the IRA rollover and other means with which you can financially assist BHS with its future plans.

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A NEW HOME FOR SALLY The BHS “Senior-for-Senior” program allows senior persons of over 65 years to adopt senior cats over seven years old for only a $50 adoption fee. Before the holiday season, Edith Greene, who has been living at Kimball Farms since mid-June, visited Purradise in Great Barrington with the hope of finding a cat companion. Not only had Edith enjoyed the company of cats in the past, but during her husband’s working years for MIT, they lived in Indonesia and Cairo, amongst other places. At different times they had taken two of these cats with them to other countries. Though Edith was thinking of an orange tabby, as she had enjoyed four of them in the past, she was lucky enough to find a 10-year-old cat named Sally who had just come into the Shelter. Sally and Edith bonded immediately, and Sally, who had been in the Shelter for a very short time, was lucky enough to be adopted.

On the second day after Edith took her home, Sally hid way in the back of a storage closet for a period of time, which is somewhat typical for a cat when they go into a new home. (There is an adjustment period for them especially when they are older.) Even though she enjoys being out around the apartment with Edith now, that little space in the back of the storage closet is still her favorite place to sleep. Another time, she sneaked behind Edith in the kitchen when she was taking her oatmeal out of a storage cupboard. After breakfast, Edith looked all over for her. When she finally opened that kitchen cupboard door, Sally walked out as if hiding in there was a perfectly normal thing to do! In addition to sitting beside Edith on the couch, where she enjoys being brushed, she loves to sit on the window sill in Edith’s bedroom to admire the outside world. Edie refers to her as a “treasure.” She said, “I love the way she purrs when she comes near me.” The Senior-for-Senior program is great, especially for older cats who have more difficulty being adopted. What a bargain for two lucky seniors to share their lives together! We are happy for Edith and for Sally, and we thank Edith for visiting Purradise and finding her new friend.


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NEW PURRADISE MANAGER The Berkshire Humane Society welcomes the newest member of our team. In October, Danielle Hammell was hired as the Shelter Manager for Purradise, the feline adoption center located in Great Barrington. Danielle was raised in Old Chatham, NY. She attended SUNY Potsdam and received a Bachelor’s degree in Literacy from Saint Rose College. For seven years Danielle followed her dreams to work with “at-risk youths” at the Berkshire Union Free School District. While working at the school, Danielle was able to work with the youths performing community service at local animal shelters and to teach them how to take care of farm animals. It was during this time that Danielle realized not how much the children helped the animals, but, in reality, it was the animals helping to rehabilitate the children. A life-changing moment happened – Danielle changed careers and began her fight against animal cruelty and neglect. She started working at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA, where she was the kennel supervisor for five years. She has also had the opportunity to work in partnership with the ASPCA Disaster and Response Team, aiding in the cause to help animals in need. Danielle comes to Purradise with experience, drive, and a uniform goal: to be the voice for the animals. As the new Manager, her first goal is to help aid the Berkshire Humane Society in reducing the epidemic of homeless cats. With the help of the community, Danielle wants to start more community outreach – attract volunteers, donors, and, most-importantly, adopters. Every Saturday, Purradise will be conducting cat and dog nail trims and low cost micro-chipping clinics. Danielle also wants to reach out to local schools to educate students about animal awareness and to allow our youth to become advocates for the animals. It is only with the support from the community that the Berkshire Humane Society and Purradise have been able to grow continually over the last 20 years, and we hope that you will continue to support this growth.

SENIOR CATS A very generous person has made a special donation for our Senior Cats for 2013. If you want to adopt a Senior Cat, you will receive a 50% discount on its adoption. Senior adoptions are $50 and if you are over the age of 65, the adoption will be free. Senior cats make wonderful companions as most of them are just looking for a lap to sit in and someone to pet them. Look at our wonderful Senior Cats at or come in to see them at BHS on Barker Road in Pittsfield!

HOLIDAY MIRACLE (A Story of Hope and Perseverance) Purradise received a true “Holiday Miracle” gift when one of their past resident cats was returned to her new home! Maura, a long-term resident of Purradise finally found her perfect, forever home with Igal Harmelin-Moria from Foxhollow, in Lenox, MA, but a week later, on December 4th, she broke everyone’s hearts when she got loose outside. Her new owner called everyone in a desperate plea to help bring Maura back. Purradise volunteers, staff, and supporters all went looking for her and prayed for her safe return. Maura would be fighting the hardships of predators, the bitter cold, starvation, and fear. It had been just shy of three weeks when an angel, by the name of Heather, from High Lawn Farms thought she spotted a despairing orange and white tabby around her house. Purradise staff and volunteers went out to the farm numerous times looking for this desolate cat, but with no luck and little hope left. Finally, at 7p.m. on December 23rd, we received a phone call from Heather that they had caught a cat that fit Maura’s description. It was by fate and the dedication of true animal lovers that we were able to catch Maura and bring her to her home safely. Purradise would like to thank everyone for never losing faith and for helping to bring our beloved Maura home safe and sound. A special “thank you” to Tracy, Barb and Heather!

Kids Care, Too. On Sunday, December 16th, 9½-year-old, Bryson Rose came to Berkshire Humane Society with his dad, Jim, and a younger brother. Bryson had a gift of $77 for the Shelter to help the animals. He had decided to do some work to make this money because he wanted to donate this special gift. His family helped him out. He did yard work for his family and neighbors, helped his grandmother make meatballs, went to work at his Dad’s 7-Eleven in Adams, and also went to work one day at Canyon Ranch with his mother to make all this money in one week. We are very proud of this young man. It makes us all happy to know that even children care enough to help us do the work we do.

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