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AGM REPORT – VOLUNTEER PROGRAM Program Objective(s): The program develops, renews and sustains leadership and volunteering from diverse communities in Peel. It provides overall coordination of volunteer support within the Peel HIV/AIDS Network, including recruitment, screening, orientation, training, deployment, retention and evaluation. Our volunteers are deployed in various programs that include PHA client support, community education and outreach, special events, research and administration.

Key Service Delivered: In the past year, volunteers have been recruited through online postings on multiple sites. We have also recruited through volunteers fairs, special events and outreach targeted at different communities. The Program has drafted Policies and Procedures to formalize screening, training and requirements for new volunteer position creation. We deployed volunteers to assist health promotions with planning and execution of various events including World AIDS Day, Carassauga and Queer it Up. Volunteers also assisted with Office Administration and Special Events including A Taste for Life and the AIDS Walk for Life. We offered various volunteer trainings over the year; we partnered with ACT to have four volunteers complete Support Group Training. We also continue to receive some support from external sources for off-site condom stuffing and special event assistance.

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Support Group Training

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First Contact Training



Harm Reduction Training

Number of Participants

What’s being planned this Year: The Volunteer Program is excited to bring many new faces to PHAN this year. With an increased commitment to Special Events and Fundraising, we will engage episodic volunteers to assist us in targeted outreach and event assistance. Certain projects will form committees allowing volunteers to take leadership roles. Coordinators will engage student placements to assist with larger projects allowing students to gain direct program planning experience. Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge

The Peel HIV/AIDS Network participated in the initiative, through Volunteer MBC, to encourage youth volunteerism. On May 8th, eleven youth participated in a Condom Pack-a-thon, a full day event to pack condoms while talking about Sexual Health. The event succeeded in having eight of the eleven attendees becoming long-term volunteers with the Agency.

Volunteer Program AGM Report 2010  

The Volunteer Program is excited to bring many new faces to PHAN this year. With an increased commitment to Special Events and Fundraising,...