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Pilar and Hari Brooks, with father Gary


eet Pilar and Hari Brooks, two young people from our community who, just like the many of which Salt Spring Island can boast, are well rounded good kids that serve as tremendous youth role models to our young people. Additionally, Pilar and Hari are important members of our Lady Minto Hospital Community and part of the inspiration for our recent “Kids Making Change� campaign. Pilar is a Grade 11 student at Gulf Islands Secondary School. Ever since she was knee high, she had a dream of becoming a Broadway dancer, and as the

years progressed she has worked very hard toward that goal, putting in long hours and to her distinction, maintaining excellent grades and being a great kid. Until recently, she also was an extremely team oriented soccer player for 9 years until dance needed to take over those hours. Hari is a Grade 9 student at Gulf Islands Secondary School. She loves to play sports 24/7. Hari particularly excels at soccer and golf, and her quietly fierce competitive spirit makes her a force to be reckoned with in basketball, badminton and track. Hari has an emotional

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intuitiveness that is a true blessing to be around. Her natural inquisitiveness allows her to excel at school.

Care. Her sister, Hari and Father, Gary joined in.

The girls continued to volunteer because it made them feel good to do something for those that needed someHari and Pilar Brooks have been volunteering at Lady thing done. Their captured audience seem to appreciate Minto Hospital for the past four years as junior volunteers them. in the Extended Care Unit. Pilar shares her talents and her passion for dance through performances for residents. Through their volunteerism and work at Lady Minto She also assists with mealtime. Hari, along with her father Hospital, Pilar and Hari Brooks have gained an unconGary, are infamous for scious feeling of knowing the masterfully crafted, that they are giving to the Pilar and Hari Brooks have gained an interactive, group-oriented community in an unselfish crossword puzzles which unconscious feeling of knowing that manner. are a huge draw for the they are giving to the community in an residents. Pilar and Hari have unselfish manner. a life long history of The initial impetus and volunteerism, whether interest in volunteerit has been feeding the ing in the hospital arose when Pilar was becoming a Bat homeless in a location where they grew up, or in aiding Mitzvah at 13 years of age. Pilar’s rabbinic instructor at an abused children’s shelter in Mexico where they asked her to do mitzvah work for a year before her speregularly vacation. ■ cial occassion. She chose to be at Lady Minto’s Extended

LADY MINTO HOSPITAL Foundation Board of DirectorS Officers: David Feitelberg – President Gil Schultz – Past President David Southwell – Vice-President Mark Cutten – Honorary Treasurer Greg Harmeson – Honorary Secretary Members at Large: Michael Clark Dan Phelan Carol Dodd Matt Steffich Peter Grove Bill Whitelaw Bryan Williams Appointed Representatives: Dr. Don Shea – Medical Staff Representative Jennifer Williams – Auxiliary Representative Bill Relph – Site Manager, Rural Health Administration: Sharon Bond & Diana Hayes – Development Coordinators Karen Mouat – Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper Published by the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation Editor: Diana Hayes Layout: Mark Hand Design Printing: Lightning Press Photos: Janine Fernandes-Hayden, Diana Hayes, Greg Harmeson, Linda Matteson-Reynolds, Karen Mouat Website: Imagine That Graphics

Board Member, Linda Matteson-Reynolds with India Hayden at the closing celebration for the KMC Campaign, October 17th


T Budding concert pianist Matt Stubbs performing for the Extended Care Residents at Lady Minto Hospital.

he “Kids Making Change” Campaign has drawn to a close. What an amazing campaign it has been! Our kids were successful at raising funds that will be put towards the purchase of a paediatric wheelchair for the Hospital. The total monies raised was $2,535, which includes a generous donation. We are still accepting cans which can be dropped off at the Hospital.

Beyond the money raised, we know from our other activities that many kids have been influenced through this campaign. We received over 40 “Thinking of You” cards that Jo Twaites excitedly distributed to patients. You will notice the beautiful artwork that now graces the walls of the hospital, thanks to the students of Salt Spring Elementary. As you enter the hospital parking lot, you will be greeted by the fabulously colourful tulips painted by our school kids, which have been “planted” in the garden areas in and around the main building. We will be planting more wooden tulips again in the Spring, all around the perimeter of the hospital.. The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation is grateful for all contributions, support and enthusiasm, which made this initiative possible. We are fortunate to live in a small community such as Salt Spring Island whereby examples of giving, philanthropy and stewardship can be easily and effectively embraced by our young people. ■

Feedback on the KMC campaign:

The most rewarding part of this experience was the feeling that I have helped the community hospital become a more user friendly place for children and I made some new friends in the process. Youth Facilitator

I just want to thank everyone who made this campaign happen. It is so nice to know that their are so many loving people on Salt Spring Island who take the time to help and teach and make a difference. Youth Facilitator

I think the Kids Making Change campaign is a great idea. It teaches kids the value of volunteering and looking beyond themselves to others. Hospital Staff

Matthew Stubbs

Matthew started studying the piano at age 7 and has been studying with David Oei in New York for the past five years. While living in New York, Matt performed solo works for the Westchester Philharmonic Youth Concert Series. He has been a performer at the Chamber Music Conference of the East at Bennington College in Vermont for the past six years. Matthew was the soloist with the Salt Spring Concert Band under the direction of Dawn Hage, for the 2008 Solo Competition in which they performed the Stravinsky Concerto for Piano and Winds. He has performed on the Music and Munch concert series with his parents, Laurie and Jim Stubbs.


Donna, Pharmacist (left) with Mihaela, Pharmacy Clerk

The new space of almost 1,000 square feet has resolved most of the potential patient safety and ergonomic issues that existed in the cramped quarters of former years

Most patients are not aware of the complex and important role that the Pharmacy Department plays in their care during a hospital stay. The hospital Pharmacy staff provide one of the “behind the scenes” services that make up the complete interdisciplinary model for patient care. The Pharmacy Department is staffed with a full time Pharmacist and Pharmacy Clerk who works four days per week. Our Pharmacist, Donna, began at Lady Minto in 2002 after working both at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and in retail for a number of years. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1980 with her B.Sc. Pharmacy and knew that she preferred to work in a hospital setting. Mihaela has worked as the Pharmacy Clerk for more than a year now. As a trained Pharmacy Technician she contributes greatly to the department’s operations. The ‘Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee’ for V.I.H.A. is composed of physicians and pharmacists. They regularly review the hospital’s formulary thereby governing which specific drugs will be used within V.I.H.A. facilities. The Pharmacy staff is responsible for managing medication inventory in conjunction with V.I.H.A.’s Pharmacy Stores at Royal Jubilee

Hospital. You may be pleased to learn that all expired medications are either returned to the manufacturer for safe disposal (and we get a credit for those) or are shipped out for high temperature incineration, which ensures no contaminants remain to poison the environment. A new dispensary was completed in March of 2008 and is a dream come true for the Pharmacy staff. Previously, the department consisted of two small rooms with only 250 square feet of working space. This presented many challenges when trying to run a department that depends on precision and good organization. The new space of almost 1,000 square feet has resolved most of the potential patient safety and ergonomic issues that existed in the cramped quarters of former years. A major component of the Pharmacist’s role is to ensure medications are used properly and this is done in a variety of ways. Every medication ordered by the patient’s physician is faxed to the Pharmacy for review. The Pharmacist looks for drug related problems like drug interactions and allergies. All drug orders are then computerized producing a ‘Medication Administration Record’, or M.A.R. for short. For nurses, the M.A.R. is both a guide for and the legal document for the administration of

medications to their patients. This system, which is used on both the Acute Care Unit and the Extended Care Unit, is one of many steps taken to reduce and eliminate medication errors. On Extended Care, medications are distributed in blister cards to the ward. This assists in both efficiency and accuracy of medication use. Our Pharmacy Department offers services to the Outer Gulf Islands’ medical clinics by providing medications and guidance. Getting orders out to, and expired medications back from, some clinics can be an exercise in higher order logistics. In part, the role of the hospital Pharmacist includes a somewhat academic component in that questions are often researched in greater detail and there is more opportunity to discuss treatment options with physicians and nurses. It may not be widely known that our pharmacy can prepare certain chemotherapy regimens for administration here at Lady Minto Hospital. The specialized equipment used to mix these solutions is located in the new department. Depending on a few factors, people who have already received their first round of chemotherapy at the Victoria Cancer Clinic may be able to have their treatments scheduled at Lady Minto Hospital. The Oncologist, along with the patient’s family doctor, can determine suitability and make arrangements. This Chemotherapy Program is supported by a generous grant from the Foundation and is an important service offered to cancer patients here on Salt Spring Island. â–

Donna, Pharmacist, showing the chemo hood (Biological Safety Cabinet)

Kathy, Pharmacy Clerk

Mihaela, Pharmacy Clerk

Vince, R.T.



ur Annual General Meeting was held on September 17th 2009 and since that time the Foundation has continued with various activities to improve and enhance the facilities at the Lady Minto Hospital. I am pleased to inform you that notwithstanding the global recession, the Endowment Fund has held its own and returns from April 1st 2009 to October 31st 2009 are 15.7%, with the Endowment standing at $2.58 million as of October 31st . The KMC Campaign (Kids Making Change Campaign) had a wrap up celebration at the Hospital on October 17th 2009 when it was announced that the income collected was approximately $2,500, which will go towards the purchase of a pediatric wheelchair. Congratulations to all those who participated, along with the giving of their time and talents to the hospital. Congratulations also to Gisela Welsh on winning the Alaska Cruise for two, which Dr. Morse she and her husband James will enjoy in the spring next year. The trip was this year’s Phantom Ball prize which was co-sponsored by Uniglobe GEO Travel. The Foundation raised $55,000 from the campaign this year, and all proceeds go towards the purchase of priority equipment items for Lady Minto Hospital. The annual golf tournament raised $25,000 with approximately 180 participants which was a new high for both the number of participants and the amount raised. All the individuals and organizations involved in these campaigns deserve our praise and gratitude.

As most of you have read, VIHA has already commenced a health needs assessment for Salt Spring Island and this review is being spearheaded by VIHA’s Regional Director for Planning and Community Engagement, Grant Hollett. This review is expected to be completed by December 31st 2009 and the results will be made public. In this regard, certain members of our Board will be meeting Grant Hollett during November which will provide us an opportunity to have certain input into the needs assessment process. He will also be meeting with other Salt Spring groups or organizations involved in the health needs of the island’s residents. We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Morse is seeing Salt Spring Island residents that have been referred by their family doctors for possible endoscopic procedures. Following the scheduled clinic dates, he will begin performing colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures in February. Initially we will be having “scope days” twice a month, but as the numbers increase we hope to schedule these once per week. “It will be fantastic to be using our OR space again as it was intended,” says Dona MacKie, OR Supervisor. Dr. Morse comes to us from the North where he has been working as a General Internist and has been performing endoscopic procedure for many years. We are very excited about having a physician of his calibre here at Lady Minto. At our AGM, we welcomed four new Board members: Michael Clark, Carol Dodd, Peter Grove and Dan Phelan, whose abbreviated curricula vitae appear opposite. We also wish Alan Wiggan and Bob Food farewell after six years of very dedicated service to the Foundation.

Alan served as President for two years and his huge involvement in the Endowment played a significant role in its growth. Bob chaired the Community Relations Committee, sat on the Finance Committee for many years, and was responsible for our investment portfolio which performed very well under his watch. Linda Matteson-Reynolds and Janine FernandesHayden left the Board after two years of service each. Linda developed the website and Janine led the Kids Making Change Campaign and we thank them both for their hard work and enthusiasm in these successful endeavours. Several Board members were very impressed with a demonstration, conducted by Dr. Shane Barclay, of the new Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (or FAST ultrasound). This machine was purchased by the Foundation for $60,000 and will assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment of potentially life threatening conditions. According to Dr. Barclay, the FAST will be used in the emergency department to help diagnose such conditions as bleeding in the abdomen, aortic aneurisms, blood or fluid around the heart and ectopic pregnancies, to name a few. We also thank Lee and Bev Kaslande for the donation of a new Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Dr. Barclay for his efforts in facilitating the acquisition of this important piece of equipment. The intention being that this AED will be “loaned” for public demonstrations in the community, and to have more of these AED’s on the island which Dr. Barclay believes would result in more people surviving cardiac arrests. This was evidenced recently when a person who had suffered a major heart attack on the golf course received quick treatment using an AED administered by emergency personnel on the scene, which resulted in the heart recovering a viable rhythm to enable survival of the patient. Lady Minto Hospital continues to be one of the most amazing places on Salt Spring thanks largely to its excellent and dedicated staff. We are also very fortunate to have such a wonderful caring, generous and supporting community and we thank you all once again for your contributions over the years. ■

MEET OUR NEW BOARD MEMBERS Michael Clark Michael has an MBA from the University of Western Ontario - Ivey Business School and was for many years the Foreign Service Officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade posted at various times to Indonesia, London, Pakistan, Ottawa and Winnipeg. On retiring, he was Senior Trade Commissioner responsible for Canada’s trade relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is also a keen sailor and member of the Salt Spring Sailing Club. Michael will sit on the Development and Community Relations Committee.

Carol Dodd Carol spent 20 years in the operations side of the brokerage business, initially with a small firm in Vancouver and then with McLeod Young Weir in Toronto. After working in the merchandise business, and prior to retiring, Carol was a consultant with Scotia McLeod as a consultant and project manager. She worked as the Manager, Business Servies at Greenwoods Eldercare Society and is an avid gardener, bridge player and basket maker with the basketry guild on Salt Spring. Carol will sit on the Finance Committee.

Peter Grove Peter has a BA in Economic Geography from the University of British Columbia and is a Chartered Accountant. He is a Certified and Chartered Mediator and holds a certificate in Conflict Resolution. He is currently lecturing at the University College of the Fraser Valley. He is an avid sailor and for obvious reasons will sit on the Finance Committee.

Dan Phelan Dan has been a valuable member of the Foundation’s Development and Community Relations Committee for a number of years. He has a B.Sc. in Hotel Industry Management from Cornell University and when he retired, was Senior Vice President at Cara Food Operations. Cara is the largest food operations company in Canada, serving among other clients, the airline industry. His grandfather founded the company 130 years ago. He is an active tennis player and boater. Dan will continue to sit on the Development and Community Relations Committee.

ECU resident, Ted Aves, enjoys a visit with Eric

Interview: Eric Sigmund 1. How long have you/did you volunteer at the hospital? 
I began volunteering at the Extended Care Unit in the summer of 2006, and have continued to volunteer there whenever I am not away at university in Ontario.
I have logged about 220 hours.

 2.  What kinds of things do you do? I visit one-on-one with an older gentleman,Ted. We read books, play games, drink veggie smoothies, do fun stretching exercises, scare nurses with remote-controlled robotic mice, and even build and launch model rockets off the  ECU Launch Site (aka the helicopter pad). 

  3.  What was the initial impetus for you deciding to volunteer? Well, from my previous volunteer work at Greenwoods I recognized the value of having “volunteer companions” at long-term care facilities, so naturally I was drawn towards spending time at the Extended Care Unit.

 4.  What made you continue? The growing friendship with Ted, and its mutually contributing nature.   

5. What were you able to give to others? I cannot speak for others, but I believe Ted looks forward to and enjoys our activities, particularly pushing the button to propel a rocket into the sky; I think they add a healthy level of excitement to his life. Moreover, many of our activities involve practicing significant movements of the upper body, which I have been told is particularly beneficial for someone like my friend. 

  6.  What did you learn yourself?

 New levels of patience and sensitivity towards non-verbal communication. 7.  Tell me about yourself? I am 20 years old, I grew-up on Salt Spring, and I am entering my third-year at Queen’s University where I study mostly Math and Physics, with a keen interest in medical applications. After graduation in 2011 I plan to attend medical school or study Medical Physics at graduate school. My passions outside of academic and volunteer work include skiing and diving. ■

EXTENDED CARE Excursion Day Program

Residents enjoy the day at the Fall Fair

FALL FAIR 2009 Three residents with friends and family members went to the Fall Fair on September 20th. They enjoyed the sunshine and brought home delicious pies made by the Women’s Institute to share with other residents for afternoon tea.



Many of you may be familiar with cardiac stress tests, which are used to help diagnose coronary artery disease. This is a test that your family doctor will order and involves a graduated exercise test on a special treadmill while your heart is being monitored. Our general internist, Dr. Bob Crossland, who is present during the test, interprets the results and makes recommendations for further testing if needed. Depending on symptoms, a diagnosis of heart disease might be made. The new equipment is manufactured by GE Healthcare and is referred to as the CASE system, or Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing. The CASE system is the only exercise testing system that uses GE’s acclaimed Marquette 12SL interpretive ECG program for accurate pre-test and recovery 12-lead analysis. A commitment to purchase this new state-of-the-art equipment was made by the Foundation Board and all donations to the Annual Fund are directed to the Hospital’s greatest needs, including equipment items like the cardiac treadmill. The cost of this equipment is $45,000. ■

Thank you to our supportive

Lady Minto Hospital Foundation’s 18TH ANNUAL



e had a record 184 golfers and raised almost $25,000 to help us purchase equipment for our community hospital. This year’s corporate sponsors were Mouat’s Trading Company and Salt Spring Garbage. Once again Bob Saunders of Saunders Subaru generously offered a new Subaru for the first golfer to score a Hole in One on the 6th hole. Unfortunately no one was able to achieve this feat. We received fabulous support from the many local businesses, hospital suppliers and individuals who donated so many incredible prizes and generously sponsored golf holes. Junior Golfers ran both the putting contest and balloon lottery, hit long drives to help many golfers boost their scores, and helped wherever they were needed through the day. Golfing was followed by a wonderful buffet dinner at the Falconshead Grill and a live auction which entertained us while helping to raise our fund-raising total. Mark your calendars now for next year’s event on July 10th – we’re sure it will be another great day for a wonderful cause. We hope to see you again next year! ■

community for participating in the Hospital Foundation’s 18th annual golf tournament – July 11th.

Support Your Local Hospital. Phantom Ball Win an Alaska Cruise.


are proud of our community hospital. You should be too. It is your dona he Lady Minto Hospital Foundation raised oundation continue toyear’s support justto under $57,000 from this Phantom the excellent level of care that is avai Ball campaign. Donations received will go ng Island, that wetoall towards theensuring annual fund which is directed the have superb medical services right here


Support Your Local Hospital. Win an Alaska Cruise.

Lady Minto Hospital’s greatest needs, including equipment items and projects.

We are proud of our community hospital. You should be too. It is your donations that enable Uniglobe Geo Travel of Salt the Foundation to continue to support the excellent level of care that is available to us on Salt The lucky winners of the Alaska CruiseSpring for two Spring Island, ensuring that we all have superb medical services right here, closer to home. and Gisela Welsh. This year’s prize was slandwere hasJames long been a supporter of co-sponsored by Uniglobe GEO Travel and Transat he Lady Minto Hospital Foundation Holidays. The Welsh’s will depart Vancouver aboard a luxury cruise ship and sail through n its efforts to maintain the the Inside Passage to Alaska, enjoying the stress-free life of excellent services our local hospital shipboard travel and the fabulous scenery of the west coast. provides to this community. This We would likesponsoring to thank all of our loyal year, they are thePhantom Spring Ball donors for making this year’s campaign another 2010 Alaska Cruise vacation prize great success. We hope to see you again next year at thisWe most hope importantyou non-event of the season… package. will join us in he fun of celebrating this Phantom Ball non-event by donating the money you will save by (not) attending. When yo a donation to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation’s Phantom Ball Campaign, you chance to enter your name in the September draw to win the vacation prize. Uniglobe Geo Travel of Salt Spring Island has long been a supporter of the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation in its efforts to maintain the excellent services our local hospital provides to this community. This year, they are sponsoring the Spring 2010 Alaska Cruise vacation prize package. We hope you will join us in the fun of celebrating this Phantom Ball non-event by donating the money you will save by (not) attending. When you make a donation to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation’s Phantom Ball Campaign, you have a chance to enter your name in the September draw to win the vacation prize. The lucky winner of the prize draw will depart Vancouver aboard a luxury cruise ship. You will sail through the Inside Passage to Alaska, enjoying the stress-free life of shipboard travel and the fabulous scenery of the north coast.

If you didn’t receive your invitation brochure in the mail, drop by the hospital lobby and pick up a package. Don’t miss this chance to win!

or donate & enter online:

Prize Draw: Thursday, September 17th, 2009

September 2008—Phantom Ball prize draw winner, Connie Hardy, accepts a voucher for the Hastings House luxury weekend from Foundation President, Gil Schultz, Past President, Alan Wiggan, and Hastings House Manager, Shirley McLaughlin.

The lucky winner of the prize draw will depart Vancouver aboard a luxury cruise ship. You will sail through the Inside Passage to Alaska, enjoying the stress-free life of shipboard travel and the abulous scenery of the north coast.

If you didn’t receive your invitation br drop by the hospital lobby and pick Don’t miss this chance to

or donate & enter onl Winners, Gisela and Jim Welsh with Development Coordinator Diana Hayes and Foundation President David Feitelberg


Prize Draw: Thursday, Septemb

September 2008—Phantom Ball prize draw winner, Connie Hardy, accepts a voucher

✔ yes! I would like to make a donation to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation

You choose how your gift helps the hospital by directing your contribution to one of the following Funds or Endowments...

Enclosed is my tax deductible gift of $ _____________

q Annual Fund

q Extended Care Fund

Gifts to the annual fund are directed to the Lady Minto Hospital’s greatest needs, including equipment itmes and projects, at the discretion of the Board of Directors in consultation with the Site Manager, Lady Minto Hospital.

Provides funding that supports activities and comforts that improve the quality of life for our Extended Care Residents and other patients.

q Endowment Fund

This fund ensures that the health care staff at the Lady Minto Hospital have access to funds that will advance their skills and increase their knowledge of new techniques.

This fund provides immediate income from earnings which can either be spent on annual needs or reinvested for long term security as the capital must be retained for at least 10 years.

q Education Fund

For Endowment Gifts: NOTE: If you want this donation to be used to build the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund, please sign and date the following directive.

I hereby give the gift, noted above, to Lady Minto Hospital Foundation under the specific instruction that this gift or any property substituted therefore be held by Lady Minto Hospital Foundation for a period of 10 years or more. Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________

Memorial Gifts


Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to remember loved ones, and to share gifts that truly make a difference for patients and residents. We are always grateful when families name the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation for this purpose. Memorial gifts are directed to the Lady Minto Hospital’s areas of greatest need at the discretion of the Board of Directors, unless otherwise requested by the family. Please include the memorial name and the name, address and relationship of the person you wish to receive acknowledgement of your gift.

Memorial info: __________________________________________________________________________

Name: _ ____________________________________________________(as you wish it to appear for donor recognition)


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Address:_______________________________________________ Postal Code: _________________ Phone: ___________________ Email address: __________________________________ I prefer to use my VISA or Mastercard in the amount of $___________ OR/ I wish to make a monthly donation of $ __________ to be charged against my account. print) Account Number: ______________________ Expiry Date: _______ Name on card: __(please ___________________________

Thank you for helping us to ensure that we continue to have excellent health care on the Island. Tax receipts are issued for all donations. Charitable taxation # 135048148RR0001

This form can be mailed to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation 135 Crofton Road, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K1T1 or faxed to, 250 538-4870

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