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the berkeley student food collective presents a project funded by the green initiative fund

trash 2 treasure a diy book to reduce home waste



contents ................P.2 Introduction 2 BSFC.................P.3 Orange Peel 2 Candy......................P.4 Coffee cup sleeve 2 Magnet...............P.6 Jar 2 Candle......................................P.8 Introduction 2 T2t Project....

..........P.10 Sheet 2 Camera strap............. bag 2 apron..........................P.12 Cork 2 magnet......................................P.14 .............P.16 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... se ca ow ll pi Shirt 2 magazine 2 bowl......................................P.18 bottle cap 2 magnet......................................P.20

old jeans 2 yoga mat bag......................

......P.22 Scraps 2 plushies...................................P.24

Record 2 bowl...........................................P.26 Can 2 planter.......................................... .P.


Resources Guide...............................P.30 13

Introduction Dear Friends, Welcome to Trash 2 Treausre, a DIY Book for Reducing Home Waste! This little book will take you on an exciting journey through creative ideas for reusing everyday materials. So many of the things we use end up being tossed in the trash – in this book we hope to offer practical solutions for giving these seemingly useless objects a second life. Most of these projects are easy enough to be completed during a quick study break. After turning an old record into a bowl or t-shirt into a pillowcase, you’ll realize how simple and rewarding recycling can be. We hope this book will serve as an inspiration for you to explore more DIY ideas and design your own projects. We believe that crafting can save the planet! This is a book for both DIY experts and novices – whether your supplies consist of a bottle of glue or an entire craft closet. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, grab some trash, and turn it into something beautiful! Trash 2 Treasure Project Team April 2014


In 2009, the Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC) was established out of a campaign against the opening of Panda Express on the UC Berkeley campus. On November 15, 2010, we opened a store on 2440 Bancroft Way, across the street from campus. Ever since, the BSFC has provided students and the greater Berkeley community with fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and ethically produced food at affordable prices. The BSFC strives to educate the local community about nutrition and our food system, create new leaders, and teach individuals how to operate a sustainable business. All this is made possible by a team of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, working in a democratic and cooperative structure. The BSFC supports Trash 2 Treasure as yet another way to spread the message of environmental stewardship and creativity.

the berkeley student food collective

2440 Bancroft Way #102, Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 845 - 1985 3

materials: oranges water sugar large pot cooling rack skill level: medium

orange peel 2 candy don’t throw away your orange peels! make candied orange peels, a tasty treat. 4

Step 1

Step 2

Cut the oranges in half and juice them. Place orange halves in a large pot and cover with cold water (there should be one inch of water above the oranges). Bring the water to a boil and then lower to a simmer for 15 minutes.

Drain the water and repeat step 1. Do this again, for a total of 3 times. Drain peels and let cool. Using a teaspoon, scoop out and discard the bitter white pith inside of the peels, leaving just a thin layer of pith behind.

Step 3

Step 4

Cut the peels into small strips.

Step 5

Cook until the peel is translucent and the syrup is thickened – take out a peel to test for translucency and taste for sweetness/texture.

Combine 2 cups water and 4 cups sugar in a large pot and bring to a boil. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Add the orange peel strips and lower heat to a simmer.

Step 6

Lay the peels out on a drying rack and let them air dry overnight. Toss the peels in sugar, and enjoy! 5

Let ! s e v e e l s p u c e e f f o c Save those ridge. them shine on your f

Coffee Cup Sleeve 2 Magnet materials: Magnet Compass Scissors Paper scraps (from newspapers, brochures,etc.) SuperGlue Double-sided tape Coffee cup sleeve 6

skill level: EAsy


Place double-sided tape on smooth side of the circle, and attach paper scraps.


Use a compass to draw a perfect circle on the coffee cup sleeve and cut it out with scissors.


Place paper scraps next to each other so as to avoid any gaps. Some can be overlapped to create visual illusion.


Trim excess paper around the circle to make it refined.


Use superglue to attach the magnet to the other side of the coffee sleeve. Wait ten minutes for the glue to dry. 7

materials: jars beeswax* candlewicks* large pot glue thermometer *see the resource guide at the back of this book for more info on where to get these supplies skill level: hard

jar 2 candle

with a bit of beeswax, you can turn your old jars into beautiful, naturally aromatic candles


Step 1

Prepare your jars: we recommend buying a pack of wicks with metal tabs on the bottom. Use a small amount of glue to attach the metal tab to the bottom of the jar. Make sure the wick is centered and standing straight up. Use a piece of tape with a hole in the center to keep the wick in place, or clamp it in place with a clothespin.

Step 2

Melt the beeswax in a large pot over medium heat, stirring occasionally. If you have a coffee pot or pot with a spout that would be even better!

Step 3

When the beeswax has reached a temperature of about 140째F, carefully pour the wax into your prepared jar. Repeat with remaining jars. Let cool overnight.

Tip! for ten medium sized jars, we used 5 pounds of beeswax. candlemaking can be pretty messy so make sure to have lots of rags on hand! 9

Sheet 2 Camera Strap Click! click!


Long piece of fabric (like a scarf or old sheet) Scrap of thicker cloth 2 chain closures & 2 split rings scissors needle & thread Pen skill level: medium ...

Vin t



ra me Ca

e ag

. ra . . me Ca



Vi nt



Connect the chain closure to the split ring; repeat for the second set.


Attach the thicker cloth to the fabric strap. Repeat to create two of these fabric pieces.


Cut the desired amount of thicker cloth. Pull through the split ring.


Fold the end of your fabric strap in an accordion fold, small enough so that it fits into the thicker cloth.


With your your needle and thread, sew around the material, securing the strap ends in place.


materials: fabric shopping bag large t-shirt Scissors Sewing materials Strips of stretchy fabric skill level: hard



design your own apron with an old bag!


Remove one handle with scissors. Cut and sew the corners of the side of the bag with the handle so that the edges are rounded.


Choose your bag: a cloth bag works best, since you don’t want it to be too stiff. Cut off the two short ends of the bag so it forms a long, flat rectangle with Cut two holes in the cloth handles on the top and bottom. about 2/3 of the way up the bag. Make sure not to come too close to the edge of the bag: leave at least 1 inch of space.



To add pockets, cut off the sleeves of a large, old, short-sleeve shirt. Fold and sew the cut ends of the sleeves so that there is Cut long strips of stretchable only one opening to the sleeve, this will make a pocket shape. fabric and tie one end of each strip through the hole. This will be used to tie the apron around your waist. Sew the back side of the pockets onto the apron slightly below where the holes were cut. This will make a pocket shape. Decorate the pockets/ apron in any way you want!




skill level: EAsy

Cork 2 Magnet Let’s grow some succulents on the fridge!

materials Cork soil magnet glue a small knife succulent trimming 14


Start by carving a small hole into the center of your cork. If the cork seems particularly stiff, you can microwave it for ten seconds (this will help it expand).


Once you have your hole, insert your succulent trimming, then insert the soil around the succulent.


Cut out a piece of magnet or use a small individual magnet.


Glue the magnet onto the side of the cork. Stick incredibly cute and easy-to-make succulent magnet on your fridge, or wherever you please!


materials: Large or extra large shirt (the bigger the better!) Scissors skill level: medium

Shirt 2 Pillowcase

Night is falling... have an adventurous dream on a shirt-covered pillow...ZzzzZ...

16 16


Find and wash a large or extra large old t-shirt. Try to find a soft fabric of whichever colors you wish.


Cut off the sleeves of the shirt with scissors (you can save them to make apron pockets!).


Cut the shirt from both sides into parallel strips, at least 3 inches long. There should be around 2 dozen strips cut. Fold the shirt in half to make the strips on each side even.


Tie each individual strip into a knot. Finally, put the pillowcase on a pillow!

17 17

materials: magazine scissors balloon tape Tacky glue or super glue skill level: hard


Magazine 2 bowl


Blow up your balloon and tape it onto a flat, hard surface for stability. Start gluing! Start with your central coil, and glue more coils around it until your bowl is ready. You may want to take a pause every few coils in order to let them Cut strips of magazine paper, dry—depending on the glue first rolling them up horizontal- you’re using. If there are emply for thickness, and then roll- ty spaces between your coils, ing them into coils, gluing the you can fill the gaps by making ends to make them stay. smaller coils and gluing them in.  Try to make the strips as uniform as possible in order to make your finished product look neater. Make enough to cover the space on your balloon.



When the structure of your bowl is done, all that’s left to do is POP the balloon! Take a pin and poke it through both sides of the balloon, allowing a passage of air to slowly seep out. If you used tacky glue, you can peel the balloon carcass right off; if not, you can try rocking the balloon back and forth to separate it from the bowl (rather than popping it).

There you have it! You just created your very own recycled magazine bowl. With this same method you can create wall art, trays, coasters, and even bulletin boards.



Bottle Cap 2 Magnet


Bottle caps Somewhat strong magnets Tacky glue Old magazines/cards Scissors “EasyCast� (an epoxy) plus Measuring cups, mixing cup &Stirring stick

skill level: medium


Arrange the picture inside the bottle cap. You can layer several different designs from scraps of paper or decorate the image with glitter.


Make sure the bottle caps aren’t too bent. Look through old magazines and cut out small images that you would like to see on a magnet. Cut around the picture and shape it to a circle that will fit in the bottle cap using the bottle cap to measure.


Follow the EasyCast instructions to make the epoxy: measure equal parts of resin and hardener and mix together with stirring stick.


Pour the EasyCast mixture over the picture. This will hold and preserve the picture inside. If the pictures float to the top of the EasyCast just use the stirring stick to push them back down. Allow a few hours for drying.


Apply tacky glue to the back of the bottle cap (logo side) and attach the magnet to it. Wait to dry. Place bottle cap magnets on fridge and enjoy!



Old jeans ad Needle & thre bon d, or rib r o c , e c a l e o Sh strap r o t l e b h t o l C Scissors Pencil r size) Yoga mat (fo skill level: hard

Old Jeans 2 Yoga Mat Bag 22 22



Measure the diameter of the pant leg bottom. On the second jean leg, draw a circle with the diamater equal to that number plus at least 2 inches.Cut out the circle.

Place the yoga mat over one jean leg. Cut the jean leg at the top of the mat, adding 2-3 inches on either side for seams.


Turn the cut jean leg inside-out. Sew the jean circle to the pant leg bottom to form the base of the bag. When the base is almost completely attached to the leg, place one end of the strap in between the base and the Flip the jean leg over. Line the body and sew it all together. shoelace around the inside rim of the open end. Fold the open end of the leg over to create a 2-inch hem. Sew the rim of the leg to create a channel for the shoelace. Carefully cut two slits in the exterior part of the bag. Pull the showlace out of the slits, forming a drawstring Adjust the length of the strap. closure for the bag. Connect the other end of the You can also use other clothes or strap to the open end of the fabric to decorate your unique yoga bag. 23 23



mat bag!

materials: Fabric Needle thread Scissors cotton balls Buttons and other decorations skill level: medium 24

scraps 2 plushies


Gather fabric: an old shirt, a pillow case, a sock, etc.


Draw an outline of the plushie you want to make on the inside of the fabric, the side that will NOT be showing in the finished project. Make sure to cut the fabric around the drawing slightly larger than the drawing itself so that it will give you extra room for stitching.


Decide which side will be the face and sew the buttons on (you can cut buttons off of an old shirt if you don’t have any). Double stitch the mouth and/or nose so that that it is easy to see.


Put the two halves of your plushie together, with the face and exterior fabric facing the inside, like a sandwich- with the good stuff on the inside.


Sew around the edges, leaving about 1/4 of an inch around the edge.


Leave an inch unsewn through which to pull the inside out. Like flipping a sock inside out. Stuff the inside with cotton balls.


Now sew the last inch. This should be the only part that shows stitching.


materials: vinyl record 2 oven-safe bowls (large & medium) baking sheet ovenmitts skill level: EAsy

record 2 bowl




Preheat the oven to 200째F. Place the baking sheet with the Place the large bowl upbowl and vinyl in the oven and side-down on the baking sheet check on it every three minutes. and place the record on top of it.


Once the record has melted significantly and is pliable (about 9 minutes), take it out of the oven.


Using your ovenmitts, turn the bowl rightside-up and press the record into the bowl. Place the smaller bowl on top of the record and return to the oven. Continue to bake until record reaches desired shape.

Tip! open the windows before heating vinyl! as it melts, your record will release stinky fumes.


materials: can / plant / soil small rocks skill level: easy 28

can 2 planter mini diy

Step 1

Choose a plant – small succulents work well because they are hardy and do not need drainage. Mature succulents produce “pups” (baby succulents). If you have a friend with a cool succulent, ask her or him if you can have a pup to make this DIY completely free & recycled. Make sure your chosen can will accommodate your plant’s root structure, and give it some extra space to grow.

Step 2

Clean your can and line the bottom of the can with about an inch or two of small rocks. Add soil to fill the can about halfway, then add your plant. “Tickle” the roots to shake off excess soil from the transplant, and then add more soil. Pat down around the plant so that the soil is snug but not compacted. Water.

Tip: if you want to plant something that needs drainage, like herbs, you can use a nail & hammer to make a few tiny holes in the bottom of your can. put a small plate or tray underneath to catch the water. 29

Resources Guide East Bay depot for creative use

Address: 4695 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 Website: What:An ecological treasure trove of art and craft materials, educational supplies, vintage furniture, home dĂŠcor, paper goods, fabric, and much more.

Lonestar candle supply

Website: What: The best resource for wicks and other candle-making tools.


Website: What: An online marketplace where individuals sell handmade and vintage items PLUS a wide range of craft supplies like beeswax, beads, and fabric scraps.

30 30


Address: 801 Toland Street, San Francisco, CA 94124 Website: What: The Bay Area’s oldest reuse center, SCRAP has been teaching others how to convert waste into art since 1976. With their committed team of staff and volunteers, SCRAP is the place to go for inspiration and beautiful eco-art supplies!

The Away Station

Address: 109 Broadway Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930 (close to San Rafael) Website: Phone: (415) 453-4221 What: The Away Station is committed to collection and redistribution of unwanted items such as building and gardening materials, antiques, and art supplies. They creatively (and beautifully) repair and re-sell items in the North Bay, encouraging buyers and creatively-minded folk to begin to see “trash” as treasure!

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Address: 2573 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 Website: What: An art store with almost everything you need for handicrafts. Super close to the UC Berkeley campus!

31 31

many thanks to... the green initiative fund the berkeley student food collective gwendolyn von klan / qin bian / sascha bos paulina izvorski / nasha katrack allie lalor / athena scott/ leah ruth kitty jones / carli baker / claire porter




Trash 2 Treasure: A DIY Book to Reduce Home Waste  

The Berkeley Student Food Collective presents a project funded by The Green Initiative Fund: Trash 2 Treasure, A DIY Book to Reduce Home Was...

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