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The Newsletter is published three times per year by Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. For more information about Berkeley, please contact: Berkeley Divinity School at Yale 409 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06511-2167 Telephone: 203.432.9285 Fax: 203.432.9353

October 2013 Vol. 5, No. 1

Anglican Studies

he last several issues of this newsletter have featured articles on various aspects of Berkeley Divinity School such as its faculty, spiritual formation, and the WesleyRoyce Leadership Colloquium. In this issue we focus on the core of the School’s program, namely, the Anglican Studies curriculum. Overall, Yale Divinity School students who are enrolled in the Anglican Studies program are expected to fulfill six distinct requirements: daily chapel, active spiritual formation, a supervised ministry internship, attendance at the leadership colloquia, participation in community life—and the completion of the three core courses. It is about these three courses that we are concerned here: Anglican History and Theology I (Church of England), Anglican History and Theology II (The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion), and The English Reformation Liturgical Tradition and Evolution of the Book of Common Prayer. The first of these courses, “Anglo I,” is taught by Christopher Beeley and focuses on the development of the Church of England from the pre-Reformation period up to the present day. With an emphasis on the theological texts that have shaped that tradition, students read such diverse authors as Thomas Cranmer, Richard Hooker, Richard Baxter, Evelyn Underhill, C. S. Lewis, John Stott, and many others. With prerequisites of both patristics and medieval theology, the course draws heavily on making connections between the longer arcs of Christian theology that have shaped the English experience. As a sequel, “Anglo II” (taught by me) examines the origins and evolution of the Episcopal Church, again with an emphasis on key theological texts. Here students read authors such as Thomas Bray, William White, William Wilmer, and Phillips Brooks—as well as the study by Harold Lewis ’71 on the African American experience. Half-way through the course, the subject matter shifts to the development of the Anglican Communion, with an underlying theme being the question, Is the Anglican Communion a coherent ecclesial community, theologically speaking? Students use the Episcopal Church of the Sudan as a case study, and also analyze such contemporary documents as the Virginia Report, the Windsor Report, and the proposed Anglican Covenant. The Prayer Book course, taught by Bryan Spinks, examines a wide breadth of the Anglican liturgical tradition with attention to its historical development. Unlike some seminary courses, which focus primarily on the 1979 American Prayer Book, this course takes into account liturgies of many other Anglican provinces, in particular placing the Episcopal Church’s worship in dialogue with some other Anglican Prayer Book, often of recent provenance. This fall, for instance, the students are studying the liturgy of the Church of South India—and that liturgy will in turn be used in one of the Community Eucharists during the term. Previously, the course has looked at Prayer Books from such varied churches as those in Ireland, Kenya, the West Indies, and New Zealand.

The Dean’s Letter (continued from page 1)

In addition to the three core courses, we have also found it necessary to offer additional elective courses in order to have a bona fide program in Anglican Studies. I have, for example, taught a seminar on “The Conversational Theology of Rowan Williams,” and during the height of the debates on the Anglican Covenant, a course on “Covenant and Communion.” Each of the faculty also teaches reading courses from time to time at students’ request on such topics as missiology or advanced studies in Anglican theology. As a part of “Anglo II” each year I produce for the students relics of William White which belong to the School: his handkerchief; a fragment of the vestment in which he is buried in Christ Church, Philadelphia; and a lock of his hair. The School also holds belongings of White’s nemesis, Samuel Seabury

(a chalice and writing desk). I think it is fitting that Berkeley should possess reminders of these two adversaries. The compromises achieved by these two clergymen in their role as founders of the Episcopal Church are representative to this day of a core value of Berkeley Divinity School: that breadth of vision and engagement with the other should be at the heart of the life of the church in general, and of theological education in particular.

Joseph Britton President and Dean

The 2013 Wesley-Royce Summer Leadership Symposium On June 3rd and 4th, over 70 participants convened for the annual Wesley-Royce Summer Leadership Symposium offered by Berkeley each June. This year we were honored to welcome The Rev. Dwight Zscheile ’98, author of People of the Way: Renewing Episcopal Identity. Panelists included the Rev. Sandra and Dr. David Stayner and the Rev. Jay Sidebotham. The Very Rev. Carol L. Wade ’03, Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, KY, served as the conference preacher. (This symposium followed the Wesley-Royce Spring Colloquium for students entitled Showing People Jesus.) At the conclusion of the symposium, an additional 50 participants were offered a follow-up to the 2012 Symposium: “A Call to Spiritual and Congregational Growth: What We Are Learning From Robust Churches That Will Jumpstart Your Congregation.” Jay Sidebotham offered updates and research based on spiritual vitality and described a program initially offered in the Diocese of Chicago and now available nationally in partnership with Forward Movement. Mark your calendars now next year’s Wesley-Royce Leadership Symposium June 2-3, 2014.

2 | Be r k e le y Divin i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

In memoriam J. C. Michael Allen, Priest Dean of Berkeley Divinity School, 1971-76 The Very Rev. J. C. Michael Allen, former dean of Berkeley Divinity School, died September 4, 2013 at his home in St. Louis. As the initiator of the decision for Berkeley fully to affiliate with Yale Divinity School in 1971, Dean Allen could truly be said to be the founder of the modern BDS—in many ways the School owes its life to him. In February 2009, Dean Britton hosted a dinner in St. Louis in Allen’s honor, together with his wife Priscilla (who died earlier this year). The dinner, which was attended by the Presiding Bishop, paid tribute to Allen’s visionary leadership. On that occasion, Dean Allen offered reflections on the tumultuous days leading up to the affiliation. As a grateful memorial to his service to the School, we have reproduced excerpts from those remarks here: The academic year 1969-70 was a bad time for Berkeley. In the fall, the national Episcopal Church decided that the church had too many seminaries—and some would have to close. They chose Berkeley and Philadelphia Divinity School. The trustees of Berkeley accepted the reality of the situation and voted to close Berkeley at the end of the year. On hearing this news the dean resigned. The faculty, students and alumni were up in arms. So the trustees set about looking for a new dean who would close Berkeley without incident. It was not a very appealing job! In the meantime I was the rector of St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. One day I got a call from Hal Whiteman, Chair of the Berkeley Board of Trustees. Soon I met with the trustees and they offered me the job—a one-year appointment with one year’s severance pay after the school closed. But of special interest to me, there was also a challenge to find a new future for Berkeley if possible, and if that new future included me, so much the better! In order to close the school without incident I had to find a way to reach the students, and enlist them in the search for a new Berkeley. To this end I created the Berkeley Assembly—all the students and the entire faculty together: one man, one vote. Their task was to recommend a new future to the trustees. It was chance, or perhaps divine providence, that Colin Williams (the new dean of YDS) and I were old friends. Very quickly we saw how an affiliation would benefit both schools. Berkeley would add significantly to the endowment; YDS would provide academic education to all the stu-

dents; and through a Berkeley Center, BDS would provide professional training to all students. And so it happened, not easily, not without much stress. In an Assembly meeting one student rose to his feet and in a quivering voice cried out, “Beware the great blue bulldog in the sky!” In the midst of all this institutional maneuvering, important as it was, there was a bigger issue which I think is still among us. How do we prepare men and women to be active religious leaders in a post-modern world? One thing has become clear to me over the years—that priests and ministers without a deep spiritual life will not survive. Nor will they survive if they have not been taught leadership skills. We are about the task of training students to create, lead, and care for communities of faith. Our obligation is to prepare them using all the insights available to us. And after all, that is what we are all about: proclaiming a rule of God to overshadow and finally to replace the tattered and demonic rule of Caesar.

Oct ob e r 2013 | 3

Into the Regions Beyond: Graduation 2013


n Saturday, May 18, the graduating class of 2013, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends gathered in Marquand Chapel to celebrate with a festive service of Evensong, and the awarding of certificates, diplomas, and prizes. In addition to Berkeley’s Dean and staff, also present were YDS Dean Gregory Sterling, President of the Alumni Association John Denaro ’91, and Head of Lutheran Studies and Divinity Librarian Paul Stuehrenberg. The service opened with the prelude, “Nimrod” from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, played by graduating organ scholar Stephen Buzard, now assistant organist at St. Thomas Fifth Avenue in New York City. The processional hymn, requested by the graduating class, was St. Patrick’s Breastplate. The festive liturgy continued with Psalm 33, Exultate Justi, “Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous,” and the singing of the school hymn “Come, Holy Spirit, by whose grace this school each day has run its race.” The Dean delivered a homily framed around William Holman Hunt’s painting, The Light of the World, which depicts Christ holding a lantern knocking on a door with no visible handle: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” But the door can be 4 | Be r k e le y Divin i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

opened only from within. The serving as an Associate Rector original painting hangs at at St. Mark’s Parish in New Keble College, Oxford where Canaan, CT, with Berkeley Dean Britton visited while in alumnus, Peter Walsh ’92. England for the inauguration Leigh Mackintosh received of Archbishop Welby, and the Thomas Philips Memorial delivered an address to ordiAward for showing excepnands at the invitation of the tional achievement and furRev. Jennifer Strawbridge ther promise in the study and ’04, who currently serves as practice of Anglican liturgy Keble’s chaplain. and is now starting a yearThe Dean awarded 24 long CPE residency at the Diplomas in Anglican StudUniversity of Virginia Mediies, 6 Certificates in Anglican cal Center and is a postulant Studies, and a record 9 Cerfor Holy Orders. The St. tificates in Educational LeadLuke’s Award for outstandThe Light of the World, by ership and Ministry. Prof. William Holman Hunt ing contribution to Berkeley’s Stuehrenberg awarded 3 worship life was awarded to Diplomas in Lutheran Studies. In addition Tuesday Rupp whose work with the volunto the diplomas and certificates, 8 prizes teer Berkeley choir for the past two years set were granted. The E. William Muehl Prize a new standard for musical excellence and in Preaching, awarded to the most eloquent creativity. Tuesday is now Interim Director preacher in the graduating class, was given of Children and Family Ministries at the to Patricia Leonard-Pasley. The R. Lan- Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York sing Hicks Prize for the graduating student City with alumnus Matt Heyd ’95 and is an who did the most to benefit the Berkeley aspirant for Holy Orders. community during his or her time in semiIn addition to those four Berkeley prizes nary was awarded to Lisa Zaina. Lisa was for graduating seniors, one YDS prize was ordained to the priesthood in June and is awarded by Dean Sterling. The Bradford E.

The Specific Regions Beyond… Our graduates are now serving in parishes, schools, and missions all over the country and into the regions beyond. In addition to the parishes and hospitals served by those students who received prizes, our graduates are also serving at:

Ableson Prize for Ecclesiastical Leadership is awarded each year to the student who, in the judgment of the faculty, possesses the most outstanding qualities of judgment and character to the future exercise of church leadership (awarded with a preference for Anglican students). This year, the prize was awarded to senior Giuseppe Gagliano. Giuseppe was ordained in the Diocese of Ontario and is serving two parishes as curate: St. Paul’s Sydenham and Christ Church Cataraqui. Two cur-

rent students received prizes for academic achievement: rising senior Claire Dietrich (candidate, Diocese of California) received the William Palmer Ladd Prize; and rising middler Sarah Stewart (postulant, Diocese of Washington) was awarded the E. Lee McGee Prize. It seems that no sooner do we say goodbye to those leaving that we greet our new students. The incoming class of eighteen is already making its mark, beginning the journey in illa quae ultra sunt.

Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, CA Life Together ESC Program, Boston, MA University of Arizona Polytechnic, Mesa, AZ Trinity Episcopal School, Austin, TX St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, CO St. James’ Madison Avenue, New York, NY Church of the Advent, Sun City West, AZ New York Methodist Hospital, New York, NY All Saints’, Fort Worth, TX St. Mary’s, Middlesboro, KY The Diocese of South Dakota Yale New Haven Hospital St. Clement’s, Honolulu, HI Christ Church, Warwick, NY Reinhardt University, Waleska, GA St. Paul’s, Riverside, CT Holy Innocents School, Atlanta, GA Teach for America, Washington, DC Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT St. Michael and All Angels, St. Louis, MO Two students have gone on to further study at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

A record 9 YDS students (4 from Berkeley) received the Educational Leadership and Ministry (ELM) Certificate after fulfilling its rigorous requirements. Left to right: Will Prosser, Lisa Zaina, Timothy Sommer, Giuseppe Gagliano, Paul Coey, Brian Cheney, Tyler Hale, Daniel Meyers. Missing: Stephanie Wong.

Oct ob e r 2013 | 5

worl e h t n i e r Whe


Students’ Summer Travel 2013 With deep thanks to a thoughtful donor and friend of Berkeley Divinity School, nine students were awarded travel grants totaling $7,500. The grant’s purpose was to “build relationships of mutual partnership and understanding” across the Anglican Communion. These grants, by and large, provided matching or supplemental funds to mission grants already awarded the students. Students traveled to Panama, El Salvador (group trip), and South Africa. Each student found the experience transformative, and each is deeply grateful for the opportunities afforded by this generous grant. Several more students traveled under other grants, personal funds, school exchanges, and other opportunities. What follows are the students’ brief reports on their travels.

Anne Thatcher ’14 The Panama Project


anama is a complex country due its birth as a nation with the assistance of the U.S. government, the construction of the Canal, the cultural diversity of the Canal labor force, and continued U.S. political and military presence during its lifetime. In June 2013, I journeyed with a group of Episcopal seminarians to Panama to explore what church looks like in this historical and political context. The Episcopal Church in Panama operates within this complexity, navigating through the historical repercussions of the aforementioned influences. The geographical layout of Panama City carries within it the old Panama Viejo, the history of the building of the Canal, and the old “Canal Zone.” The tensions from those days still lie beneath the surface. The Episcopal Cathedral is situated in the old Zone just above the old dividing line and while times have changed, the collective memory of the division remains. Historically American congregations, West Indies congregations, Latino congregations are all here. The discussions about mission and outreach include questions regarding worship language (some are all English, some are all

6 | Be r k e le y Divin i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

Spanish), use of social media and lack of available priests. Recent events including the economic boom of Panama City and the slow crumbling of the infrastructure and economy of Colon also contribute to the challenges for ministry. The gap between poor and wealthy continues to widen and the Church is seeking ways to address this. What does worship look like in Panama? It is an ever-evolving process incorporating Spanish and English, high and low church, West Indian traditions and Latino rhythms. It is an interesting and exciting place in which to experience Christ.

Elaine Thomas ’13 South Africa


hen I was in South Africa in the summer of 2012 (thanks, in part, to the Berkeley Global Travel Initiative), I was so taken with the story of how one white landowner is changing the way farm land is owned and operated that I was determined to return this summer to begin to research a book on the subject. My aim was not to make it an academic pursuit but to hear the stories of people whose lives are being changed in this one little section of the Western Cape. For three and a half weeks, I listened. I talked to those who are helping this plan unfold. I heard tales from people who had not even owned a pair of shoes until their teen years who are now entrusted with significant management responsibilities in tourism and hospitality, music and the arts, and viticulture. Fully one-third of the estate is owned by the workers, many of whom reside on the farm, and the proceeds are placed in a trust that provides housing, free health care, fully-paid education for children, social services, and an on-site day care and nursery school. And this really only scratches the surface. As if building relationships, collecting stories, and gaining friends were not enough, I spent three Sundays serving as deacon at the Cathedral Church of St. George the Martyr, thanks to

the generous hospitality of the dean. And on Friday mornings I attended early Eucharist there celebrated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, followed by coffee and breakfast, listening even more as he regaled me with stories. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Berkeley for helping make possible my life-changing journeys to South Africa, where reconciliation is not only possible but is happening in transformative ways!

Sharon Betts ’14 Haiti (SCOM Grant)


t was in Bondeau, Haiti, a rural community of Ste Marie Madeleine Episcopal Parish that I was blessed with the ability to join a medical mission in March of 2013 as well as spending a month this summer getting to know the Haitian people and their culture. By living with and participating in the daily goings on of their community I experienced a life changing awareness of both their material poverty while at the same time witnessed their spiritual wealth. This intercultural opportunity taught me much about truly being in communion with others.

Rachel Downs ’14 Oman


spent my summer studying Arabic in Ibri, Oman through the Critical Language Scholarship. During this eight week program, I did intensive language study with 22 other Americans from various universities. Besides Arabic classes, we also went to cultural events like poetry readings or lectures on the prophets and took hiking trips through mountains and wadis. Oman has some of the most untouched nature in the world, and I was awestruck by the barren beauty of the date trees and rocks. I was fortunate to stay with a host family. Many nights I played UNO with a cheating five year-old or watched Japanese anime dubbed into Arabic. The family accepted me fully into their lives as we went

over other members’ houses for dinner, eating more food than I needed and chatting about everything from marriage to the Quran. I learned a lot about Islam by being immersed in it as well as in Arabic. In short, it was a blessing to experience life in Oman.

Linda Griggs ’14 Israel and Palestine


n June I went on an 11-day pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine with a group from St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Mamaroneck. We visited holy sites in Galilee and in and around Jerusalem, including times of prayer at the Western Wall and the Via Dolorosa in the Old City, and at the Israeli Separation Barrier in Bethlehem. It was an eye-opening and transforming experience.

Stephen McCarthy ’14 Study at Tübingen

B erkeley events a t Y D S Fa l l Co nv o c a t i o n

The YDS Fall Convocation—to which all alumni of YDS and BDS are invited—will extend from October 23 to 25. The Berkeley events will occur on Tuesday, October 22: 12 noon Graduate Society Luncheon (reservation required) 1:30

Pitt Lecture by Dean Britton “The Phenomenon of Piety: Abraham Heschel” with response by Prof. David Kelsey


Graduate Society Meeting


Evensong and Conferral of Honorary Degrees on Harold and Jan Attridge, Jonathan Bonk (who will preach), David Cesar, Stephen Davenport, and Marilyn Keiser


hanks to a fellowship from the BadenWürttemberg Stiftung, I had the privilege of spending my middler year at the Karl Eberhard Universität Tübingen and participating in that city’s rich tradition of theological education. As a student at the Protestant faculty of theology, I took courses in New Testament, systematic theology, and church history together with classmates from Germany and beyond. I even took a course on the study of Koran and Hadith at the Institute of Islamic Theology. In addition to worshiping with a small Old Catholic congregation and robust Lutheran parishes, I had the opportunity to attend the 34. Deutsche Evangelische Kirchentag in Hamburg. This massive event brought Christians from all over Germany and the world for five days of programming, events and worship. The final Eucharist was held in a city park—attendance was estimated at 130,000—where, to my surprise, the Bishop of Bradford preached (in German on Micah 4). One special aspect of my year was living in the Tübinger Stift as an ecumenical guest. This historic foundation has been support-

ing the education of pastors since the Reformation (at which time the building was converted for this purpose from an Augustinian monastery), and had such notable students as Kepler, Hegel, Hölderlin, and Nestle. Yet far more important than this impressive history was the vibrant communal life which I enjoyed there, living alongside young people enthusiastic to learn and prepare for lives of ecclesial service.

Claire Dietrich ’14, Anne Thatcher ’14, Tyler Montgomery ’15, Dan Bell ’13, Sarah Ginolfi ’14, Natalie Blasco ’15 El Salvador


n May 8th, 2013, just one day after final exams, six tired but excited Berkeley students boarded a plane to San Salvador. For several years, BDS has been fostering a relationship with the Diocese of El Salvador and its Bishop, The Rt. Rev.

Martin Barahona. This is the second summer that students have visited the diocese both to learn more about the Hispanic Episcopal Church outside of the USA in order to better serve the Hispanic population here in the states, and to glean valuable lessons about mission and ministry from a diocese which, unlike so many here, is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the course of the next week, we had the opportunity to visit mission sites, share conversations and meals with clergy and lay leaders from various parts of the church, worship with many communities, and immerse ourselves in the history and culture of this small and yet diverse country. After seven challenging days, we all left with a renewed sense of passion and hope for the global church, a deepened understanding of the ties—spiritual, but also economic and political—that bind us into one, and a radically transformed sense of what it might really mean to be the church in this broken world. The Diocese of El Salvador witnesses to the enduring truth that the church is not essentially the priest or the building, but a place where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name (Matthew 18:20). In our own churches, we may find ourselves worrying about the upkeep of buildings or endowments, and about hiring the perfect priest, when all we really need to do is to take responsibility for our brothers and sisters here and around the world. As a team we spent many hours talking about ways to further our collaboration with this diocese, while remaining conscious that we came as students and as guests. We remain inspired to consider our own work in the church differently even as we continue to discern what God might be calling us into as a seminary, in and through relationship with the Diocese of El Salvador. We left reminded that only together are we the body of Christ and the Church of God, and we are responsible for one another in ways that are nearly impossible to fathom and yet ultimately and profoundly real. Oct ob e r 2013 | 7

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This information was prepared to the best of our knowledge with the gift date beginning 07/01/2012 to 06/30/2013. Although our donor lists have been prepared with every precaution to ensure accuracy, we at Berkeley Divinity School apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. * Denotes deceased

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Dear Alumni and Friends of Berkeley, A huge thank-you to all who made our Annual Fund a terrific success! We received 608 gifts for a total of $456,297.55. Ninety-nine of those gifts were made online. That’s a great trend—one we want to increase. Just visit Thanks for keeping Berkeley strong! The Rev. David R. Anderson ’89

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The Rev. Stephen B. Klots The Rev. Frederick F. Kramer Ms. Cheryl T. Kyle Mr. John G. Macfarlane III The Rev. Canon Anne F. Mallonee and Mr. Anthony Furnivall The Rev. John W. Martiner The Rev. Dr. Eugene C. McDowell The Rev. Christine T. T. McSpadden The Rev. Will H. Mebane, Jr. Dr. Dwight F. Miller The Rev. Donald E. Mowery The Rev. Canon William F. Murphey The Rev. George O. Nagle Mr. David P. Pearson Mr. John W. Potter Ms. Karen Free Royce The Rt. Rev. Calvin O. Schofield, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Schorr III Ms. Barbara A. Shailor and Mr. Harry W. Blair The Rev. Kit Sharp and Mr. William Sharp The Rev. Lael Sorensen Mr. William Spears The Rev. Linda M. Spiers Mr. Bruce T. Swan The Rev. Robert D. Terhune, Jr. Paul Rexford Thatcher III Mr. Michael G. Thomas The Rev. Clayton L. Thomason The Rev. Paul E. Towner The Rev. James D. Von Dreele Mr. John W. Watling III The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wood The Rev. Susan C. Wyper Mr. Roger A. Young All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Phoenix, AZ, The Rev. Canon Poulson C. Reed, Jr.

All Saints’ Parish, Beverly Hills, CA, The Rev. Canon Stephen A. Huber Christ Church, Alexandria, VA, The Rev. Pierce W. Klemmt Christ Church, Harwich Port, MA, The Rev. Dr. Judith A. Davis Christ Church, Warwick, NY, The Rev. James Erwin Church of the Heavenly Rest, The Rev. Matthew F. Heyd Diocese of Long Island, The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano Diocese of New York, New York, NY, The Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, D.D. Diocese of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, Jr. Diocese of Southeast Florida, Miami, FL, The Rt. Rev. Leopold Frade Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Chestertown, MD, The Rev. Daniel L. Gross Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Starkville, MS, The Rev. Carol L. Mead Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY, Br. Scott Wesley Borden Holy Trinity Church, Fayetteville, NC, The Rev. Raymond F. Brown St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA, The Rev. Tommy J. Dillon II St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Davidson, NC, The Rev. David Buck St. Andrew’s By The Sea, Little Compton, RI, The Rev. Peter G. Tierney III

St. Andrew’s Church, Kent, CT, The Rev. Roger B. White St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Greenwich, CT, The Rev. Edward Pardoe St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Carmel Valley, CA, The Rev. Robert W. Fisher St. James’s Church, Richmond, VA, The Rev. Randolph M Hollerith St. Matthew’s Church, Bedford, NY, The Rev. Terrence L. Elsberry St. Matthew’s Parish, Wilton, CT, The Rev. Mary Grace Williams St. Paul’s Church, Rochester, NY, The Rev. Frederic W. Reynolds St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Nantucket, MA, The Rev. Dr. Eugene C. McDowell St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Essex Fells, NJ, The Rev. Stephanie K. Wethered St. Thomas Church, Terrace Park, OH, The Rev. Darren R.S. Elin The Cathedral Church of St. Mark Parish Incorporated, Salt Lake City, UT, The Very Rev. Raymond J. Waldon Jr. Trinity Church, Columbus, OH, The Rev. Richard A. Burnett Trinity Episcopal Church, Concord, MA, The Rev. Anthony F. Buquor Zion Episcopal Church, North Branford, CT, The Rev. Lucy LaRocca

The St. Luke’s Society Gifts up to $499

The Rev. Canon Jane B. Alexander The Rev. David E. Allen The Rev. John D. Andersen The Rev. Carol L. Anderson The Rev. Marilyn L. C. Anderson Ms. Megan Anderson Mr. William M. Anderson III The Rev. Canon John G. B. Andrew Mrs. Connie L. Annand The Rev. Dr. Mark S. Anschutz The Rev. Maryetta M. Anschutz Mr. John Armstrong The Rev. Susan G. Astarita Mr. Rodney V. Ayers The Rev. S. Abbott Bailey The Rev. Theodore H. Bailey III The Rev. Kempton D. Baldridge The Rev. Richard A. Bamforth The Rev. Kathryn Banakis The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker The Rev. John H. Barrett, Jr. The Rev. William N. Beachy, M.D. Mrs. Anne L. Beatty The Rev. Dr. Christopher A. Beeley The Rev. Dr. William S. Beery The Rev. Harold E. Beliveau, Jr. Mr. Daniel P. Bell The Rev. Robert Berra The Rev. Bettine E. Besier Mr. J. Truman Bidwell, Jr. The Rev. Jesse Y. Bigham, Jr. The Rev. James A. Birdsall Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar L. Block, Jr. Ms. Hilary B. Boller The Rt. Rev. Frederick H. Borsch, Ph.D. The Rev. Dane E. Boston

The Rev. Robert J. Boulter The Very Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Britton and Dr. Karla Britton The Rev. David L. Bronson The Rev. Sally J. D. Brown The Rev. Richard A. Burnett Ms. Andrea Burr The Rev. Edward S. Bushong, Jr. Mrs. Anne T. Calabresi The Rev. Canon David L. Cannon The Rev. Diana E. Carroll The Rev. Kevin G. Caruso The Rt. Rev. John B. Chane The Rev. Gordon L. Chastain The Rev. A. Milton Cheney III Ms. Gail J. Chiasson The Rev. M. Ronald Chrisner The Rev. Nina Churchman The Very Rev. Charles H. Clark The Rev. Charles E. Cloughen, Jr. The Rev. Dick Cockrell Ms. Loretta G. Cook The Rev. Canon Douglas T. Cooke The Rev. Edward C. Coolidge Mr. Peter B. Corbridge The Rev. J. Kathryn Costas The Rev. Elizabeth Costello The Rev. R. David Cox Mr. Peter G. Crumlish The Rt. Rev. James E. Curry The Rev. Mary T. Cushman The Rev. Thomas S. Cushman The Rev. Dr. Alexander S. Daley The Rev. Adrian F. Dannhauser The Rev. Bancroft G. Davis Dr. Ellen F. Davis The Rev. Jay J. Dean Ms. Mary J. Decker The Rev. Russell L. Deragon The Rev. Dr. Richard C. Ditterline Mr. David L. Dodson The Rt. Rev. Herbert A. Donovan, Jr. Mr. Kenneth P. Doolittle The Rev. Dr. Roger O. Douglas The Rev. Donna M. Downs The Rev. Charles H. DuBois The Rev. Lucy Ann C. Dure The Rev. Richard F. Ebens The Rev. Deirdre A. Eckian The Rev. John B. Edson The Rev. Edwin J. Eilertsen The Rev. Hentzi Elek The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Ellwood, Jr. The Rev. Joanne Epply-Schmidt The Rev. Paul F. Evans The Rev. Henry F. Fairman The Rev. Stephen A. Fales Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Finger, Jr. The Rev. Nathan M. Finnin The Rev. William J. Fleener, Sr. The Rev. Ryan C. Fleenor

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2012 - 2013 A nnual F und D onors

The Rev. J. Seymour Flinn The Rev. Elizabeth H. Fowle Ms. Faith S. T. Fraser The Rev. and Mrs. James P. Frink The Rev. Thomas J. Furrer The Rev. Giuseppe B. Gagliano Ms. Cecille R. Gallant The Rev. Richard W. Garlichs The Rev. G. Kenneth Garrett The Rev. Canon Dr. Mark F. Gatza Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gedrick, Jr. The Rev. Carmen Germino The Rev. Greta Getlein The Rev. Robert B. Gibson Mrs. Roger Gilbert, Jr. Mr. Thomas C. Gilmore The Rev. Mary F. Grambsch The Rev. Richard W. Gray The Rev. Richard E. Greenleaf Mrs. Willard F. Greenwald, Jr. The Rev. David F. Gurniak The Rev. John Hall Ms. Mary H. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hall The Rev. Donald L. Hamer The Rev. Lisa B. Hamilton The Rev. Bayard Hancock The Rev. Cameron R. Hardy The Rev. Jordan M. Haynie Ware The Rev. M. Peggy Wall Hays The Rev. John S. Hedger The Rev. Martha H. Hedgpeth The Rev. Gail M. Helgeson Mr. William T. Helms Ms. Joyce Hempstead Mr. Harry E. Henderson, Jr. Mr. David M. Hildreth Ms. Margaret A. Holmberg Mr. Robert G. Holt The Rev. Stephen C. Holton The Rev. Ronald L. Hooker The Rev. John W. Houghton, Ph.D. Mr. L. Francis Huck and Ms. Natalie Anne Murphy The Rev. Kenneth E. Hulme The Rev. W. Lee Humphreys, Th.D. The Rev. Deborah Hentz Hunley The Rev. Donald A. Hunt Ms. Amy B. Hunter The Rev. Portia Hurney The Rev. Donald T. Isaac The Rev. Philip C. Jacobs III The Rev. Molly F. James The Rev. R. Channing Johnson The Rev. William G. Johnson The Rev. Jocelynn L. JurkovichHughes Ms. Rowena Kemp The Rev. Linda L. Kerr Ms. Eloise H. P. Killeffer Ms. Kathryn Killman

The Rev. Anne B. Kimball The Rev. Donald W. Kimmick, Ed.D. The Rev. Debra J. Kissinger Ms. Audrey E. Klein-Leach The Rt. Rev. Chilton A.R. Knudsen The Rev. John F. Koepke III The Rev. G. Allen LaMontagne The Rev. Lucy LaRocca The Very Rev. R. James Larsen, Jr. The Rev. Donald C. Latham The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin III The Rev. Robert J. Leacock The Rev. George M. O. Lee The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler The Rev. Daniel D. Lennox Ms. Patricia Leonard-Pasley The Rev. Dr. Glenn M. Libby Mr. Oscar A. Lied The Rev. Donald R. Lillpopp The Rev. Howard M. Lipsey The Rt. Rev. Charles L. Longest The Rev. Julia D. R. Loomis The Rev. Richard R. Losch The Rev. Dr. Molly O. Louden The Rev. Alison W. Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. MacBeth Reverend Daniel K. MacDonald Ms. Leigh Mackintosh The Very Rev. Richard H. Mansfield The Rev. Charles W. Marsh The Rev. Christopher H. Martin The Rev. William L. Martin The Rev. Jeannie M. Martz The Rev. Bruce Mason Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. McCulloch, Jr. The Rev. Robert B. McFarlane The Rev. Dr. Ellen B. McKinley The Rev. Paul K. McLain III The Rev. Vaughan D. McTernan The Rev. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna The Rev. George R. Merrill Thomas Moore III The Rev. William P. Morton The Rev. Alan C. Murchie The Rev. Joanne L. Neel-Richard Mr. Philip Ness The Rev. Canon Donald A. Nickerson, Jr. The Rev. Canon Richard T. Nolan The Rev. Linda L. Northcraft Dr. Nancy Olmsted Kaehr and The Rev. Michael Kaehr The Rev. Sherrell E. Osborn The Rev. Donald H. Parker The Rev. Stephen D. Parker, Jr. Mr. William Parsons, Jr. The Rev. Robert P. Patterson The Rev. Thomas J. Pellaton The Rev. Everett C. Perine The Rev. W. David Peter Noves

10 | Be r k e le y Div i n i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

The Rev. John H. Peterson The Rev. Elizabeth A. Phillips The Rev. E. Alden Pickup, Jr. The Rev. Canon Louis W. Pitt, Jr. The Rev. David H. Poist The Rev. Daniel S. Pope III The Rev. Sara L. Potter The Rev. Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D. Mr. Will Prosser The Rev. C. Corydon Randall, Ph.D., D.D. The Rev. George W. Razee The Rev. Gerald A. Reiss The Rev. Patricia A. O. Reuss The Rev. Robert J. Reuss The Rev. Rodney V. Rice The Rev. Dr. William W. Rich The Rev. John W. Rick III The Rev. Harry A. Roark III Dr. Gregory A. Robbins The Rev. Paul B. Roberts The Rev. Canon Mark K.J. Robinson Mrs. Polly W. Rodie The Rev. Joshua A. Rodriguez Mr. Jerome D. Roeske Mr. Kenneth C. Rogozinski The Rt. Rev. Jeffery W. Rowthorn Ms. Tuesday Rupp The Rev. Carl A. Russell, Jr. The Rev. David A. Ryan The Rt. Rev. John L. Said Mr. Franklin D. Sanders The Rev. Herbert W. Sanderson, Ph.D. The Rev. Philip D. Schaefer The Rev. Janine L. Schenone

The Rev. Charles E. Schnabel The Rev. William L. Schnitzer The Rev. Lawrence A. Schuster The Rev. Joseph Y. Seville The Rev. Dr. Carolyn J. Sharp The Rev. Ellen M. Shaver The Rev. Edmund K. Sherrill The Rev. Michael O. Shirley The Rev. G. Richard Siener, D.D. The Very Rev. C. Joseph Sitts The Rev. John A. Smart The Rev. Walter Smedley IV Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Smith The Rt. Rev. Kirk S. Smith, Ph.D. The Rev. Roger S. Smith Mr. Timothy J. Sommer Ms. Anne Spear The Rev. Dr. E. Bevan Stanley The Rev. Sandra H. Stayner The Rev. Canon Peter A. R. Stebinger The Rev. Patricia D. Stevens Ms. Sarah Stewart The Rev. Jane Stickney The Rev. Jennifer R. Strawbridge The Rev. Thomas N. J. Synan Mr. Anthony D. Tall The Rev. Michael J. Tan Creti The Rev. Dr. Barbara M. Brown Taylor The Rev. James K. Taylor The Rev. Terrence A. Taylor The Rev. Dr. Michael J. R. Tessman The Rev. Elaine E. Thomas The Rev. Trevor E.G. Thomas Mrs. Allene D. Thurston The Very Rev. Anthony C. Thurston

In Memoriam Alumni who died between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013

The Rev. Russell M. Chenoweth, Jr. ’60, 2/27/13 The Rev. Guy E. Dorr, ’88, 2/17/13 The Rev. Charles F. Doyle ’64, 11/29/12 The Rev. George E. Exley-Stiegler ’53, 1/23/13 The Rev. Robert M. Hall ’69, 11/30/12 The Rev. Robert E. Henry ’54, 8/19/12 The Rev. Granville V. Henthorne, Jr. ’55, 10/10/12 The Rev. Robert Hess ’67, 12/26/12 The Rev. Peter A. Molnar ’63, 10/19/12 The Rev. Robert H. Pierce ’51, 9/22/12 The Rev. Janice M. Robinson ’88, 9/2/12 The Rev. Thomas R. Schulze ’76, 6/13/13 The Rev. James W. Seibel, Ph.D. ’56, 7/10/12 The Rev. William G. Smith II ’70, 3/29/13 Dr. Walker Taylor III ’73, 9/18/12 Mr. Evan F. Tinder ’85, 9/14/12 The Rev. Dennis A. Tippett ’61, 8/7/12 The Rev. Frank E. Wismer III ’73, 5/12/13

2012 - 2013 A nnual F und D onors

The Rev. Maria W. E. Tjeltveit Mr. John C. Train Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Treuhold The Rev. Heidi M. Truax The Rev. William J. Turner, Jr. Mr. Thomas Vail Mr. and Mrs. John W. Van Dyke The Rev. Richard F. Van Wely The Rev. Canon Charles M. Vogt The Rev. Janet C. Waggoner The Rev. Ralph R. Warren, Jr. The Rev. Robert W. Watson The Rev. Amy Doyle Welin The Rev. Gregory W. Welin The Rev. Robert H. Wellner Mrs. Pamela Wesley Gomez The Rev. Roger B. White Mr. Charles P. Whittemore The Rev. Mary Grace Williams Dr. Charles V. Willie The Rev. Nancy A. Willis The Rev. James G. Wilson The Rev. Edward S. Winsor

The Rev. Walter W. Witte The Rev. L. D. Wood-Hull The Rev. William C. Wrenn Mr. Douglas T. Yates The Rev. Noelle M. York-Simmons The Rev. Lisa M. Zaina The Rev. Dr. Andrew H. Zeman The Rev. Canon Jervis S. Zimmerman The Rev. Dwight J. Zscheile Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA, The Rev. Timothy B. Safford Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, KY, The Very Rev. Carol L. Wade Church of the Good Shepherd, Towson, MD, The Rev. Arianne R. Weeks Church of the Mediator, Allentown, PA, The Rev. Maria W. E. Tjeltveit Diocese of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker

Episcopal Parishes of Schuyler County, Watkins Glen, NY, The Rev. Michael E. Hartney Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Friendswood, TX, The Rev. Geoffrey C. Gwynne Grace & St. Peters Church, Hamden, CT, The Rev. Amanda K. Gott St. Alban’s Church, Syracuse, NY, The Rev. Julie E. Calhoun-Bryant St. Alban’s Church, Newtown Square, PA, The Rev. Hentzi Elek St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Edgartown, MA, The Rev. Vincent G. Seadale St. Brigid Episcopal Church, Nazareth, PA, The Rev. William L. Martin St. David’s Episcopal Church, West Seneca, NY, The Very Rev. Allen W. Farabee St. James’ Church, Glastonbury, CT, The Rev. Nancy E. Gossling St. John’s Episcopal Church, Essex, CT, The Rev. Jonathan Folts St. John’s Episcopal Church, Kula, HI, The Rev. Kerith A. Harding St. John’s Episcopal Church, Odessa, NY, The Rev. Michael E. Hartney St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Buffalo, NY, The Rev. Linda M. Malia St. Luke’s Church, Fairport, NY, The Rev. Deven A. Hubert St. Paul’s Church, Norwalk, CT, The Rev. Nicholas G. Lang St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fairfield, CT, The Rev. Judith L. Rhodes St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Lynnfield, MA, The Rev. Nicholas M. Morris-Kliment St. Peter’s Church, Monroe, CT, The Rev. Kurt J. Huber St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Milford, CT, The Rev. Cynthia Knapp St. Raphael’s Church, Crossville, TN, The Rev. Ann. E. Markle St. Thomas Episcopal Church, McLean, VA, The Rev. Dr. Stephen B. Edmondson St. Thomas’s Parish Newark, DE, The Rev. Paul W. Gennett, Jr. St. Timothy’s Church, Fairfield, CT, The Rev. Matthew H. Calkins The Church of St. Barnabas, Irvington, NY, The Rev. Nora Smith Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, OH, The Rev. Will H. Mebane, Jr. Trinity Church, Tariffville, CT, The Rev. Thomas J. Furrer

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations Anderson Family Foundation Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, The Donald and Julie Mowery Fund The John C. Markey Charitable Fund The Diocesan Missionary and Church Extension Society, The Diocese of New York Ernst & Young Fairfield County Community Foundation, Inc. from the Safe Harbor Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Grubbs Family Fund McAdams Charitable Foundation Shilling Family Foundation Inc. The Kress Foundation The Thomas E. Dewey Fund The Train Foundation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust, The G. William Haas Charitable Fund The V & L Marx Foundation United Way of Central New Mexico United Way of Rhode Island United Way, New Haven, CT Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vincent Mulford Foundation

Gifts were given in honor of: Bishop Jeffery Rowthorn Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Charles Greene Rachel Peterson Miller The Rev. Ann. Markle The Rev. Dr. Rowan Greer The Rev. Elaine E. Thomas The Rev. Elliott H. Blackburn The Rev. Geoffrey M. St.J. Hoare The Rev. Noelle York-Simmons The Rev. Norman M. Macleod The Rev. Tommy J. Dillon II

Gifts were given in memory of: The Rev. Ralph Carskadden The Rev. Andrew Jensen III Seth Alan Peterson

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A Letter from Howard Greene “Be ye doers of the Word not hearers only.” As Chair of the Berkeley Trustees’ Development Committee, I can think of no better investment than the Annual Fund! Berkeley is thriving and our students are serving throughout the Communion in parishes, schools, and missions. The Berkeley annual appeal provides formation so that as seminarians graduate they are prepared to lead in proclaiming the Gospel. Our students’ tuition pays for the world class YDS academic experience, but we rely on our graduates, parishes, and friends for the $435,000 needed each year to meet our expenses at BDS. Your gift ensures that our students will have the skills that are necessary for dynamic service and ministry. Make the difference, make your gift today!

Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston, was closed by the city of Boston after the Marathon bombing. The congregation met the Sunday after the bombing at Temple Israel, Boston’s largest Jewish congregation. The celebrant was Rainey Dankel ’11 assisted, on the left by Patrick Ward ’08, priests on Trinity’s staff. On the right is Trinity’s priest-in-charge, Samuel Lloyd.

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BDS Newsletter Fall 2013  
BDS Newsletter Fall 2013