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Senior Interclubs Report 2008 By David Price Club Captain After regular top-ups of fresh snow now characteristic of the 2008 season, race day for the Thredbo Interclub (Senior) Race on Saturday 9th August was held in picture perfect conditions and temperatures below zero all day despite the winter sun beaming down upon us. Almost 200 club racers represented their respective clubs this year, an event record of 14 clubs vying for Thredbo’s most prestigious community event of the season. Team Berg 2008 “THE FFOG SQUAD” (Fast Fat Old Guys/Fast Fit Old Girlz) gave their all this year. I was extremely proud of the support and dedication of all our team this year with their effort and true club spirit in upholding the long tradition of Berg as a true leader in club skiing prowess within the Thredbo community. Despite the somewhat awkward depleted strength in numbers of our core handicappers being absent on this occasion, 17 of club our club valiant defended Berg’s reputation of having always achieved a podium place in the event since its’ inception over 20 years ago. Team Berg 2008 claimed the bronze on this occasion and it was probably the most hard fought battle we have competed in since the re-establishment of the competition. There was a lot of history at stake and Berg appeared to have little chance of remaining a force to be reckoned with this time around. I even had to come out of retirement this once – against medical advice – to join in our defence. Team Berg 2008 lifted beyond anyone’s legitimate expectations to deliver yet another historic effort and result with third place behind the two super clubs. Berg’s achivement was also integral in helping Ski Club of Australia to reclaim the coveted Nekvapil Shield for the 8th occasion in 2008, narrowly defeating the Evil Empire (SASC) as runner up by 1 point. Regrettably, SCA has now overtaken the once mighty Berg in the number of times any club has won the Shield. The Team Berg 2008’s members this year were Judy Lenne, brother and sister Bruce and Merran Wallis, David and Kristiane Price, Paul and Kate Manka, our new Treasurer Lyn Kearney, Club Director Greg Hutton, Michael Hiscock, John Shuttleworth, back from a brief sabbatical Louise Adams and Julie Zwarteveen, David Keith, Andrew Blomfield, and first timers to a race course – brother and sister Richard and Elise Martin. In the Crackenback Cup (Overall Handicap Event), Team Berg 2008 had more racers in the top 10 than any other club with Judy Lenne in 5th place, David Price in 7th and Bruce Wallis in 9th place. We placed 2nd in the Silver Brumby Cup (fastest team of 5 hcp) with Judy, myself, Bruce, Paul Manka and John Shuttleworth, also placing 3rd in the Berghutte Trophy (fastest min. team on total time) and 2nd in the KAC Cup (fastest min. team on handicap) with the above 5 members, Andrew Blomfield and Michael Hiscock. The overall standard of racing in the Thredbo Interclub Race has risen to almost World Cup level, with nearly all clubs being represented by their most tenacious and

skilled members of all ages. It is a credit to these clubs that such strength of membership is supported by their team effort and dedication. Sadly, Berghutte is probably the only club that does not represent all their top players each year – something that I will endeavour to remedy in future years by enticing our “Dream Team” to re-ignite their enthusiasm and represent our club in this event. The standard is now extremely high, with most of the past National Ski Team members scattered throughout all 14 clubs represented, fielding their true skiing legends of past and present in an all out effort to attain the Shield. If every other club can go to such measures, so can we and I look forward to seeing all our star performers stepping up to the plate and putting in equivalent effort for our Club next year. Hearty thanks to all who made it down this year, rose to the occasion and came from underdog status to prove once again that Berg’s Teams are the best weight for age club skiers in Thredbo, which is no mean feat! Go The Berg Pricey

Senior Interclubs Report 2008  
Senior Interclubs Report 2008  

Senior Interclubs Report 2008 By David Price Club Captain Almost 200 club racers represented their respective clubs this year, an event reco...