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father even after agreeing to do

so. At trial, the petitioner, upon her attorney,s advice,

dismissed the Temporary Restraining order. (See attached Judgment of Dismissat Exhibit 3). 7.

on December 28, 2009, Lacie Golette Freeman Bergeron,

again went to the


Judicial District Court, Parish of Lafayette, and filed a Motion for Change of Venue claiming that she was prejudiced by her first attorney and that the Judgment of the 23d Judicial District Courl

put the minor children in imminent danger of abuse and neglect by the defendant, Rudy Marlr BerEeron,


(See attached Exhibit 4) B.

The plaintiff, Lacie Colette Freeman Bergeron, was represented in the Lafayette matter by attorney Charley Hutchens. The matters set before the 15th Judicial District Court were dismissed without any type of hearing or trial. Charley Hutchens brokered some visitation

for Rudy Mark Bergeron, Jr. at that time. Rudy Mark Bergeron, Jr. was allowed to see his children on January B, 9 and 10, 2010 with Lacie Golette Freeman Bergeron bringing the children from Patterson

to Houma and picking them up in the early afternoon on $unday,

January 10, 2010. 9.

Since that time, Lacie Colette Freeman Bergeron has refused to allow the clrildren to go with their father claiming that the children were sick. Lacie Golette Freeman Hergeron is not presently represented by counsel in Assumption Parish and called Rudy Mark Bergeron,

Jr.'s attorney to advise that she and Rudy Mark Bergeron, Jr. had come up with a visitation sclredule for the weekend of January 30th and 31"tof 2010. .Conversation between Lacie

Golette Freeman Bergeron and Mr. Bergeron's attorney evidenced a willingness on Lacie Colette Freeman Bergeron's part to let Mr. Bergeron have the children from Saturclay at 6:30

a.m. until Saturday night around dark and then again Sunday from 6:30 a.m. until Sunday evening sometime. (See attached Exhibit A), 10.

it is quite evident that Lacie Golette Freeman Bergeron still wants visitation only on her terms and not that of the Court. 11

It is clear from the actions of Lacie Golette Freeman Bergeron and the pleadings that she has filed that she has no intention whatsoever of allowing Rudy Mark Bergeron, Jr. to be a atl.I[-u7L,


parl of his children's life and that she will never facilitate their relationship with their father.



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