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old came home heavily intoxicated, tried to kiss her and glabbed her breasts. (Transcript of VIay 17,2010, p 66, lines 4-22). Follovving hearing on the merits, the District Court found that notwithstanding all of the

above acknorvledgments, there was no good cause

for Lacie Colette Freeman Bergeron


r.vitlrhold visitation fi'om Rudy Malk Bergeron, Jr., therein finding Lacie Colette Freeman in Contempt of Cor,u1 and ordering her to provide additional visitation time of every wcekend for

thc next two (2) months to Rudy Mark Belgeron, .Tr. and sentenced Lacie Colette Iireeman Bergeron to ten ( 10) days in Parish Jail with nine (9) days suspended. Plaintiff was instructecl to

turn irerself in ou Friday, May 21,2010 for incarceration. (Transcript

of May 17,2010,p72,

hnes20-32, p 73,lines 1-26). The District Courl further denied Plaintiff s additional requests for psyclrological evaluations aud custody evaluations. (Transcript of May 17,2010,p74,Lines2328)

CUIU{ENT CASE POSTURE The Trial Court rendered oral Judgrnent on May Freernan Bergeron filed her Notice

18,2010. Plaintiff, Lacie Colette

of Intent to Seek Supervisory Writs and Request to


Ploceedings on May 18, 2010. To date the Trial Court has not ruled, nor signed either pleading.

I-lowever, the Judgment of Trial Court is set to take effect on Friday, May seventy-sev en (77) page transcript was received on



May 20, 2010 at approximately 1 I :3 Oaru and

the official Judgment of the Court has not yet been submitted for signature.

This filing is donc prior to the signing of the Notice of Intent to Seek Supervisory Writs and Recluest

to Stay Ploceedings, sent to the 'I'rial Court, to protect the libelty of Plaintiff


incarcelation and to protect the minor children fi'om implernentation of Judgrnent, placing in position of irreparable injury aud hann.



Whetlier the Trial Court erred in finding Lacie Colette Freeman Bergerou in Contetrpt o[

Court and failing to find good cause by Lacie Colette F'reentan Bergerou to withltold visitation of the minor children to Defendant, Rucly Mark l3ergeron, Jr.


Whether the Trial Court ened in sentencing Lacie Colette Freetnan Bergeron to ten (10) days in the Parish Jail r,vith all but twenty-four (24) hours suspended.


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