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l. Whether the Trial Court erred in finding acie Colette llr'eeman Bergeron in Conternpt of Court and failing to find good cause by Lacie Colette Freernan Berger.on to lvithhold visitation of the minor children to De 2.

Rudy Mark Bergeron, Jr.

Whether the Tlial Court erred in sentenci g Lacie Colette Fleeman Bergerou to ten (10) days in the Parish.lail with all but twenty-


r (24) hours suspended.

Whethel the Trial Court eued in denying Lacie Colette Freeman l3ergeron's prayer lbr. psychological evaluations and child custod evaluations.



The Trial Court erred in finding Lacie

olettc Freenran Bergero'll in Contemrpt of

Court and faining to lind good cause by La

Colette Freernan Ilergeron to rvithholcl

vnsitation of the rninor children to Defendant,


Plaintifl avers that the irleparable injury action



tly Mark Bcrgcroh, Jr. harm rnay result to the minor children in this

is allowed unsupervised visi tion. As provided above, Def'endant,

Mark Bergeron, Jr. has adrnitted to: thlee (3) previ alcohol abuse treatments, previbus illegal drug



arrests for driving while intoxicated, prior

use. Furthel admitting that he is oulrently

living with a wolnalt, to whom he is not malriecl,

at has been convicted and has only recently

completed probation for possession of methamp

mines. Defendant provided that this is the

same wolnan that the minor children were left

ith while he was at


during his entire

visitation peliod, minus one (1) and one-half (I12) Defendant's sister, Alicia Bergelon then te ificd to the Trial Court that when she was


mirlor, her lbther, while intoxicated, attempted to

her and grab her breasl.. Tliis is 1he sanre

individual that Susan Webster stated she allorved

nd the minor children during Rr-rdy Mark

Bcrgcrou Jr.'s priol visitation.

Plaintiff, Lacie Colette Freeman Bergeron

rs that visitation may be rvithhelcl Llpon a

showing of good calrse, More speoifically stating rat under LSA-RS 9:346(G): afl-irmative defense that lhe failure to allow or ex ordered schedule was by mutual consent, beyond t canse shown. Emphasis Added.

se child

It sliall be an

visitation rights pursuant to a coult-

control of tlie defbndant, or for other goocl

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