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A New “Angle” on Traffic Congestion: The Angle Lake Link Light Rail Station is Up and Running This new link light rail station offers congestion-free trips for commuters. When the region’s newest link light rail station opened in SeaTac, Washington, on 24 September 2016, the community was invited to celebrate with a chance to ride on the first departing trip from the station. Located at the intersection of South 200th Street and 28th Avenue South, the Sound Transit Angle Lake Station has a 1.6-mile-long elevated guideway that travels north, providing congestionfree rides to Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, the Rainier Valley, downtown Seattle, and the University of Washington. BergerABAM was the lead designer for the parking garage that is part of the station and supported the design team with architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture services, and sustainability consulting and construction support. The public plaza, on the third level of the garage, includes a passenger drop-off area, paratransit loading areas, and a covered walkway from the garage to the station. The plaza uniquely forms a physical and visual connection between the project elements and includes several displays of Northwest-inspired artwork. Ornately designed seat walls, pathways, paving, and planting beds features help to engage transit users as they move through the space, creating quiet places for social interaction while waiting for a transit connection. The layout and design of the plaza is even large enough to accommodate community events, such as festivals, farmers’ markets, art exhibits, and other outdoor public gatherings. The design and location of major project elements maximize function, sustainability, and aesthetics while providing efficient use of space. The plaza design was also developed to maximize the integration of public art. Artist Jill Anholt’s sculpture, titled “Immerse”, hangs elegantly in the plaza’s grand staircase. It appears to be suspended weightlessly as light passes through its three delicate arcs and filters into the parking area below. Arching steel tubes, connected by naturally-shaped steel plate ribs painted a translucent semi-gloss

The 1,050-stall parking garage connects to the train platform via a pedestrian walkway.

white were used to achieve the appearance of weightlessness. The sculpture also serves as an anchor between the plaza pathway area between the parking garage and the light rail station. Its three arcs that cascade through the open space of the stairwell establish a dialogue with artist Laura Haddad’s artwork, titled “Cloud”, which is featured on the station’s platform. The parking facility is a seven-story, cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete structure with a striking exterior façade that uses custom blue aluminum profile. Five levels of the garage are constructed above ground and two levels are partially below ground, taking advantage of the sloping site topography. The parking structure is accessible from four different street locations at the three lower levels. It has 2,500 square feet of retail space at ground level and a 35,000-square-foot site to the west to support future transit-oriented development. The station also has secure storage for bicycles in lockers and racks and charging stations for electric vehicles. The new station and parking structure will make travel easier for people who live, work, and visit areas south of the airport.

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Inside/Out Newsletter | Winter 2017 | Issue 64  

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