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storefronts will be maintained during most of the construction, but the City is encouraging business owners to make use of their rear entrances for customers. It has been a long haul for the City. In the midst of their revitalization efforts, a fire on 24 July 2016 consumed one of the City’s oldest buildings, as well as other buildings on Main Street. This setback, however, did not discourage the City, its businesses, or its residents from continuing with the project. The City plans to complete construction of Phase 1 by November of this year, just in time for their annual holiday festivities.

Pictured from left to right are Tris Samberg, Mick Caplis, James McNeal, Davina Duerr, Andy Rheaume, Greg Armstrong, Nancy Pipinich, and Nduta Mbuthia at the Main Street enhancement groundbreaking ceremony.

Duportail Bridge: Defining the Term for the City of Richland It has been the City of Richland’s top civic priority over the last 10 years. A bridge. An uncomplicated kind of bridge. The City is in need of a link, connecting the patchwork of commerce, transportation, and access between two adjacent neighborhoods separated by the Yakima River. The City’s solution? A concrete structure, connecting existing roadways, parks, and commerce on both sides of the river.

Multicolored river rock provides an aeshetically pleasing element.

The City contracted with BergerABAM to provide planning, structural engineering, environmental services, public involvement, and construction management services. BergerABAM is currently developing detailed engineering plans, confirming compliance with environmental regulations, and obtaining City permits. The construction process will be organized around limited in-water work windows within the river to avoid and/or minimize impacts to fish species and their habitat. Recognizing the important connection the bridge will provide between central and south Richland, the Richland

The City of Richland anticipates the Duportail Bridge will be open to traffic in the summer of 2020. City Council asked the Richland Arts Commission to develop and present design features for the bridge. The Arts Commission created a theme aptly named “Connecting Richland.” Working with Stuart Bennion, BergerABAM project manager, the Arts Commission developed a design motif for the bridge that incorporated Tri-Cities area themes, thus, prominent in the design is a sun feature, a mountain mural, river rock, and basalt pillars. Stuart incorporated these artistic elements into the actual bridge design that will include two vehicle travel lanes in each direction, with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on either side. The river rock, consisting of reddish-brown and blue-gray earth tones, visually separates the bridge girders, piers, barriers, and walls. Basalt pillars located at the bridge’s opening and on its sound walls will create an impressive backdrop to the project. Aaron Savage, BergerABAM graphics manager, created a series of artistic renderings that collaboratively incorporated all artistic and design ideas into a series of views into the future. These concepts were presented at a public open house on 17 May 2017 at Richland City Hall. The Duportail Bridge will connect many new businesses in the city’s Queensgate area (south Richland) with the city’s central residents—just one of the many benefits of the new bridge. The bridge will also improve the region’s heavy traffic flow and relieve congestion on (continued on page 4)


Inside/Out Newsletter | Summer 2017 | Issue 66  

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