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LOCAL DESIGN AND FASHION PIECES A shopping and trend-magazine with main focus on the city centre of Bergen. All you need to know about fashion, interior design, food, relaxation, culture and nightlife.


JUVELÉR Torgalmenningen 15 – tlf. 55 55 14 80 W W W.T H E O D O R - O L S E N . N O

byLIV Published by:

Bergen Sentrum AS Handelens- o g Sjøfartens hus Olav Kyrresgate 11, 5014 Bergen   @bergensentrum Managing director:: Steinar Kristoffersen:


to Bergen!

Marketing director Thomas Ottesen: Sales Manager: Thomas Gundersen: 77 478 Produced by: BTSG Media AS Print: Bodoni Graphic design:: Bodoni AS Editorial: BTSG Media AS, Vibeke Blich and Emilie Gundersen Contributors: Cover photo: Eilif Stene Photographer, fashion shoot: Francisco Munoz Styling, fashion shoot: Luciana Thunem Models fashion shoot: Celin and Adrian – EB Models Photo: Karen Elise Birkeland About byLIV byLIV is a shopping- and trend magazine with a main focus on the city centre of Bergen – with all you need to know about fashion, food, beauty, interior design, events and nightlife. The magazine is published by Bergen Sentrum AS, in cooperation with BTSG Media AS. Distribution • Copies: 36.000 per edition, four editions each year. • Distributed to specific mail adresses, city malls, city shops, public serving places and meeting points in the city centre. The magazine is also available in a digital format and will be distributed in a digital form. In addition, articles and picture galleries will be published on our webpages and shared in SoME. • Membership deals with the club byVENN: SMS distribution to 52.000 + members.

As a European City of Culture, World Heritage City and UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Bergen offers world-class experiences and culture. Being the gateway to the Fjords of Norway, the Bergen region has the ideal combinationt of nature, culture and interesting urban attractions – all year round. Bergen is an international city packed with history and tradition, a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen likes visitors. And Bergen is worth a visit. Come and experience what Bergen has to offer. Welcome!

Managing director Bergen Sentrum AS

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Welcome to a relaxing and unique shopping experience in Bergens most beautiful shopping centre Right next to the Bergen light rail stop Byparken

Open 09 - 20 (18)












20 years of developing Bergen as a travel destination ............. 10

Photo by Kafé Kippers

Where to eat and drink in the city centre .............................. 23 Inspiring, local design .......................................................... 38 Great tips for your next hike ................................................. 48 See what’s on in Bergen this summer .................................... 50


byLIVs guide to summer festivals of 2018 ............................. 75


Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag, Magnus Skrede –

Culinary experiences at sea ................................................... 92

photo by Chris Tonnesen Nest, design by Stine Aas for Northern

ønn Mester Gr

Photo by Helge Hansen/Bergen Reiselivslag

Van Bergen


See Van Bergen’s craftsmen at work ...................................... 98 Fashion trends: “Summer ready” ......................................... 101 This summer’s interior trends ............................................. 124 Discover new areas in the city centre ................................... 140 Celin Douglas (23) from Bergen is ready for Gucci ............. 142 A smart, detachable map of Bergen city centre .................... 157

50 Photo by EB Models

Photo by Mads Neset





Bergen Fjord Adventures, photo by Helene Fjeldstad

I N S P I RAT I ON Illums Bolighus wants to offer something special – we want to inspire. In our universe of interior design, ceramics, porcelain, glass, stoneware and kitchen utensils, you will never have to compromise. We know that the small details are key to creating a whole. Choices matter because they are your choices, but we would be more than happy to help you.

B E R G E N, B E R S TA D H U S E T M O N D AY – F R I D AY 1 0 - 1 9 ∙ S AT U R D AY 1 0 - 1 8 ∙ S U N D AY C L O S E D P H O N E + 4 7 2 2 0 1 5 5 1 0 ∙ W W W. I L L U M S B O L I G H U S . C O M

Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag / Espen Haagensen -

–“Bergenserne”is the best thing

about Bergen

Ole Warberg has been the director of tourism in Bergen for more than 20 years. Before he starts doing his magic in a new job in June, he would like to share a few thoughts about the beautiful city in the West. By Vibeke Blich

– I am proud to be in a position where I can represent a city with a good reputation both nationally and internationally. That is an honor, Warberg says.

ibe yV to b Pho

ke Blic h

He has always worked in tourism. Before Bergen Tourist Board, Warberg ran Thon Hotel Bergen Airport at Kokstad. He was a hotel manager seeking new opportunities, and was asked to apply for the job as director of tourism. Warberg has never regretted taking that job, as he got to play a unique part in developing Bergen as a travel destination.

10 | byLIV

– I have had a lot of interesting assignments through my work here, and been part of both local, national and international committees. That way I have been able to see Bergen and the world in a good way, and also been able to develop myself through those functions, he says. In addition, Warberg is also president of NHO Reiseliv, and hopes to continue for the next two years as election is coming up. A CITY FOR BUSINESS AND PLEASURE As Bergen gets more and more hotels in and around the city with good conferencecapacities, the city has now strengthened its possibilities to get more large events set to Bergen. Other than this, Grieghallen is a main venue for conferences, congresses and cultural events. Warberg thinks conferences are good for business, and shares that himself

Photo by Helge Hansen / Bergen Reiselivslag

and his colleagues in Bergen Tourist Board seek to get more of them. – There are a lot of them today, some are held in Bergen every year whereas other events take turn in different cities. Last summer we had World’s Tunneling Conference in Bergen. This was real big with engineers from all over the world visiting Bergen. They were here for a whole week, ate and slept here. To get hold of large congresses like that is important. Often, the participants are the ones who leave the most money behind, he says. Warberg informs that hotel occupancy in Bergen has been around 70 percent for a few years now. And then you have the top season and down season. – During the summer, we have used it all. New hotel capacities give us the possibility to grow. Bergen will create a demand that will fill up those capacities. We have great potential, Warberg says. In his new job, this will be one of Warberg’s concerns. Because on June 1st, Warberg starts his new job as managing director of Magic Norway AS. - I have had a wonderful journey in the job as managing director of Bergen Tourist Board, and I am still going to build a city in my new job. Magic Norway AS has a lot of things going on both in real estate, shopping malls, accommodation and shopping. We will try to develop concepts that hopefully will have a positive impact on Bergen in the years to come. This can be an exciting and new journey for me. Hopefully, I will be able to put to use a lot of what I have learned so far, and not least get to use my wide network of good contacts, he says. BIG, HISTORIC EVENTS In 2017, Bergen had 200.000 more visitors to Bergen than the year before. During the ten days of UCI World Championships, there was a 70 percent sales increase in accommodation. Warberg explains that UCI World Championship was a success in terms of marketing, but that he is sorry that some people unfortunately lost a lot of money.

OLE WARBERG Age: 58 Family: Married to Sidsel, two daughters Home: Morvik, Åsane

That set aside, Warberg thinks Bergen has succeeded in increasing tourist traffic all year round – and from a higher number of countries than before. Now not only the Japanese, but also people from other Asian countries, travel to Bergen all year round.

I am proud to be in a position where I can represent a city with a good reputation both nationally and internationally. That is an honor.

– Lots of export income means a lot when it comes to workplaces within the tourist industry. We have a great potential to create new growth here, Warberg says, and adds:

Ole Warberg

– The travelling industry gets very visible when the big cruise ships lay in the harbor. Cruise is the segment that spends little money in the city compared to a hotel guest, but it’s still estimated a turnover on around 550 million kroner on cruise alone. BERGEN AS A CULTURE CITY One of Warberg’s most memorable events in Bergen during his time as director of tourism, is the culture city year of 2000. ▶

11 | byLIV

Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag / Robin Strand -

– Not so many people remember this, but the way the city worked up to the culture city year 2000 has had a good deal of conse­ quences. We see a red thread. I think that Bergen was the first city in Scandinavia to say that culture should be an important part of a city’s development. Warberg elaborates that development in Bergen was put in perspective within culture during these years, and later development plans within sports, tourism, and the city itself started surfacing. – A lot of the planning that was done before year 2000, with the creation of new festivals and increased support for culture-events, we see a result of today. A lot of these events are today huge and lively features in our city.

Warberg himsels enjoys walking down narrow alleys alongside the old wooden houses at Bryggen.

– No, the best thing about Bergen is bergen­ serne, the people that live here. It’s our positive way of being good ambassadors for the city. It’s as simple as that. We are small enough to be able to think big, but also few enough to be able to say that we need to do this together. ▗

Pho to b y Te rj AS / w

– People should also visit the tourist information to find out what fits different types of people and wallets. Everybody should see the city from a mountaintop like Fløyen or Ulriken, where you get an impression of the city centre, the mountains and the fjords. You should take a daytrip to get a closer look at the fjords, and if you stay in a hotel in the city centre all the attractions, the flagship Bryggen and culture and art is just a short walk away from where you stay, he says.

So, is Bryggen your favourite thing about Bergen?

ife dic L Nor

– It’s not unnatural that the marketplace has changed, as local inhabitants do not shop there, and therefore the exhibitors have to

AMONG WOODEN HOUSES When it comes to what people should do in Bergen – a World Heritage City – Warberg always recommends a sightseeing tour to get a good view of what the city has to offer.

and sell a city, it is important that you can identify yourself with it. I believe you feel a greater responsibility, he says.

e/ akk eR

WARBERGS BEST BERGEN TIPS Torget and Bryggen, perhaps the most famous and visited spots for tourists in Bergen, has changed a whole lot since Warberg started as a director of tourism. What used to be a market place for fish, fruit and vegetables is now a place where they serve food and plenty of tourists stop by. The market hall is now a place where food is served and traded all year round. May 1st, the summer season starts, and some move their business outside.

do what pleases the tourists or the visiting market, Warberg says, and adds that it’s the tourists that in fact keep the marketplace alive.

– It’s a part of our identity. And when your job is to promote

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KEY PRODUCTS FROM MYBAG FOR YOUR STAY IN BERGEN Guess Rayna mini bag for a night out in Bergen A bag and a purse from Day Birger for sunny days

An umbrella - for rainy days...

A suitcase for bringing the gifts back home



A backpack from Rains for the really rainy days The iconic Kånken from Fjällräven for visiting the mountains surrounding Bergen

Day Birger bag 599 / purse 199, Guess minibag 899, Knirps umbrella 349, Rains backpack 699, Fjellreven backpack 899, American Tourister suitcase 999/1199/1399

w w w. sc abal . no Chr. Michelsens gate 2b




KYGO + ARVEN Arven is proud to present necklaces in silver and gold by KYGO and his Palm Tree Crew. At Arven gold – and silver factory, you can experience craftsmen at work, creating timeless silver cutlery, beautiful interior décor items and unique jewelry. Visit our shop and workshop near World Heritage site Bryggen.


Arven, Sandbrogaten 11, 5003 Bergen / t: 55 55 14 40 / Opening hours: 9.00 - 16.00. Sat: 10.00 - 16.00.

Shopping tips from Kløverhuset

Smart band from SMA, Bjørklund 698 NOK

Bitihorn flex1 Shorts from Norrøna 799 NOK

Bitihorn warm1 stretch Hoodie f rom Norrøna 1099 NOK

URBAN AND SPORTY Enjoy your free time in these modern, fresh pieces.

Sunday Saviour vitamin & oil bath and shower oil from Mon Sun, KICKS, 100 ml 89 NOK

Carrera, Synsam 1385 NOK

Cotton throw from Kid Interiør 499,90 NOK

[comfort zone] Skin Regimen Urban Shield SPF30 Sunscreen, 40 ml. From Wahwah 599 NOK

Watch from Norwegian brand Bruvik, produced in Switzerland, Kleiveland Ur & Gull 32000 NOK

Decorative solar ball from Nille 299,90 NOK

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RAY-BAN 400 KR DISCOUNT on all sunglasses for adults This offer is only valid for Synsam Bergen Kløverhuset. This offer can not be combined with other offers.


GLASS THOMSEN – The des ign desti na ti o n i n th e h e a rt o f Be rge n. Find your desi gn fa vo uri te to ta k e ho me . G las s Thom s e n i s a fa mi l y-o wn e d d e si g n and lifes ty le sto re . We o ffe r a wi de ra nge of hom e ac c esso ri e s, g i fts a nd l i g hti ng fr om s ome o f Sca ndi na vi a a n d Nor way’s mo st i co n i c b ra n ds and up co mi n g d e si g ne rs.

ARVEN Wood tealight silver plated - 3 pieces 2990 NOK

Hand crafted cutlery from Skaugum Bestikkfabrikk - established at Geilo in 1943

kay bojesen wooden monkey from 699 NOK

Visit our inspirational store

Anderssen & Voll ildhane : candleholder 550 NOK

røros tweed wool throw from 1549 NOK

Lagunen Storsenter Ve s t k a n t e n S t o r s e n t e r Ă…sane Storsenter C h r. M i c h e l s e n s g a t e 6 A t +47 57 98 84 00

Dress 1599,-

markeveien • galleriet • bergen storsenter

Photo by Kafe Kippers

Eat & drink in the city centre New in town, or just eager to explore what tasty food and drinks Bergen has to offer? Here are some safe bets. By Vibeke Blich Røyk BBQ  Vaskerelven 6 At Røyk BBQ, they do real American barbeque and street food. They smoke their meat in their own smoke oven from Oklahoma for up to 16 hours, and serve classics like brisket, short ribs and St. Louis style ribs.

The guys who own the place, have a total of 50 years of experience with food and restaurants. They work on the floor themselves, and ensure good service and atmosphere.

23 | byLIV




Photo by Røyk BBQ

to b

Read more:

P ho

– We have what we think are the city’s best burgers and spicy chicken wings. We think they taste best with beer, and we have 16 different beers on tap as well as a rich

select­ion of beers in box and bottle, owner Espen Næss Olsen explains.


Ginial Bar  Vaskerelven 6 In the same building as the restaurant Røyk BBQ, and run by the same people, you’ll find Ginial Bar. As the name implies, the main focus there is gin. – We serve gin tonics with Bergen’s largest and finest ice cubes, and have perhaps North Europe’s best gin menu. In addition, we have tasty cocktails and a rich selection of beers, owner Espen Næss Olsen says. He also recommends a visit to their third concept, Kråken bar, one floor up. There, you can play shuffleboard, pool and a retro arcade game board, and every Saturday there’s a DJ. Read more:  Ginial Bar

Mingel Gastrobar  Bjørnsons gate 5 Three years ago, Mingel Gastrobar opened in Bergen. Restaurant owner John Robert Korsmo-Finsås explains that Mingel has an informal atmosphere, and that they focus on serving small dishes for sharing, so people can mingle. – This is to create a relaxed atmosphere around the table, Korsmo-Finsås explains, adding that he has collected inspiration for Mingel Gastrobar from all over the world.

main courses, and of course a selection of good burgers for those who are hungry for it, Korsmo-Finsås says, and continues: – We serve good cocktails and a good variety of craft beer in combination with good food. So, if you seek something different with a twist, Mingle Gastrobar is the place to go. Read more:

During the winter season, they host “mingle and taco” every Friday as an after-work event. Soon, the day and time of an upcoming “barbeque-day” this summer will be announced on their Facebook page. – We have a large grill, Korsmo-Finsås promises with a smile.



sm o

-F ins


According to the owner, Mingel’s guests is their main focus. They also try to do modern twists on classical dishes, as they aim to do something unique in Bergen.


– Where possible, we only use local food prod­ucers. On the menu, we have many tasty

to Pho

24 | byLIV



Photo by John R. Korsmo-Finsås

Kippers Bar & Kafé  USF Verftet Kippers has a unique location on the sheltered side of Bergen harbour, at the seafront, with the city’s largest outdoor seating. – Our menu is varied with a focus on local products. Here, you can enjoy everything from mussels to hamburgers. Please try our vegetarian burger which can also be made

vegan. Our location is unique, you will not get closer to the seaside! Perfect for a fun afternoon with friends, says chef in training, Emilie Corneliussen. On fine summer days, Kippers is one of the most popular outdoor restaurants in Bergen. With views of the Puddefjord and Laksevåg,

Photo by Kafé Kippers

you can eat food prepared with love, or enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of coffee or something refreshing to drink. Read more:

Photo by Kafé Kippers

Hoggorm  Rasmus Meyers allé 9




Hoggorm is supposed to be just as much a bar as a restaurant. You can go there for a drink, a fast bite to eat or an evening out. The


– Our bestseller, Bacon & Pineapple, where the pineapple has been grilled on a cowl grill at Lysverket and marinated in chili-oil, can actually turn a hard pineapple-hater around, she says.


At Hoggorm, you can get order crispy pizza with Norwegian toppings from producers like Stavanger Ysteri, Trøndersopp and Tveite Gard. According to Tveit, there are no rules for the pizzas – as long as they taste good.

P h ot

The idea of “Hoggorm” came to life between six friends around the dinner table. They wanted to create the place they themselves missed in Bergen; the little dark hole in the wall with good food, loud music, and lots of nice wine. Hoggorm is now run by co-owners Christopher Haatuft and Annette Tveit.




restaurant just opened up a backyard with a roof, heat lamps and a long dining table. – This summer, a line of guest chefs will appear in the kitchen on Sundays, there will be live music in the backyard and a whole lot of happenings arranged, like Martini & Oysters with gin from Bareksten, Tveit reveals. Read more:  @hoggormpizza ·  Hoggorm

25 | byLIV

Photo by Per Olav Sølvberg

Kaffelade  Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 and Matbørsen, Torgallmenningen 2 Kaffelade aims to keep the quality and the taste of their products served on a higher level. According to barista Dorthe Aase,

their customers are guaranteed the best coffee and raw products available. – Every coffee-bean is handpicked, and its quality is ensured by international experts. The taste should be as close to perfect as possible, Aase says.

food and we in the bar take care of drinks and waitressing, Aase says. Read more: ·  Kaffelade

The same goes for everything else served at Kaffelade. The chocolate is imported from Belgium, and the pizzas as Italian as you can get them without actually being in Italy. The baked goods from Kaffelade are local and freshly baked every morning. Ph

– Service and quality is a high priority at Kaffelade. We also have a fantastic work environment, we are almost like a family. The guys in the kitchen are responsible for the

ot o



a ff



Photo by Kaffelade

CHECK OUT THESE SPOTS: Daily Pot  Vaskerelven 21

Bien Centro Nordahl Bruns gate 9

Fresh, organic and healthy food. One of the main focuses at Daily Pot is home made soups cooked for a long time. The soups are made of organic vegetables, and without preservatives.

yB to b Pho

Pho to




Read more:  Daily Pot

Bien Centro serves fresh pizza and pasta, Napoli style. The restaurant, located in the museum KODE 1, is a modern restaurant based on classic, Italian food traditions. Their pizza is baked in a woodfired oven, built by Stefano Ferrarra from Napoli. Ferrarra is one of the world’s best oven makers, and this quality reflects in Bien Centro’s pizza.




Cen tro

Read more: ·  Bien Centro

BARE Restaurant   Torgallmenningen 2 BARE is a contemporary, nordic gourmet-restaurant, serving the best ingredients Norway has to offer. This includes ecological produce from small scale producers. That way, the menu at BARE can change from day to day.

Photo by BAR EiB ørse n

Why not try BARE’s tasting menu for new, exciting taste experiences? Read more: ·  BARE Restaurant

Statsraaden Bar & Reception  Bradbenken 2 Statsraaden Bar & Reception is drifted by the foundation of the sail ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. They serve great coffee and a wide range of beverages. Their scene will present both concerts, quizzes and exciting lectures. If you’re lucky, you get to see Statraad Lehmkuhl laying at the dock a few meters away. Ph

Read more:  Statsraaden Bar & Reception

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S ta t

sr aa d en

THE WATCHMAKER IN BERGEN Our watch brands Alpina Tissot Seiko Casio Certina Swatch Skagen Fossil Obaku Triwa Gant Inex Orient Hugo Boss Dyrberg/Kern Michael Kors Seiko Cocktail SRPB46J1 NOK 5498,–

Strandgaten 19 – 5013 Bergen – Tel. +47 55 56 01 00 –

XHIBITION – THE SHOPPING CENTER THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS At Xhibition shopping center you will find a wide range of shops in different categories. We offer a good selection of hairdressers and a big variety of interior shops that suits your wallet. If you want to fresh up your wardrobe we have the outfits to wear on a night out, or for trips on the city’s mountains. We offer several cosmetic stores and the help you need to find the makeup that suits your skin. With a variety of dining options, you can either enjoy a coffee inside, or eat a full dinner on our rooftop terrace. If you get tired, our SPA is open for total relaxation. Welcome to Xhibition!





Weekdays: 09.00 - 20.00 Saturday: 09.00 - 18.00

Weekdays: 06.00 - 24.00 Saturday: 09.00 - 23.00

FIND US AT Småstrandgaten 3, 5014 Bergen





Read more about what Kløverhuset has to offer on their website

Ad for Kløverhuset

One of a kind in Bergen:


Kløverhuset Shopping Center in Strandgaten is much more than your regular shopping center. Experience the unique combination of shopping, hotel, dining and nightlife that Kløverhuset has to offer.



On the lookout for a proper round of shopping, you should definitely stop by Kløverhuset – with stores you won’t find anywhere else. The shopping center has a diverse selection of stores with high quality merchandise for every taste and wallet. Among them are Scandinavian concepts DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Masai, Claire Woman, Zavanna, Bertoni, and House of Singles.

Explore our exciting restaurants from both norwegian and European kitchens.

Feel like dancing? Check out Kava Roofgarden located on the 7th floor. Kava offers a spectacular experience of international class, wonderful Kava Roo cocktail’s and one of the city’s finest rooftop t e r­r a c e s in the city centre.

You will also find all the gear for your outdoor adventures at Norrøna Concept Store, the jewelry and watchmakers shops Bjørklund, Kleiveland Ur & Gull and Amazing Jewelry, and the latest news in eyewear for every occasion at the optician shop Synsam.

INDULGE Kløverhuset houses several beauty and wellness concepts. Find the beauty products that suits your needs at Kicks, natural skincare at L’Occitane, professional makeup expertise at MAC Cosmetics, and the best tratment for your hair at E.T. hair studio. Din Kosmetiske Klinikk and Wahwah Skin Trim Studio perform several wellness, spa and cosmetic treatments like skin improvement, peeling, nails, hair removal and fillers.

At Vista Bar & Brasserie, on the 4th floor, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with a beautiful view of the harbour. Among the tempting dishes on the menu you will find creamy mussel soup, Asian chicken salad, nachos with beer-cooked beef, Norwegian salmon and juicy burgers. Take a look at the menu or book a table at Duggfrisk Bar & Spiseri offers delicious traditional Norwegian cuisine combined with a piece of Bergen history. Get a taste of freshly made seafood from Bergen, unique venison burger, tender steak or maybe a classic Norwegian dessert. The staff is dressed in traditional uniforms inspired by Bergen in the 1800’s, ready to give you a memorable dinner exper­ ience. Du Read more about ggf ri sk Duggfrisk at Bar & S p ise r i

30 | byLIV

n rde fga


Stay tuned at for upcoming events and booking.

STAY Magic Hotel Kløverhuset is located by the idyllic harbor in the heart of Bergen. Here, they offer rooms with spectacular views of Bergen’s unique landmarks. You will have a magical view of the harbour of Bergen, the Fish market and the world famous Bryggen. From Magic Hotel Kløverhuset, you have the whole city at your feet. Read more and book a room at

Equipment for outdoor activities… Platou Sport is one of the oldest sport stores in Norway and was established in 1918. We are located in the city center of Bergen - Småstrandgaten 8. Here you will find a three level store with high-end products for outdoor activities.

Platou Sport AS

Småstrandgaten 8

Telephone +47 55 55 30 80

The cement tiles in the background are from Souk, Strandgaten 210. Prices from 1100 NOK pr. sq. m. This one is called “Porto” See Souk’s collection in store and at

Shopping tips from Galleriet










1 T-shirt from Jean Paul 299 NOK | 2 Olive oil of olives from Haute Provence in France, Olivenlunden 1830, 500ml 369 NOK | 3 Straw bag from Donna, Match 599 NOK | 4 Half dried, ecological cherry tomatoes with olive oil, Olivenlunden 1830, 290g 129 NOK | 5 Herb salt for meat, from Camargue, Olivenlunden 1830, 90g 89 NOK | 6 Bathing suit from Lindex 399 NOK | 7 Butter box from Rig-Tig made of bamboo and melamin, Tilbords 279 NOK | 8 Limited edition travel mug from Nespresso 230 NOK | 9 Pillow case from Kremmerhuset 149 NOK

32 | byLIV

195 inBergen Bergen 195years years of of history history in









This has been interpreted into a








100% E

The Bunad blanket draws The Bunad blanket draws its its inspiration Norwegian trainspiration from from Norwegian traditional ditional folk costumes (bunad), folk costumes (bunad), and each and each blanket relates directly blanket directly to relates the colorways ofto thethe colorways of the costume. corresponding corresponding costume.

LUCIE KAASOF · EGG GLASSES HOUSES BERGEN COLLECTION “Table-people” is a collection of egg glasses that looks like small people. Now dressed in traditinal norwegian bunads!

contemporary, classic, blanket This has been interpreted into steeped in heritage. a contemporary, classic, blanket steeped in heritage. Designed by the recognized norwegian designer Andreas

Engesvik andrecognized produced in Designed by the Norway. norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik and produced in Norway.


Cheeseslicer (ostehøvel) was invented in Norway invented in Norway by by Thor Bjørklund in 1925. Thor Bjørklund in 1925. An iconic object that every An iconic object that every Norwegian uses daily.

Norwegian uses daily.








HOUSES OF BERGEN 100% natural sheepskin,COLLECTION soft and warm.




HOPTIMIST The Hoptimist smiles atHOPTIMIST you and waits The Hoptimist smiles for your response. at you andrepays waits you Hoptimist forbouncing your response. by up and Hoptimist repays you down, and make you by bouncing up and smile! down, and make you





GROCERY STORE 07 - 23 (09-21)

Kløverhuset is a combination of well-known international concepts and specialized shops you will not find anywhere else. With experience, high service, inspiration and customer advice, we offer a shopping experience like no other. At Kløverhuset you will also find unique restaurants, hotel and a high-end nightclub in the 7th floor.



Ur og Gull







The cement tiles in the background are from Souk, Strandgaten 210. Prices from 1100 NOK pr. sq. m. This one is called “Havana.” See Souk’s collection in store and at

Shopping tips from Røst, Ting and Småting at Bryggen 1









1 Throw made of baby alpaca, from Elvang Denmark, Røst, 130x200 cm, 2599 NOK | 2 Strengthening conditioner from RÅ, organic skincare made in Norway, Røst 259 NOK | 3 Hand cream from RÅ, organic skincare made in Norway, Røst 339 NOK | 4 Shower brush made of oak, from Iris Hantverk, Røst 259 NOK | 5 “The Dots” hooks in different sizes and colors, from Muuto, Ting, starting at 149 NOK | 6 Candle from Munio, Røst, 298 NOK | 7 Enamel cups with different Mummitrollet-motifes from Muurla, Småting, starting at 169 NOK | 8 Crocheted dinosaur on wheels from Sebra, Småting 469 NOK | 9 Oak birds from Normann Copenhagen, comes in different sizes, Ting, starting at 99 NOK

36 | byLIV

Barbour Catwalk junkie Ciesse Piumini Colmar D r. D e n i m Gant I n We a r Just Female Mac Mads Nørgaard Minimum Morris Pa r a j u m p e r s S a i n t Tr o p e z Second Female Swims Ti g e r o f Swe d e n To m m y H i l f i g e r Unisa

Markeveien 10 FACEBOOK emilie.bergen

I N S TAG R A M emiliestore S N A P C H AT emiliestore

Blouse, Second Female 1.099,-



Why not bring home something special from your trip, like these works of art made by Bergen based designers?

Oleana Oleana has always had an ambition of making beautiful, high-quality pieces of clothing that people will fall in love with. Therefore, Oleana uses nature’s own materials in their production. Wool, alpaca and silk not only gives the finest quality, but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly choices.

Oleana produces interior pieces, clothing and accessories for ladies and children. The spring and summer collection of 2018

Photo by Oleana

The Norwegian, family-owned textile business

by designer Solveig Hisdal is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and ornaments. All of Oleana’s beautiful pieces are produced in their own factory in Ytre Arna. There, you can visit the shop, café and économusée – viewing craftsmen as they work. The fact­ory is a just a quick train ride from Bergen Railway Station. Visit Oleana’s shop in Bergen at Strandkaien 2, straight across the Fish Market.

Design by Stine Aas Oaki, design by Stine Aas for Northern, photo by Chris Tonnesen

Stin e A as, p h ot o b

y Jo

Nest and Oaki will be available at selected Northern-dealers in Bergen: Illums Bolighus, KiiL Bergen, Berle and Nordisk Rom.

photo by Chris Tonnesen Nest, design by Stine Aas for Northern

Bergen-based furniture and spacial designer Stine Aas is a graduate from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. She has designed several interior products, recently two pieces for the interior brand Northern; the aluminum and steel wall hook Nest, and the chair Oaki made of solid oak.



e Ka

rl s r ud

See more: and  Northern ·  @stineaas/

MIJO Design Tapas bowls

Marit Midtun is the designer behind the brand MIJO Design. Marit, who is educated within product design, creates functional, everyday objects like candle holders, lamps, bowls, mugs, vases, jewelry and porcelain rings. Creating her unique bowls, Marit actually reuses old bowls. – I gather old glass bowls from for example flea markets, and make plaster casts that I later fill with porcelain mass – giving an old item new life with new material and different colors, she says. Are you on the lookout for a nice gift for someone you love? Some candle holders

38 | byLIV

from MIJO have different texts printed inside, which becomes visible when the light is lit. Some texts put words on a specific mood or a feeling, other texts are humoristic. Marit’s workshop is located in an old, beautiful house in Fana, in the southern part of Bergen. You can find MIJO Design at Hjertholm in Galleriet (Bergen city centre), Nordisk Rom (Os), and Galleri Giga (Stord.)

See more:  MIJO design ·  @MIJOdesign

For more local design, read more about jewelry brand Van Bergen on page 98 and Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregaten on page 68 Husfliden The bunad for Fana, a district in the South of Bergen. Photo by Husfliden

Husfliden has a genuine passion for crafts with long traditions in Norway. One of Husfliden’s main purposes – and expertises – is creating and protecting the tradition of historic folk costumes from different parts of Norway, called bunad. In particular those from Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland, with their correct accessories. – It’s a big and important field of study, and there are a lot of different variations, manager Irene Tørhaug says about the folk costume. Husfliden’s experts takes care of the whole production process – from measurements to the finished costume – in their own

in-shop workshop, and are happy to open up the doors if you want to take a look at the production! Husfliden also sells tools and materials for other types of traditional crafts, like knitting, embroidery and weaving – and besides a wide selection of design pieces, souvenirs and gift articles from different Norwegian artisans. Visit Husfliden at Vågsallmenningen 3. See more:  Norsk Flid Husfliden Bergen  norskflid_bergen

Illustrator Simen Langeland Bergen-based artist Simen Langeland has his degree from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. His works are detailed with distinctive features, most of them drawn on paper with different pens and watercolors. About his art, Langeland says: – My art has references to our past and our presents, where current events in our society are addressed through a net of intricate lines, giving it a surrealistic feel. Langeland’s work is influenced by several artforms, like old, Japanese art prints and

paintings from the renaissance. Langeland presents his pieces in different exhibits, and makes artwork on demand for both private customers and companies. In recent years, Langeland has made several public displays – among them for the student society in Bergen and Amalie Skram high scool. He has also made art for vinyls, music posters and merchandise, including graphic designs. See more: ·  @simenlangelandxx

Higren by Eirik Johannessen “T-shirt Gullars”

– As a graphic design student, I started design- – Through Higren I get to play out all the ing and printing t-shirts. When my buddies wanted to buy them, I saw the opportunity of making some extra money and started my own web shop, Eirik Johannessen says.

He is the man behind Higren, a Bergenbased design business that now not only offers t-shirts, but also baby clothes, sweaters, posters and refrigerator magnets with fun quotes and prints. The motives are inspired by stuff Johannessen sees online, nostalgia, actualities or just random wordplay.

39 | byLIV

crazy ideas I have that don’t fit in anywhere else, Johannessen says, adding that his designs have a simple expression, but with humor and unexpected motives that make people stop and stare, the designer says.

You can find a selection from Higren at Blekk in Lille Øvregate, and the whole collection at See more:  Higren ·  @higren

Ad for Konfektgalleriet Photo by Roy Bjørge

Savory chocolate made the real way Delightful sweets tasted to perfection, made of pure ingredients and real, Belgian chocolate. You don’t want to miss out on a stop by Konfektgalleriet during your stay in Bergen. The Belgian chocolate from family-owned Daskalidès is sold only one place in Bergen, namely, Konfektgalleriet. Franchisee Vivien Silver has visited the factory in Gent herself, and watched how every piece of the Belgian treats come together. Especially one thing remains as a strong memory: – I won’t forget the overwhelming, delicious smell of chocolate. There’s nothing like it, Silver says.

CHOCOLATE LOVER VIVIEN SILVER’S BEST SUMMER TIPS: • Round of a lovely meal with one or two tasty pieces of chocolate. Typical summer dishes call for something fruity and fresh as a dessert. My best tip is chocolate filled with lemon, raspberry or yuzu. • Complement Bergen’s best coffee from Smakverket or Det Lille Kaffekompaniet with tasty pieces of chocolate. Pick a dark piece with bitterness and lots of cocoa!

Fortunately, you can get a little piece of Gent right here in Bergen. Because as you enter the door of Konfektgalleriet, the savory smell hits you, and you won’t leave without a taste. PURE INGREDIENTS, PURE FLAVORS Silver proudly states that Daskalidès chocolate is made completely of pure ingredients – without added aromas or unnatural preservatives. Daskalidès and their chocolatier – who works long and hard to perfect every piece before sending them off – stick to traditions. At the same time, they are not afraid of experimenting with new tastes and flavors through limited editions. This summer, Daskalidès and Konfektgalleriet will present some tasty, new pieces with

• Walk up Mount Fløyen or Ulriken, and reward yourself with real chocolate. Better yet; have a glass of red wine in the restaurant on top, together with a macaroon or chocolate from Konfektgalleriet.

40 | byLIV

fruity flavors through a new limited edition of summer pralines. – Konfektgalleriet and Daskalidès sell only high quality, clean products with clean flavors, Silver says, adding that it’s one of Daskalidès’ most important values. Furthermore, keeping the company on Belgian hands – insuring that every piece is made by those who know Daskalidès best. ▗ Find Konfektgalleriet by the main entrance of Galleriet.

MACAROONS FROM NORWEGIAN SEBASTIEN BRUNO In addition to their exquisite Belgian chocolate pralines – including truffles of tastes like champagne, almond brittle and raspberry – Konfektgalleriet also sells coffee from the Norwegian roasting factory Crema in Sandefjord, and macarons from Sebastien Bruno, produced in Oslo. Choose from 18 different flavored macaroons – all gluten free – and discover new tasty combinations like licorice with salt caramel, white chocolate with coconut, or dark ganache with chili.

THE BEST SUMMER Floaty fabrics and popping prints, for eagerly awaited summer days.


All products from Stormberg. Photo by Stormberg

Ad for Xhibition



There may not be a city in the world where the urban life is so intertwined with nature like in Bergen. Have in mind these tips and precautions for an unforgettable experience – either you want a quick workout or an entire day outside.



• Always bring a windproof jacket – it can be windy on top! • Bring an extra pullover so you can change into dry apparel when you reach the top

Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans launched a new collection this summer; Fløyen. The products are dedicated to the modern outdoor life and workouts, and are made of light, breathable and durable materials.

• The Bergen weather can be unpredictable, so bring a warm jacket.

The Fløyen-products have an optimal fit, making them perfect for fast walks along your favorite trails and paths. Get your pulse up, and let Fløyen inspire you to be active outside! Find your favorite pieces from the collection at Sport 1, Xhibition.

• For short trips, bring something to eat that prevents your blood sugar level to plunge, like a chocolate bar or a banana. For longer hikes, insure that you have enough food and water throughout the entire trip

Great trip tips near the city:

Ulriken, 643 m Ulriken is the highest of the city mountains. From the top, you’ll have a grand view of the sea, archipelago, fjords and mountains surrounding Bergen. Ulriksbussen will take you from the city centre to the funicular Ulriksbanen.

Photo: Bergans – Fløyen-Collection

Sunset at Ulriken, photo by Bergen Reiselivslag, Espen Haagensen -

View from Stoltzekleiven, photo by Bergen Reiselivslag, Espen Haagensen -

Stoltzekleiven Want a challenge? Stoltzekleiven is a steep, rocky path and a stairway up towards Sandviksfjellet. The journey is a 300 meter climb, making it a rather short, but tough trip. Information: Visit Bergen

Shop everything you need for your next hike at Xhibition: Sport1 – 2nd floor / Stormberg – 2nd floor / Sport Outlet – 3rd floor

42 | byLIV

Fløyen, 320 m The trip up Mount Fløyen is a great hike – often used by locals for recreation – and the view from the top is explicable. From the city centre, you can start from the main entrance of Fløibanen. Also, starting and finishing from the top of Fløyen, you have several hike options. The trips vary from short to long, and for kids or adults. For more tips, go to to

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The city’s oldest chocolate shop for 28 years! Entrance from Torgallmenningen, in the Gallery shopping mall.

Ad for Xhibition/Mester Grønn

Get more great tips at Mester Grønn, Xhibition


Do you want a terrace that bursts with lush flowers and greens? Here are some great tips on how to make your plants grow big and beautiful all through the summer.




Use large flower pots

Fertilize regularly

Remove withered flowers

Summer flowers grow vigorously in a short amount of time. Therefore, you should plant them in large pots that can hold plenty of nutritious soil, and gives the roots enough space to grow. In big pots, the soil will keep moist longer, so you don’t have to water the plants all the time.

All flowers and plants need nutrition to grow big and strong. Fertilize often – with a little amount each time – from March to October. This makes your plants more resistant to diseases and insects, and equip them for a long and dark winter.

Cut off old and faded flowers – this stimulates new buds to pop up.


Choose nutritious, high quality soil On a balcony, we plant flowers and plants in boxes and pots that have limited space for soil. Therefore, it’s important to choose quality soil that keeps moist for a long time. You should choose peat-free flower soil, especially suitable for your plants. This soil is 100 present compost based, which has several positive effects on the soil’s quality, the plants, and our envir­onment.


Water regularly Plants and flowers have different needs when it comes to water. It’s important that you give plenty of water to your plants straight after you have put them in soil, as they then are extra vulnerable and can dry out. Also, make sure the pots have good drainage – no flower likes to soak in water.

44 | byLIV

A STYLISH AND ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE ECOPOTS from Mester Grønn are made of recycled plastic, and have a sleek design with a unique finish that looks like concrete. The pots are solid and frost safe, have drainage, and can live up to ten years. ECOPOTS come in several shapes and sizes, in grey and light grey. Get them at Mester Grønn, Xhibition.

Lysestake, &Klevering fra 449 kr

Emaljeskål, Cathrineholm fra 199 kr

Tavle A3, Design Letters 499 kr

Mimic speil, Muuto 1249 kr

Hengepotte, House Doctor 849 kr

Weekendbag, House Doctor 479 kr

Afteroom knaggrekke, Menu 1199 kr

Apekatt mini, Kay Bojesen 699 kr

Kurv, House Doctor 279 kr

Sneaker cleaning kit, Men’s Society 279 kr

Pute i velour, Hay 769 kr

Nøkkelring, Idlewild 229 kr

Vipp 13 1999 kr

Pov vegglysestake, Menu 699 kr

Tøykurv, Ferm Living 699 kr

Prep set, Falcon Enamelware 899 kr

Pledd, Elvang 1199 kr

Blomsterpotte, Ferm Living fra 379 kr

Plant Box, Ferm Living 1699 kr

Salt og pepper, &Klevering 199 kr

Inspirerende ting for unike hjem – og mennesker! Bryggen 13 | Tlf 55 21 54 80 |

cityNEWS Limited edition from Illums Bolighus

Find your true colors at Deguy

This summer, Illums Bolighus in Bergen announces a collaboration with Bergen-based jeweler and designer Anne Lise Tollefsen. A result of the collaboration is this pendant, inspired by fragile and delicate birch leaves, made of gold plated silver. The design collection also includes an oxidized chain adorned with leaves. Get your limited-edition piece at Illums Bolighus, Strandgaten 20.

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect summer outfit? At Deguy, located in the heart of Bergen, you will find an amazing collection of colors and exclusive prints from Munthe, Gustav, PBO, Cambio, Margittes, Princess Goes Hollywood and Tricot by Deguy. The staff at Deguy will create an irresistible selection for your summer wardrobe. You can find Deguy on the second floor of Kløverhuset, on the fourth floor of Galleriet and Amanda Deguy in Kong Oscars gate 31.

Inspired by Norwegian folk costumes The Bunad Blankets are designed by Andreas Engesvik, and are based on traditional Norwegian folk costumes called bunad. Each blanket design relates directly to the colorways of the corresponding costume. Andreas Engesvik is one of Norway’s most prominent designers, and has played a major role in pushing contemporary Scandinavian design to the international market and establishing the reputation it has today. You can find the bunad blankets and other Norwegian design pieces at Wallendahl in Strandgaten 17/Strandkaien 14.

Breaking news!

Scandinavian simplicity at Riccovero

The sun is out and the season for sunglasses is finally here. We all love this time of year, and it’s always exciting to see what’s trending in eyewear fashion for spring/summer. Sunglasses inspired by the ’70s have been among the most popular pieces for quite some years now, but now the ’90s are back! Oliver Peoples are known for their retro shapes, and in their latest collection they presented ’90s-inspired sunglasses in soft colors. Find them at Krogh Optikk, Xhibition.

Pernille Corydon creates small pieces of everyday beauty with a simplistic and distinct touch – the essentials behind this jewelry design. Since founding in Denmark in 2007, Pernille Corydon connects with the Scandinavian simplicity, and goes tune in tune with the concept and image that Riccovero stands for. A perfect match, and easy to combine and style with Riccovero’s garments. Get the whole look from Riccovero at Telegrafen and Xhibition.

46 | byLIV

Want to live the happy Nordic life? Why are the Danes so happy? How come Swedes are so balanced? Would you like to live longer and happier? What is it about the Norwegians and their brown cheese? Try out the books that define the Nordic way of living.Get them at Norli, Strandgaten 1.

Regndres s fra Katt nakken, 799 kr

Oppbevaringsnett min 249 kr

i fra Pl ay & Go

s S er vise i bambu fra S ebra, 3 49 kr

Isbjørn på h f ra S ebra, 4 jul 69 k r

rm Living K less tativ fra Fe 9 9 9 kr

Småting gir store gleder!

Matbok s fra S unnylife 229 kr

Hos Småting er hyllene fulle av leker og fine ting som gir store gleder til de minste. Her finner du fine lamper, puter, sengetøy, veggklistremerker, treleker, matbokser, tegnesaker, puslespill og mye, mye mer. Vi har fine leker og gaver til bitteliten, liten og nesten stor. Bryggen 9 | Tlf 55 21 54 87 | www.små

Ad for MYBAG

Travel functional and in style We travel in many ways, and different journeys call for different luggage. Do you know what your travels require of quality, space and attributes? The staff at MYBAG sure do! At Bergen’s main hub for public transport, lays MYBAG, one of Bergen’s main retailers of travel gear. There, you can find your perfect travel companion – from everyday adventures to journeys around the world.

m Backpack fro

MYBAG’s collection of travel gear is solely from quality suppliers, among them Samsonite – including American Tourister and Hartmann – and Swedish brand Epic. Therefore, you can be sure that your case can take a punch on it’s journey from A to B. Should a part break, however, you don’t need to worry, according to manager Linn Beate Solsvik: llrä Fjä

– A traveler is naturally ven concerned with the quality of their suitcase. As an owner of our high-quality pieces, you can get your luggage fixed if a part should break,

Opening hours MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9am to 9pm SATURDAY: 9am to 6pm

for example replacing original wheels, she says, stating that this also applies to the most reasonable pieces in their assortment. The manager adds that this is an important Bergen Fjord Adventures, photo by Helene Fjeldstad environmental contribution; both making items last longer, and limiting the amount of plastic that is thrown out. BACKPACKS ARE BACK! In addition to luggage pieces, MYBAG sells a large selection of different bags. Despite the fact that fashion trends within bags tend to move a bit slower than clothes or shoes, Solsvik sees a clear trend these days: – Backpacks! All kinds and shapes. Today, many people choose a backpack as a fashion accessory in the same way as a purse. It’s a practical and comfortable choice, as

This summer, MYBAG is proud to be the only store in Bergen that offers a select­ion of high quality, handmade suit­­ cases from American Hartmann. The brand was founded in 1877 in Wisconsin by Bavarian trunk maker Joseph S. Hartmann, and is now owned by Samsonite.

Hartmann’s vision was to build luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence.

Pho to

Fine luggage from Hartmann

well as a statement bag these days, Solsvik says, adding that MYBAG has a wide selection for both men and women of all ages. At MYBAG, you can find a backpack that matches your style. Popular ones nowadays is the classic and sporty Kånken from Swedish Fjällräven, a black one from Samsonite with a business touch, a silver one from Guess with a fun pink tassel, and water proof sacks from Danish Rains. ▗

A SAFE PURCHASE The staff at MYBAG are happy to learn about your typical journey or next travel adventure – so you find the perfect piece for your needs. An extra reassurance is that a proof or your purchase is saved in MYBAG’s register.

sonite , Sam ann m t r Ha by

Today, committed to the company’s heritage of true craftsmanship, Hartmann brings back American made, vegetable tanned leather and high-performance components in their new collection. Find your favorite Hartmann-piece at MYBAG, on the second floor of Bergen Storsenter.

48 | byLIV

Fat fra Marimekko Skåler fra Studio Arhoj Duftlys fra Skandinavisk Kost og brett fra Iris Hantverk Ostehøvel fra Skaugum Veske fra Blåster Glass fra Malling Living Hylle og vase fra Aytm Vase fra Malling Living Rå Organic Skincare Bunadspledd fra Fram Oslo Blomsterpotte fra House of Rym Røst Bergen Bryggen 15, tlf 48 89 44 99

Fløyen, photo by Gjertrud Coutinho


What’s on in Bergen?

Several activities in this calendar last throughout the summer, starting for example in May. Check the different months for ongoing happenings during your stay!

MAY Vestlandsmalere gjennom 20 år: Fra Dahl til Dolk

Exhibition of artwork t hrough 200 years done by painters from the West of Norway. Bryggens Museum

Rent a bike at Fløyen

From May 1st, you can rent light terrain bikes for children and adults. Read more on Fløyen

VR-lounge in Grieghallen

During this years Festpillene, you are invited by The Philharmonic Orchestra to a virtual art- and movie-experience in Grieghallen, for free! May 24th to June 6th, 11 am to 16 pm Grieghallen

Concert: Det utempererte klaver

Silent Disco at Vaskeriet

Every Wednesday and Thursday, 8 pm to 2:30 am Vaskeriet, Magnus Barfots gate 4

May 25th, Torgallmenningen is filled by pianos, and not just ordinary pianos. Experience a day of hustle and bustle, and unique compositions from students from BIT20. 12 pm to 12:45 pm Torgallmenningen

Munch og Rasmus Meyers Samlinger

The theater show Andvake

Exhibition of artwork by Edvard Munch. KODE 3, Rasmus Meyers allé 7

Concert: Stikk innom

Grieg Academy-students invite you to informal concerts of high quality. Every day from May 24th to June 5th. Grieghallen

The jazz festival Nattjazz

May 25th to June 2nd USF Verftet/Georgernes Verft

The theatre show Plutselig står jeg igjen med meg selv i hånden og ser utover byen

May 26th to June 23rd Den Nationale Scene, Teaterkjelleren

May 23rd to June 2nd Hordaland Teater/Logen

Carte Blanche: Soufflette

May 24th to June 5th Studio Bergen, Nøstegaten 119 Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag, Espen Haagensen –

Spill & spetakkel during Festspillene, photo by Festspillene

50 | byLIV

Skillingbollens dag

Together with Baker Brun, Gamle Bergen Museum invites you and your family to a fun day at Gamle Bergen Museum. There you can enjoy fresh cinnamon buns – the Bergen way – get a tour of the museum, get a tour in the mill and a carpentry workshop. May 27th, 12 am to 4 pm Gamle Bergen Museum, Nyhavnsveien 4


Join Norway´s main festival for music and theatre. Over the years, the festival has established itself as a center for the Northern European Art scene, famous for performances and new productions in the field of music, opera, theater and dance. Read more on May 23rd to June 6th Different cultural institutions in Bergen city centre Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag, Magnus Skrede –

JUNE Spill & spetakkel

During Festpillene, kids can come and play with the Catalan street artists Katakrak and Toc de Fusta. Kids of all ages can have fun with interactive artwork, games and quizzes. May 30th to June 5th Festspillplassen

Bryggen Guiding – daily in three different languages

Bergen´s rich history started at Bryggen. Join the tour of Bryggen with Bymuseet, and learn more about the city´s heritage. June 1st to September 2nd, tour in German at 10 am, English at 11 am and 12 pm, and Norwegian at 13 pm. Children under 16 years of age get to join for free.The tour starts at Bryggen Museum. Buy your ticket there or online.

Kling klang

A musical experience organized for ages 0 to 3 years. June 1st to June 3rd Grieghallen

Live museum at Gamle Bergen Museum

Every day from May 13th to September 9th Nyhavnsveien 4

Concert with Marius Neset Quintet w/Andreas Brantelid & Leif Ove Andsnes June 1st, 9 pm to 10:30 pm Håkonshallen, Bergenhus Festning

Concert with Nordic Voices & NoXaS June 2nd 7:30 to 9 pm Håkonshallen

Concert with The Rolling Clones

Skjærgårdstur i Bergen, med Oh Snap & Myrna

June 2nd, 10:30 pm Madam Felle

On various dates from May 25th to June 20th , you can bring your friends, colleagues or family on a trip in the Bergen archipelago. Enjoy great food and drinks on the deck of Bergens pride, the sail ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. With different musicians on the various trips, you are guaranteed a good time. Seilskipet Statsraad Lehmkuhl, from Bradbenken


KunstLab is Norways first art museum for kids. Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. KODE 4

Bergen Pride 2018

June 2nd to June 9th Festplassen, Bergen city centre

Eggstockfestivalen 2018

Mariafestdagene 2018

June 6th to June 8th Det Akademiske Kvarter

Torgdagen in Bergen

A celebration of Norwegian coastal culture, featuring fun sights like old boats, historical costumes and a food and merchandise-market in cooperation with the Farmers Market. June 9th, 11 am to 4 pm Torget, Bergen city centre

Bergen Cannonball Run 2018

June 9th USF Verftet, Bergen

Underwater Technology Conference (UTC)

Highly competent speakers on current and important topics for the subsea industry. June 12th to June 14th, 9 am to 17 pm. Grieghallen

Bergenfest 2018

St. Mary´s Church in Bergen invites you to their biggest musical event. Mariafestdagene offers a varied artistic program, this year especially music by Nordic and Swiss composers. June 17th to June 21st St. Mary´s Church/Mariakirken

Grieg Concert & Story

Grieg Concert & Story takes you on a journey through the life and music of Norways greatest composer, Edvard Grieg. Every Friday from June 18th to August 31st, from 12 pm OpusXVI Edvard Grieg Heritage Hotel

22. Grieg in Bergen Festival

Guided tours at Fløyen

Join a gorgeous guided tour on Fløyen, a 5 km long hike in terrain. Read more on June 23rd to August 26th, 10 am to 12 pm. Fløyen

Saint John´s Eve celebration

A family celebration of what is also known as Midsummer. There will be a big fire of barrels, veteran firetrucks, music, witches and toys. You can even make your own troll- or witch-hat! Bring your own food to put on the grill, or buy sausages at the museum area. June 23rd, 6 pm to 9 pm Gamle Bergen Museum

Canoeing in Skomakerdiket

Fløyen offers free canoeing this summer. Read more on June 23rd to August 26th, 11 am to 3 pm. Fløyen

Concert with Roger Hodgson, Breakfast in America World Tour

June 24th, 8 pm. Grieghallen

Tours of Rosenkrantztårnet and Håkonshallen

Skutefest og skværriggersamling

A kilometre run towards the sunset in one of the parks in Bergen city centre; Nygårdsparken. Prizes for winners.June 30th, 10 pm Nygårdsparken

Visit famous Norwegian ships and join maritime activities and trips in the archipelago. June 21st to June 24th Bryggen

photo by Tove Breistein Photo by Bergen Sentrum AS

51 | byLIV

Everyday from June 24th to August 15th, in English 10 am and 14 pm, in Norwegian 11 am and on demand


Akvariet, photo by Thor Håkonsen

The biggest music festival in the west of Norway, introducing the best of international and Norwegian artists from different genres. Read more about Bergenfest in this issue of byLIV. June 12th to June 16th Bergenhus Festning, at the tip of Bryggen

Visit Bergen city centre for great offers and fun activities – the shops are open until midnight! June 21st. Bergen city centre

A ten week chamber music festival with approximately 40 concerts of music by Edvard Grieg and other composers. June 18th to August 25th, every day from 7:30 pm Korskirken, Bergen sentrum

Skillingbollenes dag at Gamle Bergen Museum byNATT June 21st, great offers and the shops are open until midnight


JULY Rent a bike at Fløyen


Beer tasting

Fjordsteam Festival

From May 1st, you can rent light terrain bikes for children and adults. Read more om

July 7th, 6 pm Baran, Sigurds gate 21

Bryggen Guiding – daily in three different languages

The Norwegian dance crew Absence Crew takes you on a journey to the mythical Midgard, through dance, acrobatics rhythm and special effects. July 7th to July 21st. Den Nationale Scene, Teaterkjelleren

June 1st to September 2nd The tour starts at Bryggen Museum

Canoeing in Skomakerdiket

Fløyen offers free canoeing this summer. Read more at June 23rd to August 26th, 11 am to 3 pm. Fløyen

Bergen Orgelsommer 2018

Organ festival with inter­ national organists. July 1st to August 26th, 7:30 pm. Different churches in Bergen city centre

Grieg Concert & Story

A journey through the life and music of Norway’s greatest composer, Edvard Grieg. Every Friday from June 18th to August 31st, from 12 pm Opus XVI Edvard Grieg Heritage Hotel

Bergen og verden: 1400-1900

Get lost in breathtaking depictions from the Norwegian mountains and fjords. KODE 4

Concert: Bruno Mars

July 3th, 7 pm Koengen, Bergenhus Festning

Norr: Da gudene breaket

Bergen Heritage Tour

Join a tour with the veteran ship “Stord I”, the veteran steam train “Gamle Vossebanen” and veteran buses. June 10th to September 9th, 11 am to 16:30 pm Holbergskaien


Norway’s first art museum for kids. Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. KODE 4

Guided tours at Fløyen

A 5 km long hike in terrain. Read more at June 23rd to August 26th, 10 am to 12 pm. Fløyen

22. Grieg in Bergen Festival

A ten week chamber music festival with approximately 40 concerts of music by Edvard Grieg and other composers. June 18th to August 25th, every day from 7:30 pm Korskirken, Bergen sentrum

Opening parade is August 2nd, at 6 pm. August 1st to August 5th Bergen and surrounding areas

Summer concert: Classical highlights

Klungre Kvartett

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra invites you to a free, open-air concert on Torgallmenningen, with chief conductor Edward Gardner leading the Orchestra in music by Grieg, Brahms and Wagner. Read more at August 17th, 7 pm Torgallmenningen

Concert: Marcus & Martinus

August 21st Lille Ole Bull

Concert. Lars Winnerbäck

August 22nd Bergenhus Festning, Bastionen

Concert: Kim Larsen & Kjukken

August 4th Bergenhus Festning, Bastionen August 10th, 9 pm Cafe Sanaa

Concert: Dylan Leblanc

August 11th Bergenhus Festning, Koengen August 15th Bergenhus Festning, Bastionen

From 9 to 60 degrees north – A musical journey

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra invites you to a free, open-air concert on Torgallmenningen, with chief conductor Edward Gardner. With instruments such as the bamboo flute, guitar, and the cajón, 9 Grader Nord performs ragas from A to Z. Read more at August 16th, 7 pm Torgallmenningen

Concert: Åge Aleksandersen & sambandet

August 17th. Bergenhus Festning

Concert: Prophets of Rage

July 4th, 9 pm Bastionen, Bergenhus Festning

Bryggen Guide, photo by Tove Breistein Marcus & Martinus-concert, August 11th at Bergenhus Festning, Koengen

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Concert: Wardruna

Concert: Alan Walker

August 24th Bergenhus Festning

Concert: Kygo

August 25th, 6 pm Bergenhus Festning

Concert: Franz Ferdinand

August 28th USF Verftet

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Kygo-concert at Bergenhus Festning, August 25th



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Comfortable clothing for stylish women of all ages!


HALFDAN KJERULFS GATE 4 (located behind the police station) * 55 24 06 36

We carry brands of classic Scandinavian design such as Bitte Kai Rand, Ivan Grundahl, Trine Kryger Simonsen, Masai, Nรถr, Kokoon, Chantelle Ferrant, Noolan, AJ 117, as well as Annette Gรถrtz, Sarah Pacini, Black Label, Peruzzi and Save My Bag

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E X P E R IENCE OU R A RT I SA NS A T WORK The gold – and silverfactory Arven, has for 150 years produced silverware in the center of Bergen. At Arven you can experience craftsmen at work, creating timeless silver cutlery, beautiful interior décor items, and unique jewelry. Visit our shop and workshop near World Heritage site Bryggen.

Arven, Sandbrogaten 11, 5003 Bergen / t: 55 55 14 40 / Opening hours: 9.00 - 16.00. Sat: 10.00 - 16.00.

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Meet a typical Bergen type... The cod, your classic Bergen hipster. Independent and liberal, with an arty beard and dressed in warm, earthy colours. Like most people in Bergen, the cod likes to hold loud discussions but is a fairlyfriendly little character when you get to know it. At the Aquarium, you’ll meet more than 400 bearded, artistic, ice-cold, acrobatic and colourful characters. Or, in other words – just completely ordinary Bergen types. You could make friends for life when you visit the Aquarium. Welcome!


Prominent Kjøttbasaren

A proud part of Bergen's history Text by Vibeke Blich · All photos by Restaurant 1877

Kitchen chef and co-owner of Restaurant 1877, Christer Økland, thinks that the more people who can use Kjøttbasaren, the better. Økland does not fear competition when new and popular restaurant-concepts find their way to Kjøttbasaren, but says that either way, people do not go to eat at the same place three nights on a row. At least not the locals. – Guests might have a drink one place, go have dinner, and then back again for drinks, he suggests. A VARIETY TO OFFER Today, there are four establishments in the old and majestic stone building Kjøttbasaren where Bryggen begins. A fifth establishment opens up in the building when Bien-owners Petter Lidal and Gard Haugland soon will be serving pinchos inspired by the North of

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Spain. The new Bien restaurant will move in where the butcher shop Rivelsrud left empty in 2016, placed between coffeehouse Starbucks and Restaurant 1877. With that location, it is perfectly natural to preserve traditions and food culture. According to Økland, top floor bar Biblioteket offers a good afterwork hangout for younger adults. They have happenings and champagne in the weekends. – There is a good crowd there, the experienced chef says. Restaurant Egon on the ground floor is a concept for the masses, and does a good job providing for them, Økland thinks. DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD – 1877 is skimming the cream of all the tourists that pay the city a visit. There is of course a lot of locals that come to dine at the restaurant as well. Tourists in general plan well ahead of their journey, and often find information about which restaurants to visit.

Økland believes their top ranking in Bergen on TripAdvisor will bring tourists to 1877 this season as well. With that said, Tripadvisor is a double-edged sword in Øklands opinion. – It’s a guide that you cannot trust completely as everybody can leave a review on the website whether thy have actually been there or not. At the same time, Tripadvisor is an excellent marketing channel that we work a lot with, he says.

We focus on local, small scale production in Hordaland. We aim to keep the tradition alive. Our food concept varies with the different seasons. Økland and his co-workers are aiming to give all their visitors a good experience when they visit 1877. He thinks that might have something to do with the good reviews they have gained online and by word of mouth. A LOCAL CONCEPT The menu is built on a close relationship to local suppliers, and commitment to using the best raw ingredients. It is particularly inspired by Western Norway’s agricultural traditions. Bergen is renowned for its wet and changing weather; this provides many

exciting flavours and raw ingredients. To experience four seasons in one day is not a rare occurrence in Bergen. This is a challenge for many farmers. In the kitchen it ensures diversity, creativity, and inspiration. – We focus on local, small scale production in Hordaland. We aim to keep the tradition alive. Our food concept varies with the different seasons. We always have shellfish, fish, meat, cheese and dessert. Summer brings beautiful raw ingredients like strawberries, free-range piglets, catfish, salad leaves, mackerel and morels. CLOSE TO PERFECT The Kjøttbasaren building has gone from being a place for buying meat to now housing five established concepts. From having opening hours like a shopping mall earlier, Kjøttbasaren now stays open from 7pm until 1:30am as it also houses a nightclub. Restaurant 1877 is five years old this year. They will now focus on doing the best for their staff. – After all, it is our 15 employees who make it all happen, Økland says.

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On a sunny day, it can be close to perfect to pay 1877 a visit, should we believe the chef: – We have a really nice outdoor seating area now, which we will keep open when the weather permits it, as it now has a roof. ▗

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D. Arnesen, Synsam 699 NOK

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norden og verden Sustainable design, beautifully made. Recommended by Tripadvisor Visit us at DANMARKSPLASS 5 minutes from the city center by city tram.

Graphic prints, made in Bergen. Giclèe print on acid free cottonrag paper. Artwork: Scandinavian Surface.


Ad for Julehuset

Yanne Bazin from France has managed the Christmas and souvenir shop Julehuset at Bryggen for eleven years now, and still finds the job rewarding. – It is very fun, and I get to speak to people from all over the world, she says.

by Vibeke Blich

– It’s a mix of souvenirs and a Christmas shop. From October to January we only have Christmas things in the shop. A lot of people come to us to buy their Christmas decoration every year, also the locals, Bazin explains. ALL YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS … Christmas tree ornaments are particularly popular items among the visiting customers – regardless of whether it’s June or December. – We have Christmas ornaments with motifs of Bergen that are extremely easily sold. Also, Christmas ornaments with the year or another particular year

printed on, is something many customers ask for as well, Bazin says. People often collect the Christmas tree ornaments, give them away as presents, or just need to buy new ones if an old one has broken. According to Bazin, many of the Bergen locals have a tradition of visiting the shop every year to buy 24 small gifts for their kids’ advent calendar. This time of year its mostly tourists who visit the shop, and many of them don’t seem to lack the Christmas spirit as little santas, angels and reindeers change hands over the counter ever so often. – We get new products every year. We have our own wooden production and also produce our own Christmas ornaments, manager Bazin explains. TRADITION IS EVERYTHING Julehuset opened up in 1993, and according to Bazin little has changed since. – The interior has changed a little bit, but the stairs and floors are crooked. People who come in from cruise shops, still feel like they are at sea when they walk in here, she giggles.

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z in


he shop Julehuset is one of four Audhild Viken-shops situated at Bryggen in Bergen. This particular shop has three floors, whereas the top floor displays Christmas-decorations all year around. In the two bottom floors you find more typical Norwegian souvenirs.




Here, people from all over the world stop by. From May til August it tends to be crowded all day.

– In the busy season we are three to four people working at the same time. We are open from 9-23 as the cruise ship-passengers tend to shop late, she says. According to Bazin, 20.000 people might come in to Julehuset in just one working day. – During the summer we need a lot of employees at work. Luckily we receive a schedule of all the cruise ship arrivals so we can be prepared for anything! ▗ Julehuset is located at Bryggen, in Holmedalsgården 1.

FRA ORD. 3000,-

Vintage by Tone Vigeland

Ad for Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregate Bang le m

Where jewelry dreams come true

o ade

h enc hW

– He said no. I was not family, and, besides, I was a girl, Wenche says.


FROM THE GROUND UP During her childhood years in Mosjøen in the North of Norway, Wenche daydreamed about creating jewelry. As a pupil, she asked the local goldsmith if she could work for him.

eS ko n seng

Perhaps the refusal made her want it even more, because a couple of years later, she started vocational school in

NORWAY’S OLDEST GOLDSMITH GUILD Did you know that Bergen’s goldsmith guild is the oldest one in the country, founded in 1518? The 450-year anniversary will be celebrated with guided tours, exhibitions and design competitions. Read more at

Bergen, learning the craft of smithing from the ground up. Wenche has been a goldsmith for thirty years, a master for twenty, has worked in workshops and as a teacher. In 2013, Wenche opened her own shop, the first open woman’s workshop in Bergen – Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregaten – a stone’s throw away from Fløibanen. WITH A TWIST From the shop in Lille Øvregate 6, Wenche and co-worker Sunniva Løkkevik restore old jewelry pieces, and create new ones. Wenche displays her own creations, and retails the best of Norwegian jewelry design – produced exclus­ively by Norwegian artisans. Wenche characterizes her own designs as classic and timeless – with a little twist. She loves to work with silver and gold, and her favorite part of the job is when customers put her to the test with their wishes. – One extraordinary request was from a classy, female professor that surprisingly wanted a The Phantom-ring. That shows that we shouldn’t pigeonhole people! Another customer wanted a necklace with strings of fur from her deceased dog. So, I learned how to

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At Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregate, Wenche welcomes you with a smile and a cup of coffee, and gets the creative process started – either you have a specific or a vague idea of the piece of your dreams.


Goldsmith Wenche Skonseng creates unique pieces of jewelry at the customer’s request. Among her creations is a The Phantom-ring, a pendant with fur, and a bangle of an old spoon.


ld sp

oo n

put a glass capsule in a pendant. The possibilities are endless, Wenche says with a smile, and adds: – I like a challenge. When a customer has something special in mind, I get to test myself to comprehend what they want, and managing to create just that.▗ Learn more:  Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregate  @gullsmedenelilleovregaten

FROM ALL OF NORWAY IN LILLE ØVREGATE • Linn Sigrid Bratland, Vinje in Telemark • Ulrikke Vogt Jewellery, Oslo • BAKKAby Monica Bakka, Stavanger • Anne Synnøve Berglund, Ås in Akershus • Kaja Gjedebo Design, Oslo • Propersdesign by Martina Propers, Oslo • Marianne Høvik Hansen, Bergen • Tone Vigeland, Oslo • Kristin Selboskar, Bergen • Astoroth Design by Thomas Skinlo Høyven, Bergen • Reidun Breistig, Haugesund • Adamas Smykkedesign, Tønsberg • Opro, Valestrandfossen • Tor Sivertsen, Bergen

Handmade leather backpack AMANDASEKKEN Since 1974


Photo by Gjertrud Coutinho

Sandviken Sjøbad

The sea bath in Sandviken is a beautiful spot to take a swim in the sea, right by Gamle Bergen, Bymuseet in Bergen/Bergen City Museum. This bathing spot has a pier, diving board, diving tower, floating dock, a spot for you to barbecue, and grass to lay on. When you enter the museum area from the parking lot, you will find Sandviken Sjøbad via the hill on your right side. Best for skilled swimmers.


Free access · Information: Visit Bergen

Bikini from By Malina, Infinity, per piece 550 NOK Sunglasses from Kaibosh 1200 NOK

Swimming shorts from UNDR, Urban 399 NOK

48 Likes marenjeanette Arma og bein Idag! Kaldt men godt! #verftet #summer

Picnic blanket, comes with a handle, from Lagerhaus 349 NOK

Dive in

USF Verftet is a concert area and culture scene in Bergen, with bars and restaurants. At the quay outside, many locals stream to have a dip in the sea. In other words: Verftet is the perfect place for a dip with a nice view, followed by something cold to drink in the sunshine. Free access

Hot day in Bergen? In the surrounding areas of Bergen city centre, there are several spots where you can have a chilling dip in the sea.

Photo by Nordnes Sjøbad

Sydnes Sjøbad


Nordnes Sjøbad The sea bath at Nordnes is located in the park Nordnesparken, right by the Aquarium. At Nordnes Sjøbad, you will find a swimming pool, a diving board and shower facilities. You can also access the sea from a pier equipped with a ladder. The main season for Nordnes Sjøbad is from June 1st to September 9th, weekdays from 7 am to 6 pm, and weekends from 10 am to 5 pm. Should a heat wave occur, Nordnes Sjøbad will have extraordinary opening hours. Stay tuned on Facebook: Nordnes Sjøbad.

47 Likes mrslivinger I følge primstaven er det første sommerdag i dag, og tradisjonen tro markeres det med åpning av Sydnes sjøbad. Konstaterer at jeg har ganske tøffe barn #sydnes #sydnessjøbad #sommerdag #bergen #norge #visitbergen #visitnorway #liveterbestute #tøffejenter

18 Likes drsatrevik #ballastbryggen #nordnesparken #nordnes #bergen

For prices, visit

The sea bath on Sydney is located by the boat terminal for Hurtigruten in Jekteviken, a short walk from the city centre. Sydney sea bath has a pier and ladders.

Ballastbryggen is a recently rehabilitated wharf area in Nordnesparken, on the tip of Nordnes. The area is built up by rocks from the original quay from the 1800’s. Best for skilled swimmers.

Information: Nordnes Sjøbad, Visit Bergen

Free access · Information: Bergen Kommune

Free access · Information: Bergen Kommune

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Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregaten Norwegian Jewelry Visit us at Lille Øvregaten 6, next to Fløibanen


Eyewear from Metro

Summer looks in Scandinavian design

Nespresso, now at Galleriet

Visit eyewear shop Optiker Svabø, and see their selection of optical frames and sunglasses from several Scandinavian brands. Try on design from Danish brand ProDesign, Lindberg and Monkey Glasses, Swedish brand Metro and Norwegian brands Per Spook, Helly Hansen and Jean Paul. Find the perfect frame at Optiker Svabø, Strandgaten 18 and Vågsallmenningen 10.

This spring, Nespresso moved from Strandgaten to a brand new shop at Galleriet. The Nespresso brand is rooted in the company’s heritage of highest quality coffees, innovative stylish machines and personalized services. Nespresso sources the finest green coffees from all over the world, blends unique aromas and flavors to meet every taste preference. Stop by for a taste of Nespresso’s world of coffee, on the second floor of Galleriet.

Treat your eyes right You protect your skin with sunscreen – but do you take as good care of your eyes during the summer? At Synsam, all sunglasses are CE-certified, and provide necessary protection against the harmful rays from the sun. Needless to say, we all want to look good at the same time. So stop by Synsam, and the team will help you find glasses that suit you. Choose from a wide selection of brands and styles at Synsam on the second floor of Kløverhuset.

Acne Studios to Høyer, Bergen Norwegian traditions at Nilssen på Bryggen This spring, Nilssen på Bryggen opened brand new shop localities at Bryggen, and with it a large and exciting selection of products. Nilssen på Bryggen has been in the same historic space at Bryggen since 1923, right next door to the Hanseatic Museum. In the store, you will find a wide selection of wool, textiles, souvenirs, materials for embroidery, and yarn from Sandnes Garn, Rauma, Dale Garn, Cewec and Du Store Alpakka. The knowledgable staff will help you and give great advice for your next creative project. Visit Nilssen på Bryggen in Bryggen 3.

Moist on the go! The three new facial mists from The Body Shop moist your skin. They’re perfect to freshen up your skin throughout the day, if you are out traveling or need to set your makeup. The mists are enriched with aloe vera from The Body Shop’s solidarity trade program, Community Trade. Find your favorite among Mint Mattifying, Strawberry Smoothing and Mandarin Energising at The Body Shop on the ground floor of Galleriet.

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Acne Studios is a Stockholm based fashion brand. Through founder and creative director Johnny Johansson’s interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture, Acne Studios has found it’s path as a creator of clothing, magazines, furniture, books and exhibits. The collections are defined by Johansson, emphasizing the eclectic use of materials and tailor-made fabrics. Høyer in Bergen is proud to present Acne Studios, and you can find the pieces in store at Torgallmenningen 2 soon. Contact Høyer if you want to be put on the list for the first pieces.




Safe and easy parking.

Photo by Tore Sætre/ Fjordsteam

Summer festivals of 2018 By Vibeke Blich

When it comes to festivals, Bergen has to be in a league of its own. As soon as summer arrives, Bergen becomes – if possible – even more alive and colorful. Take a look at what you can expect this summer. Fjordsteam   August 1st – August 5th This year, Fjordsteam is set to Bergen. Approximately every fifth year, the festival takes place in either Bergen, Stavanger or Florø – all cities in the west of Norway. Spokesperson Øyvin Konglevoll gladly shares that the veteran ship festival Fjordsteam gathers up to 70 historical ships from Norway, two steam boats from Germany and a bigger steam boat from Rotterdam. – Altogether, twelve steamboats and steam ships will participate. This is the highest number gathered in a Norwegian harbor since the 1950s, Konglevoll says. Other than that, you can observe fleets of local line ships, coastline boats, cargo, fishand workboats, tugboats, agent boats used by larger companies, yachts and rescue boats. Treasures on land are steam vehicles

Fjo tre/ re Sæ Photo by To

– Everyday throughout the festival there will be open ships and round trips with both veteran ships and buses, music and entertainment, exhibitions, and lectures from the main stage and in the festival area, Konglevoll states. On the opening day, August 2nd, 19 veteran ships will transport passengers from around Bergen in a grand opening parade.

A taste of what’s to come Friday August 3rd, historic fire trucks will respond and come out to Bryggen. Afterwards, four boats will go out for an evening cruise with different music, like blues, rock, traditional jazz and local music. Saturday the 4th, it’s the big harbor party with 14 boats on route to Bergen, complemented by The Farmer’s Market, a rowing race, a big driving range and entertainment. At 15:00 there is a common departure for all the boats, as it was in the 1950s and ’60s. On Sunday, you can join a tour with three steam ships in combination with a steam train and veteran buses. The day ends with giant race at Byfjorden at 2pm for vessels of two classes; steamship and motor craft.

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Fjordsteam 2013. Photo by Tore Sætre

– Fjordsteam is for people of all ages. Spending time in the festival area and stepping aboard one of the boats is free. Participating on a roundtrip or a cruise does not cost that much either, Konglevoll says. For more information, visit

rds tea m

from England, engines, tractors, veteran cars, veteran fire trucks, veteran buses, tents with model boats and much more.

Grieg in Bergen   June 18th – August 25th

– The young artists literally give absolutely all they have on the stage, and their level of proficiency is astonishing. You can expect high classical concerts with Norwegian and international artists, and an audience from every corner of the world.


r Be

– As before, we continue to give special talented and young musicians the possibility to perform professionally, which, except for

the important and very good training this involves, also is mostly inspiring for the audience, leader of Grieg in Bergen, Michael Süssmann says, and adds:

n eg i : Gri Photo

During the 22nd Grieg in Bergen Festival, there will be held 40 classical chamber music concerts over a period of ten weeks. All concerts will be held at Korskirken (Church), 150 meters form the fish market. The festival features artists from all over the world every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Highlights In 2018, artist from England, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Japan, Poland, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, and Norway will participate in the festival.

Photo: Grieg in Bergen

– Grieg in Bergen fills an important segment in art and classical music at a time of year where Bergen is haunted by visitors. Our young on stage-program brings the festival plenty of energy through participation of the very best Norwegian talents, Süssmann says.

And according to the experienced musician, Grieg in Bergen is for absolutely everyone. – Here you will experience an international atmosphere both on stage and in the hall, acquainted with music you have never heard before, as well as get a close connection to the musicians. For more information, visit

Bergen Pride/Regnbuedagene   June 2nd – June 9th Bergen Pride is a pride festival for people who wish to challenge our society’s norms of gender and sexuality. The festival is a celebration of love and diversity, and everyone is welcome to participate. Bergen Pride

promises a week packed with everything from political debates and discussions to parties and dancing. The festival is open for everyone, and the majority of the events are free for the participants. – One of the ultimate highlights during the festival is Pride Park – which is a music and culture festival at Festplassen June 7th to June 9th, spokesperson Ingrid Linde Bakken explains. Pride Park is the official festival area for Bergen Pride, and has free entrance and no age limit during the day. In Pride Park there will be concerts, DJs, quizzes, food, drinks, and a stand area where you can get information from different organizations and political parties. Musicians like Sondre Lerche, Silja Sol, Ruben, Josefin Winther and De Musikalske Dvergene are some of the artists you can experience in the park.

Another highlight is the annual parade which takes place June 9th. – Last year, the parade had 10 000 participants, and we are hoping to double this number in 2018. Everyone is welcome to participate in the parade, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, Linde Bakken says.

Highlights At Litteraturhuset, you can visit Pride House, where there will be political and social debates, discussions and workshops. At Cinemateket, you can watch a variety of movies circling different themes. Bergen Pride is a festival for everyone. This is an open and including arena where you can be yourself, and a celebration of the diversity in our society. The festival offers a variety of events with something for everyone. There are also special events for families and kids. For more information, visit

Regnbuedagene 2018

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Bergenfest   June 12th – June 16th One particular week in June every summer, Bergenhus Festning is “on fire”. Bergenfest has become a really important and popular music festival amongst the city’s inhabitants. Ole-Morten Algerøy from Bergenlive, who organize Bergenfest, claims that the festival

Torgdagen i Bergen   June 9th aims to find a balance between big international musicians, Norwegian top artists and exciting newcomers from all over the world. Queens of the Stone Age, Sigrid, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Astrid S, Father John Misty, Gabrielle, Phoenix, Cezinando, Lukas Graham and James Bay are among the top names in 2018.

The festival has a 15-year age limit, but Bergenfest organizes a special festival day – Bergenfest Ung – for kindergartens and school groups.

Photo by Mads Neset

For more information, visit

Eggstockfestivalen   June 6th – June 8th Eggstockfestivalen is arranged by AKKS Bergen – an ideal music organization. The festival aims to bring forward young talents in the region. Multiple talented musicians play at the festival each year. This year’s headliner is Miss Tati. – Eggstockfestivalen promises lots of life, a good atmosphere and young and promising artists for a very low cost, festival chief Inni Mowinckel says. Sondre Lerche, Hvitmalt Gjerde, Silja Sol and Razika have all performed at the

festival earlier in their musical careers. Eggstockfestivalen is organized as a competition at Det Akademiske Kvarter in Olav Kyrres gate 49. – Little can compare to walking into the audience without knowing who is playing, and without expectations. You can find a new favorite artist that you want to follow on their way up in the music business in years to some, Mowinckel says.

The cultural event Torgdagen in Bergen, has been held since 1977, this year for the 42nd time. Local inhabitants and tourists alike come together to celebrate. Torgdagen celebrates the coastal culture in the trading, coastal city of Bergen and it’s surrounding areas. At Torgdagen, you can see old fjord boats and people on the square dressed in genuine old clothing. One can listen to songs, music, stories, taste fish, traditional food and experience traditional handcrafts. Along the shore, small and large traditional boats are docked. At Torgdagen you can also shop for local food and agricultural products in cooperation with The Farmer’s Market. The celebration is free to participate in, suitable for all ages. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

Photo by Espen Kutschera

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Headliner “Great News” from last year. Foto: Kristoffer Øen

to by Esp en K utschera

o Ph

– We are positive that the audience will enjoy a whole range of new and musical acquaintances . The worlds best music and the best atmosphere in wonderful surroundings at Bergenhus Festning, Algerøy says, and adds that the best thing about the festival is the music, the people, the food and the location.

Square rigger festival   June 21st – June 24th The tall ship and Bergen’s pride, Statsraad Lehmkuhl from 1914 and their 40 year old foundation, will host the 2018 Square rigger festival. Two other Norwegian square riggers, Sørlandet and Christian Radich, will show up. All three ships will lay alongside Bryggen.

join maritime activities on board. In the evening, you can join a tour and celebrate Midsummer’s eve.

For more information, visit

The festival will recreate an historic image from 1986, the last time the three ships were gathered alongside Bryggen, and give people a closer look at an important part of our cultural heritage.

Highlights Thursday June 21st, there will be a sail parade with the three ships entering Bergen followed by hundreds of small boats. Friday June 22nd, there will be held conferences and meetings on board the ships at daytime and day cruises in the evening where the ships depart in a row. Saturday June 23rd, the ships are open for visitors during the day, where you can


Bergen Matfestival   August 31st – September 2nd Bergen Matfestival is Bergen’s own local food festival, and one of the largest in Norway with around 100 producers. Skilled local food producers will exhibit their local specialties, both products from agriculture and the sea. You get a chance to meet the producers, learn about the food and how it is produced. The products are high in quality, and there will be a large variety of products

to choose from, like cheese, honey, meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables and pastries. – Experience the enjoyment of food, become inspired and enjoy local and international flavors, Ingerid W. Wembstad from Bergen Matfestival says. In addition to the exhibits, there will be a restaurant tent with six of the best restau-

rants in Bergen, free cooking courses, large cider tents, a tent with Norway’s best cheese ahead of the world championship in cheese that will be hostet in Bergen this autumn, and an area for children. For more information, visit or

ld of A oto e ph Archiv

eS ide r´s stan d at B ergen Food Festival.

Koengen will be the location for exciting new tastes this summer.

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the place to meet and eat HAVNEKONTORET BAR Dette er stedet å møtes om du ønsker deg den gode samtale, en varm kopp kaffe eller noe godt i glasset. Er du sulten kan vi tilby en kortreist bar-snack meny, eller vår Tonight’s Special, som vi serverer hver dag mellom kl 18.00 - 21.00.



Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen


Local art, right where you park! YellowKorner, now in Bergen YellowKorner’s concept is to make art photography accessible for everyone. This summer, exclusively in Bergen, you can get a piece from YellowKorner in their shopin-shop at Glass Thomsen. The pictures are unique, and sold at affordable prices. The artworks come in different print qualities, frames, and styles: Urban, fashion, retro, nature photographs, and photos in black and white. All of the pieces are limited editions, so when it’s out, it’s out! Be sure to get your favorite at Glass Thomsen Flagship Store in Chr. Michelsens gate 6A. 

Bergen is a city full of art, sometimes in the most unexpected places. In KlosterGarasjen, visitors can experience the “Ibsen wall” by artist Coderock. The wall displays Hedda Gabler, Peer Gynt, Solveig, Hedvig and other known Ibsen characters in a street art expression. The mural piece was made in 2006 and is an eye-catching experience when entering and exiting the parking garage. Bergen Parkering is a proud supporter of the local art scene, and has new exciting art projects in the works. Read more about the parking facilities in Bergen city centre at

Summer readings from Norli Hop onboard Beffen! Bergens most famous ferry, Beffen, is both a tourist attraction and a cultural experience. Maybe you are headed to the Aquarium? Beffen is the fastest way there! Beffen departures approximately every ten minutes from Bradbenken, and takes you to Munkebryggen at Nordnes. Beffen can also be rented for private tours. Read more at

Visit Norli’s English section, and let your favorite author accompany your trip this summer. Norli is happy to give you their best recommendations if you want to try something new. The bookstore also has a large selection of books in German, French, Spanish and Swedish. Be sure to ask the staff about their tips for Norwegian and Scandinavian authors translated to English. Find a book to immerse yourself in this summer at Norli, Strandgaten 1.

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Norwegian master chef Geir Skeie, one of the founders of Pink Fish.

Fastfood the Norwegian way This summer, Pink Fish – a brand new food concept where Norwegian salmon plays the leading role – comes to Galleriet. Their motto is Good Food Fast, always serving you the best ingredients in dishes with flavors from all over the world. All dishes are made by the order, and are served within five minutes. Pink Fish comes to Galleriet’s ground floor in July.



Welcome to our bookstore! We carry a large selection of books on Norwegian culture, philosophy, history, art, cooking and translated Scandinavian fiction. Be sure to check out our selection of maps and travel guides as well.

Strandgaten 1

Shopping tips from Xhibition Garland from Flying Tiger Copenhagen


Mug from Lagerhaus

49 NOK


Bathing ring, Nille 29,90 NOK

Get out your favourite summer games, and challenge your friends to a duel!

Polarn O. Pyret, from 349 NOK

Polarn O. Pyret 99 NOK 10,000 beads in a box from Hama, Ark 179,90 NOK

Polarn O. Pyret, from 229 NOK

Log game from Panduro 249,90 NOK

Ring game from Nille 79,90 NOK

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TAX FREE SHOPPING We offer Tax-free shopping in all of our stores. Let the cashier know that you want to qualify for tax free shopping, and they will provide you with a tax free shopping form.


We have a combination of well-known international concepts and specialty stores you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to Kløverhuset.

OPENING HOURS 10 - 20 (10-18) FIND US AT Strandgaten 13-15 5013 Bergen


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Shared with permission from the Instagram users.

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Daisy earrings from Georg Jensen, silver gold plated, white enamel and diamonds, Theodor Olsens Eftf. Juvelèr 3750 NOK

Lamp from Louis Poulsen in the new color, PH5 Hues of Blue. Most colors are in store at Illums Bolighus 6750 NOK

Daisy pendant from Georg Jensen, silver rhodinated, white enamel and diamonds, Theodor Olsens Eftf. Juvelèr 4750 NOK


SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN Bergen shops have a lot to offer if you’re looking for unique, high quality design pieces. Handmade tea cups with motifs of typical Norwegian birds from Bergen based designer Sarah Reed, Norden og Verden design shop 450 NOK Sunglasses from Bernadotte & Kylberg, Synsam 1899 NOK

Jeans from Tiger of Sweden, Emilie 1399 NOK Ring from Drakenberg Sjölin, Gullsmed Gjertsen 1190 NOK

Mug from the Houses of Bergen Collection by Emelie Eek Design, Wallendahl 169 NOK Hoodie from Holzweiler, for men and women, Retro 1600 NOK

Breakfast tray from the Houses of Bergen Collection by Emelie Eek Design, Wallendahl, 27x20cm 199 NOK

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State of the art glasses from Optikus Mon

Books for the young traveler Norli has a large selection of books for young adults English, including new, popular series, and all the most talked about books. Among this season’s favorites are Obsidio, the trilogy finale from The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, and Louise O’Neill’s Asking for it, a powerful story about the effects of rape and public shaming, told through 18 year old Emma. Find these books – and lots more – at Norli, Strandgaten 1.

Then: Sundt in 1940 NOW

Optikus Mon at Galleriet is among Norway’s oldest optician stores, tracing back over 130 years. This spring, their shop was refurbished, giving more space for great brands and service. Besides offering their knowledge within optics and lenses from Zeiss, Optikus Mon offers a wide range of frames and sunglasses customized your needs. The selection varies within quality brands at reasonable prices, famous fashion brands like Chanel and Dior, and unique brands not found everywhere else. Find your favorite glasses at Optikus Mon, Galleriet.

Celebrating Bergen’s go-to fashion center

Kid’s clothes that are made to last Polarn O. Pyret has since 1976 designed clothes that “lets kids be kids!” The concept is a leading Scandinavian quality brand for children and is sold all over the world. Polarn O. Pyret create durable and comfortable clothes that can be worn, washed and loved. Due to its design and quality, the pieces from Polarn O. Pyret can be worn again and again, before they are passed on to the next sibling. Visit, or get your favorites straight away at Xhibition in Bergen city centre, or at Åsane Storsenter.

July 18th 1938, a distinct building surrounding Torgallmenningen – Sundt– was completed. In those days, not everyone could afford to treat themselves. Today, however, Sundt is a fashion destination for men and women of all ages. It’s historic architecture, creating a beautiful frame around the department store, is something you have to see for yourself ! Sundt has a varied selection of stores, among them a large cosmetics store on the ground floor, a wide selection of shops with renowned clothing brands, a hair and barber salon, and a shoe shop on the lower ground floor. The 80th celebration starts in the end of June. Stay tuned on Facebook and for fun updates and great offers. Treat yourself with something new from Sundt Motehus, entrance from Torgallmenningen.

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More than meets the eye Meet the SKAGEN Connected Hybrid Smartwatch, the first wearable technology to be introduced to the SKAGEN collection. With its simple and stylish design, this hybrid smartwatch doesn’t look like a piece of tech and is perfect for the SKAGEN customer who wants to stay discreetly connected whether at work, home, or on the go. Get your SKAGEN Hybrid at Tusen Tikk, Strandgaten 19.

Olivenlunden 1830 is a gastronomic specialty shop for olive oil, balsamic vinegars, tapenade, and other Mediterranean delicacies

Olive oil balsamic vinegars tapenade pesto pasta herb salts from Provence risotto pepper from Madagascar pistachio cream from Sicily and much more‌ At Olivenlunden 1830 you will find great products for all occasions: breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic in the park... Come visit us and we will help you find the taste of summer!



A colorful headband is a must-have this summer, and will spruce up any basic outfit!

Headband from Zusanna G, Emilie 299 NOK Ray-Ban, Krogh Optikk 1488 NOK

Mirror from AYTM, comes in pink or black and in different sizes, Illums Bolighus, from 1699 NOK

THE FINISHING TOUCH Indulge in this season’s fabulous accessories, and mix flowy materials with your favourite jewelry. Silk scarf from Mala Alisha, Deguy 899 NOK

Gold plated earrings with crystals and zirkonia from Julie Sandlau, Gullsmed Gjertsen 1375 NOK

Gold plated earring from Maria Black, Retro 1750 NOK

Lille Pernille, gold pendant from Arven 2800 NOK

Bathing suit from UNDR, Urban 399 NOK

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Strandgaten 5

HAVE A TASTE OF BERGEN According to Smart, Bergen Food Tours offers unique food tasting and cultural walking tours through Bergen’s most delicious neighborhoods. – We introduce guests to Bergen’s food scene by tasting traditional Norwegian dishes and delicacies from some of Bergen’s best restaurants, she says.

Smart moved to Norway in 2012 and had problems finding a full-time job. After taking some food tours in other cities, she became inspired to investigate if this could work in Bergen.

HOOKED ON FOOD TOURS Once Smart joined her first food tour in 2013, she was completely hooked. She now seeks out food tour experiences every time she travels.

– After two years of research, I found a niche in the market and launched Bergen Food Tours in May 2016, she explains.

– I believe food tours are a fantastic way to become familiar with a city and its culture. They also introduce you to unique and delicious experiences you would most likely not find on your own, she continues.

FOOD TOUR WITH BERGEN BASE CAMP Bergen Base Camp offers food tours with themes such as sea food, ecological food, local food etc. Through the Taste of Bergen tour, you get to taste samples of local food in Bergen. Read more and book your trip on Contact the tourist office for more information and booking, and read more on

TOURS AND EXPECTATIONS At the moment, Bergen Food Tours offer their guests two different tours. “Bergen Classic Experience” takes guests to six locations to taste an array of foods that are bergensk. Here, guests learn about Bergen’s rich food history, culture, and the background of each artisan and their influence on the local food scene. Next, the “Street Art Tour” takes guests off the beaten path to discover Bergen’s

92 | byLIV

ever-changing street art scene.

tD aw e

– We predominately have international tourists join our tours from all reaches of the globe. However, we also market our business to Bergen locals and Norwegian nationals looking to experience this UNESCO City of Gastronomy and expand their culinary palate and education, says Cheyanne Smart, founder of Bergen Food Tours – one of the companies that offer food tours in Bergen.

Bergen Fjord Adventures, photo by Helene Fjeldstad

er Che yann of B e Smart - Founder

Want to taste your way through a UNESCO City of Gastronomy? Why not combine culinary experiences with a boat ride, or the Bergen street art scene? By Vibeke Blich

gen ret Foo Gar d Tou : r e h rs. Photograp

– We visit iconic pieces and learn about the artists who bring life to the walls, Smart explains, and adds that participants can expect to taste a wide variety of iconic Norwegian dishes and delicacies on the tour. Some of the tastings include Bergen fish soup, plukkfisk, brown cheese cheesecake, traditionally smoked seafood, reindeer sausage, and local craft beer or aquavit. ▗ Bergen Food Tours run all year round, and all the tours start in Bergen City Centre. Read more at

Even more tasty experiences!

A TRIP IN THE ARCHIPELAGO WITH BERGEN FJORD ADVENTURES Fjord cuisines is a fjord safari on a RIB-boat, followed by a unique tasting experience. On the trip, your group prepares seafood on a bonfire by the shore – also using ingredients found at sea. The trips usually go from Vågen in Bergen city centre, through Byfjorden to Vatlestraumen and Hjeltefjorden. Read more on



Earrings from Emma Odenkirchen, KODEbutikkene 599 NOK

Sunglasses from Bottega Veneta, Synsam 3699 NOK Silver pendant and chain from the Arven and Kygo collaboration, Arven 999 NOK

SUMMER HANGOUT Find the perfect spot to chill out with your friends, and enjoy the sun, the sea and long summer nights.

Shirt from Selected Homme 699,95 NOK

Dress from Pia Tjelta, Høyer 3199 NOK

Longdrink glasses from Ferm Living, Glass Thomsen, 4 pack 499 NOK

Straw bag from Ulrika Design, MYBAG, starting at 249 NOK

Espadrillos from EDIT, Haaland Sko Strandgaten 399 NOK

94 | byLIV

Shorts from Selected Homme, from 399,95 NOK

Foto: Catharina Caprino

See us for Oakley sunglasses with your prescription. | 55 55 08 90 BERGEN Xhibition

Décor from Nille, Xhibition and Kløverhuset

Oliver Peoples, Krogh Optikk 3690 NOK

Dress from Polarn O Pyret, starting at size 50 249 NOK

SHIP AHOY! Let sailboats and maritime colors inspire you when you dress and decorate this summer.

Tailor fit shirt from Riccovero, Xhibition and Kløverhuset, comes in different colors 1100 NOK

Skirt from Munthe, Høyer 1799 NOK

Canvas sneakers from Filippa K, Volt 1700 NOK

Dress from by Malina, Infinity 2700 NOK Linen pants from NN07, Høyer 1199 NOK

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Our exclusive profile reflects the high quality of our jewelry. We are generous in our use of materials. Eirik Berentsen – goldsmith and jeweler

Van Bergen’s jewelry pieces are products of high quality materials and meticulous work.

“Silver Heart”

In the heart of the city:

Exclusive jewelry from Van Bergen Made in Bergen, inspired by the city’s rich heritage – Van Bergen offers the finest jewelry pieces. And for the first time, you can watch their craftsmen at work – right in the middle of Bryggen. byLIV visits Van Bergen in Industrihuset at Møhlenpris, where the Van Bergen artisans meticulously create gorgeous pieces of jewelry through handcraft traditions tracing back several decades.

“Golden /

Love He a


It’s therefore with great eager and joy workshop manager, goldsmith and jeweler Eirik Berentsen and his co-workers pack up their

98 | byLIV

workbenches and equipment to face the future of Van Bergen even closer to the hist­oric center of Bergen – under the same roof as Van Bergen’s brand new concept store. Their new space downtown, where Bryggen and Lodin Lepps gate meet, will display all of Van Bergen’s collections, and their exquisite selection of engagement- and wedding rings. – We are proud of our jewelry, and we can’t wait to show off our work to even more people. In our new space at Bryggen, you can watch us from both the inside and the

Ad for Van Bergen

Learn more about

VAN BERGEN Van Bergen’s new shop and workshop is located in Lodin Lepps gate 1/Bryggen 9. Keep yourself posted on happenings and news from Van Bergen:

Goldsmiths Linda Helene Solberg Monsen (left) and Stine Haugro.

outside of our workshop, goldsmith Linda Helene Solberg Monsen says, and Eirik continues:


And it’s not just the fine, robust quality that makes it a piece of jewelry that you will love and adore; Van Bergen has a soft and Nordic vibe, and it’s functional. Throughout the production, the workers take a close look at how the pieces are dimensioned, how they move, and how it feels to wear them. – Our exclusive profile reflects the high quality of our jewelry. We are generous in our use of materials, Eirik says – emphasizing that if you treat it right, a Van Bergen piece will give you joy and last for a lifetime. ▗

99 | byLIV

fly ”

– Our jewelry is pure, contemporary and timeless, and you can style the pieces for both formal and everyday use. We have a very strict quality control so Van Bergen’s products can withstand the activities of daily life, Linda Helene promises.

tter “Bu

“Golden / Love Heart”


Match chains in different lengths and materials to create combinations for different occasions. Do the same with your rings; stack them on top of each other for a modern, personal and fun look.



The whole production line is carried out in Bergen. Van Bergen offers a wide range of collections based on different themes and silhouettes – still all fulfilling the same recognizable expression.

/ Love H

PURE, CONTEMPORARY AND TIMELESS Yes, it’s worth a look; both the different stages of the production process, and the

Instagram: @van_bergen Bergen Design AS


– It’s exciting. We’ll be on display, and that gives us a closer connection to our customers.

finished jewelry itself. The Van Bergen pieces are designed and created with inspiration from Bergen’s rich history, it’s beautiful old buildings and the magnificent nature surrounding it – made of gold and sterling silver, many adorned with diamonds and beautiful gemstones.

Our glasses are the first thing people see, what type do you want to be? Come and see our various selection of optical and sunglasses.




GALLERIET GALLERIET OUTFIT FROM MATCH sweater, shorts, piquet / Jean Paul belt / Saddler sneaker / Adidas – Nilson Shoes shades / Moscot – Zeiss Vision

GALLERIET OUTFIT FROM INFINITY dress / Pia Tjelta earrings / Lily and Rose bracelet / Hipanema sandals / Tamaris – Nilson Shoes


GALLERIET dress / Liu Jo – Deguy glasses / Lindbergs – Zeiss Vision

GALLERIET GALLERIET OUTFIT FROM BOYS OF EUROPE shorts and shirt / Henry Choice bracelet and shirt / Jean Paul belt and shirt / East West sneaker / Adidas – Nilson Shoes

EMIL GALLERIET AND MARKEVEIEN sneaker / Philip Hog Pants and sweater / Fiore


MYBAG BERGEN STORSENTER sport bag / Day backpack / Guess



jumpsuit / B Young shoe Candy / Pinned by K – Gullfunn watch / Michael Kors – Gullfunn shoes / Bianco ring / Glitter

XHIBITION XHIBITION OUTFIT FROM RICCO VERO shoes / Bianco watch / Tommy Hillfinger – Gullfunn

XHIBITION OUTFIT FROM AVENUE pants / Dranella top / OneTwo Lukzuz belt / Fashion Kingdom earrings and necklace / Glitter


XHIBITION swimming suit / Intimate by Change – Change shades / Gucci – Krogh Optikk feather earrings / Glitter



SUNDT MOTEHUS SUNDT MOTEHUS OUTFIT FROM VOLT short / These Glory Days shirt / Oscar Jacobsen jacket / These Glory Days hat / Tiger shoes / Rieker – Skoringen


KLØVERHUSET OUTFIT FROM NETTY bikini / Michael Kors hat / Seafolly cardigan / Masai

KLØVERHUSET blouse / Masai swimwear / Seafolly – Netty bracelet / Bjørg – Kleiveland Ur og Gull necklace / Snö – Kleiveland Ur og Gull

KLØVERHUSET OUTFIT FROM BERTONI shoes / Ahler watch / Kleiveland Ur og Gull

RETRO dress and scarf / Totême shoes / Sam Edelman bag / Cult Gaia

RETRO RETRO pants and jacket / Oscar Jacobson bag / Mismo

Strandkaien 18 | Tlf: 55 23 23 90 |


SHOPPING HEAVEN HØYER BERGEN, Torgallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen

J.C. Dahl: “View of Nigardsbreen in Jostedalen” (1844). Photo: Dag Fosse / KODE

OPENING HOURS THIS SUMMER: KODE 1: Every day 11–17 KODE 2: Every day 11–17 KODE 3: Every day 10–18 KODE 4: Every day 11–17

The Power

of NATURE This summer, you can experience spectacular natural phenomena inside the walls of the KODE art museums. Text: Anette Basso


aterfalls and glaciers, narrow fjords and untamed mountain plateaus – the spectacular nature is a reason to visit Norway. These natural phenomena are also all motifs depicted in J.C. Dahl´s paintings.

In the large summer exhibition “J.C. Dahl – The Power of Nature” at KODE 2, we are invited to explore how Dahl defined the very image of Norway. BUT WHO WAS J.C. DAHL? Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (1788–1857) is one of the most outstanding painters in the history of Norwegian art. He is actually recognised as the father of Norwegian

painting! Not bad, for an artisan painter who came from modest means in Bergen. Dahl was a professor at the art academy in Dresden and became Norway’s first painter of international stature. He was also one of Europe’s most significant Romantic painters, alongside his close friend the German painter Caspar David Friedrich. OVER 200 MASTERPIECES The exhibition shows Dahl’s development as a landscape painter through an extensive selection of paintings and drawings. With over 200 masterpieces it is a huge exhibition, including famous paintings such as “Birch Tree in a Storm” and “From Stalheim”.

118 | byLIV

The exhibition is built around various themes that are linked to Dahl’s entire career. We are presented with the dramatic volcano eruption of Vesuv, shipwrecks along the coast of Norway, romantic moonlit scenes from German riversides, and peaceful views of the mountains surrounding Bergen. DAHL DEFINED THE IMAGE OF NORWAY Dahl’s artistic career is the story of how the untamed nature of Norway found its expression in art. It may surprise you to know that before Dahl, the Norwegian landscape was to a large degree unknown to the world outside. It was also, quite frankly, considered rather frightening and unpleasant.

Ad for KODE

The publication “J.C. Dahl – The Power of Nature”. Photo: Dag Fosse / KODE.

Through the strokes of his brush and a 19th the romantic image of Norwegian century Romantic lens, Dahl nature. fostered a whole new way of Dahl contributed Dahl’s paintings can looking at and understandinspire us to reflect to establishing ing the powerful character on our relationship a national identity of the untamed Norwegian to nature, on the and he defined the very nature. Dahl contributed to values it represents, establishing a national idenimage of Norway. and on its beauty tity and he defined the very and vulnerability. image of Norway. How do some of these landscapes look today? Are the glaINVITES US TO REFLECT ciers as impressive and the views The impression of the exhibition is one of as peaceful? beauty, but something more solemn lingers in the background. ENTERS A DIALOGUE WITH DAHL Dahl’s pictures have since his time become increasingly significant for the tourism Hold on to these reflections, as industry, which depends to a great degree on you enter the exhibition in the next room. Here, the Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson enters into a dialogue with Dahl’s art in a site-specific installation.

• KODE has an art museum especially for children, KunstLab at KODE 4. • KODE offers daily tours in English in June, July and August. Information about tickets and program:

BRING HOME A MEMORY As you leave the exhibition, make sure to spend some time in the KODE shop. The shop at KODE 2 is the largest art book store in Bergen. Here you can buy the comprehensive publication following the exhibition. Or how about a poster of the famous birch tree? ▗

119 | byLIV


• KODE has one of the world´most important collections of Edvard Munch, a large presentation of Nikolai Astrup, and masterpieces by artist like Harriet Backer, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.


• KODE consists of four museum buildings in Bergen city centre (KODE 1, 2, 3 and 4), and the homes of the composers Ole Bull, Harald Sæverud and Edvard Grieg.

Håkansson (b. 1968) wants to confront us with the way in which we relate to nature. In the work that is created for KODE, the art museum’s traditional presentations of nature – such as J.C. Dahl’s art – is commented on.


• KODE is one of Scandinavia’s largest museums of art, craft, design and music.

ss e


Henrik Håkansson, A Forest Divided, Lunds Konsthall. Courtesy the artist & Galleria Franco Noero. Photo: Terje Östling.

Fro m t h e e x h i bi t i o n o p e

. Ph ning

:D oto



How to speak

BERGENSK Learn these simple words, and make yourself understood in Bergen!

Tjommi Friend or mate

Hallaien! Hi or hello

Je helsikken Omg!

Klesse ned knock down

Ke det går i? Whats up?

Fakerten Damn

Månebedotten Caught by surprise/ perplexed

Ka glor du på? What are you looking at?

Tebrød Danish pastry

Boss Garbage

Smau Narrow street

Tidi Funny

Ka hunen? What? Sløkket Silly or stupid

Kline Make out

Tyte Talk (a lot)

Brelete Needy Smite Sneak past or cut the line

120 | byLIV

Oljebukse Rain pants

Slitan Congrats (with a new shirt or a new pair of shoes)

Bekkalokk Manhole

Ani When you (accidentally) touch something

Opplett No rain

THE WATCHMAKER IN BERGEN Our watch brands Alpina Tissot Seiko Casio Certina Swatch Skagen Fossil Obaku Triwa Gant Inex Orient Hugo Boss Dyrberg/Kern Michael Kors Tissot Ballade Powermatic 80 COSC NOK 8845,–

Strandgaten 19 – 5013 Bergen – Tel. +47 55 56 01 00 –

/ @retrobutikkene


Olav Kyrres gate 7 5014 Bergen Mon-fri 10-20 / sat 10-18

INSPIRATION Does your home need an energetic lift? Let these trends inspire you to freshen up inside and outdoor spaces.

Dots cushions fra Hay, Glass Thomsen / Chair from Fermob, Tit Art & Design Bowl from Bolia /The chair Fuuga from Bolia / Pineapple décor from Mester Grønn Inspiration from Nordal, Solstrand Interiør, Hollendergaten 2-4

The paint color LADY 2605 Happiness, photo by Siren Lauvdal, Jotun LADY


Inspiration from The Milan Furniture Fair 2018, Nilufar Gallery by India Mahdavi, via Hjem Kjære Hjem in Skostredet


Pillows from Ardmore design, Hjem Kjære Hjem / Oriental dresser from Hjem Kjære Hjem / Pillow from Kremmerhuset Fjord, scented candle from Skandinavisk, Røst / Knabstrup vasen from Knabstrup Keramik, Husfliden, Vågsallmenningen

124 | byLIV

The paint color LADY Aqua 4423 Kilden from Jotun, styling by Jannicke Kråkvik & Alessandro D'Orazio, photo by JOTUN, LADY

Clean & balanced

Kitchen from Svane Kjøkkenet

Lambskin from Tibet from Nordal, Solstrand Interiør / Coat rack from Kremmerhuset / LED lamp from Søstrene Grene Retro sideboard from Solstrand Interiør / Décor Kid Interiør / Glass vase from Hübsch, Solstrand Interiør

The interior trends are moving in a more lush direction when it comes to both expressions, colors and shapes. We see clear references to the art deco period, with elegant materials like brass, glass marble and velvet

Structures and craftsmanship:

Henriette Remme, Hjem Kjære Hjem in Skostredet


Jar from Kid Interiør / Oblique coaster set from Bolia / Crate from Søstrene Grene / Basket of woven hyacinth from Kid Interiør Steel chair from Søstrene Grene / Bedspread from Le monde Sauvage from Hjem Kjære Hjem / Décor from Kid Interiør

125 | byLIV

Custom made rings from Gullsmedene i Lille Øvregate, contact the shop for prices

Sunglasses from Prodesign Denmark 2799 NOK


Calm down and enjoy warm summer days among organic, almost tranquillising colors and textiles.

Bag fom Guanaban, KODEbutikkene 3999 NOK

Handlotion from Humdakin, Glass Thomsen, 60ml 119 NOK

Anti smell handsoap from Humdakin, Glass Thomsen, 500ml 269 NOK


Light, eco-friendly suitcase from Epic Travel Gear, MYBAG, starting at 1999 NOK

Shoes from Stockholm Design Group, Haaland Sko Strandgaten 999 NOK Dress from Selected Femme 1199,95 NOK

126 | byLIV


KR 0 0 4 TT A RAB

1299/1699/1799,999/1199/1399 TIL OPP

R K 0 50 T T A B RA

R K 0 40 T AT RAB





Man & Woman | 940 07 572 |

Man & Woman | 940 07 566 |

cityNEWS A playful collection from Ole Lynggaard This spring, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen launched a tempting collection of bracelets. Created as a tribute to playfulness, the pieces also ooze of fine jewelry. The Life Collection includes hand-woven bracelets in an irresistible color palette, featuring and exquisite 18K yellow gold hook. The bracelets are designed to be extremely durable, and can withstand long days at the beach, mountain climbing and everyday life. Find your favorite at Theodor Olsen Eftf Juvelér, Torgallmenningen 15.

Pretty feet for the summer? Annes Hudpleie & Spa lies in the heart of Bergen city centre. Their goal is to give you the best treatment in a holistic and relaxing environment. Book your appointment at or stop by in Engen 4.

Leather goods from Norwegian Blåster Blåster is the Norwegian word for “strong wind”, and the brand’s philosophy stems from the windy and harsh conditions on the coast of Western Norway. Blåster makes leather products that are made to last, and that become a natural part of your everyday journey. Blåster designs and creates wallets, document sleeves, document bags, laptop bags, card holders and card folders. Find your favorite piece at Røst, Bryggen.

Salon finish from ghd

Refined iron objects from Holland

The new ghd gold® styler gives you a lustworthy salon finish that outshines the rest. This professional styler is proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair. It features dual-zone technology with one heat sensor across each plate to control the optimum styling temperature of 185°C constantly and evenly from root to tip. It heats up in 25 seconds, and automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of non-use. Get your styler at the hair salon Ramsvik Olav Kyrres gate 33, Ramsvik Xhibition and Ramm Vestre Torvgate.

Have a look at these fabulous welded and wrought iron objects, designed and crafted by dutch design duo K’willem In Huis’. 77-year-old Willem Bakker does the welding, and his daughter Esther draws the design. They work with fine, round iron – not just straight, but also wobbly and slightly crooked raw material. The design is sober, simple and refined. You can find some of K’willem In Huis’ fresh, quirky products at Norden og Verden design shop, Fjøsangerveien 33A.

130 | byLIV




FALKE OROBLU CALVIN KLEIN VOGUE TIF TIFFY ULLTRØYER Jon Smørs gate 2, ved Illums | Tlf: 92 22 35 17


Kygo in collaboration with Arven C.P Company, an iconic Italian sportswear brand The brand C.P. Company is now available at your local Retro store. The brand was founded in 1975 by the well-known Italian designer Massimo Osti. The brand has become known for its functional, military-inspired outerwear, and the use of innovative fabrics, design, and processing techniques. Stop by Retro in Olav Kyrres gate 7 and have a look.

Arven is proud to present necklaces by Kygo and his Palm Tree Crew. When the king of the tropical house was to make a piece of jewelry, it of course became a palm tree. The pendants come in a variety of gold and silver with and without diamonds and are all handmade by experienced artisans in Arven’s workshop in Bergen. Kygo and Arven have a lot in common, and this has formed the basis for an excellent collaboration. The most obvious is their common origin. Both Kygo and Arven were born in Bergen. Arven is a 150-year-old, venerable silverware company in Bergen which takes pride in making quality products in silver and gold. Therefore it was quite natural for Kygo to choose Arven when he was to find a manufacturer for the palm tree jewelry. The pendants can be purchased at and in Arven’s shop in Sandbrogaten 11, behind Bryggen in Bergen.

A new collection from Bjørg Jewellery The Nude Alphabet is a brand new collection from the Norwegian jewelry brand Bjørg. The collection presents cool, letter pendants inspired by the female body. You can hang the pendants on a necklace or earrings from The Nude Alphabet. The collection is made in silver, and gilded with 18K gold. Find your personal letter pendant at Gullsmed Gjertsen at Galleriet, by the main entrance.

Fashionable and sustainable with S’well

“Ugly sneakers” For many seasons, sneakers have been all elegant and minimalistic. That’s not going away, but bulky maximalist sneakers are the next big thing! More is more. Bigger is better. Strongly influenced by the ’90s classic silhouettes with big, bulky outsoles and uppers. The “ugly”sneaker – or the“dad”sneaker – is the next step following the normcoretrend. Think the “so-uncool-they’re-cool” trainers, but given a fashionable make over! Get your new sneakers at Haaland Sko in Strandgaten 5.

At Infinity in Galleriet, you’ll find these great drinking bottles from S’well. The bottles are unique because of their thermoeffect, keeping cold drinks cool for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours. S’well bottles are practical and nice to look at, the perfect companion for a hike in the mountain or long days at the beach. The bottles come in three sizes: 260 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml. Find your favorite at Infinity, on the second floor of Galleriet.

134 | byLIV


T O R G A L L M E N N I N G E N 15 5 8 07 B E R G E N W W W.T H E O D O R - O L S E N . N O

The cement tiles in the background are from Souk, Strandgaten 210. Prices from 1100 NOK pr. sq. m. This one is called “Porto” See Souk’s collection in store and at

Shopping tips from Galleriet






7 4



1 Tunic from Mos Mosh, No6 1399 NOK | 2 Shorts from Rituals 399 NOK | 3 Sandals from Birkenstock, Nilson Shoes 1199 NOK | 4 Straw hat from Donna, Match 299 NOK | 5 Home fragrance from Kremmerhuset 299 NOK | 6 Scented candle from Kremmerhuset 299 NOK | 7 Love Birds from Kay Bojesen, Tilbords 949 NOK | 8 Skin care from the series The Ritual of Namasté, Rituals, day and night cream each 365 NOK | 9 First essence from the series The Ritual of Namasté, Rituals 270 NOK

136 | byLIV

Baum und Pfergardeb – Billie&Me – Samsøe – Edith&Ella – Maria Westerlind – Mamb Oslo – Dr Denim – 2nd One – BRGN – Whyred – Elvine – Mads Nørgaard – Five Units – People Tree – King Louie – Gabba – Blue De Henes – Le Deux – Suit – Johnny Love – Sneaky Steeve – Hunter – Le coq – Martens – Asfvlt – Blundstone – Sixry Seven – mm

Let us


In a central location at the Fish Market, you will find the Tourist Information, the Bergen region’s visitor centre for culture, experiences and tourism, always ready to help you!

Your journey to the experiences in Bergen starts at the Tourist Information. In a central location at the Fish Market, you will find the Tourist Information, the Bergen region’s visitor centre for culture, experiences and tourism, always ready to help you!

138 | byLIV

If you want to experience Bergen’s many attractions or buy tickets for sightseeing and trips to the famous Norwegian fjords, the Tourist Information Centre is the place to start. With long opening hours from 08.30 to 22.00 every day in the main season, there is always someone ready to help you. Even if you find all the information about Bergen also online at and can make reservations there, it’s natural to start your experiences with good and accurate information from the multilingual staff who can give you the best advice.


Bergen Reiselivslag / Eder Biesel Arkitekter.

EXPERIENCE THE NORWEGIAN FJORDS Bergen is the gateway to the world-famous Norwegian fjords. No matter what time of year, you can experience deep fjords, high mountains and an island landscape that takes your breath away. The Tourist Information gives you all the information you need about the tours, as well as concerts and city sightseeing. Buy tickets there in advance so you are sure a spot at the most popular tours. EXHIBITIONS AND BROCHURES The Tourist Information is presented with exhibitions from different providers including brochures as the Bergen Guide, maps and travel suggestions in the fjords and most of the city’s and the region’s offers within culture and adventures. Get ideas for what is possible to experience and buy tickets for them quickly and easily at the spot. MONEY EXCHANGE Most of the banks do no longer offer currency exchange. The Tourist Information has long opening hours and changes the most common currencies.

EXPLORE BERGEN AND THE REGION WITH THE BERGEN CARD With the Bergen Card in your pocket, you travel free on Light Rail and buses in the city and the Region. It also gives you free or discounted admission to most museums and attractions, and discounts on sightseeing and cultural events, meals, airport express coach and parking. The card is sold online at and at the Tourist Information at the Fish Market.

Prices adult/child (3-15 years old): 24h: NOK 240/90 48h: NOK 310/120 72t: NOK 380/150 More information:

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STEP OUTSIDE Discover bergen's city centre INTERIOR AND DESIGN • Antony Interior • Hjem Kjære Hjem • Nina von Hirsch Design

HAIR AND BEAUTY • Floke Frisør, hair salon • Kingfisher Tattoo Co. • TID, beauty parlor



The street Skostredet stretches from Vågsallmenningen to Kong Oscars gate. The area is in many ways a treasure chest – a mustgo-to if you’re on the lookout for a good vibe, cool bars, great food and vintage shops. In Skostredet, you’ll find several places to dine and drink, and also Bergen’s first zero waste grocery shop, Råvarene. You can eat sushi and Burmese at Mandalay, burgers and milk46 Likes shakes at Roll and rollogrockdiner Getting in the mood for summer with Rock, Italian food at our Classic homestyle BBQ Burger deeelish! #rollogrock #skostredet #bergen #bergensentrum Pergola, and eat local #1950sdiner #americanfood#burgersandfries (...) gourmet at Søtt+Salt. Skostredet is perfect if you’re thirsty – the various venues serve both local draft, drinks and coffee brew.

RESTAURANTS AND BARS • Mandalay Sushi & Burmese • Roll and Rock • Pergola Mat & Vinbar • Colonialen • Kaféen • Søtt+Salt • Folk & Røvere • Østre • Garden Lounge Skostredet • Amarone • Hallaisen • Bank1 Bar

If you’re looking for something special to wear; Secondlove and Kleskapet have a large display of vintage pieces. Furthermore, Skostredet is an important art and culture spot. Visit venues like Litteraturhuset, Østre and Lydgalleriet.



• Frisøren Min • Hair é vi • Head Frisørsalong


FASHION AND JEWELLERY • Zander Boutique • Oleana – read more about Oleana on page 38 • Statement • Sigurd Eriksens Eftf

RESTAURANTS AND GROCERIES • Rema 1000 • Strandkaien Fisk • Kvamme Kolonial & Fetevare • Chiangmai Thai, Wok and Sushi • Subway

The shopping street along the pier by Fisketorget is Strandkaien, the home of several shops and restaurants – and maybe the best spot to see the Bryggen skyline. Stop by Strandkaien Fisk for a rich selection of high quality seafood, or right by it’s side – Kvamme Kolonial & Fetevare – for goods like cheese, meat, coffee and butter. At Strandkaien, you will find HS Interiør, started by the couple Hanne Leirvåg and Stian Avedal. HS Interiør offers a wide range of quality furniture and décor design, from national and international brands. Several hair salons, stores offering Norwegian design, jewelry and fashion pieces makes Strandkaien perfect if you want to treat yourself with something new. Also, be sure to check out gorgeous interior pieces and all you need for home décor at Wallendahl. They even have an own wallpaper department.

140 | byLIV

23 Likes wallendahl_interior #Tapetfredag Masse inspirasjon å finne i bøkene våre! Alt fra kalktapeter til tapeter med flamingo og palmer #borgetapet #tapet#coleandson #boråstapeter #fibertapet#vinyltapet #khromawallpaper

Ø vr e ga t en

Br y


g ge



C. Su


dt s g t.

Kulturhuset USF

a dk




s gat



t Torg e v er




sg t


se t




s S ko


tr e

de t


ie t ller Ga


en Vei t

Tor g







re T or g

ig a

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år d

s va


is t i




nn gst asj Other stores in Kong Oscars on L a r gate is art gallery and shop s Hil les Bibliotek g t. Rosenvinge Kunst, bed- and Nygå r ds gat Bergen Storsenter en linen specialist W. Thomsen – Grieghallen who among other has a selection of the popular Norwegian design wool throw from Røros Tweed, Museumshagen and Malepaletten with everything for your next art project.



s te

No Stress, phot. to by Bar gruppen g ar s

ng g

K on



In Kong Oscars gate 18, you’ll find Lot333, an independent multi-brand store with a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories.


E nd Sundt ino Among es t en K their brands are well asj B er g on Byb an e known Nordic ones like Dagmar, n Hå ko n arke ns Norse Projects, yp B Kaibosh, ga t en Festplassen Rodebjer, Whyred and Won Lill Hundred. eL u

r ke

Kong Oscars street may just be Bergen’s best bar street at the moment, several of them started by Bargruppen. The street stretches from Kjøttbasaren at Bryggen, all the to the railway station. Find your favorite vibe among several spots in the area, ranging from retro styled Vinyl, which also offers a bar menu, hip new mingle spot Magda, Victoria Café & Pub, cocktail bar No Stress, brand new Dark n’ Stormy, and coffee- and lunch spot at Jekteviken daytime, wine- and beer spot at night; Vågal.

Ves t











ing e


p Tårn


c ar



t en



ie n

K lø

r f sg


n do

s te

e Valk





Discover streets and areas in the city centre, and you’ll find amazing places to eat, drink and shop. Here are some ideas for your next day in Bergen!





Getting to the end of the street, you will also find historic Lepramuseet – The Leprosy Museum – where you can learn about the disease, how it spread in Norway in the 1800’s, and the work that was done at this hospital. Want some fun? Play pool or shuffleboard at Kong Oscar. Nygårdsparken



The shopping street Strandgaten stretches from Torgallmenningen to Nordnes. A part of it is best known as Gågaten – a charming street and in fact the oldest pedestrian street in Bergen.

salon and a hair salon. Do you want to treat yourself with fresh linen, stop by Duxiana, or get a cool, new bike from Sykkelpikene. If you’re an adrenalin seeker, you should go to Wasteland for a fun laser game with friends or family.

Gågaten also has a watchmaker, a sport store, tattoo parlor, makeup parlor, nail

Adidas Arkyn, get it at Pharma in Gågaten

141 | byLIV


Photo by Gågaten

In the distinct stone gate at the start of Gågaten, Aksdal i Muren sells everything you need for rainy days, including coats, pants, rubber boots and umbrellas. Further on in Gågaten, you can buy fashion pieces from the tailor at Knot Clothing, at Another Kind of Denim, at multi-brand shop Regn, More Woman, thrift store Fretex, sneakers and shoes from Pharma and City Sko, and yarn for a knitting project at Strikkelykke.

Photo by Pharma

Photo by Regn



lf a

r ve

ie n

Photo: EB Models

From Bergen to Milan:

CELIN IN THE CITY! – Luckily freckles are in this year, aspiring model Celin Douglas laughs. She can’t wait to stroll down Bergen harbour this summer and enjoy a cappuccino flavoured ice cream. By Vibeke Blich


-year-old Douglas, that now lives out her dream in one of the world’s most important fashion capitals, Milan, started her modelling career at the age of 15. The young and promising girl still has her permanent address at Landås were she was born and raised. (Her father being the famous athlete Atle Douglas).

– I still live at home when I am in Bergen, but I have my career and modelling agency, EB Models, based in Oslo, she says.

least it was like that seven years ago, when Douglas started pursuing her modelling career. – I have mostly travelled back and forth from Bergen to Oslo to do jobs for the agency. In the beginning, you take on a lot of jobs for free just to get a portfolio. You take what you can get of photo jobs and catwalks. My bureau has arranged an event called Oslo

– As a model, you can also step into a role. You put on some clothes and then you play the part, she says.

Photo: EB Models

– I fly a lot back and forth. I actually have a part time job at a grocery store in Bergen, just to feel like I can live an ordinary life when I am here. In contrast, I work really hard and go to several auditions every day when in Milan, Douglas explains. During her travels, the young girl has noticed a big difference in the way the ▶

DIFFERENT CITIES The 23-year-old finds the capital of Oslo to be more international than Bergen. At

Douglas has always been shy, but after studying drama at Fyllingsdalen high school, she felt she opened up and dared to show different parts of her personality. This has definitely been a big help through her modelling career.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME It’s nice to travel, but there is no place like home. Working as a fulltime model, Douglas admits that it’s nice to be at home in Bergen to relax a bit before the next plane ride to a catwalk or photoshoot.

It was her uncles’ girlfriend that years ago convinced young Douglas to send pictures of herself to a few modelling agencies to see what could come out of it. That happened to be just the right move. – I was not scouted or discovered on the street like you hear stories about. In Oslo I visited three agencies, but decided on the one I am with today, and I have not had any regrets yet, Douglas says.

Trend, were I have also participated, she explains.

143 | byLIV

Ph o t o : E B Mo d

el s

FOUR FAB BERGEN TIPS FROM CELIN DOUGLAS Shop: Bergen city centre is full of good shops. I have a hard time picking just one favourite. As I am always on the look for something unique, I like to visit many different shops. Eat: Zupperia has really good food. Also Olivia and Villa Blanca if you are into Italian food. Drink: Juice at Joe & The Juice Activity: Take a stroll along the harbour, or climb one of the city’s mountains!

modelling profession is looked upon in different parts of the world. Douglas experiences that in Milan, models are very well looked after. Everybody wants to befriend you and be seen with you. A free dinner and invite to VIP-rooms at restaurants

As a model, you can step into a role. You put on some clothes and then you play the part.

Photo: EB Models

and nightclubs is normal. Hometown Bergen does not even come close to this. – When I came home, my little brother told me that his class had talked about the modelling profession at school, and that it had been a lot of negative talk, so he didn’t even mention that his big sister was a model in Milan. And Douglas herself does feel that there is a big difference between Milan and Bergen. Two different worlds, she normally says: – The people I hang with in Milan is fellow models that know my world. It also differs how people outside the business look at models. But in my home town people have a hard time understanding that modelling can be a profession, Douglas says, and adds: – I would very much like to do modelling work in Bergen at some point, but it just hasn’t happened yet, the model says, sharing that she is thinking about studying psychology in Bergen at some point, to have something to fall back on later. PATIENCE IS INDEED A VIRTUE When she was in Milan, Douglas lived in a model apartment with five other girls. She did a show for Missoni among other things. And according to Douglas, what you see on TV shows like

144 | byLIV

“America’s Next Top Model,” is not what you get in real life. In her view, modelling is mostly about being patient. – When you go to a casting, there are hund­ reds of girls looking for the same job, but they are only looking for one girl. I have waited for hours, but luckily, I am a patient girl, she says with a convincing smile. NEXT UP: GUCCI In May, Douglas did a campaign for Gucci, showing off sunglasses. – This photoshoot was not trivial for me. For me, this is kind of a big deal. It is huge, Douglas says, admitting she is very excited about doing jobs for such big brands, adding: – But there’s not that many places in Bergen that it feels natural to shout out the joy, the model says with a smile. When it comes to keeping in shape for summer, Douglas is not stressed out at all: – Everybody has different body types. Whereas some people are very occupied in following different diets, others don’t think about what they eat. I think about what I eat, and I try to keep in shape, but not to the extreme. I will have ice cream this summer too. ▗ See more of Celin Douglas on page 101, showing of summer fashion from in byLIV photoshoot Summer Ready

195 years of history in Bergen


Logo fylt m/utklippet tekst


Horisontal logo for små størrelser

in norway 195 years of historymade in Bergen


Located in Fåberg, Norway, the sisters Ingvild and Sidsel created their design workshop in an old ski factory in 2012. With the desire to design The Bunad blanket draws its and produce future heirlooms, they focus on craftsmanship andNorwegian unique trainspiration from design with a personal touch..ditional folk costumes (bunad),

and each blanket relates directly to the colorways of the ANDREAS ENGESVIK corresponding costume. BUNAD BLANKETS COLLECTION







100% PUR E









This has been interpreted into a contemporary, classic, blanket The Bunad blanket draws its steeped in heritage. inspiration from Norwegian traditional folk costumes (bunad), Designed by the recognized and each blanket relates directly norwegian designer Andreas to the colorways of the Engesvik and produced in corresponding costume. Norway. This has been interpreted into a contemporary, classic, blanket steeped in heritage. Designed by the recognized norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik and produced in Norway.

BJØRKLUND · CHEESESLICER Cheeseslicer (ostehøvel) was invented in Norway by Thor Bjørklund in 1925. An iconic object that every Norwegian uses daily.

THE BJØRKLUND · CHEESESLICER Cheeseslicer (ostehøvel) was invented in Norway by Thor Bjørklund in 1925. An iconic object that every Norwegian uses daily.











SHEPHERD · SHEEPSKIN 100% natural sheepskin, soft and warm. SUGAR BOWL

Coffee cup in color-tinted porcelain, A beautiful bowl of color-tinted HOPTIMIST Theglazed Hoptimist smiles inside and half-glazed on the porcelain inspired by Grandma’s old at you and waits outside so that it is silky-soft to touch. sugar bowl. for your response. Hoptimist repays you by bouncing up and SHEPHERD · SHEEPSKIN down, and make you 100% natural sheepskin, soft and warm. smile! MADE IN NORWAY HOPTIMIST All products The Hoptimist smilesare developed in our design workshop at Fåberg, a small village north of at youLillehammer, and waits Norway. Our production is located in what was once the worlds oldest ski for your response. factory. Hoptimist repays you by bouncing up and down, and make you smile!

Strandgaten 17




Be inspired.

A product from the collection “Grandmother”, inspired by ancient memoriesSTRANDGATEN and re-use. 17 MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9–19 SATURDAY: 10–18 inspired. STRANDGATEN 17 MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9–19 SATURDAY: 10–18

Monday-friday: 9-19 · saturday: 10-18


Foto: Sverre Hjørnevik

Family fun at Fløyen

Fun news at Akvariet

Join in on tons of activities at Fløyen throughout the summer. May 26th, you can enjoy a musical trip with Fløibanen, when Fløyen in collaboration with Festspillene invites you to a mini concert in the funicular, followed by the outdoor concert Utspill fra Fløyen by the lake Skomakerdiket. From June 23rd to August 26th, Fløyen offers zipline-rides, guided tours on Fløyen, and free rent of canoes. All summer long, you can rent terrain bikes for adults and kids. See the entire calendar at www.flø

The number of inhabitants at Akvariet keeps on increasing. In June, two fun friends moved in to the large outdoor pond. The two otter babies – who were abandoned – will get a new life in Akvariet’s care. You can get a look as the cute critters enjoy life on land and in water! At Akvariet, you can also watch when silk monkeys or penguins are fed, sea lions are trained – and so much more. See the whole program at

Mediterranean delicacies Gastronomic specialty shop Olivenlunden 1830 offers a unique selection of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tapenade, pesto, herb salt from Provence, pistachio cream from Sicily and much more. This year’s summer collection includes a mild and elegant summer oil and a strawberry balsamic. The summer oil is from Puglia, made completely of Peranzana olives, and is perfect for a tomato and mozzarella salad, grilled fish, fruit salads and cheeses. The strawberry balsamic, made with white balsamic and freshly crushed strawberries, is a delicious match with grilled vegetables, gazpacho, ice cream, and of course Norwegian strawberries. Get the best products for your summer meals at Olivenlunden 1830, on the first floor of Galleriet.

Exciting new tastes at TGI Fridays

Foto: Sverre Hjørnevik

The restaurant and bar TGI Fridays moves with the rhythm of their visitors want’s and needs, and launch a completely new, exciting menu this summer. On your visit in Bergen, be sure to stop by TGI Fridays, where it’s always Friday! Visit TGI Fridays at Nedre Ole Bulls plass 4, right by Byparken and Torgallmenningen.

146 | byLIV

romance in the heart of bergen romance bergen Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping. bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. Husk også at når du bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Husk også at når du bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på CLARION COLLECTION CLARION COLLECTION HAVNEKONTORET HAVNEKONTORET

Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen




Remove impurities, clear blemishes and revive your skin with this natural face mask Himalayan charcoal purifying facial soap from The Body Shop 89 NOK Amazonian Acai, 100% vegan fresh juicy face mask, from The Body Shop 75ml, 319 NOK

Glasses from Prodesign Denmark, Optiker Svabø 2699 NOK

FRESH LOOKS T-shirt from Selected Femme, Telegrafen 299,95 NOK

Pants from Cambio, Deguy 1999 NOK

Dress in joyous colors, and both look and feel fresh this summer.

Skirt from Second Female, Emilie 999 NOK

150 | byLIV

Slim fit cotton shirt from Riccovero 1200 NOK

Chinos from Riccovero, Telegrafen and Xhibition 1200 NOK

Sunglasses Quay, 600 kr

Dress By Malina, 2700 kr

Flower top MbyM, 700 kr

INFINITY is a multibrand store in the heart of Bergen. Welcome to our brand new store at Galleriet!

Jacket Maud, 2200 kr

Blouse Maud, 1800 kr

Earrings Lily & Rose 900 kr

OUR BRANDS Arnie Says - 5 units - 2nd one - Twist & Tango - MbyM - By Malina - MAUD Dante 6 - Calvin Klein - Jott - Marchmann - Saint Tropez - Asfvlt - Hunkydory - Neo Noir Front Society - Blake Seven - Dry Lake - Master of Arts - Pia Tjelta - Echo - Swell - Quay Voluspa - Oroblo - Lakrids - Design Letters - Deborah Lippmann - Lily and Rose - Bon Dep Caroline Svedbom - Hipanema - Richmond and Finch - B-low the Belt

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Vi er klar for vinteren!

Er du?

We have a wide range of sheepskin, down jackets, fur hats, leather jackets, woolen jackets and raincoats.

Vi har et stort utvalg av saueskinn, dunjakker, pelsluer, skinnjakker, ullkĂĽper og regnjakker.

NygĂĽrsdgaten 1a | Tlf: 55325418


The Bergen Christmas Market in the heart of Bergen is open every day 10-21 from December 6th until December 23rd 2018.

Apply to be a market trader at the Bergen Christmas Market More information and application form on Bergen Christmas Market Marketing director: Thomas Ottesen Tel.: +47 90 98 14 14 CEO: Steinar Kristoffersen Tel.: +47 90 01 10 20 E-mail: Facebook & Instagram: @byjulemarked


Det eneste som er søtere enn én oter er to otere! I sommer (forhåpentligvis i juni) kan du hilse på Akvariets kanskje søteste dyr (og det sier litt). Vi har nemlig fått to rampete, krabater som snart skal få boltre seg i den store dammen utendørs. Følg med på facebook og for mer informasjon.

The only thing sweeter than an otter is two otters! This summer (hopefully in June) you can meet the perhaps sweetest animals in the aquarium (which says a lot). We‘ve got two rascals moving in, who will soon be introduced to our big outdoor pond. Follow us on facebook and for more information.






NEED A HAIRCUT? BOO K ww w.ra ING msv ik.n PHO o NE: 052 34

Men’s and women’s hairdresser! Cut Colour Permanent Blow dry Wedding


Ramsvik Sentrum | Ramsvik Xhibition | Ramsvik Lagunen | Ramsvik Vestkanten | Ramsvik Nordås | Ramsvik Voss Ramsvik Arna | Ramsvik Stord | RAMM Sentrum | RAMM Åsane Storsenter

MEET SHOP EAT Open 9-21 (9-18)

byLIV Bergen #2/2018  

Magasinet byLIV Bergen gir leserne siste nytt fra Bergen bys urbane kvaliteter, særlig innen mote, interiør, mat, velvære, kultur og uteliv....

byLIV Bergen #2/2018  

Magasinet byLIV Bergen gir leserne siste nytt fra Bergen bys urbane kvaliteter, særlig innen mote, interiør, mat, velvære, kultur og uteliv....