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The pull of the sea is hypnotic and powerful. I’ve realised that my natural habitat is next to it. Tidal ebb and flow echoes naturally within the body – adrenaline-filled, yet also calming.

Much like my experiences onstage. Peter Grimes calls to my senses. I was hauled in by it, like a net. I recognised something that resonated within me, and completed my first performance awash with tears. I have stood on that Suffolk coast, looking out to sea with a curiosity about what lay beyond. Little knowing that I would eventually settle on a Norwegian shore. From my perspective within the orchestra, learning Peter Grimes was as exhilarating as standing out in a storm. The vibrations beneath my feet, the feeling of pulling together to bring this ship home, with steady navigation by Ed. I can almost smell the tang of seaweed and wet wool beneath the surface of the music. The visceral nature of this drama is very real, sadly always current. The opera lays bare the parallels between the frenzied tides of nature and those of human nature.

As a jigsaw piece within this production, I feel intensely the waves of sound and raw emotion breaking over me. Goosebumps rise on my skin. This. This is why we do it. I look at the sea of faces around me, united in determination to do justice to this extraordinary work. Phrases, both of music and libretto, swirl around my head. I carry Peter Grimes with me to the supermarket and home. The music becomes part of me. The unravelling of Peter is as inevitable as the sea is relentless. Every performance brings new adrenaline, fresh anticipation. Scanning the pages, hoping to nail that tricky bit on page sixteen – breathing. Settling. And concentration. My cello rides the storm. We are glowing with effort and caught up in the story. The unbearable tragedy of the misunderstood and hounded Peter culminating in the monologue that moves me to tears which fall on the cello. The shock of applause after the final chord and a return to the real world. This feeling of intense pride at what we have achieved. This.

Jane Odriozola, cellist i orkesteret

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Sesongprogram 2019-2020  

Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester sitt program for sesongen 2019-2020

Sesongprogram 2019-2020  

Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester sitt program for sesongen 2019-2020