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Norway’s largest student sports festival is hiring! Application deadline 16.09.2011 at 16:00 Application procedure   1. Go  to   2. Fill  out  the  application  form   3. Push  send     4. Remember  the  application   deadline  September  16th  at  16:00    

About Bergen Challenge! Bergen Challenge’s   main   goal   is   to   become   Norway’s   largest   and   best   student  sports  festival.  Every  second  fall   we  are  going  to  gather  students  from  all   over   Norway   to   compete   in   a   large   variety  of  sports,  in  addition  to  building   social   networks   across   universities.   In   some  of  the  tournaments  the  winner  will   receive   the   title   Norwegian   student   champion.       Bergen   Challenge   is   arranged   for   the   first  time  this  October.  Lasting  four  days,   from   October   12th   to   October   16th,   students   from   across   the   country   will   compete   against   each   other   in   over   20   sports.  In  the  evenings,  a  number  of  fun   and  adventurous  activities  are  available.   Bergen   Challenge   is   not   just   another   sports   event,   it   is   a   complete   sports   festival.         As   we   speak   more   than   120   committed   and   eager   NHH-­‐students   are   a   part   of   the   Bergen   Challenge-­‐family.   However,   we   need   more   people   to   create   a   new   proud   NHHS   tradition.     In   addition   to   hiring   regular   students   from   NHH   we   are  now  giving  all  the  exchange  students   a  unique  opportunity  to  learn  about  our   student  organization.  What  better  way  is   there  to  meet  new  people  and  make  a  lot   of  friends?       On  that  note;  take  the  challenge  and  help   us   towards   creating   Norway’s   largest   and  best  student  sports  festival!                          

Dear exchange students! We   would   like   to   welcome   all   of   you   to   apply   for   the   possibility   to   be   a   part   of   the   Bergen   Challenge-­‐team.   This   is   a   unique   opportunity   to   become   familiar   with   the   student   organization   here   at   NHH   and   to   get   to   know   a   lot   of   new   people,   both   Norwegian   and   exchange   students.   And   in   addition;   have   lots   of   fun  and  excitement  along  the  way.       Due   to   the   fact   that   there   are   some   positions   that   require   language   skills,   we   have   chosen   to   create   a   separate   hiring   list   for   exchange   students.   You   will   find   these,   along   with   contact   information,   at   the   following   pages.   We   truly   believe   there   is   a   position   for   everyone  and  advice  all  of  you  to  apply!                               Energetic   greetings   from   the   Board   of   Bergen  Challenge                

10 Photographers     Do  you  have  a  passion  for  photography?  An   eye  for  good  motives?  In  that  case,  we  want   YOU   to   join   Bergen   Challenge's   fabulous   photo  team.       As   a   photographer   you   will   capture   both   large-­‐  and  small  scale  BC-­‐events  through  the   camera   lens,   whether   it   is   on   the   sidelines   during  a  thrilling  tennis  match  or  in  front  of   the   stage   during   an   amazing   concert.   You   will   contribute   to   immortalizing   those   memorable  moments  so  that  they  will  linger   long   after   the   festival   is   over   and   the   participants   have   gone   home.   This   is   a   terrific   opportunity   to   learn   about   photography.  It  is  practical  if  you  have  your   own   photo   equipment,   however   it   is   not   necessarily  a  requirement.     For  more  information,  contact:   Joakim  Bratlie     481  16  466  

3  Video  Officials     Is   YouTube   the   homepage   on   your   computer?  Do  you  like  to  capture  both  small   and  large  happenings  on  video?  And  are  you   more   comfortable   behind   the   camera   then   in   front?   Look   no   further,   you   have   found   your  position!     To   document   Bergen   Challenge   in   the   best   possible  way,  we  want  to  hire  Video  Officials   who   can   capture   this   amazing   student   sports  festival  on  video.  The  job  will  mostly   consist   of   filming   small   clips   that   will   be   posted   on   YouTube.   In   addition,   we   will   also   make   a   summarizing   film   of   the   whole   festival.   So   if   you   are   ready   to   be   creative,   we  encourage  you  to  apply!       For  more  information,  contact:   Edda  Burheim   406  45  991    

98 Sports  Officials    

Are you   interested   in   sports   and   athletics?   Would   you   like   to   help   organize   Norway’s   largest  and  best  student  sports  festival,  and  

in addition,  be  a  part  of  the  most  important   section  of  Bergen  Challenge?  Then  this  is  the   correct  position  for  you!     As   a   Sports   Official   you   will   make   sure   everything   is   settled   for   the   tournament,   as   well   as   collecting   results   from   the   games   and   preparing   the   arena   for   the   next   day.   This   position   gives   you   the   opportunity   to   experience   the   various   tournaments   up   close.   Do   you   have   knowledge   about   a   particular   sport,   good   organizational   skills   and   a   burning   desire   to   see   great   sport   performances   be   accomplished?   Do   not   hesitate,  apply  now!     Below   is   a   list   of   sports   that   will   be   hiring   Sports   Officials,   and   the   number   of   officials   to   be   employed   for   each   sport.   Please   specify  which  sport  you  are  applying  for.     5  Handball   2  Softball   8  Swimming   2  Karate   3  Tennis   1  Table  tennis   7  Volleyball   1  Chess   6  Uphill  race   4  Roller  ski   12  Floorball   8  Half  marathon   3  Badminton   5  Orienteering   4  Lacrosse   2  Rowing   2  Croquet   3  Rugby   5  Climbing     12  Futsal   3  El-­‐floorball         For  more  information,  contact:   Helle  Einstabland   470  53  292  

1 Referee  equipment  manager     Are  you  concerned  about  rules  and  have  an   eye   for   details?   Are   you   structured   and   can   manage   to   keep   track   of   several   sports   at   once?  And  do  you  wish  to  contribute  to  the   important   referee   function   at   Bergen   Challenge?   Then   you   should   definitely   keep   on  reading!       As   the   Referee   Equipment   Manager   it   is   your   task   to   ensure   that   all   referees   have   the   necessary   equipment   available   at   all   times.  It  is  your  responsibility  to  obtain  this   equipment   before   the   tournament,  

distributing it   in   the   arenas   and   keeping   track  of  it  during  the  whole  process.  Are  you   organized   and   committed?   What   are   you   waiting  for?  Apply  now!     For  more  information,  contact:   Jonas  Christiansen   971  63  578  

60  Arena  operations  Officials  

Are you  service  oriented  and  structured?  Do   you   want   to   meet   a   lot   of   new   people   and   experience  the  atmosphere  at  the  arenas  up   close?  Then  we  have  a  position  for  you!       During   the   tournaments   Bergen   Challenge   will   have   their   own   venues,   offering   the   participants   food,   beverages   and   different   sport   equipment.   As   an   Arena   Operations   Official   it   is   your   task   to   assist   in   sales,   collect   results   and   pass   on   relevant   information   to   our   athletes,   referees   and   other   officials.   If   you   are   service   minded,   outgoing   and   wish   to   experience   Bergen   Challenge  up  close,  then  Arena  Operations  is   the  place  for  you.    

For more  information,  contact:   Mie  B.  Dalen   414  85  006  

42  Accommodation  Officials     Are   you   service   minded,   reliable   and   responsible?   Can   you   handle   a   stressful   situation   with   a   smile?   And   would   you   like   to  meet  lots  of  new  people?  Then  read  on!       As  an  Accommodation  Official  you  would  be   responsible   for   the   security   at   the   different   schools,   in   addition   to   pass   on   information   and   answer   questions   from   the   participants.   You  should  assist  the  participants  with  what   they   need   as   well   as   making   sure   that   they   follow  the  rules.  In  addition  to  this,  it  is  your   task   to   help   with   breakfast   serving.   You   should   be   outgoing,   friendly   and   yet   determined.  Does  this  sound  like  you?    Don’t   hesitate,  apply  now!      

For more  information,  contact:   Eskild  Eriksen     906  78  229    

90 Activities  Officials  

Are you  the  center  of  the  party?  Or  perhaps   the  one  who  makes  sure  everyone  is  having   a   good   time?   Do   you   have   good   organizational   skills   and   like   to   make   sure   everything  runs  smoothly?  Then  you  are  the   born  Activities  Official!     We  are  looking  for  someone  who  can  help  at   the   different   cultural   events,   when   and   where   help   is   needed.   As   an   Activities   Official  you  would  contribute  with  a  variety   of   tasks   such   as   serving   food,   equip,   and   making   sure   the   participants   are   enjoying   their   time,   whether   it   is   on   the   opening   ceremony,  the  festival  camp,  the  banquet  or   the   several   evening   events.   Apply   now   and   join  the  party!     For  more  information,  contact:   Harriet  Wright   924  20  833   harriet@bc2011  

20  Nightlife  Officials   The   nightlife-­‐team   is   hiring   party   animals   to   help   make   sure   everyone   is   having   a   great   time.   By   offering   the   participants   an   incredible   variety   of   evening   activities,   including  bartending  courses,  theme  parties,   bowling,   dancing,   movies,   treasure   hunt   and   even  more,  we  will  give  them  memories  for   life!   To   make   this   possible   we   need   YOUR   help!     As   a   Nightlife   Official,   you   will   be   responsible   for   some   of   the   events,   including   organizing,   making   decisions   and   taking  the  parties  to  a  whole  new  level.  Are   you   ready   to   carry   out   ambitious   events   and   legendary   pub   to   pub   rounds?   Then   you   must  apply  NIGHTLIFE!   For  more  information,  contact:   My  M.  Mjaaland   926  64  361  

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