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HELLO ! I am Berfuğ Çavuş. I am a fourth year student at Middle East Technical University department of Industrial Design.

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EDUCATION Middle East Technical University-Industrial Design(2014) Rahmi Kula Anadolu Lisesi (2010-2014)

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EXPERIENCE Workshop Intern at METU (2015) Federal Coffee Shop -Graphic Designer- 2017/2018 Ortana - Graphic Designer -2018 Ayaz Ergin-Internship_2018

SKILLS +90 544 882 74 62

Rhinoceros 3D Fusion 360 Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop KeyShot 3D

Microsoft Office 2013 ( Word, Excel, Powerpoint...)

LANGUAGE Turkish- Native Language English- Advanced French- Beginner Germany- Beginner


The product has new features. Clear indicator, portable and more safety than before.






The blade part and container disconnect the main body.This support to clean.

The container can disconnect with center part. User can easily pull this part. And easy to transfer coffee.

The container has fixing system. When placed this container with main body, the container had stable There.

When the container disconnect with main body, the coffee can easy to transfer another cup( ex:filter). The container and blade can disconnect.

This support to safe and clean part. The cantainer can easy to clean. And this not puts the user in danger.


The cable has a place under the main body.


The user can pull out needed length of the cable while using. This way, the cable won’t get in the way during usage.When out of use , the cable won’t take up any spaces.

When the butoon is turned, the product can work. The user can grind how much time they want to grind. The lid is trasparent. This support the user can easily see the process.

The lid and the main body have lock system. This support to fixing and safety. When the lid is turning, the product is fixing.

The user not need to be hold,while product working

The lid has measure unit. The user know the how much coffee put the container with this lid. The main body container take max 40 gr coffee bean.



TRICO Trico is a game that support children’s sharing experiment for children.

Berfuğ Çavuş,Elifnur Öztürk ,Sıla Kara,Levent Eldem In Collobration Wıth Meraklı Kedi İlköğretim Okulu


All cards will be the same and players will not have any kind of advantage againsts any other. Choice of symmetrical tray is to remove any advantage.

When a slice’s star is collected, that slice will close down and there will be five slices to work with. Game’s goal is to collect as many you can.


Aktivite 1: Şanslı Zarlar Selam! Üzerine istediğimizi yazabileceğimiz küçük küplerimiz var. Bu küplerin amacı ne oynacağımızı hep beraber belirlemek .

Küplerin üzerindeki yazıları istediğimiz gibi değiştirip ne istediğimizi yazabiliyoruz.

boş zamanlarımızda ne yapacağımızı söyleyecek. 3 tane kübümüz bize nerede, nasıl, ne oynayacağımızı gösterecek. Örneğin: Nerede? Bahçede, sınıfta, okulda, dışarıda Nasıl? Şarkı söyleyerek, gözler kapalı, zıplayarak, koşarak, yürüyerek Ne? Yakartop, futbol, basketbol, şarkı söyleme, ebelemece

Children will try to collect as much stars as possible to win the game. During this game , they should do the activities written on the board which will let them share easily.Activitis will include hard tasks in addition to enjoyable and funny tasks. However, some key points which they should pass to collect a star will include important activities such as sharing thoughts about a secret or giving away one of their triangles.

ACTIVITY Slices of the tray have themes and

Slices of the tray will have themes and different subjects share, draor totalk, talk,tell, tell,share,draw mimic. or mimmic.

At the tray, unique activities will be At the tray, unique activities will be placed and player who come across with them will have to do it if they put their card there.

Some triangles will have blank spaces so that you can have some time apart from the previous or next activity that the player will do or have done.

MOVABLE A product that consists of a combination of various conceptually healthy breakfast based practices for student hom. The practices integrated are steam cooker, sandwich pressser and herbal tea brewer.

Berfuğ Çavuş, Melisa Şekerci, Serra Güngor

In Collobaration With VESTEL

LITARATURE RESEARCH Insulation: Many older models of waffle iron don’t come with added insulation, so it’s important to be careful around any type of waffle iron.Cool to the touch.

Precise cooking control with light signals : Ready to cook and ready to eat LED indicator lights to know when waffles are ready to eat.

Lights and audible signals: Both ready to cook light and audible signal show when to add batter and indicate when waffles are ready.

CONFIGURATION Keeping in mind the system of production and consumption we live in, our aim was to eliminate the problems caused post-use while increasing the awereness of open design concept.


Sandwich Press

Sandwich press has two components. These two components are attachable within the usage of specialized hinge. When the sandwich press is closed, the hinge is locked. These sandwich press has two telfon plates. These Teflon plates can be used for grill,heating food or other kind of tasks.


Tea Brewer

Tea Brewer has filter. tea is put inside of the filter. With boiled water which is in teapot, tea begins the brew.


The cats will be safe in this area . This area protects the cats and provides the comfortable zone area for cats.



The cats would like to sleep or rest in higher area. Because they want to see everywhere when they are resting for dangers or attack.





All the parts that base, side surfaces, roof and felt come in the box.



Firstly, we combine side surfaces with bottom base.

5 Finally, we combine the roof part with bottom base and side surfaces.

Secondly, we place the felt part on the outer surface of the metal pipes.



Metal Pipe


Hook and pile fasteners +90 544 882 74 62

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