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“Privileges We Have”

“Privileges we have”

By: Devin Tibs Cynthia and bernice

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Letter from the editor

Hello reader welcome to our magazine.Are magazine is about why do different groups of people have different privileges. I hope you learn somethings you might not have know before reading and enjoy our magazine.

Title: Privileges

Author: Berenice Cisneros In the article by Syrios, Andrew “What privileges do men get from Male Privilege’?” August 14, 2018,https://www.americanthinker.c om/articles/2018/08/what_privileges _do_men_get_from_male_privilege .html It explains that any advantages that women have are due to benevolent sexism what this means is the female privilege, women hold little or no political power. Most of the voters are women. Men make up about 75 percent of convicted for any crime, 90 percent of those convicted for violent crimes, and virtually all mass shooters. This means that men are most likely to be accused of something they didn't do than women. What are some of the male privilege? Well, some of the male privileges are that men have won 94.7 percent of Nobel prizes which is a lot of men that earn Nobel prizes. Talking about fortune well men make up 95 percent of fortune 500 “CEO’s and it’s a lot there is a lot of privilege that men have than women but here’s one I want to mention which is that 45 American presidents have been men, of course, we all agree that it is true.

There are also some disadvantages which are that men are 93 percent of the incarcerated. According to the article by Syrios, Andrew Men make up about 71 percent of the homeless.

to be the targets of more serious forms of assault. Women make 50 percent of Canadian law school graduate school, and also outnumber men at most medical schools.

The second article by Wente, Margaret “Ladies, check your privilege” January 28, 2017, pinion/ladies-check-your-privilege/a rticle33797846/

The third article by Gerdeman, Dina “Why Employers Favor Men” September 11, 2017 yers-favor-men “Women earn about 78 cents on the dollar compared to men, the paper states. And in many industries, women are less likely to advance to the top of their fields.”

Say’s that Men still make most of the money and still dominate the corridors of power. The article says that “ It's true that men make more money, but the myth that women only make 78 percent of what men make is an alternative fact that does not stand up to reality”. Women also have abundant freedoms and privilege that are not available to men. When it comes to violence men are the chief victims. They make up three-quarters of all murder victims, also more likely

So why do the employees prefer men? Well, the employees favor men is because they believed to do better in works that women, it isn't because they are against women. There are two types of discrimination which are Statistical discrimination“which is rooted in beliefs about average gender differences in abilities or skills”. Taste-based discrimination- “which is driven by stereotypes, favoritism for one group, and a bias against another group”.

Title: Gender Privilege

Author: Berenice Cisneros

The Poem “Unfurl Girl*Girl” by Robin Carretti is about a princess getting married and explaining how the “magical tales all the males get better wages and we are stuck the unfurl girl on fuel she got the longer life eyelashes”. This must mean that the princess doesn't have enough freedom as she wants. The creator's intention behind the piece is that us women are mostly told what to do and don't get much freedom as men do. Has to wear what she is told because she is a woman and cannot

decide herself what to wear, this is an example that women have not much of a privilege as men.Some of the unique features in this work is that the creator put some of the things that actually happen in life. One example is that it says men get better wages. This also happens in the real world when women get a job, men get paid more even though women do the same thing as men and don't get paid equally. The tone/mood of the poem is a mix of both happy and mad because some of the people there are good to the character and

some are just like mad because she always arrives late. The princess in the poem doesn't seem to bother to be late at all she seems to have a little “freedom” when she arrives late. In the poem, it says” What's up with her menu Eye opener Pirates Caribbean had her Jungle Jane meal those feminine smiles *** appeal a million stars of masculinity the rough shave pretty in pink ladies never behave”. What this is trying to say is that men are supposed to be muscular and brave and women need to be dress perfectly and decent. How this piece makes a commentary about the social issue or issues they write about/ show is that it talks about how women have different privileges than men. How men react when women come in late doesn't matter what it is. How this connects to my thesis is that this shows that men have more privileges than women.

Title Christian privilege PICTURE


Author: Devin T. This picture shows christen privilege by showing the other religions trying to get into a club or something like that but the door man is christianity and says i forgot to put you on the klist so it shows that you might not be included because of your race or religion


Title: Wealthy people having more opportunities

Author: Cynthia Rodriguez Have you always gotten everything you wanted? Not everyone can always get the things they want but wealthy people are more likely to get these things. Wealthy people who have more opportunities than others are rich but aren't as likely to notice or be interested in the people around them. Across field, lab and online studies, our research documents that other humans are more likely to capture the attention of lower-class individuals than the attention of higher-class individuals. People who are in the lower-class doesn´t have as much of money and the problem is that we are often unaware of our money beliefs, as we acquire them early in life. Typically, beliefs about money are developed during childhood as we try to make sense of money's role in the world, and where we stack-up compared to those around us.

Privileges We Have  

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Privileges We Have  

Quarter 2 magazine project for Revere Public Schools