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Dear Parents, We hope the following summary of the Sunday School lesson will help you in discussing the lesson with your children and working through this booklet together.


SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: 1 Kings 1:5-3:15; 2 Chronicles 1:1-13

BIBLE STORY SUMMARY: When Solomon was young, he grew up in the shadows of older disrespectful and rebellious brothers Absalom and Amnon (2 Samuel 12-14). In spite of, or because of, their actions and attitudes, he grew to become a young man who followed in his father’s footsteps, being one who had a heart for the Lord. As King David approached the end of his life and reign, his fourth son Adonijah, a halfbrother to Solomon, tried to secretly take the throne. Solomon’s mother and the prophet Nathan already knew of God’s intention for Solomon to serve as David’s successor; they tell David and help bring about God’s intended plan. Even though Solomon was forced to bring justice upon his adversaries, Adonijah, Abiathar, Joab and Shimei, he did so with compassion and mercy, giving them a chance to live a life of a changed heart. Shortly after Solomon was installed as king, the Lord met him at night in a dream, offering to meet his most important wishes. Solomon showed the strength of his heart by asking for wisdom and knowledge in serving as the humble leader of the people of a great God. The Lord’s response was that He would bless him with wisdom and knowledge, plus riches, honor and long life if he lived obediently. Then Solomon worshiped the Lord.

Solomon Becomes King

LESSON FOCUS: Leading God’s way: serving vs. ruling

 The Lord’s model for leadership is as a servant rather than a ruler.  Solomon’s example for us growing up amidst evil and role models of selfishness and greed is to

seek after Him always ready to worship.

This Week’s Memory Verse:

WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT GOD:  God is ever-present, orchestrating His sovereign will, using those who love and honor Him by

serving others for Him wherever they are called.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power

RESPONSE: To keep Jesus foremost in my life, humbly seeing my world as a part of His great plan, and realizing that I am just a small part of His magnificent scheme.

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that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

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March 3, 2013

Monday—What Would You Do?

Read Romans 12:6a, 8

What if you became President! That would be amazing. Where would you want to live?  White House  At home with mom and dad  A mansion

Would you have a party to celebrate?

Saturday—Our Memory Verse Correct the wrong word in each line by crossing out the wrong word and writing in the correct one.

Now to you who is able

 I really don’t like parties  Maybe a little one  Yeah, a big one

Being the leader of our country would be a hard job. Place numbers in form of each item to show what you think would be the hardest to the easiest . . . .

_____ helping everyone be safe

To don’t immeasurably

More than part we ask

_____ helping everyone who needed a job be able to get one _____ giving important speeches

And imagine

_____ telling other countries to “all get along” In Romans 12:6a & verse 8, God tells us that He has given each of us gifts. How are leaders to use the gifts that God has given them?

According to his weakness

 Encouraging  Diligently

That is at play

 Generously  Cheerfully

Ask mom or dad what diligently means and write their answer here:

With in someone else

_________________________________________________ Ephesians 3:200

Friday—God Rewards Solomon

Read I Kings 3:10, 12, 13, 14

The Bible tells us that God was pleased with Solomon. Write down two things that please your mom and dad.

1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________

Tuesday—God Appointed Solomon

Read I Kings 1:28-30

Adonijah was David’s oldest living son when David was getting old and sick. Adonijah wanted to be king and he was older than Solomon. How do you think you would feel about that if you were Solomon.  Probably sad

Did God give Solomon what he asked for?  Not really  Sort of  Yes  Even more than he asked for

Who helped tell David that Adonijah was trying to take the throne without asking?

What did God give him?

B ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

 Wise heart

She was Solomon’s

 Discerning heart

 Sister

 Riches

 Friend

 Honor

 Mother

 Long life

 Teacher

 All of the above

David told Bathsheba that “S

What did God ask Solomon to do in return?

W ___ ___ ___

I __

m ___ w ___ ___ ___ (3:14)

 I wouldn’t care  I’d be pretty mad

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ your son shall be

K ___ ___ ___ after me (I Kings 1:30)

How do you think Bathsheba felt?

Wednesday—Solomon Worships the Lord

Read I Kings 3:2-4

Why were God’s people still sacrificing at the high places?

Read I Kings 3:5-9

 They wanted to see the valley

Solomon honored God with 1000 sacrifices at the alter. He realized God was providing for him and he was being obedient.

 The temple hadn’t been built yet

Who appeared to Solomon in a dream the night after the sacrificing?

 That’s where they always worship


 The low places were muddy

Complete this sentence from verse 3 . . . Solomon showed his

Thursday—Solomon's Cool Dream

l ___ ___ ___ for the L ___ ___ ___ by


Wow! How would you feel if you were Solomon?

w ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ according to the statues of his father D ___ ___ ___ ___ . God loves our obedience, how important was it that Solomon followed after his father? 1



Not very good







 10 Really, really good

God said he would give to Solomon anything he asked for. Double WOW! What would you go ask for?


What did Solomon ask for?

Draw a picture of what Solomon did at the alter (1:4)

A d ___ ___ people. (3:9)

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ heart to govern Your

Ask your mom or dad discerning means and write the answer here:

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

1,2,3 grades 3-3-13  
1,2,3 grades 3-3-13  

1,2,3 grades childrens booklet 3-3-13