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Long-term recruitment 2010 AIESEC in Ukraine

How to organize AIESEC Day?

Long-term recruitment 2010

AIESEC in Ukraine

1. About AIESEC day briefly

AIESEC Day is informational seminar (session) about organization and it’s opportunities. It is one of the tools that you can use for spreading information about AIESEC and recruite new long-term members.

2. Before AIESEC Day

WHO WILL BE DELIVERING? You should choose chair of AIESEC day. This should be a person with good public speaking skills and knowledge how to present AIESEC externally. It's not necessary should be LCP. It can be any from EB, even new alumni but those who can present AIESEC on high level and be understandable for externals. LOGISTICS It is the responsibility of the EB Coordinator and the OC to make sure that all the required logistics for all @ day are in place. Logistics management over the years has determined the success or failure of an Info Sem. This is one aspect, which has to be high on the priority list while planning. The objective on the day should be to get all the logistics in place at least 30 minutes before the Info Sem is supposed start.

    

make sure that you run the presentation on the computer once, so that you can check the compatibility of the computer set the sound of the speakers accordingly set up the LCD and check its projection set up the seating in the room accordingly, so that the screen is visible to all and they can also hear everything welcome packages: to prepare welcome packages to all participants that will consist of leaflets, flyers, application form (to apply and for brand audit) and pens prepare badges for all AIESECers who will participate in AIESEC day

Contact information of all those who are attending the Info Sem should be collected, so that you can use it in the future. Don’t lose contacts of people that already get interested in AIESEC!

Long-term recruitment 2010

AIESEC in Ukraine


 Your language: Avoid internal AIESEC languages when you will speak in Russian or Ukrainian (e.g. LCP, VP) (avoid it in any case – during presentation, or talking to students personally, or talking with other AIESECer. You have to use normal external equivalent of our internal words because students should undrestand it.  Behavior of AIESECers: Very important as we are the ones who set the first impression about the organization. Thus, the people who would be present during the Info Seminar should be hand picked and should be properly briefed. We need to be sending out the right kind of vibes.(Keep as few aiesec’ers as possible, so that it results in let others have work and are not being there for the sake of it.  Keep things simple & basic (they should not go out confused). It should not be an overload of information about the organization, but the idea should be to deliver the key messages that the people attending the AIESEC day would be able to relate to  The seminar should ideally be started on time and the total time duration of the seminar should not be more than 1 hour. CHECK LIST (WHAT TO PREPARE BEFORE AIESEC DAY)

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classroom (hall) for the AIESEC day template for data base of students arrows with information how to get to the classroom where AIESEC day will be badges to AIESECers welcome packages prepared (leaflets, flyers, stickers, pens etc.) printed application forms printed brand audit forms PPT and video computer or laptop LCD, speakers, microphone (if needed) different plugs and other IS stuff AIESEC banner to put in the classroom posters different banners of your partners (if you agreed about it) extra posters to put in a classroom and near it 100% confirmation from your guests and all participants of AIESEC day (interns, alumni, partners, aiesecers etc.) about presence  good mood 

Long-term recruitment 2010

AIESEC in Ukraine

3. During AIESEC day – how to conduct presentation


If to present AIESEC day flow briefly it will consists of 3 main blocks:

Briefly about AIESEC (description in Why-strategy and numbers)

  

Leadership Internship learning environment

Qestions and answers

  

main stages of selection application form brand audit Qestions and answers


1. Note! You should use proposed ppt during the whole AIESEC presentation. This ppt has simple structure and isn't overloaded with different information. So, please, don't try to put everything about AIESEC in on presentation, don't add other information. Of course, you should add information where its' needed. 2. Generally AIESEC day should be held in frames of Why Strategy as other our activities. So that's why you shouldn't explain AIESEC in theory but present real examples of impactfful AIESEC experience based on that Experience that people can get in AIESEC to show this to students.

Long-term recruitment 2010

AIESEC in Ukraine

Flow of AIESEC day should consist of such parts:

1. Intro 2. Video about AIESEC (standard one from YouTube) 3 min 3. AIESEC briefly: short description according Why strategy (WHY-HOW-WHAT) and AIESEC in numbers (globally and in Ukraine) 4 min here you should just comment numbers. 4. Leadership experience - 10 min  what is leadership experience (about XP they can get)  I'm an AIESECer examples (invite “alive” examples who can tell beautifully about @ leadership xp and show how they make impact into society through their xp) 5. Internships– 10 min what is internship. It's uniqueness. (briefly) presentation of co-operation programs (you must refresh the ppt with these cooperations after International Congress cause there will be some new projects). Just remember about cooperations set by Ukraine with other countries. We don't attract people on some unknown internship that they will wait for 1 year. If we really want to reach our results in X and make Xchanges fast we should promote and stress on defined co-operations. We have definite countries to co-operate with – India, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Romania). So we should stress on it.  I'm an AIESECer real story from Ukrainian intern (invite “alive” examples who can tell beautifully about @ internship xp and show how they make impact into society through their xp. Required story is about that country with which you set co-operations) 6. Global Learning Environment – 5 min  

 conferences (local, national and international)  trainings  link to the projects 7. Current projects – 7 min 8. Partners page (that support LC activities and projects)  national partners logos  national recruitment partner logo (  local partners logos  partners of recruitment campaign (if you have) 9. How to apply – 2 min  how to fill application form  what are the next steps of selection 10. Brand audit (applications) 10 min


Long-term recruitment 2010

AIESEC in Ukraine

AIESEC Day (presentation)