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Short-term Recruitment 2010 «Youth for the world» AIESEC in Ukraine

How to organize presentation?

1. Before AIESEC presentation «Youth for the world»


person with good public speaking skills person with high knowledge how to present AIESEC externally current EB member (VPs for OGX, COMM, LCP etc.), new alumni but those who can present AIESEC internship on high level and be understandable for externals

LOGISTICS        

get all the logistics in place at least 30 minutes before the presentation is supposed to start. make sure that you run the presentation on the computer once, so that you can check the compatibility of the computer set the sound of the speakers accordingly set up the LCD and check its projection set up the seating in the room accordingly, so that the screen is visible to all and they can also hear everything welcome packages: to prepare welcome packages to all participants that will consist of flyers, application form (to apply and for brand audit) prepare badges for all AIESECers who will participate in presentation set up registration just outside the hall where the presentation is being organized and collect all contact information of all those who are attending the presentation for your database


classroom (hall) for the presentation template for data base of students arrows with info how to get to the classroom where presentation will be welcome packages prepared (flyers, stickers, pens etc.) printed application forms printed brand audit forms PPT and video computer or laptop, LCD, speakers, microphone (if needed), different plugs and other IS stuff AIESEC banner to put in the classroom different banners of your partners (if you agreed about it) 100% confirmation from your guests and all participants of AIESEC day (interns, alumni, partners, aiesecers etc.) about presence good mood 

2. How to conduct presentation BRIEF STRUCTURE OF AIESEC DAY If to present AIESEC day flow briefly it will consists of 3 main blocks:

DETAILED STRUCTURE AND CONTENT OF PRESENTATION 1st Part – Introduction At first you should ask people what their expectations from internship are and write it on the flip chart. We need this information later. Then you have to tell what is Millennium Goals 2015 in general. In that you’ll be helped this video: Try to tell about Goals very simple. After you told about AIESEC, its mission and how AIESEC offers to make own impact in Millennium Goals 2015 through international internship such goals like education and environmental sustainability. Talk them about bright example about activity of well-known people. Such story should be explained – AIESEC try to connect all partial people through world-problems to help in their solving, and they all (presentation visitors) can become these people. In that you’ll be helped this video:

2nd Part - International Internship 1. In this part you talk about AIESEC internship: a. Which countries b. Duties & Benefits for interns (leadership, development, different skills, networks – according to project) 2. And then show interaction without internship (opportunities in project), Millennium Goals (as their impact in society), and their personal benefits. 3. Here we need our flip chart with their expectations. And with its helping you can show that with AIESEC internship they may get more that they expected and more significant experience. Remember if one of their expectations wasn’t covered, you can explain that it is O.K not to get money cause the main point of social internship are impact and experience.

3rd Part - Living example Invite international interns or interns from your LC, who has good presentation skills and who can talk about their experience attractive – what do they did/do, what do they get from it and how it influence in Millennium Goals 2015. They have to show that internship not just develops them but have positive impact on the society. After that it will be great to show fun video about their experience. People may ask questions. Share application forms.

1. Note! You should use proposed ppt during the whole AIESEC presentation. This ppt has simple structure. Don't try to put everything. 2. Please, be careful by reading the comments to each slide coz it can contain some important information. 3. Generally presentation should be hold in frames of «Youth for the world» campaign according to Why strategy as other our activities. Have a good presentation and many application forms!!!! 

Guide presentation_EP recr (DT wave)  

Guide presentation_EP recr (DT wave)