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: Network Appliance NS0-301 : Network Appliance Certified Solution Architect-SAN

Version : R6.1

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1. When running in standby cfmode, if the host can no longer access the LUNs from Controller A after an array controller failover to Controller B, what two things should you check? (Choose two.) A.The cabling between the storage controller and the switch. B.The zoning on the switch. C.The LUN masking on the storage controller. D.The persistent bindings. Answer: AB

2. What could a G_Port represent? A.A Fibre Channel hub's connection to the FC switch. B.A storage controller's connection to the FC switch. C.An inter-switch link connection between FC switches. D.An unused port on the FC switch. Answer: D

3. What type of zoning is based on the physical port you are connected to? A.hard B.port C.soft D.physical Answer: A

4. Which characteristic differentiates an iSCSI HBA from a NIC card? A.larger frame size B.2 Gb/s rate aggregation D.TCP offload Answer: D

5. Which two are advantages of an IP SAN as it compares to FC SAN? (Choose two.)

A.It uses well-understood technologies such as SCSI and Ethernet. B.It provides faster failover. C.It has lower cost per switch port. D.It provides lower propagation delay. Answer: AC

6. Select the appropriate IP protocol that uses Service Location Protocol (SLP) protocol for discovery and management. A.iFCP B.FCIP C.iSCSI D.AoE Answer: C

7. Which three are benefits of both FC and iSCSI SAN? (Choose three.) A.Enables storage consolidation. B.Servers can be backed up to the same Tape Library or VTL. C.Enables server consolidation. D.Disk Arrays appear as autonomous file servers. Answer: ABC

8. Select two advantages an iSCSI SAN has over a Fibre Channel SAN. (Choose two.) A.An iSCSI SAN can take advantage of existing IP infrastructure components. B.An iSCSI SAN provides a more affordable solution for cost-sensitive environments. C.An iSCSI SAN has lower latency than a Fibre Channel SAN. D.An iSCSI SAN provides higher storage utilization than a Fibre Channel SAN. Answer: AB

9. The only way to implement iSCSI is by using an iSCSI HBA. (True or False?) A. True

B. False Answer: B 10. Which three are performance tuning parameters available for Fibre Channel HBAs on a host? (Choose three.) A.HBA queue depth B.Fibre Channel speed C.frame size D.LUN device ID Answer: ABC

11. A NetApp storage controller can simultaneously serve data to hosts using NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, FCP, and iSCSI. (True or False?) A. True B. False Answer: A

12. What is the approximate capacity overhead of a cloned flexible volume at creation? A.200% B.100% C.50% D.0% Answer: D

13. A LUN on the NetApp storage controller can be accessed by either FCP or iSCSI. (True or False?) A. True B. False Answer: A

14. Snapshots will cause I/O performance degradation for LUNs on a NetApp storage controller. (True or False?)

A. True B. False Answer: B

15. What is the read/write pattern for copy-on-write (COW) based snapshots? A.Read-write-read B.Write-read-write C.Read-write-write D.Write-read Answer: C

16. What is the read/write ratio used in a copy-on-write (COW) snapshot? A.1:1 (one read, one write) B.2:1 (two reads, one write) C.1:3 (one read, three writes) D.1:2 (one read, two writes) Answer: D

17. Select the difference between an iSCSI LUN and a FC LUN. A.There is no difference. B.FC LUNs have different serial numbers than iSCSI LUNs. C.iSCSI LUNs snapshots take longer than FC LUNs snapshots. D.A FC LUN is bigger and consumes more space than an iSCSI LUN. Answer: A

18. ACME corporation currently has a NetApp Fibre Channel block-based solution. With limited budget and resources, they want to create a new disaster recovery site that utilizes a NetApp solution. The optimal solution would include ________. A.SnapMover and Fibre Channel at the Disaster Recovery site for all hosts. B.SnapMirror and iSCSI at the Disaster Recovery site for all hosts.

C.a combination of Fibre Channel and iSCSI. D.MetroCluster and NAS. Answer: B

19. Which command will show you what FCP host HBAs are logged into the NetApp Storage Controller? A.fcp show initiator B.fcp show adapter C.fcp stats D.fcp show cfmode Answer: A

20. If you see the following error on the storage controller's console or messages file. Select the most probable cause. ISCSI: iswta, Authentication failed for initiator

A.portal group misconfiguration B.iSCSI CHAP misconfiguration C.iSNS misconfiguration D.port sets misconfiguration Answer: B

21. Which is true regarding the use of a shortwave multimode fiber cable at 2Gb? A.Multimode fiber can be used for MAN connections. B.Multimode fiber can be used for WAN connections. C.Multimode fiber can be used for up to 20k. D.Multimode fiber can be used for up 300 meters. Answer: D

22. With limited budget and resources, ACME Corp. has 10 Windows servers running several business-critical applications. On 6 Windows SQL servers, performance is moderate, with the CPU utilization below 10%. The remaining 4 servers have a bandwidth requirement of 35MB/s and have a current CPU utilization of 70-75%. Given the above requirements and constraints, which solution would you propose? A.Fibre Channel Protocol for all 10 servers. B.Upgrade the 4 heavily CPU utilized servers and propose iSCSI for all 10 servers. C.iSCSI for the 6 servers using the Microsoft iSCSI software initiator, and iSCSI for the remaining 4 using an iSCSI HBA. D.iSCSI for the 4 heavily utilized servers and Fibre Channel for the remaining 6 servers Answer: C

23. Deploying a Round-Robin multipathing solution for an application that issues variable size I/Os can cause some paths to become more loaded than others. (True or False?) A. True B. False Answer: A

24. What is the procedure for restoring a single file from a Windows LUN that is in the volume with other LUNs on a NetApp storage controller? A.single file SnapRestore B.volume SnapRestore C.connect to a LUN clone D.use CIFS Answer: C

25. Match the clustering software to the system. A.HP-UX - NCS, AIX - HACMP, Solaris - Sun Cluster, Netware - ServiceGuard B.AIX - ServiceGuard, Solaris - Sun Cluster, Netware - NCS, HP-UX - HACMP C.AIX - NCS, Solaris - Sun Cluster, Netware - ServiceGuard, HP-UX - HACMP

D.HP-UX - ServiceGuard, AIX - HACMP, Solaris - Sun Cluster, Netware - NCS Answer: D

26. NDMP allows you to restore one file from a LUN. (True or False?) A. True B. False Answer: B

27. snap list on volume XYZ reveals that a particular snapshot is (Busy, LUNs). What could cause this state for the snapshot? A.The original LUN is mapped. B.The snapshot is of an active LUN. C.The snapshot is of an active LUN clone. D.A SnapRestore of a LUN from a snapshot. Answer: C

28. ACME Corp. is about to implement a disaster recovery project across two sites. Which three issues can impact the performance of the solution? (Choose three.) A.The distance between sites. B.The RAID implementation. C.The link between the remote sites. D.The I/O characteristics of the application. Answer: ACD

29. ACME Corp. is connecting a server to a fabric that resides 500 meters away. Furthermore, the server requires 40MB/s throughput. What type of cables would you use to achieve this goal? A.Singlemode 62.5/125 B.Multimode 9/125 C.Multimode 50/125 D.Multimode 62.5/125

Answer: C

30. Match the HBAs to the appropriate bus architectures. A.LP9002L - PCI, LPe 11000 - PCI-express, LP9002c - cPCI, LP11000 - PCI-X B.LP9002L - PCI-express, LPe 11000 - PCI, LP9002c - cPCI, LP11000 - PCI-X C.LP9002L - PCI, LPe 11000 - PCI-X, LP9002c - cPCI, LP11000 - PCI-express D.LP9002L - PCI-X, LPe 11000 - PCI-express, LP9002c - cPCI, LP11000 - PCI Answer: A

31. What security encryption mechanism would you use in an iSCSI environment? A.DH-CHAP B.iSNS C.IPSec D.VLAN Answer: C

32. What is the smallest granularity of doing a restore using a NetApp controller-based NDMP backup? A.An entire qtree. B.An entire volume. C.A file inside a LUN. D.The entire LUN. Answer: D

33. Determine the appropriate FC topology based on the diagram below. A.point-to-point B.switched fabric C.arbitrated loop D.ring Answer: B

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