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Wounds of War IV: Pain Syndromes: From Recruitment to Returning Troops eDITeD By: Professor Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold, Ph.D., mBA, BcIA

WOUNDS OF WAR IV: PAIN SyNDROmeS – FROm RecRUITmeNT TO ReTURNINg TROOPS On September 30-October 2, 2011 the NATO Advanced Research “Wounds of War IV: Pain Syndromes – From Recruitment to Returning Troops” drew over 25 eminent experts from 11 countries to discuss the topic of increased pain syndromes in our service men and women. Held in Südkärnten, Austria at the Hotel Amerika-Holzer, discussion topics included increased pain syndromes as a result of missions, as well as how pain syndromes may be prevented. Research has shown that those who have served in both combat missions and peacekeeping operations are at an increased risk for pain syndromes. The ultimate aim of the workshop will be critical assessment of existing knowledge and identification of directions for future actions. The co-organizers of the workshop alongside Professor Brenda K. Wiederhold included Professor Kresimir Cosic, Professor Mark D. Wiederhold and Colonel Carl Castro. Full papers will be published with IOS Press TO ORDeR:

The post-conference book will reflect the key topics discussed in the four sections at the workshop:

First Session Vulnerability to Pain Syndromes Second Session Diagnosis and Assessment of Pain Syndromes Third Session Treatment of Pain Syndromes Fourth Session Clinical Updates on Pain Syndromes

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CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation, Issue 4 (4), Winter 2011.  
CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation, Issue 4 (4), Winter 2011.  

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