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ď‚ž Doctor

of Philosophy degree is the uppermost academic degree that allows holding most respectable positions in scientific world. Universities and colleges value each member of the faculty with PhD.

ď‚ž PhD

degree is a reward to an authentic and knowledgeable scientist who was able to prove his or her scientific worth and value.

ď‚ž The

real meaning of a PhD is hidden in bottomless and time consuming research activity. To get to the new depths of knowledge, the researcher must study, examine, and think.

ď‚ž This

is why PhD is commonly awarded after the completion of long years of research.

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A national eligibility test is requires for lectureship (LS) and junior research fellow (JRF) and the same is conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and University Grants Commission (UGC). In general 3 basic types of Ph.D. program held in our country. a) Full Time Ph.D. program b) Part Time Ph.D. program c) Sponsored Ph.D. program The course of study consists of a thesis which defines your knowledge level and the capacity. The theme should be unique from all other already existing.

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