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Captain Apartments Belgrade are located in the downtown of Belgrade, – just minutes away from Knez Mihailova Street (main pedestrian zone) and Trg Republike (central city square). Kalemegdan(medieval Fortress), Skadarlija (Bohemian quarter),Bar Street (Strahinjica Bana Street) and everything you “must see” in Belgrade are within walking distance. Captain Apartments Belgrade offer you safe and secure accommodation. All apartments in our offer are fully furnished, well equipped and follow all your needs whether you are visiting Belgrade for business or pleasure. Captain Apartments Belgrade will save your money! We offer you great price/quality ratio! Instead of wasting your money on overrated hotels in Belgrade, book one of the apartments from our offer and save up to 100€ per night! Our apartments are bigger than average hotel rooms as well. Get the feeling of living in Belgrade! Captain Apartments Belgrade are a proud member of the Captain Group. We provide affordable accommodation in the heart of Belgrade. In our offer you will find fully furnished apartments, private rooms, bed & breakfast and a youth hostel.

The price of taxis is what most tourists are afraid of when arriving in an unknown city. We want to help in preventing you from overpaying for short rides, just because you may not know about our city and language.Most taxi drivers are honest people, but there are some predators, who wait for “victims” at the rail stations and airport, and charge two or three times the going rate.

INTRODUCTION There are a several legal taxi associations. When you choose a vehicle that is a member of these associations, you reduce the risk of being overcharged. The biggest taxi associations in Belgrade are:

• • • • •


• • • •




Dušan Perić

Owner & Manager Captain Accommodation


+381 64 194 89 07



The safest way to get a legal taxi is by telephoning. Every taxi association has dispatchers, who will send you the nearest car, generally within five minutes. Just tell the operator the address where you want the taxi to pick you up, and you will be told how soon the taxi will arrive.

Overcharging by illegal drivers, the biggest problem, impairs the reputation not only of honest, hard-working drivers, but also the honest Serbians, because the taxi driver is one of the first persons you meet in our country. Cab drivers waiting to “rip you off” are often found at bus and rail stations and taxi stands near nightclubs, shopping malls, big concerts and mass events.

Contact phones of the biggest associations are:

• • • • •

• • • •

BEOGRADSKI: +381 1 9801 ZUTI: +381 1 9802 PINK: +381 1 9803 MAXISS: +381 1 9804 PLAVI: +381 1 9805

GOLD: +381 1 9806 ALFA: +381 1 9807 BELL: +381 1 9808 LUX: +381 11 30 33 123

All legal taxis have registration plates ending with “TX”

PRICES Taxi rides have three rates, tariff 1, 2, and 3, which are charged as follows: TARIFF I – charged from 06.00 – 22.00h, city area TARIFF II – charged from 22.00-06.00h, on Sundays and holidays, city area TARIFF III – charged to drive outside the city

For more information about price (which can be changed), please follow this link. During the ride, look at the taximeter, always visible to the customer, which shows which tariff is being charged. Keep an eye on the price of the ride. If the driver didn’t turn on the meter or if it’s turning over too fast, mention it to the driver.

Illegal taxis look like legal ones. The registration number and the taximeter are the differences! In an illegal taxi, the meter keeps rolling over! If you see something unusual, tell the driver to stop and get out of the vehicle. If the driver is at all threatening, just call the police! Don’t listen to excuses, con jobs or tall tales. Be especially wary of legal drivers calling themselves “independent taxi drivers”. They are easy to recognize by the white sign with only “taxi” written on it. They offer you expensive rides in expensive cars. Such vehicles may cost you 30% more than a ride in a cab belonging to a taxi association mentioned above. There isn’t any real protection and you will have to look out yourselves, the best option probably is to buy local sim card as soon you arrive to Belgrade. Price is 200 dinars (less then two euros) and using it will save you money even if you use it just for calling a taxi!

In some taxi companies luggage does cost extra!


+381 64 194 89 07

Fares differ, depending on whether you buy them on the vehicle or at a kiosk, and depend on the time of day. Night fares are bought on the vehicle. Single ticket day transportation, on the vehicle – 145 RSD Single ticket day transportation, at a kiosk – 72 RSD Single ticket night transportation – 120 RSD

Public transportation in Belgrade consists of bus, trolleybus and tram transportation. Belgrade doesn’t have a subway yet, so this is the fastest and cheapest way of mass transportation. The city is well covered by bus and trolley service, so you can get to almost any destination using public transportation.

You can buy tickets at kiosks all over Belgrade. If you don’t live in Belgrade, buy a PAPER UNPERSONALIZED CARD, which costs 40 RSD This card works on a “prepaid” system and you pay, charging up the card, immediately after buying it. When the card is depleted, you can charge it up again, for up to 600 RSD, or a maximum of 8 rides. If you are in Belgrade often, you can buy PLASTIC UNPERSONALIZED CARD which costs 250 RSD. You can charge this card in any amount and however often you wish.

Any driver can also sell you a single ticket. The driver will print and charge the ticket at your request.

Many lines start in the city, the biggest hub of public transportation, especially the following stations: ZELENI VENAC. TRG REPUBLIKE, TRG DIMITRIJA TUCOVICA and STUDENTSKI TRG. Public transportation is divided in day and night transportation. Day lines run between 4:00 AM and midnight Night lines run between midnight and 4.00 AM and run hourly.


+381 64 194 89 07

Verification procedure of the fare is very simple: 1. Enter the vehicle at the marked entry

TICKET CONTROL Control officers equipped with ticket control devices patrol transit vehicles. If you haven’t swiped your ticket, you will have to buy an EXTRA TICKET for 3000 RSD. If you don’t have the money with you, the officer will ask you for identification, and you will be fined and ejected from the vehicle. You can pay the fine within 15 days, or a judicial proceeding will be started against you. If you can’t pay the fine, it is likely to be forgiven. The number of people accruing these kinds

2. Swipe the card on the electronic terminal next to the door

of fines is huge, and the number of payments small, so the possibility of going to court is minimal. 3. If you have done it right you will get a sound confirmation and see a green light on the terminal, confirming the amount of credit remaining on the card. If there is a problem, you will see a red light and hear a reject tone.

City Traffic and Bus Plus, because of this situation, often offer people bargains and lesser fines as it’s the only way to get people to pay them. Even though it’s not ideal, public transport offers decent, priceworthy service. New trolleybuses and trams are very comfortable and new buses are coming into service. Regrettably, some older buses that shouldn’t ever even pass safety inspection are still in service. Since the introduction of the “yellow lane”, public transport in rush hours is far faster than using your own car. Since people that go to work by public transportation don’t have a problem with parking, they can get to work faster and more inexpensively than their colleagues who come by car. If only the outstanding fines were paid, the quality of service would probably be much better!


+381 64 194 89 07

PARKING ZONES Parking in the city center has been split in three zones:

• Parking in Belgrade is becoming a big problem. More, better cars, on the streets cause traffic jams and make searching for parking spots very difficult. To address the problem and discourage traffic and long term parking in the city center, the Parking Service decided to split the city into zones. Also, this way, people who live in the city center can find a parking spot.

• •

RED –retention in red zone is allowed for 60 minutes. YELLOW - retention in yellow zone is allowed for 120 minutes. GREEN - retention in green zone is allowed for 180 minutes.

Charges apply from 7h until 21h every work day and from 7h until 14h on Saturday. On Sundays parking is free.

Payment for parking can be made by text messaging to the number written on the signpost for that zone. When you open a new message, depending from zone in which you are located, you should send:

• • •

RED –your registration number on 9111 YELLOW –your registration number on 9112 GREEN –your registration number on 9113.

If you’ve sent a message right, you will get a conformation that the payment has been done. Save this message, because it’s the only evidence of your payment. If the time you paid for passes, you must send another massage to extend your parking time. You will receive a message with a notice that your parking has been expired. Price for parking depends on where you parked your car:

• RED – 56 RSD = 0.46 Eur • YELLOW – 38 RSD = 0, 31 EUR • GREEN – 31 RSD = 0.25 EUR This amount will be charged trough your phone bill!

But Belgrade doesn’t have a metro, and busses and trams are disorganized, so a great number of Belgrade residents still drive into the city center. Belgrade life is harder if you can’t finish your business in the city center in an hour, two, or three.


+381 64 194 89 07

FINES If you forgot to send a text, or to buy a parking ticket to pay for parking, a supplemental charge will be on your windshield. (1870 RSD = 15.58 EUR) This ticket allows you parking for 24 hours from the time written on the ticket. Supplemental tickets should be paid within 8 days; otherwise you will have legal consequences. They will sue you, and you will pay the ticket and court costs.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can buy a parking card at a kiosk or from a uniformed Parking Service Worker, wearing a hat, badge, and carrying a PDA device. Parking Service Workers are hard to catch, because they are moving all the time! When you buy a parking ticket, you have to fill it out and put it on your dashboard! For each zone there are parking tickets. Parking ticket should be filled out with year, month, day, hour and minute when you started your parking. The best place to put parking ticket is on your dashboard, where it will be visible through the windshield of your car. Parking in one of the public garages is safe but very expensive way of parking, and it cost 50-100 RSD = 0.4 – 0.83 EUR for each started our.

If you parked your car properly, on a marked parking spot, your vehicle will not be towed away. If you parked on spots reserved by a yellow marking, in a green area, zebra stripes… your vehicle will most likely be towed. The penalty for inappropriate parking and towing is around 90 EUR.

SHORTCUTS In theory this system should give satisfying results, make the lives of citizens easier and fill the city’s coffers, but as in every system, there are loopholes. Because the Parking Service is not provided by the police or border control, it is very difficult for them to collect. Tickets are paid, in practice, only by conscientious citizens, or those frightened by the lawyers of the Parking Service. If your vehicle has foreign plates, just remove the ticket from front window and throw it away, because there is no possibility of charging you in other countries. Because of this undefined situation, Parking Service isn’t capable of taking action against people who don’t respect the rules. If this problem is solved, people who have penalties will have problems, and because of that many people decide to pay their parking tickets, for: “it is better to pay a little money now, than have bigger problems later on…”


+381 64 194 89 07

It’s not easy to choose a few highlights to see during your Belgrade stay. But since your time is limited, why not start with the city center, and enjoy a small taste of Belgrade’s beautiful attractions.

1. KALEMEGDAN 44.824236,20.451175 (google maps) Medieval fortress and the biggest park right in the center of the city. Inside Kalemegdan you can see the Army Museum, the Observatory, the Ruzica church, the Zoo, historical monuments, underground passages, and basketball and tennis courts. Take in the fantastic views of New Belgrade, Zemun and confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Kalemegdan is most beautiful during a summer sunset.

2. CROSSROADS OF KRALJA PETRA AND KNEZA SIME MARKOVICA STREETS 44.817661, 20.452077 (google maps) At this crossroads, you will see important things on all 4 corners. • Serbian Patriarchate, • The Cathedral Church, • The Residence of Princess Ljubica • The oldest kafana in Belgrade – Question Mark.

3.REPUBLIC SQUARE 44.816261,20.460252 (google maps) Main City Square! This is the most popular meeting point for Belgraders and where to find the National Theater, National Museum and the Prince Mihailo monuments.


+381 64 194 89 07

4. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY 44.811633,20.465638 (google maps)

5. NIKOLA TESLA MUSEUM - 44.805057,20.470723 (google maps) Nikola Tesla is one of Serbia’s most famous native sons. His inventions have changed the world. In the museum dedicated to his life and work you can see what made a great scientist and engineer tick.


6. SAINT SAVA TEMPLE 44.797794,20.468381 (google maps) The second biggest Orthodox temple in the world is dedicated to the first Serbian patriarch. It is located in Karadorde park.

7. SKC - 44.80629,20.464733 (google maps) This is one of our best-known sights and a meeting point for young people. Through the ages SKC was the most happening concert venue. In the market around SKC people sell hand made jewelry and old records.

+381 64 194 89 07

8. OLD AND NEW PALACE – 44.810499,20.462635 (google maps) The Old Palace was the residence of the Obrenovic Family, which ruled Serbia during part of the 19th century. Today, it houses the City Assembly. The New Palace was the residence of the Karadjordjevic family, which ruled Serbia during 19th and 20th century. Today it is the office of Serbian president. These palaces are next to each other. It is really hard to answer to this question cause there are so many places where you should go and try some of our national specialties. However, you won’t go hungry during your visit. The offerings is wide ranging, from kiosks to buy burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs, pancakes, pizza…. to traditional Serbian “kafana” or restaurants with international cuisine. One thing’s for sure; nowhere in the world will you find a better price/quality relationship, between first class service, large portions and fantastic ambiance with prices on the reasonable end of the European standard. In all my writings, I’ve tried to be objective and point out all the good points of Belgrade, but here, as someone who knows how to enjoy good food I’m offering you my best intelligence. Serbian cuisine is meat-based, so if you are a vegetarian you may have a problem finding a place that suits you. Let’s start when you got up and go to breakfast.

BAKERIES The least expensive option for breakfast is a bakery. Bakeries are practically everywhere in the city center. For your breakfast you must try BUREK and yogurt. BUREK is a type of pie, made with meat, cheese, mushrooms, apples, cherries or simply pastry. This high calorie breakfast will keep you full until late afternoon.

In a bakery you can also buy bread, rolls, pastry, donuts, etc., and you’ll find it hard to spend more than 2 Euros per person

By following this route, you will pass by many interesting buildings, parks, fountains and you will walk through some of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade.

If you stay more than few days in Belgrade, you can take the time to see many other sights as well!


+381 64 194 89 07

FAST FOOD If you decide to have breakfast or a snack in a fast food restaurant, you will face a great variety of different food, including hamburgers, gyros, hot-dogs, pancakes, pizzas or sandwiches. There you will be able to eat for 2-3 Euros per person. Among the fast food restaurants you will find chains such as McDonald’s and KFC as well as lots of places with Chinese food.


STARA HERCEGOVINA – Carigradska 36 - 44.819008,20.47434 (google maps). A “Kafana” with great food and service. A large number of tables. No matter what you try on the menu, you won’t make a mistake, but don’t miss out on the pork knuckles! (svinjska kolenica).

KALENIĆ – Milesevska 2 - 44.801479,20.476023 (google maps) This place has a long tradition and special charm, with a nice outdoor seating area, a great location and good food. A legendary ”kafana”. Even though there are many choices on the menu, the -ćevapi na kajmaku- are a particular favorite!

A kafana is a place where you can always buy a good meal and drinks. It’s like a pub, but in a Serbian way. During the night most kafanas have live music and great atmosphere! Kafanas with live music are most often found in Skadarlija, the old bohemian part of town. All kafanas have similar cuisine and prices. But all “kafanas” are not alike. A few serve fantastic food, with large portions, great service and atmosphere – friendly and relaxed. Three kafanas have boasted great quality and service for years: ČUBURA – Makenzijeva bb, Gradic Pejton - 44.797536,20.474349 (google maps) The best barbeque in Belgrade. Great ambience, in the heart of Vračar. If you decide on this “kafana”, be sure to try the smoked pork. (dimljena vešalica)

Prices vary, but for a complete meal: soup, salad, main course, desert with drinks, you will pay around 15 Euro per person. Next to these pubs, Belgraders will recommend others, and almost every city guide will recommend some of the “Skadarlija’s” kafanas. The oldest one is “?” (Znak Pitanja, or Question mark) ...


+381 64 194 89 07

RESTAURANTS For lunch or dinner in a restaurant, it’s hard to make a mistake. In the city centre there are lots of fantastic restaurants, offering you great service and extraordinary ambiance. Aside from the Serbian cuisine you can enjoy Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, Chinese or Japanese.

Iguana – Karadordeva 2-4 - 44.820051,20.448001 (google maps) Enjoy yourselves in a restaurant on the banks of the Sava, offering a whole different concept from most restaurants: food, wine and jazz! An extremely interesting and varied menu! At the end, for those who have a sweet tooth, treat yourselves to a fantastic “urma” cake!

Some recommendations: OPERA – Obilicev venac 30 - 44.815325,20.458873 (google maps) On the menu there are various specialties. Fantastic unique interior, nice garden, great location and above all top service are the basics advantages of this restaurant. Don’t miss out on the smoked ribs!

Price here depends on many factors. But all of these restaurants are worth the trip and the price!

MADERA – Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 43 - 44.808574,20.469968 (google maps). Restaurant with service on highest level, beautiful outdoor seating,

and a great choice of meals and drinks. Be sure to try Tatar beefsteak!


+381 64 194 89 07


Belgrade is one of the best and most famous destinations if you are looking for “a good night out”. Great number of coffee places, bars, pubs and clubs guaranties the best time and for sure you will find something at your taste.

Walking through the city centre you will come across lots of coffee shops where you can take a break. Here, next to all kinds of coffee, you can have juice, tea, beer, wine... Some coffee shops offer sandwiches, salads and cakes. Coffee shops are the cheapest and most popular form of entertainment. For 2-3 Euros you can sit in the coffee shop for a couple of hours and enjoy talking with friends or reading a newspaper and relaxing from work. In the centre of the city there are a few places where a large number of coffee shops is located on a small place, it’s always busy there, and always a lot of people. STRAHINJICA BANA 44.821451,20.461584 (google maps) One of the most famous Belgrade streets, known exclusively for a big number of coffee shops and a place where you can see expensive cars and girls dressed as if they were to walk down the red carpet. Some also call this street “Silicon valley”, because of the women who go there and who have affection for plastic surgery.

One of the symbols of Belgrade are “splavovi” – clubs on water. During the summer these are the most popular places to go out to. All kinds of music can be heard, coming from the banks of Sava and Danube, and everybody can find a place for himself or herself.

Your fun can start in the late afternoon hours in some of the coffee shops, continue in some of the pubs or cocktail bars, and end in the early morning hours on some of the clubs in the city or at the river.


OBILICEV VENAC 44.815599,20.458322 (Google maps) On a small place there are a dozen coffee places with big outdoors seating areas which are packed with people in any time of day. Great place for people pausing from work or sightseeing.

CVETNI TRG 44.805864,20.465092 (Google maps) As in aforementioned case, lots of bars on small space. Nice location. Very pleasant ambiance near Slavija Square and “Beogradjanka”.

+381 64 194 89 07

KAFANA CLUBS ON THE RIVER DANUBE 44.825865,20.424546 (google maps)

Kafana are places where you can enjoy food and drinks combined with live music! In a kafana there will be a small orchestra, playing traditional songs, they go from table to table and see that all musical requests are met. Custom is to tip the musicians a little. The atmosphere can get really dynamic and it’s common for the guests to start dancing, even on tables, if the song “gets” to them.

• ACAPULCO • AMSTERDAM • BLEY WATCH • H2O These places are mainly domestic, Serbian music

The most famous bars of this kind (kafanas) are to be found in SKADARLIJA (44.817768,20.464768) or ZEMUN (44.835969,20.411303)

CLUBS It is hard to name all the good clubs in Belgrade, because there are really a lot of these kinds of objects. Most different kinds of music attract most different people and there’s a place for anyone. Places where clubs are located can be divided in 4 groups.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Clubs on the river Sava Clubs on the river Danube Clubs at Ada Ciganlija Clubs in the city centre

FOR ANY CLUB YOU CAN MAKE A RESERVATION BY CALLING: +381 62 222 152 CLUBS ON THE RIVER SAVA 44.808513,20.444598 (google maps)

• • • • • •


These places are mainly with electronic music.


CLUBS ON ADA 44.786099,20.403485 (google maps) These clubs, during the day coffee shops, are located on the bank of the lake. Live gigs of great bands are the main quality of these clubs. Most known among them are: • TIME OUT • SUNSET • RED SHOES • POSITIVE

CLUBS IN THE CITY CENTRE You can find all kinds of clubs in the centre. Most known are: • MR STEFAN BRAUN – Nemanjina 4 • MAGACIN – Karadjordjeva 2-4 • TUBE – Simina 21 • TEATRO – Sarajevska 26 • PLASTIC – Takovska 34 • KST – Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73 • HAVANA – Nikole Spasica 1 • FABRIKA – Bulevar Despota Stefana 115

+381 64 194 89 07




All apartments are located in the very heart of the city but on different address. The address of the apartment you have booked will be sent to you in the confirmation mail. We will meet in front of the building at agreed time. We will go together to the apartment where you will receive the keys and basic information. We will make agreement about departure time and we will come on departure date to take back the keys.

There are 3 ways to make the reservation:

• • •

Via e-mail Via contact form on the website Via phone +381 64 194 89 07

1. After you looked all the apartments and decided which one you would like to rent, you should send us e-mail with following details:

• • • • • •

Your name Your e-mail address (if you are sending inquiry from another e-mail address) Your cell phone number Arrival date Departure date Number of persons you need to accommodate

Check in: From 13.00h Check out: Until 12.00h Late check in will be charged if you are coming after 22.00h Early check out is free of charge! You may come in the apartment before 13h only if there were not other clients previous day! You may stay after 12h only if there are no other clients coming that day!



There are 4 ways to reach the city centre from the airport:

• • • •

Airport pick up Taxi Shuttle bus which will take you to Slavija Square Public transportation – Bus #72 which will take you to Zeleni Venac Square

You will get a reply as soon as possible (within 12 hours). If the apartment you wanted to reserve is not available, we will send you a list of available apartments.

1. We can offer you airport pick up. This service will be extra charged! However this is the safest and fastest way to get to the apartment. Our driver will wait for you at the airport. He will hold a paper with your name so you will easily recognize him..

2. Filling out the contact form is the easiest and fastest way to get info about availability. After submitting the form, you will get response in 12 hours.

2. If you decide to take a taxi, make agreement about the price before you come in.

3. You may reach us 24/7 via phone and get all information immediately!

2. WHEN AND HOW SHOULD I PAY? You will pay total amount on your arrival when you receive the keys. You will pay in cash. We don’t accept credit cards. You may pay in: • Serbian Dinars (RSD) • Euros (EUR) – preferred method • American Dollars (USD) • English Pounds (GBP) • Swiss Franks (CHF). You will be asked to pay 30% of total amount in advance only if you are staying more than 2 weeks or during the New Year holidays. Damage deposit will not be asked! Everything is included in price we agreed during the reservation process and there will be no additional coasts. There is no “hidden coasts” as well!


3. Shuttle bus is cheap option, which will take you to the Slavija Square. From that point you may take a trolleybus, a taxi or you can walk to the apartment 4. Bus 72 is definitely the cheapest option. Last stop is Zeleni Venac Square. From that point you can take a taxi or walk until you reach the apartment.

If you are coming to Belgrade by bus or train, there are 3 ways to reach the apartment:

• • •

Taxi Public transportation – Tram number 2 By foot

1. If you decide to take a taxi, be very careful! The worst kind of taxi drivers is waiting for you at the train or bus station. There is a huge possibility that you will pay much more than a regular price. 2. Tram number 2 is cheap and good option since the ride will be very short! Depending on which apartment you have booked, you should take a tram towards Kalemegdan Fortress or Slavija Square.. 3. Bus and train stations are not far away from the city centre. If you decide to walk, you will reach the apartment in about 15 minutes.

+381 64 194 89 07

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