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March Wine Club Shipment 2010 Included in this first selection of

Greetings from Sonoma Mountain, I hope the winter treated you well.

2010, are two Biodynamic® wines from

Our weather has been off the charts this

Benziger owned estates. Our Obsidian

year, though only in terms of rain and not

Point is a Cabernet based blend from a

the record-breaking snow some of you have

special vineyard block here on Sonoma

experienced. While cooped up indoors,

Mountain. And as many of you know,

we’ve been busy launching our new website.

de Coelo is our estate Pinot Noir vineyard on

All this creativity has precipitated a fair

the Sonoma Coast. Each of these wines is a

amount of discussion about who we are and

time capsule of vineyard and vintage.

how best to share what we love to do.

Biodynamic growing practices bring the

If you visit

unique traits of the land into focus.

This spring we’re continuing to

you’ll see what we

examine ways to reduce our environmental

hope is a friendly,

footprint and use fewer resources. To that


end, beginning in the fall we will post your

informative site

Club newsletters online instead of

that contains

including a printed piece in your shipment.

everything you

We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

want to know without all the

Take good care,

manufactured gloss and snobbery that our industry sometime affects.

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2007 Obsidian Point Cabernet Sauvignon pH: 3.71 | Total acid: .52 | Alcohol: 14.5% | Production: 26 Barrels

Vineyard: This wine is grown on our

certified-Biodynamic Sonoma Mountain estate on a hillside characterized by a high concentration of obsidian rock. It stands apart because of attributes acquired from this specific location. The Benziger property resembles a 360-degree bowl with a variety of sun exposures, elevations, soil profiles and drainage. The mountainous terrain and proximity of the Pacific Ocean, located just 20 miles to the west, influence the climate on the estate. The result is a broad temperature range of warm days and cool nights during the growing season, which encourages grapes with balanced acidity, intense flavors and aromas.

Vintage: A dry winter led to a fairly early

bud break in 2007. Overall the growing season was evenly paced with a just a few

heat spikes in the early summer. Warm August weather started harvest early, but then a cool September slowed things quite a bit and grapes hung on the vines another few weeks. This cool period helped to develop complexity in flavors while keeping sugars under control. 2007 was one of the longest harvests Sonoma County has seen in recent years, spanning almost three months from start to finish. This vintage was certainly smaller in quantity than 2006, but in many cases the lower yields meant more concentrated flavors.

Wine: This is a very distinctive wine that is supple and complex in style. This release of Obsidian Point has a firm tannic backbone and a lingering finish. The flavor profile is made up of cocoa, toasty oak, coffee, dark plum, and anise. Excellent now, but will also benefit from 2-3 years of cellaring.

Winemaking: This wine is made with the

most traditional hands-on methods. The grapes were hand sorted in the vineyard, fermented in small tanks and handled with love and care. Native yeast and malolactic bacteria were employed throughout the fermentaion process. The wine was aged for 19 months in French oak barrels (35% new) and bottled in June of 2009.

2008 de Coelo Pinot Noir, Terra Neuma pH: 3.78 | Total acid: .47 | Alcohol: 13.5% | Production: 24 Barrels As a result, the grapes here ripen sooner and mature faster.

Vintage: “Extreme” would be a good

Vineyard: This estate vineyard, nestled

less than seven miles from the Pacific Ocean, possesses the opportunity to grow a genuine, cool climate Pinot Noir. When nurtured correctly, the result is a lean, elegant Pinot Noir, broad with ripe fruit and low alcohol. Terra Neuma and its “brother” Quintus are cultivated side-by-side and, though deceptively close, each section yields very different wines. The blocks where Quintus is grown sit at an elevation of approximately 142 meters in contrast with Terra Neuma at 177 meters at its highest point. Situated on the steeper slope of this hilly property, Terra Neuma develops in Goldridge soil that is subject to more erosion, resulting in thinner top soil.

description of the 2008 vintage. The elements played a huge role in our vineyard management – from frost, to drought, to high winds, to heat waves and eventually smoke from fires hundreds of miles away. Initially, harvest began early in August, but cooler temperatures slowed things down a bit and the rest of the harvest was evenly paced and lasted into October.

Wine: Terra Neuma is a pure expression

of Pinot Noir. This wine is consistent and relaxed; structured but still maintains a refreshing levity. Enjoy its ripe chalkiness and smooth mouthfeel, with no edges or peaks from beginning to end. In this vintage, 25% of the wine was whole-cluster fermented. We believe this approach adds structure and freshness to the wine as well as life to the mid-palate. Drink now or cellar until 2013.

Re-Order Form March Partners Wine Club Selection: Re-order before April 15th and receive 25% off 1-11 btls, 30% off cases 2007 Obsidian Point Cabernet Sauvignon | $65 2008 de Coelo Pinot Noir, Terra Neuma | $69

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2006 Port, Sonoma County | $35

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Partner's March 2010 Newsletter  

Partner's March 2010 Newsletter

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