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fine art photography the finest moment

Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the artist.

fine art photography

- Pasterly FreshnessLaurelville Manor, York, Western Australia. It was the morning after the the wedding event. Most photographers have already captured the event, I have decided to do something dierent. It was a rainy morning and the flowers looked so fresh. I love the pink pastel colours and have decided to make it look painterly with the soft focus.


natural lights

-Sun-kissing in the VinesFerguson Valley, Western Australia. I have postion this couple just at the right spot for the flaring to take eect. Instead of over exposing this image, I was looking at something dierent. I wanted the dark green from the vines to stand out, the yellow colours from the flare and the softness of the light. Left -Gliterring MomentWindy Harbour, Western Australia We were waiting for sunset and I saw the nice glitter on the water. I love the glitter eects on the couple and decided to include some shadows as well.


The finest moment

There are many styles in photography and we all have our dierent taste in food, music and art. I believe that a good image is a good combination of colours, natural lights and the right moment. This is what I called "The Finest Moment". Finest moment for me is capturing the moment that viewers can actually feel the chemistry between the couple. They can feel how much the couple love each other and its captured naturally.

The inspiration

Finding inspiration is the most important part of photography for me. Inspiration for me can come from everywhere, the movies, magazines, music or poetry. When I watch a movie that is really romantic or moving, I wasn't just looking at the composition, lighting and moment. I was actually finding ways to feel the moment and hopefully re-apply that mood or feeling to my captures. I would like my images to make viewers feel that this couple loved each other so much but for some reason, they are not together or have not been together for years and this is the first hug or kiss when they met. Its the "FInest Moment" I am trying to create.

LEFT - In a Moment of Joy Back Beach, Bunbury, Western Australia This was captured during an lifestyle session. As most people who knows me, I can be a stand up comedian at times just to have some fun. I cant really remembered what I have said, but I guess it worked. I am not really about clear and sharp images, but more towards the "finest moment" and making it look as painterly as possible without processing the images.


Photography is not just about capturing beautiful imagery.

Its about experimenting to satisfy our passion to produce something excitingly dierent each time.

Its about having FUN.

LEFT - With Love & NatureThis is a double exposure shot in camera. I wanted them to blend in well with nature. I have always love shots that are not too clear.

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

Capturing real emotions

Above -LOLThis is one of the reason why I love weddings, capturing moments like this. Its about anticipation and being quick with camera settings and composition. I was after candid moments that portray happiness between them.


Above - Lovers Stroll I wanted to portray movement and getting the couple to take a stroll and have a bit of space from the camera helps them to relax. This is captured from an engagement session in Dunsborough, WA.


Before I landed this dream job of Photo Editor at Junebug Weddings, I tried my hand at wedding photography a time or two and quickly realized how insanely diicult it is to create gorgeous and peaceful work under the pressure and time-constraints of the wedding day (Ill stick with fine art photography, thank you very much)! Thats why amazing wedding photographers like Australia based Ben Yew Photography + Film are a bit like rock stars to me. In this interview, I loved getting to hear about Bens journey into wedding photography but most of all, I was just in heaven gazing at his luminous and emotive photos. Junebug: How did you get into wedding photography? Ben Yew: When I bought my first DSLR I tried to capture everything from commercial, events, portraits and landscapes. Then I received a request about photographing a wedding taking place in about 6 months time. As I had no previous experience with weddings, I did have some concerns. However, my wife secured me some weddings as an assistant photographer, and the experience I gained from that gave me the confidence to take up the challenge, and it took o from there. Junebug: What is your favorite moment or tradition at weddings? Ben Yew: The moment when the bride is fully dressed and ready to head to the ceremony. We only have a short time to capture bridal portraits, and despite being nervous, the bride is getting support from bridesmaids and parents. She looks amazing and the adrenaline rush and genuine flow of emotions make it a precious moment. The genuine emotions of excitement is what I love most. Junebug: What really gets to you at weddings? Makes you cry? Makes you laugh? Ben Yew: Reception speeches always move me, especially if there is a moving love story about how the couple got together, and stories about the challenges they have faced to get to this day. Junebug: Favorite camera and lens? Ben Yew: Nikon D800 & 50mm 1.4 is my favourite combination. Its light and produces excellent results. Junebug: What are your favorite wedding locations in your area?Ben Yew: The farms and vineyards are my favourite wedding locations in my area. I love the greens and large spaces to work with. Junebug: Where do you want to shoot next?Ben Yew: I enjoy new cultural experiences and would love to shoot a traditional wedding in Tibet. Junebug: Describe your wedding photography style in less than 6 adjectives. Ben Yew: Luminous, soft, evocative and intimate. Junebug: Favorite trick to capture images of reluctant subjects? (kids, grandparents, nervous-in-front-of-thecamera-types) Ben Yew: I like to relax my subjects by using conversation, get them talking comfortably, and then I can get my portrait shots. Junebug: Best advice youve ever received about being an artist?Ben Yew: Dont forget to have fun or play!


Junebug: What is the best possible/your favorite reaction from a client when you deliver their images? Ben Yew: O..M..G! and just speechless.Junebug: How do you know youve done a great job for your wedding clients?Ben Yew: When they start referring all their friends and relatives who are getting married soon. Junebug: What are looking forward to most right now? Ben Yew: Going on a holiday with my family and spending more quality time with them. Thank you Ben for sharing your breathtaking work with us today! xoxo, Sarah

RIGHT -Blue Glass Moment Laurelville Manor, Western Australia While I was directing the couple for another shot, I realised there is a nice window to shoot through from, I love how the blue sky reflected on the glass window. I have always been a fan of soft imagery, shooting through the glass window with a light blue tint is what I was going for. I have added a bit of texture while processing this image.

Getting Ready

- Waiting Laurelville Manor, WA This shot actually taken in the bathroom from the brides main bedroom. That is the only part of the room that have such awesome natural light coming in. As I work a lot of lights, this is exactly what I was after. I have added some textures and hope to bring out a little more vintage look in this portrait.

GEtting ready

- Final Preparation Donnybrook, WA. I love luminous portraits, but this time, I am took it a little further. I wanted it to look a little painterly and blurry so that the focus can be the entire image instead of just her wearing her shoes. The light colours works well with the natural lights.

Minimalist Portraits

- Love Under The Peppi Tree Cape of Love, Dunsborough, WA I love this tree. I wanted the light to lit the tree up to create the perfect enviroment for the couple to be in. I am into minimal portraits that tells a story. Its also about capturing the enviroment.

Find that which makes you happy and go there.

BRidal party

- A Little Bridal Party Fun -

Bridal party having a bit of fun during the session. Normally after the ceremony, most people will feel more relaxed. That is the time to have some fun. I love getting everyone comfortable in front of my lens by sharing some jokes.

Celebrating love





Above you are the stars and below you is the earth. Like the stars, your love should be a constant source of light. Like the earth, your love should be a firm foundation from which to grow.


I love not to have the complete control on the images I capture.


Wow Ben Yew! I love these so much. It's hard to put into words how you feel about someone. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...these photos are worth a trillion words to me.

Carlie Hepworth

"Ben Yew makes my day. It never fails. When I see his name appear in our submissions, I would be lying if I said I didnt rush to open whatever he sent our way. Because I know when I do, I get to unwrap love stories captured in the sweetest of fashions. Where every moment seems magical. Well, it made me renew my membership, once again, to the Ben Yew fan club. Its perfection." STYLE ME PRETTY


Get ready to fall in love with this gorgeous couple through their tender and romantic engagement session by Ben Yew Photography. The light in these images is just incredible and enhances the passionate, loving emotion that these two lovebirds exude. I am just enamored by the entire collection. - Style Me Pretty -

Weddn guide Asia Interview

One look at the photographs Ben Yew takes, and you know he believes in love. And as odd as this may sound, this belief in true love is something you really want in the person you entrust with capturing those special, intimate moments on your big day. This super-talented Malaysian photographer is now based in Perth, Australia, but travel isnt o the books for him and his select and talented team, who comprise other photographers, videographers and a graphic designer and wedding coordinator. He explains his approach to wedding photography:What I love to do for every session is to capture the finest moment between couples. My style of photography is using natural light to create luminous and dreamy portraits and capturing intimate moment between couples. A seasoned photographer, Ben quickly realised the secret ingredient which could turn a photoshoot of two people into something magic:The most important part of every image that I produce besides looking beautiful surroundings, awesome natural lighting is to capture the real moment and chemistry between couples in love. As part of his process, Ben says he takes the time to get to know each couples story well especially about their romance to help recreate the feelings they felt when they first fell in love.Its always nice to hear the challenges they faced and their memorable moments together; this guides and prepares them for the photography session. Inspired by moving stories, music and his awesome clients, Ben says the best part of his job was presenting the final product to clients and have them become emotionally moved by the images and scenes captured. Aww! Ben reflects on what makes things picture perfect:For me, the photography session has to be fun, quirky, romantic and most importantly, memorable for every couple. The session itself should create sweet memories for them to look back later and the images that they receive after would bring back smiles and romantic feelings they have for each other. When it comes to the time for you to pick a photographer to have the privilege (because it really is!) to capture the most poignant and intimate moments of your special day, Ben has this advice to share:Look for a photographer that connects well with you, beautiful images images is not everything, it must be a combination of beautiful and meaningful images. By connecting well with the right photographer, they will be able to bring out the best in you. With his keen eye for detail and genuine interest in each couples love stories, its no wonder Bens been garnering rave reviews from the couples he photographs!


- STAY WITH ME Bunker Bay, Dunsborough, WA When I create images, its not about getting technically perfect images. The finest moment is most important for me. Capturing the environment that tells a story and making viewers feel comfortable is what I am after.


- ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE Cottesloe Beach, WA I have always love sessions by the beach. It is always the open spaces and somehow the sound of waves helps relax everyone. Capturing by the beach is all about timing. Timing must be perfect, just before sunset and at a spot where they will have some privacy.


A Kiss Is (More Than) Just a Kiss For some reason, lighthouse always make me feel comfortable. Maybe because its always by the sea, you hear the waves, the birds and the wind blowing. As you can probably tell, in order to create a good image, its a combination of everything. Relaxed Environment. Perfect Timing. Finest Moment

A truly romantic engagement photo should focus on the natural interaction between the couple. It doesnt need to get very dramatic, but the couple should completely focus on each other and just stay in their own world.

"You are going to love all the captivating and sweet scenes captured by the talented Ben Yew Photography. Ben Yew presented the love and warmth found in weddings beautifully through his soft, romantic, and artistic style" Praise Wedding

With Love + light.

- JUST AS YOU ARE Dunsborough, WA I have always love the greens and I always make sure I lit their love with light.


HugS with love

-LeftTrue Aection. Windy Harbour, WA When couples hug, its not just a hug. I need to make sure they really feel the hug. I make them feel that they really need to hug the way their heart feels their love for each other.


An expression of ones deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person intimately.




Fine Art Weddings  

The Finest Moment

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