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1- CD 2- CACC ICAN Flyer 3- Typograpy 4- Breaking traditions 5- Visual Puns 6- Animal Remix 7- Art in the Round 8- Infographic 9- EDP 10- 3 Page Magazine Spread 11- Zou Nation 12- True/False Logo 13- Menu 14- Resume 15


Our CD project was one of my favorites because I love bringing things to life in illustrator. I play guitar, so i took a piture of myself and turned it into an illustration for my dark room records CD project and this is what i came up with. I was really proud of how it turned out.


The CACC ICAN Flyer was alot of fun for me becasue it was an illustrator project. The logo that was already made went really well with the background I came up with and the tri-color in the back gives it almost a 3-dimentional feel that i really like.


The typography was the first project we did this year. We took an album cover that we astetically enjoyed and recreated it using only type letters. Had a lot of fun with this project and did a lot of bragging to my friends because I liked it so much.


Breaking traditions was around the time that i was having the most fun with this class. I love illustrator and InDesign and I able to use skills from both programs to create a poster that resembled the prompt I was gven in a very unique way. The chains in the back represent a breaking traditinos and the bottom left corner shows some breaking as well. I think that they different shades of grey provided enough contrast but not too much color to distract the viewer.

Visual Puns

Visual puns was a nice and easy project that began out work in photoshop for the year. This was probably the easiest project we did all year but was really informative and helpful on introduing us to new tools in Photoshop that we didnt use last year in Digital Media. one of the few photoshop projects we did.

Animal Reimx

Animal Remix was my favorite prhotoshop project of the year. It allowed us to utulize all the new tools and skills we learned in photoshop so far througout the year and turned out really well. I liked using the shading and brightness editior to make the bear/racoon the most.

Art in the Round

Art in the round was another one of my favorite projects because i love InDesign. I liked being able alot of creative freedom and coming up with a creative way to compune all the key points of the project together into major focal points.


Easily tied with my favorite project of the year, and this is because of the creative freedom we were given in illustrator for this project. All of these pictures that are illustrated in this infographic are pictures that I took or were taken of me. I recreated them as vector graphic and turned them into one of my favorite school projects to date.


EDP was one of the bigger projects of the year because there was so many additions to the original logo recreation project, such as a letterhead, postcard, and envelope. It was fun though, and I created a pun in the new logo that I thought was pretty clever and looked nice.

3 Page Magazine Spread

The 3 page magazie spread let me create a tribute in a way, to one of my favorite arsits. I was able to make a magazine for a country artist in an age where all the media is about rap and nobody cares about the old and better country. I really enjoyed compiling images and finding ways to make the msot inportant parts stand out, while including his top 10 songs for those who havent heard of Merle Haggard.

Zou Nation

Honestly, my favorite part of this project was getting inside information on the mizzou basketball players, rather than actuall making the magazine. There were too many constraints on the project for me to fully enjoy making it, however it wasnt all that terrible and I think it came out very well for something that i didnt have much insparation to do. It was a long project so I only included some of the highlights above.


The true/false logo was one of my favorite projects of Graphic Design. I spent alot of time coming up with a creative way to combine the logo and a weather theme and I think I correctly used the design principles well and created a fairly simple logo.


This menu project was fun becasue I love illustrator, and the person I was paired up with wanted a western theme for his menu, which I prefered to make. We had similiar desgin preferences so it was really easy to work with him, however he never gave me the items he wanted on the menu, so I wasnt able to complete the assigment fully.


Portfolio Ben Newton  
Portfolio Ben Newton