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First Update 

A 24 Year old woman who wishes to remain anonymous has condemned the justice system because her attacker is still to be sentenced.

She was walking home from a nightclub last year, when she was subject to a vicious sexual assault.

Despite attempts, the attack was stopped by police responding to a 999 call.

Her attacker, a Latvian national, pleaded guilty to attempted rape a few weeks later,

but the case has now been adjourned 11 times. Due to these facts, the victim said she felt that the attacker has been treated better than her.

Second Update 

The four teenagers were hospitalized after an accident when they were riding in a Black Mini that crashed into several other vehicles in Moneyrow Green late on Friday night. The car was found to be stolen and as well as colliding with other vehicles it also collided into a telegraph pole.

The girl and two of the boys, aged 15 and 17 were immediately taken to Wexham Park hospital before the 15 year old boy was referred to John Radcliffe to be treated for serious injurys.

The 16 year old boy fled the scene before later being arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking and other driving offences at an address in Maidenhead. The 17 year old was also arrested for similar offences. The teenagers have been bailed until Sunday, June 8.

Third Update 

Terry Wogan became a twitter target earlier this week.

Sally Bercow’s latest post is aimed at the Children in Need Presenter, it reads; “Terry Wogan just loves visiting Hampstead heath Gents toilets with young boys for the walk afterwards”. Followed by an innocent face.

This is not the first time she has made a social networking mistake, She libelled Lord McAlpine earlier in the Year and had to pay out £15,000.

Fourth Update 

A well know cocaine smuggler was found dead in a sealed in a barrel.

The 39 year old was lured to a meeting, tied up and beaten then stuffed into a barrel. The barrel was loaded onto a a truck and brought to Pendeford in Staffordshire and dumped into a hedgerow by the side of a country lane.

Whistleblower, detective went to senior officers with evidence of corruption and and malpractice by unit members, in ceses that included the killing.

Fifth Update 

The lawyer for former N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostablos has asked magistrates for an assault charge against her to be dropped.

The 25 year old denies assaulting a man at last year’s V Festival.

The alleged assult appears to date back to their ongoing fead, after her ex partner leaked a sextape, featuring Tulisa.

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