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Photography Presenta.on   Ben  Williamson  12031  and  Media   Produc.on      


In my  photograph,  I  have  captured  a  door   bolted  by  two  padlocks,  placed  either  end   of  the  frame.  I  am  happy  with  my   photograph  as  I  think  the  viewpoint  is  well   thought  about  and  is  taken  from  a  low   angle  to  make  it  appear  tall,  and  if   someone  were  looking  up  at  it.        In   addi;on  to  this,  one  of  the  subject  ma=ers   is  out  of  focus,  however  the  other  subject   ma=er  is  in  focus.  This  technique  creates   an  effect.  I  believe  both  the  subject   ma=ers  create  a  mysterious  mood  as  the   padlocks  are  bol;ng  the  door,  and   therefore  the  viewer  may  be  curious  or   suspicious  about  what’s  behind  the  door.     The  colours  are  harmonious  as  they  mix   well  together  and  are  a  selec;on  of  muted   colours;  black,  white  and  greys.     They  are  also  subtle  as  they  don’t  appear   domina;ng  and  are  not  bright  colours.    


I have  captured  a  windmill  in  my   photograph,  alongside  the  scenery   which  is  basically  the  trees,  bushes   and  flowers.  I’m  please    with  this   piece  of  photography  as  it  is  in   focus  and  also  shows  the  wide   range  of  colours,  and  the  subject   maHer  (the  windmill)  is  in  the   centre  of  the  photograph.  I  believe   this  photography  gives  off  a  sense   of  tranquillity  and  also  makes  the   viewer  feel  calm  as  it  contains   colours  that  are  oNen  associated   with  peace  and  happiness  and   have  connota.on  of  these  moods   and  emo.ons.  The  types  of   colours  in  my  photograph  are   dominant  and  I  believe  they  really   stand  out.    

Natural forms  

This photograph  shows  a   natural  form  as  it  is  a  plant,  and   plants  are  oNen  associated  with   nature.  I’m  happy  with  this   photograph  as  the  colours   stand  out  well  and  some  of  the   subject  maHers  are  not  in  focus   purposely  which  is  otherwise   known  as  depth  of  field  (large   aperture),  In  addi.on  to  this,   the  viewer  would  be  able  to   imagine  the  texture  as  the   edges  of  the  leaf  look  sharp.  I   believe  the  mood  of  this   photograph  is  quite  calm   however  it  contains  colours  that   have  connota.ons  of  different   emo.ons:  green  conveys  a   sense  of  jealousy  or  envy  and   red  symbolises  either  love  or   danger.  Also,  the  colours  are   dominant  as  they  stand  out.  

Induc;on Photos:   This  par.cular  photo  contains  several   different  subject  maHers  however  in   my  opinion  the  main  one  would  be  the   blimp,  the  other  subjects  maHers  are;   a  group  of  birds,  trees  and  also  a  brick   wall.  I  am  happy  with  this  photograph   as  it  is  a  well  .med  and  was  taken  at   the  point  where  the  blimp  was   amongst  the  birds.  I  also  believe  the   viewpoint  is  good  as  all  of  the  subjects   can  be  easily  seen.  This  image  conveys   a  calm  and  tranquil  mood  as  the  sky  is   a  light  shade  of  blue  and  blue  is  oNen   associated  with  tranquillity  and   peace.  The  birds  also  support  and   reinforce  the  idea  of  this  photograph   being  peaceful.  The  colours  in  this   photograph  are  subtle  as  the  majority   of  these  colours  are  quite  soN  and   light.    

Induc;on Photos:   In  this  photograph,  I  have  captured   two  subject  maHers;  a  man  made   structure  and  of  course  a  building  I   am  happy  with  my  photograph  as  it   contains  a  range  of  different  colours   and  I  believe  it  captures  the  viewers   eye  as  the  structure  is  the  main   focus,  however  the  building  is  a  good   addi.on  amongst  the  background.   Also  this  photograph  has  been   cropped  from  the  boHom  to  cut  out   other  objects  that  were  not  needed.  I   think  this  photograph  conveys  both   peaceful  and  calm  images  as  the   colours  blue  and  white  give  off  this.     I  think  the  colours  in  this   photography  are  subtle  as  they’re   quite  light  colours  and  are  not  harsh   or      

Induc;on Photos:   A  male  doing  a  backflip  is  what  I  have   captured  in  this  photograph,  and  this  is   shown  at  some  point  in  the  mo.on.  I  am   happy  with  my  photograph  however  I   believe  I  could  have  taken  it  from  a   different  viewpoint  and  possibly  created  a   background  containing  more  colours  and   more  objects.  And  therefore  it  may  have   stood  out  more,  also  his  feet  are  not   par.cularly  in  focus  however  this  shows   that  he  is  moving  and  in  mo.on.  I  believe   the  mood  of  this  photo  is  energe.c  and   promotes  a  sense  of  energy  as  the  subject   maHer  is  doing  a  backflip,  and  this  is   something  that  requires  a  large  amount  of   energy  or  adrenaline.  I  think  the  colours  in   this  photograph  are  dominant  as  the   colours  are  quite  dark  and  tend  to  stand   out  in  the  photo.    

Texture: I  have  captured  a  close  up  of  a  wooden   door,  which  clearly  shows  the  texture  of   the  wood,  and  appears  rough  and  jagged.   However  the  door  seems  out  of  focus  and   is  the  main  viewpoint  although  as  the   scenery  behind  the  door  is  in  focus,  it  also   captures  the  viewers  eye  and  stands  out.     I  believe  this  photograph  is  mysterious  the   viewer  can’t  completely  see  what’s  behind   the  door  and  therefore  it  adds  an  element   of  mystery  as  you  can  only  see  a  frac;on   of  what’s  behind  the  door.     The  colours  in  this  photo  are  subtle  and   the  majority  of  them  are  muted;  greys  and   browns.           Green  Leaf    Texture   Gabriel  Robledo     2nd  September  2008    


I have  captured  an  arm  of  the  windmill  dominated  by  birds,     I  am  happy  with  my  photograph  as  it  shows  windmill  arm   clearly,  which  of  course  is  the  main  subject  ma=er  and  one   that  will  get  the  viewers  a=en;on.  This  photograph  also   captures  a  diagonal  line  well  and  therefore  I  am  happy  with   it,  this  par;cular  type  of  line  tends  to  be  visually  dynamic   and  oNen  suggests  movement  and/or  excitement.  And  as   my  subject  is  a  windmill  arm,  it  adds  to  the  sense  of   movement  as  they  are  more  than  oNen  turning  and  in   mo;on.  The  birds  also  are  similar  to  the  windmill  and  add  to   the  sense  of  movement  as  they  are  normally  in  mo;on.     I  believe  my  photograph  gives  off  a  calm  mood,  this  is   because  it  contains  the  soothing  colours  of  blue  and  white   which  both  have  connota;ons  of  peace  and  tranquility.     Similar  to  before,  I  have  again  edited  my  photograph  in   colour,  decreased  the  brightness  and  increased  the  contrast,   in  order  to  make  the  colours  stand  out  more  and  a=ract  the   viewer.  And  to  also  draw  them  to  main  subject  ma=er  which   is  the  windmill  arm.    

Lunch Atop  a  Skyscraper   Username:  Balakov   17th  October  2007    


In my  photograph,  I  have  captured  a  door   and  some  scenery;  bushes,  trees  and  leafs,   each  of  them  are  rich  in  different  colours.     The  main  subject  ma=er  is  the  door,  and  it   appears  as  if  someone  was  looking  up  at  the   door,  and  the  viewpoint  symbolises  this  and   adds  a  sense  of  mystery  to  the  photograph.   The  viewer  can  also  get  a  sense  of  the   texture  which  would  indeed  be  rough  and   jagged  as  it  is  wood.   I  think  the  mood  of  my  photograph  is   mysterious  as  it  makes  the  viewer  curious   and  wonder  about  what  is  behind  the  door.   However,  the  green  colours  of  the  scenery   make  the  photo  seem  calm  and  tranquil.     The  edited  photograph  contains  colours  that   are  dominant  as  I  adjusted  and  improved  the   contrast  in  the  photo  to  make  the  colours   stand  out  amongst  the  others.        

Color collector   Username:  MojoFire   28th  May  2011    

Shape In  my  photograph,  I  have  captured  a  bruised  pear   amongst  grass  and  leaves  on  the  ground.  I  am  sa;sfied   with  this  par;cular  photograph  because  the  my  main   subject  (pear)  forms  a  circle  shape,  and  therefore   evidently  shows  how  shapes  can  exist  within  objects.   In  addi;on  to  this,  the  close-­‐up  of  the  pear  shows  the   texture  of  the  pear,  and  although  it  appears  to  be   smooth,  it  is  also  bruised.  The  viewpoint  of  this   photograph  seems  as  if  someone  is  standing  above  the   pear  and  because  the  pear  is  placed  on  the  ground,  it   could  possibly  give  the  impression  that  the  pear  has   fallen  out  of  the  tree.  I  would  describe  my  photograph   as  both  peaceful  and  calm,  and  I  believe  the  bright   colours  convey  these  moods  and  the  par;cular  type  of   green  featured  in  my  image,  is  considered  to  be  the   tradi;onal  colour  of  peace.  My  photograph  contains   dominant  colours  and  ones  that  stand  out  as  they  are   bright  and  eye  catching.  However  the  colours  are  also   harmonious  as  the  different  types  of  greens  (bright,   dark  and  regular)  go  well  successfully  and  they  also   blend  in  with  the  browns.    


Marbles Evy  Johansen   12th  August  2003 Space   I  have  captured  a  picture  of  the  sky   amongst  the  scenery;  trees,  bushes  and   lampposts.  These  are  the  three  focus   points,  and  the  sun  really  catches  the   viewers  eye  as  it  is  bright  and  stands  out.     I  am  quite  happy  with  my  photograph  as   it  contains  a  large  amount  of  nega;ve   space  and  various  bright  colours,  I  think   my  photograph  conveys  the  moods  of   calm  and  tranquility.  In  addi;on  to  this,   my  photograph  contains  dominant   colours  that  stand  out  because  I  have   decreased  the  brightness  in  my  photo,   and    increased  the  contrast  to  make  the   main  subject  ma=er  brighter  and  to  make   it  stand  out,  this  is  also  used  to  draw    the   viewer  into  the  centre  of  the  photograph.     Oranges  and  Yellows  on  Blue   Vikram  Ramakrishnan   24th  August  2010    

The End Thank you  for  viewing   my  presenta5on  

Face to Face Presentation  

Different photographs taken and analysed and also compared with other photographs