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BENWICK PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION The Benwick Photography Competition ran from the beginning of October to the end of November, with the purpose of raising money for the Village Hall. I managed to secure two sponsors for the competition, March Stationery & Print, who supplied the main prize of a Digital Camera, and Whitehall Plastics who supplied all the other prizes. With this sponsorship it meant that all entry money was profit and funds could easily be raised. In total only 23 photos were entered into the competition, with many people entering twice. This meant that £46 was raised for the Village Hall. The winner of the adult category was Albert Sismey with a beautiful photo taken from the Bridge after heavy snow, the winner for the Children’s category was Laura Pottinger with a shot of the High Street. They each won a different digital camera. Adult Category Winners: 1 – Albert Sismey 2 – Richard Emmitt 3 – Chris Paice Runners Up: Janet Fountain, Christine Rickards, Carolyne Pottinger and Joyce Webster. Children Category Winners: 1 – Laura Pottinger 2 – Rebecca Paice 3 – Kieran Pottinger Runners Up: Kieran Pottinger and Laura Pottinger All photos can be seen on I hope to run the competition again this year, maybe for a different village organisation.

FRIENDS OF BENWICK SCHOOL Please note the following fundraising events that will be held shortly, further information to be provided nearer the time: Quiz Night Car Boot Clothes Collection

Saturday March 1st Sunday April 13th (donations requested) Weds April 16th (side room village hall from 9am) (black bags only, shoes in separate bag please)

If you have any donations for the car boot please contact Teresa Goulding on 677629 or Hannah Shaw on 677321.

MONTHLY DRAW RESULTS November 2007 1st Prize 2nd Prize

Janet Gillet £100 Caroline Burgess £55.25

December 2007 1st Prize 2nd Prize

Mrs Savage £100 Louise Elmer £50

Thank you to all those who supported the competition.

THE LILYHOLT ROAD CHRISTMAS TREASURE HUNT The Lilyholt Road Christmas Treasure Hunt was another competition to raise money for the Village Hall. It was simple to enter, people needed to buy a square (or squares) at £1 per square, and if the square they picked was a winning square they won the prize for that square. Sponsored by Greenvale, there was a 1 in 6 chance of winning a prize. I tried to cover the whole village when I went door knocking, and I managed to sell 238 squares, meaning that £238 was raised for the Village Hall. The top prize was a Digital Radio (won by Doreen Guy, Chapel Gardens) and the other top prizes were a DVD Player (won by J. Coe, Bakehouse Close) and a set of 5 Walkabout House Phones (won by Lisa Beevor, River Close). Other prizes included bottles of wine, tins of Roses and Quality Street, The Guinness World Records and loads more ranging down to the festive treat of a pair of socks! All prizes were wrapped up and delivered on Christmas Eve, photographed right is Doreen Guy being presented with her prize. Again thank you to all those who supported. Adam Keppel-Garner 18


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The Benwick Bugle 1.7 - February 2008  

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