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Danny's IT career started in the Royal Navy where he was a computer and radar technician for 13 years. When leaving the Navy he was an IT manager in a large technology college, then network and security administrator for a software development company in Cambridge. For natural career progression he took the position of IT manager for a large national childcare company. It was during this period when Danny felt it was the right time to start his own business and provide a friendly and professional service to local businesses based on a Pay-As-You-Go basis as opposed to a support contract. During his career Danny has gained numerous computer qualifications including Microsoft certified engineer, security administrator and is also a professional member of the British Computer Society. The majority of our work is for businesses large and small, single computers to multi-server networks. These companies are mostly based in the East Anglia region but we also provide remote support nationwide. In May 2007, Ensign Solutions gained Microsoft Small Business accreditation and also became a partner and authorised re-seller of Internet Safety Software ContentProtect and Net Nanny which provides safe internet surfing especially for children. In November 2007, we launched a new arm of the business extending our services to residents in Benwick and the surrounding areas. This has been quite a success and have helped young and old with allsorts of PC problems including installing wireless networks, computer upgrades, virus protection and even lessons on how to use the computer ie, file management, email, internet browsing etc. If you feel that Ensign Solutions can help you with any of your computer related problems, please contact us by either phoning 677553, email or visit the website


soil of Benwick played a part in the future of the Church; the subsidence gradually caused the church to be lost, firstly in the 60’s when the Spire and Tower were removed, then in 1979 the Nave was condemned, and finally, in 1985, St. Mary’s was demolished.

Photo showing some of the damage to St. Mary’s due to subsidence

When St. Mary’s was demolished many of the windows went to Doddington Church, and the door went to a church in Peterborough. This was written by Adam KeppelGarner and information and photos taken from his Benwick website Online there is even more information and a collection of photos of St. Mary’s. If you have any more information or photos about the Churches and Chapels Benwick once had, please contact Adam on 01354 677494 or


It’s a good thing that God above Has never gone on strike Because He wasn’t treated fair, Or things He didn’t like. If He had ever once sat down And thought “That’s it, I’m through, So, this is what I’ll do”. I’ll give my orders to the sun – “Cut of the heat supply”. And to the moon, “Give no more Light” And to the oceans “Dry”. Then, to make it tough And put the pressure on, “Turn off the air and oxygen till every breath is gone”. Do you know that, He’d be justified If fairness was the game, For no-one has been more abused Or treated with disdain Than God – and yet He carries on Supplying you and me With all the favours of his grace And everything for free. Workers say they want a better deal And so on strike they go But what a deal we’ve given God To whom we hurt and harm To gain the things we like. What a mess we’d all be in, If God should go on strike. Submitted by the Friends of Benwick Church (Taken from the church magazine, Chapel St Mary)

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The Benwick Bugle 1.7 - February 2008  

The seventh edition of the Benwick Bugle

The Benwick Bugle 1.7 - February 2008  

The seventh edition of the Benwick Bugle