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Delivered free to homes in Benwick. Also available from the Five Alls Pub, Benwick School and Benwick Village Hall


EDITORIAL Welcome to this issue of the Bugle. We hope you’ve had a good summer. Thanks to Emily Shepperson who made it just a little bit different for Benwick with her Oasis Dream Lunch! The Sun newspaper has a report online along with pictures and a video - never thought that Benwick would be in a national newspaper! The link to the report is a bit long to reproduce here, but if you go to the Benwick Bugle website at you can click on a link from the home page. Some bits of news to point out in this issue. If you’re a visitor to the mobile library, please note the change of days and times that it will be coming to Benwick - see below. Fenland District Council has a funding stream open at the moment for voluntary or not for profit groups - you can apply for up to £5000 for core funding or projects. See page 12 for details but be quick - the deadline for applications is 8th October and there are a number of things you’ll need to pull together for the application. If you’re a keen gardener and often find yourself in the position of having a glut of your produce, check out the new organisation Lourish on page 10 - it could be just what you need. The Scouts have changed their meeting day from Thursday to Tuesday. If you’re between 10 and 14 years of age and interested, or you’re 18 or over and might be interested in helping, go to page 24 for contact details. The next issue will be the December/January one, ideal for promoting your Christmas events. You can start sending in your submissions any time, but by November 20th at the latest please.

Jane New Mobile Library Times From October 2010 the Mobile Library will be visiting Benwick on the second Thursday of the month, stopping at the following locations: Doddington Road Arrive 9.45am, Depart 10.00am Chapel Gardens Arrive 10.05am, Depart 10.20am Village Hall Arrive 10.25am, Depart 10.45am For enquiries ring 0345 045 5225

Benwick Outreach Post Office

An Outreach Post Office service operates in Benwick. All the services of a normal post office, from sending your letters, buying your stamps or collecting your pension.



CAMBRIDGESHIRE CELEBRATES AGE 2010 Events in your area to celebrate ‘International Day of Older People’

TEA DANCE & SING-A-LONG With Refreshments and Raffle Wednesday 27th October 2.00 - 4.30pm Benwick Village Hall £2.00 per person Contact Janet Fountain 01354 677228

Free Film Shows for the Over 50s As part of Cambridgeshire Celebrates Age month Fenland Arts are pleased to put on a series of film showings across the Fenland villages during October. All these films are for the over 50's and are FREE to attend. Monday 4th October

Letters to Juliet Doddington Village Hall, 1-2.50pm (doors open at 12.30pm)

An American girl on vacation in Italy finds an unanswered "letter to Juliet" -- one of thousands of missives left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which are typically answered by a the "secretaries of Juliet" -- and she goes on a quest to find the lovers referenced in the letter, staring Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried

Tuesday 26th October

Mamma Mia Benwick Village Hall 1-2.50pm (doors open at 12.30pm)

The story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father told using hit songs by the popular '70s group ABBA, starting Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Julie Walters There are other showings of these films in different villages around Fenland, for more information please visit or call 01354 652769.



Benwick Young People in North Sea Tall Ships Regatta Benwick young people Cherilyn Hoffman, Tom Levicki and Philip Taylor, along with James Geddes from Wisbech, had a summer holiday with a difference this year, taking part in the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta. Organised through their Explorer Scout units and arranged through Sail Training International, the four of them were on board the The Ocean Scout for the race which started in Hartlepool, UK on 11 August and finished in Ijmuiden, Netherlands on 17 August where ships joined other vessels in preparation for the Parade of Sail into Amsterdam. Tom Levicki recounts his experiences here: When we first arrived on the boat everyone definitely knew that it would take some time to get their sea legs. Before we left on our voyage we were all very excited, we all wanted to leave straight away! On the first day of sailing we hit decent weather and I thought that this might be easy sailing throughout the journey, but I was mistaken. We came across some very harsh winds and rain which hurt when they hit! The boat being rocked side to side made it a very difficult task to sleep, which isn’t great when we only had a few hours sleep at one time. Everyone, even the skipper, felt sea sick. Some people had it worse than others, it was horrible having to wake up after only 3 hours of sleep, if you could get any at all. Every time I woke up for my shift I had to get out of bed and get dressed as fast as I possibly could, since being below deck when the boat was rocking as much as it was, I would have been sick! It was probably the worst I have ever felt in my life, being constantly tired and completely drained of energy. But even knowing all that, I would definitely do it all again. I saw and did things which I’ll never forget, seeing huge ships in the distance while the sun set, steering the boat (which did not go too well!). My favourite moment from the whole experience was coming into Amsterdam surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of other boats all crammed into this tiny bit of water. Definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I advise anyone who thinks they might enjoy it to go one day.

The crew aboard The Ocean Scout


Classics Restaurant

7, Station Road, Manea Tel 01354 680363

Have you tried Classics for a relaxed evening out with good food and service ? 3 course Fish Supper Thursday 7th October £23.00 Thursdays in November for the next STEAK SPECIAL Christmas menus available ~ bookings now being taken for a copy of our menus, or to make a booking ring 01354 680 363

Tel: 01354 741508 NIC EIC Approved Contractor

P.J.ELECTRICS Domestic + Commercial + Industrial + Agricultural Installation and Maintenance PAT Testing

Alarm Systems



AUTUMN SHOW Thank-you to all villagers who supported the Autumn Show. We had some lovely displays of artwork, homemade and home grown produce, needlework, photography and flower arrangements. WELL DONE to the overall winners: Albert Sismey Eleanor Baxter The money raised will go to the village hall. We look foward to more people taking part next year! Autumn Show committee: Angela Chelton,Lesley Rushbrook,Marie Andrew,Suzanne Turner and Gill Thomas

Coffee, Cake and a Chat! Meet friends old and new! In the Side Room of the Village Hall, from 2 till 4pm. Thursday 14th October Thursday 11th November



Ethical new website turns ‘food shopping’ into ‘food swapping’ Have you got too many tomatoes? More marrows than you know what to do with? Made pickle, filled your freezer and no idea what to do with the rest? – an innovative new website just launched by Cambridgeshire gardener and web developer Dave Bower, 34 - aims to help gardeners who grow their own fruit and vegetables cope with seasonal gluts, reduce waste, save money and cut food miles simply by helping them swap their surplus fruit and veg with people in their local area. “We had a glut of cucumbers in summer 2009 and after eating, pickling and giving lots away it looked like the rest was destined for the compost heap”, recalls Dave. “It seemed such a waste of great home-grown produce, I thought there must be people just a stone’s throw away facing a similar dilemma who would love some fresh, healthy produce – I just didn’t know who or where they were!” And so the idea for was born, a simple website to help people exchange their excess edibles. Dave left his job as a website developer in the height of the recession and got to work building Lourish for the benefit of gardeners everywhere. Lourish launched at the start of August and was an immediate hit. “The response to Lourish has been amazing, we’ve already got hundreds of people swapping not only fruit and veg like plums and courgettes but also things like eggs, jam, seedlings and even manure” said Dave. “If people start swapping instead of shopping, Lourish will cut waste and reduce the food miles of dinners up and down the country – we could turn ‘grow your own’ into ‘share your own’!” The website is free to join and there is no cost involved for anyone to swap their produce. It’s open to anyone over the age of 16 and members can swap anything home-produced, growable and edible from fruit and veg to plants and seeds. Full details are on the site. Lourish is a social enterprise which aims to combine communities' back gardens, allotments and smallholdings into a sustainable local food network on everyone's doorstep. Lourish was recently featured on BBC Look East, Anglia News, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and the Cambridge News. The Lourish website address is

Stuff you don't need? Don’t throw it away – give it away! You might not need that old sofa or wheelbarrow any more – but there might be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, someone nearby might have one! 10

Forget-Me Not Club For Over 55s. Meetings 1st Thursday of the month in the Village Hall at 6.30pm Contacts:

Anne Wall 01354 661327, Janet Fountain 01354 677228, Olive Benfield, 01354 677741

7th October

Games Evening. Competition - Unusual Egg Cup

4th November

Bingo. Open to all; good prizes. Eyes Down 7.15pm

23rd November

Outing to London, visiting the Toy Museum, the Olympic Park at Stratford, Somerset House Ice Rink and the Christmas Lights.

2nd December

Christmas Party. 6.00pm start.


FENLAND COMMUNITY GRANTS SCHEME 2011/12 It's that fantastic time of year again when Fenland District Council officially launch their Community Grants Fund and we are inviting community groups to apply for our funding! We have a total pot of £100,000- (£25,000 from Roddons Housing Association and £75,000 from Fenland District Council which amounts to £25,000 allocation per Neighbourhood Management Board Area). Each Neighbourhood Management Board assesses applications for their local area to ensure that local people have an active role to decision making. This new assessment process has been very exciting. The Community Grants fund has continued to help small projects across Fenland provide essential services for local residents and we would like your help to make this year a bumper year of applications. If you work/volunteer for a community group, know a community group in your parish or have a project which you need funding up to (a suggested amount) of £5,000 then this could be your opportunity to bid into our pot. The projects must support outcomes within the Sustainable Community Strategy as follows; ● Fenland’s children and young people‐ to enable children and young people to have the best possible start in life, to be healthy, stay safe, make a positive contribution, enjoy and achieve and achieve economic well-being. ● Safer Fenland‐ help to make Fenland a safer place to live by reducing anti‐social behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse etc. ●  A  sustainable  Fenland  environment  ‐  Working  together  to  create  a  clean  and  healthy environment as well as combat climate change. ● Fenland’s community health and social well‐being‐ to deliver services which help to develop the health and social well-being of local residents. ● Fenland’s Economic and Sustainable Community development‐ to promote the growth of local businesses, enable residents to have access to high quality training and education. Enable a thriving and cohesive local community. If you are considering submitting an application and you would like a bit of guidance in filling it in then please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development Team. If successful the funding allocation will not be made until April 2011 i.e. the next financial year.

The deadline for applications is Friday 8th October If you would like an application pack and guidance notes please contact Steve Drew on 01354 654321, email or write to Fenland District Council. Fenland Hall. County Road, March. PE15 8NQ



Rev’d Val Fernanadez, The Rectory, Ingles Lane, Doddington, March, Cambs. PE15 0TE 01354 742715 E.mail:

‘Ritings from the Rectory It is harvest time once again and again this year church buildings are beautifully decorated and harvest celebrated as we continue to thank God for the wonderful provision which we are so fortunate to experience here in the Fenlands. I marvel at the constancy of nature and the way that season follows season with amazing regularity. Summer has now given way to autumn and it truly is a lovely season. The leaves are major part of it, I think. Those magical colours - such artistry. We have not experienced too many crisp, frosty mornings yet but at the rate the weather is changing it will not be long before we do. So it is - quietly, without fanfare, God graciously moves, taking us from summer to autumn. A time to think about those jobs in the garden that really should not be put off and yet the weather is not our best ally for this. Those weeds that really must be gotten rid of before too much longer. The bushes and shrubs that ought to be pruned, and soon. Those plants which need to be gently transferred to the greenhouse for over-wintering before the real frosts set in. All the other little 'just' jobs that we really will be around to - one day. Already the shops are telling us that we should be, at least, thinking about Christmas. Well at least that part of Christmas which is totally commercial, with each outlet trying to outdo all others in tempting us to purchase their products now - just in case. Just in case of what, we may wish to stop and ask. In case they run out; in case we change our minds if we give ourselves time to think; or simply in case we find something better? As we think of the regularity of the seasons, each in its correct place, each with its own particular joys and sadness, what about our own lives. How jumbled is yours at the present time? Where are your thoughts heading? If, like mine, they are darting every which way then maybe we need to sit down for a moment and ponder awhile. Human knowledge is awesome. We can explore outer space; replace major human body organs; split atoms; program the most elaborate computer systems. Yet when it comes to tomorrow, our knowledge plummets to zero. Our thoughts jumble as we wonder which tomorrow to think about. Quite simply and in absolute reality we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow remains the mysterious 'x' factor. and it may not even arrive! We can speculate, we can dread, we can dream - but we do not know. Yet the God who set the seasons on their ever-rolling, never changing course has it all held firmly in his hand, and you along with it - if you choose to let him. Thank the Lord for the faithfulness and constancy of his great love and infinite power and let your faith and trust rest not on human wisdom but on the power of God. Sheila Tooke (Retired Priest) 14

Services during October 3rd October 18th after Trinity 09.30 Harvest Festival, Doddington 09.30 Holy Communion, Benwick 11.15 Morning Prayer, Wimblington Friday 8th October 19:30 St Mary’s Doddington Friday Night Live An informal service for those who enjoy a livelier style of worship 10th October 19h after Trinity 09:30 Holy Communion, Doddington 09:30 Holy Communion, Benwick 11:15 Holy Communion, Wimblington 17:00 Time 4t, Wimblington (an informal service followed by Bring ‘n’ Share Tea) Friday 15th October 09:30 BCP Holy Communion, Wimblington 17th October 20th after Trinity 09:30 Holy Communion, Doddington 11:15 Family Holy Communion, Wimblington 24th October Bible Sunday 09:30 Holy Communion, Doddington 11:15 Holy Communion, Wimblington Friday 29th October 09:30 BCP Holy Communion, Wimblington 31st October 11.00 St Peter’s March Deanery Confirmation Service (no services in Benefice) From the Registers Weddings For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:5 John Cronin & Veronica Casey Baptisms and Thanksgivings Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” If you would like to know more about our services of Baptism and Thanksgiving please contact Revd Val Fernandez Funerals Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the following, whose funerals we have taken recently or who live in the Parish: Winifred Isabella Evans Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God.”


Cambridge Festival of Ideas The Festival of Ideas returns for a third year with over 170 mostly free events for all ages! The Festival, which celebrates the arts, humanities and social sciences, will take place from Wednesday 20 October – Sunday 31 October 2010. Explore polar exploration, UFOs, palaeontology, language, politics, music and much more at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. With over 170 mostly free events taking place throughout the two weeks – you will find something for everyone. Discover all aspects of the arts, humanities and social sciences through performances, film screenings, hands on activities, talks and workshops. The Festival of Ideas is brought to you by the team behind the Cambridge Science Festival. Join us on Saturday 23 October for a whole day of insightful discussions, informative talks and hands on activities for all ages. Jacqueline Wilson will talk about her life and works, graduate students will discuss their research and children can experience life in Prehistory. Enjoy our series of evening Spotlight Talks on thought provoking and often contentious topics, including: ‘The Future of finance’, ‘Is the West losing its power?’ and ‘The future of the book’. Other events of particular interest include: From hieroglyphs to txt: scripts, language and the brain What can writing tell us about how languages work and how the mind works? How we became modern When did the West become modern and what brought about the change? Drumming workshop The Drumming workshop is back by popular demand! This is your opportunity to learn to play rhythms from Haiti and Brazil. The talks and events will be held in university lecture halls, museums, art galleries and other venues around the town. The aim is to open up the University to the public and inspire people to learn more about the ideas in arts, humanities and social sciences which have shaped and are shaping the world. For more information and a programme, please call: 01223 766766 or visit: Bookings for Festival of Ideas events open on Monday 6 September.


Starting every other Wednesday 22nd September th 6 and 20th October 3rd and 17 th November 1st, 15th and 20 th December Time 1.00 – 2.00pm The session is for parents/carers and their children aged 0-5 Exceptions will be made for older siblings to attend within the school holidays For further information contact Whittlesey and district children’s centre on


Disability Cambridgeshire (formerly Directions Plus) will hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 28th October 11am- 1pm at The Meadows Community Centre, St Catharines Rd, Cambridge CB4 3XJ. The guest speaker is Steve McIntosh, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Carers UK. For further information please phone Disability Cambridgeshire 01480 839192 or email

Doddington Patient Participation Group We are currently raising funds to purchase a 24 hour Blood Sugar Monitor for the surgery to help in the treatment of patients with Diabetes. This machine will cost approximately £4000. As you will have seen in previous reports, to help raise these funds we are holding a Dinner Dance with an Auction of Promises on SATURDAY 16th October at the Neale -Wade School. Tickets for this essential event are just £25 per head for a sit down meal and wine at the table. To book your tickets please contact either Doreen Lenton on 01354 658 910 or Tim Hollaway on 01354 680 764. It promises to be a very exciting evening with something for everyone. Our next meeting is on Thursday 14th October at the Doddington Surgery at 6.30 – all patients of the practice are welcome. Grant Barlow Chairman 10 Cypress Close, Doddington Tel 078 678 05 785


GIEVES UNISEX CUTTING AND STYLING INGLES LANE, DODDINGTON - TEL: 01354 741284 Unisex Cutting and Styling - Colours/Hi-Lites - Perms/Sets - Ear Piercing - REDKEN Retail All of Our Prices Include: Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Products by REDKEN

SALON OPENING HOURS: MON 9am-5pm - TUE 9am-5pm - WED Closed -THUR 9am-5pm - FRI 8.30am-6pm - SAT 9am-1pm





Paul Braybrooke

OIL FIRED BOILER ENGINEER Boiler Servicing Breakdown Service

Commissions Tank Replacements

Phone 01353 777788 07946 735691


The History of Benwick in Print and On Screen Benwick Bygones Benwick Bygones is the brilliant book, covering the history of Benwick. It was released in September 2008, and is currently on the third edition. It runs to 266 pages, covering all aspects of the village, from the early history, the Village as it was years ago, as well as The Church of St. Mary, The Chapels, The School and so much more. The books is full of rare photographs, from colour photographs of the church, to photographs of every pub which once adorned the High Street. The book also contains photographs of different School classes, from the 1920's right up to 2008. The book has received a very positive response from all who have read it, who have enjoyed renewing memories, and seeing themselves, friends or family in the book.

Bygone Benwick Bygone Benwick is the DVD featuring stunning footage of Benwick in the 1970's and 1980's, which was filmed by Lil Clifton. The DVD was originally on video, but has been digitalised, a new soundtrack added, and as a bonus feature, the DVD now includes the footage filmed at the Book Launch of Benwick Bygones! Footage includes the last scenes of the Church of St. Mary's, including it being demolished, the Jubilee celebrations in 1977, the School Cententery in 1973 as well as a load of scenes from farms in Benwick - showing how it all USED to be done! All the film is in colour, and was filmed on an old cinefilm camera. The Book is priced £12.50 and the DVD £7.50. Both are available from Janet Fountain on 677228. Postage is £2.50 for each of them, but if you are buying together, or more than one copy then contact Janet for a combined postage discount, or arrange to collect them yourself. 22


Jane Levicki, 2 River Close, Benwick, Cambs PE15 0XZ

Tel: 01354 677869 Submissions Benwick individuals or groups may submit items for publication, free of charge. We are happy to publish reports on group activities and events, publicity for forthcoming events, stories, poems …. and much more!!! Digital submissions are preferred, emailed to . Hard copies also acceptable, to the address above. We can also help with preparing submissions; please contact to discuss. Please note that submissions may be edited.

Business Advertising Costs - Bimonthly Magazine ¼ A5 page (approx 6cm x 9cm) ½ A5 page (approx 9cm x 12.25cm) Full A5 page (approx 12.25cm x 19cm) Inside Cover full page Back Cover full page

£6.50 £12.00 £20.00 £25.00 £27.00

10% discount on multiple adverts taken out and paid for in bulk

All magazine adverts include a free listing on the Local Business pages of the website. Charities and non-profit making organisations are eligible for a 50% discount on advertising. Please indicate if this applies to you. To advertise, please send details and payment to the address above. Adverts must be paid for in advance. Adverts/payments that miss the copy deadline will be deferred until the next publication. Cheques should be made payable to Jane Levicki. We can also accept Paypal payments - please see the Advertising page on the website or contact us for details. Format Adverts are preferred in digital format but we can accept hard copy. They will be reproduced in grayscale. Hard copies should be sent with payment, digital copies should be sent to or supplied on disc. We can accept several formats, including pdf and jpeg. If in doubt, please contact us to check. We can prepare your advert for you if required. Please contact us to discuss. Deadlines for all magazine submissions and adverts are: Issue date December/January February/March April/May June/July August/September October/November

Deadline for submissions November 20th January 20th March 20th May 20th July 20th September 20th

If you’ve missed the deadline by a day or two, we may still be able to squeeze you in!! Please do contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the Benwick Bugle cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of submissions made by others. Please check your own articles before submission. Should you have cause to dispute the facts within an article, please take this up with the author and not the publishers. The appearance of an advert in the Bugle does not imply endorsement of the company. Please carry out your usual checks before using their services.


LOCAL INFORMATION, GROUPS AND CLUBS Benwick Athletic Football Club Benwick Butterflies Preschool Group Children’s Centre, High Street, Benwick. 677733 For enquiries contact Jenny Fell on 01354 677848 or email Holiday Club Available to 3 to 12 year olds. Contact Jenny Fell as above

Parent, Baby & Toddler Group Mondays 1.30 - 3pm term time only. Contact Liz Hackett 01354 677262 Benwick Residents’ Association (BRAs) Organise various events, including the Luncheon Club, Dickensian Market Contact Pat Tickner on 677279 or via email at

Benwick Warhammer & Dungeon ‘n’ Dragons Club Every other Saturday in the Village Hall from 12:00 until 3:00pm. Anyone over the age of 10 can attend, cost £3 per session. Contact Philip & Robert Taylor, 01354 677763 Web: Email:

1st Benwick Scout Group and Fenland Tigers Explorer Scouts Group Scout Leader Rod Glen 677799 Beavers (aged 6 - 8) Cubs (aged 8 - 10 ½) Scouts (aged 10 ½ - 14) Explorer Scouts (aged 14 - 18)

Meet Wednesdays Contact Claire Edwards 677832 / 077779 635287 Meet Wednesdays Contact Scott Edwards 677832 / 07815 064970 Meet Tuesdays Contact Larry Taylor 677763 / 07545 631680 Philip Taylor 07857 668103 Meet Mondays Contact Kirk Devall 677772

Friends of Benwick School Contact Chairperson Angela Chelton, 677847 Forget-Me-Not Club For over 55’s, meeting once a month. Contact Anne Wall, 661327, Janet Fountain, 677228, or Olive Benfield, 677741

Friends of Benwick Church Local contact Mr Albert Sismey, 677238. Friends Fundraising, Chairman John Hoffman, Tel: 677878 The Ark Sunday School Sarah Caton 677202 Five Alls Public House Tel. 677520 Village Hall To hire the village hall, contact Patricia Tickner, 20 Chapel Gardens on 677279. Benwick Primary School Tel. 677266 Autumn Term:

2nd September to 17th December 2010

Half Term:

25th - 29th October 2010

Christmas Holiday: 18th December 2010 - 3rd January 2011

Update Us!! While we make every effort is to keep our information up to date and accurate, there will always be changes of which we are unaware. If your group changes its details, meeting times, etc., please let us know so we can update our pages.


Benwick Parish Council Meets first Tuesday of each month. Chair: Tony Richardson 01354 677856, Vice Chair: Lyn Keppel-Spoor 01354 677494, Clerk: Kris Poole 01354 655303,

Doctors’ Surgeries Doddington Medical Centre, Benwick Road, Doddington Tel: 01354 740311 George Clare Surgery, Swan Drive New Road, Chatteris, PE16 6EX Tel: 01354 695888 Rainbow Surgery , 1 Stocking Fen Road, Ramsey, PE26 1SA Tel: 01487 710980 Ramsey Health Centre, Mews Close, Ramsey, PE26 1BP Tel: 01487 812611

Doddington Community Hospital Benwick Road, Doddington, PE15 0UG Tel: 01354 644251 Minor Injuries Clinic open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. No appointment necessary. X-ray facilities.

NHS Dentists To search for dentists and get up to date information, go to: and enter your postcode. Or phone NHS Direct 0845 46 47

Refuse Collection Blue bin - Recycling. Clean paper and card, cans, tins, aerosols, plastic bottles (no lids), glass bottles & jars (lids off), tetrapak cartons, aluminium. Brown bin - Composting. Cooked & uncooked food waste, fruit & vegetable peelings, garden rubbish (grass, weeds, hedge clippings, untreated wood under 3 inches thick, straw), tea bags, coffee grinds, paper and cardboard. Green bin - Everything Else. Plastic trays, yoghurt pots, carrier bags, bottle tops, nappies, general household sweepings, ashes. Bins are collected on Tuesdays, alternating green bin collection one week then blue and brown bin collection together the following week. The collection following a bank holiday will be on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Outreach Post Office At the Five Alls Public House, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10.30 - 12.00. All the services of a normal post office, from sending your letters, buying your stamps or collecting your pension.

Mobile Library The Cambridgeshire Libraries Mobile Library Route M11 visits Benwick on the second Thursday of the month, stopping at the following locations: 16a Doddington Road Chapel Gardens Village Hall

Arrive 09:45 Arrive 10:05 Arrive 10:25

Depart 10:00 Depart 10:20 Depart 10:45

See or phone the library service via the County Council’s Contact Centre on 0845 045 5225 for more details.

Leisure Centres George Campbell Leisure Centre, City Road, March, PE15 9LT, Tel: 01354 622399 Manor Leisure Centre, Station Road, Whittlesey, PE7 1UA , Tel: 01733 202298 Hudson Leisure Centre, Harecroft Road, Wisbech, PE13 1RL, Tel: 01945 584230 Anyone may purchase an Optimum Leisure Card and use it to obtain a discount at any of the three leisure centres run by Fenland District Council above. For more details, or to apply for a card, contact one of the leisure centres. Ramsey Leisure Centre, Ailwyn School, Abbey Road, Ramsey, PE261DG, Tel: 01487 710275. Run by Huntingdonshire District Council (All information correct at time of going to print)


Doddington and WimblingtonSurgery

Combined with a auction of promises Venue Neale -Wade School

7.30pm until 12.30am Live Band 60’s 70’s and 80’s music

Sit Down Meal Free Wine on table Licensed Bar

Tables can be reserved in advance

Tickets £ 25.00 per person Dress code Smart or Evening wear

All fund raising goes to buying a Blood monitor system for the surgery 26

K & T Motor Repairs (est 1992) 30, Cambridge Row, Benwick, March, Cambs. PE15 OXF Tel : 01354 677239 or 07747 604618

Servicing and repairs all makes and models, petrol or diesel .

Engine , Gearbox , Alternators etc. Timing belts MOT’s Welding Exhausts , Batteries , Tyres Brakes , Clutches , suspension Engine Management Diagnostics (computer diagnostic equip, all makes) Auto Electrics Service indicator resetting & Fault Code Reading (all makes) Air conditioning Homestart Very competitive rates

All classic and vintage vehicle mechanical repairs and rebuilds Cars, Light Commercial, Motorhomes, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, Rotovators, Generators, etc. Is your engine management lamp on in the instrument panel?? Have your vehicle computer checked for fault codes only ÂŁ25 K. Howlett.

AMIMI. AMIRTE. LCG. 30 yrs trade exp


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