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SPORT IN THE VILLAGE by Susanne Nichols Dear Benwickians, Another great capture of a Fen moment from Aerial View Solutions, I hope you had no disruptions whatsoever, but a great day watching the cyclists race through Benwick. And after all the cycle sport we have now arrived at the Football Worldcup, I already won a pint because my sweepstake country, Iran, won (well, kind of). Whoever bet on Germany, sorry about that... To stay with the sports, the Ladies Wimbledon Final will be honoured at our pub with an Afternoon Tea event. And last month we had National Walking Month. They say, if you want to get into any sport, start slow. So the first 1-2 weeks just put your walking boots on instead of really walking. The idea is that, at one point, you might think, now I’ve got them on, I might as well go and have a stroll. Somehow that sounds almost convincing. I’ll give it a go at one point, but first I do something for my back. I’ll be off, picking strawberries. At our farm shop. They are ripe, and sweet, and plenty. Enjoy life!


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PLEASE HAVE A SEAT. NEW BENCHES FOR BENWICK There will very soon be 2 new benches in the Cemetery and in Chapel Gardens.

ALLOTMENT PLOTS FOR RENT SEPTEMBER GARDENS (off Whittlesey Road) Preparation work for the new Allotment Plots are in full swing. Mid June there will be another round of rubbish clearing from the allotment area, then there will be another spray of the weeds arranged. Once that spraying has taken place then hopefully the plots can be marked and then let out. At the moment the Council is looking at a September date for letting, so anyone interested please contact our Parish Council Clerk, Jacquie Richardson.

These benches have been part funded by Ransonmoor Environment Fund. There is also a new bench on order which will be placed near the War Memorial. This bench has been funded by Burnthouse Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. The Wind Farm funds charitable projects run by constituted groups helping people who live within a 5 mile radius of the Burnthouse Farm Wind.

Please send applications to: Mrs Jacquie Richardson Benwick Parish Council 11 Doddington Road | Benwick | PE15 0UT Email: benwickparishcouncil.clerk@gmail.com Tel: 01354 677856




Bloomers busy planting the containers on Whittlesey Road Bridge in readiness for the Anglia in Bloom Competition, with a well earned lunch at The Five Alls after planting.

Judging route for Benwick in Bloom July 5th is Judging Day for Benwick, we are almost ready thanks to the tireless efforts of our residents.

This is our most recent addition on Ramsey Road and sponsored by Delfland, created by Sue.

We want to thank everyone for their support of Bloom all making Benwick look blooming lovely. Thank you All for your wonderful garden displays and hard work keeping the village as litter, weed, and dog poo free as possible.



CHURCH SERVICE Anyone wanting information on Baptism in any of the six Fen Churches can contact Marie Andrews with an email: m.andrew606@btinternet.com or stooke@havenmarch.plus.com.

CHURCH SERVICES 1st July 9.30am H-C 13th July 7.30pm Friday Night Live at Doddington Church

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS COMMITTEE The Benwick Christmas Lights Committee would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support to bring Benwick alive this Christmas & many more to come. We are actively trying to find more volunteers and committee members to bring new ideas and how we can raise funds. If you would like to get involved please get in touch with us by email or through our Facebook Page.

15th July 9.30am M-P 29th July 10am H-C at Doddington All Six Fen Churches 5th August 9.30am H-C 10th August 7.30pm Friday Night Live at Doddington Church 19th August 9.30am M-P You can also find all details/services online: www.sixfenchurches.co.uk

In the next Bugle there will be a leaflet with an envelope to donate to this fantastic community’s Christmas Lights fund. Every donation helps, no matter how little or small, so we can all enjoy a magical Christmas time this year. Thank you, Benwick Christmas Lights Committee




by Jill Hindle

To celebrate this royal event and raise Cancer Awareness, Benwick in Bloom introduced a display of street art Yarn Bombing. Bloomer Chris Crossan turned her talent to knitting and crocheting to make this wonderful display of Prince Harry and Meghan Markles wedding. Chris has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment, but despite this she has continued to create this display with more on the horizon to raise awareness.




Day11: San Francisco went across the Golden Gate Bridge.

by Marie Andrew Day 12: Free day, took a helicopter ride

At our last meetings our member Linda took us on her holiday trip to America’s Western Wonders and put her slides up on the screen for us. Day1: They flew out to Los Angeles. Day2: Sightseeing tour highlights included Hollywoods TCL Chinese Theatre which features hand- and footprints of nearly 200 stage and screen stars.

over and under Golden Gate Bridge.

Day 13: Visit very picturesque Monterey with its world-renown Monterey Bay Aquarium with more than 35,000 creatures. Day 14: Santa Barbara drove 17 mile along Pacific Coast up to Pebble Beach Day 15/16 fly home

Day 3: San Diego, visiting the coastal resort of Santa Monica where they strolled on the100 year old pier which is lined with the famous Ferris Wheel. Then dinner cruising around the bay of San Diego. Day 4: Drive across the border to Phoenix, the valley of the sun in Arizona,. Day 5: Visit the former wild west town of Flagstaff and a jeep tour to see the Sandstone Formations. Day 6: Flew over the 14 mile wide gorge of the Grand Canyon. Day 7: Drive to Las Vegas down Route 66 and see the Hoover Dam. Day 8: Free day in Las Vegas, enjoy the dancing fountains outside the Bellagio. Day 9: We got a view of the Mojave Desert on the way back to California to Selma in Fresno County. Day 10: Yosemite National Park where you see spectacular waterfalls.


Our next meeting will be held on July 19th at 7pm. And we will be doing our Macmillan’s Coffee Evening on September 20th in the Village Hall at 7pm.


NEW OPENING TIMES: Thu,www.benwickbugle.co.uk 9:30am - 2pm, Fri, 9:30am - 5pm, Sat, 9am - 5pm, Sun, 10am - 2pm 9

DOWN MEMORY LANEby Janet Fountain Continuing with a few more notes from Florence Sismeys’s memoirs, in the early 1900’s she states that women were very industrious and good homemakers. They made their own ‘pegged rugs’ from old clothes, cut into strips and pushed through washed sugar bags. These rugs were warm and cosy for the brick floors but were very dusty and heavy to shake. Coco-matting was another floor covering. Nearly every cottage had white net curtains, no doubt purchased from Miss Trivett, the draper, although the other stores had a drapery side. Photo: Emma Rowell, taken at her cottage down The Lane showing the white net curtains

Cleaning was hard work, mats taken outside and beaten with a carpet beater, floors swept and scrubbed, stoves black-leaded and the flues cleaned. With regard to polishing her mother said you need a little ‘Ronuk’ and a lot of elbow grease. (Ronuk was a polish bought for 6d a tin).


Clothing was very different - no manmade fibres, only wool and cotton, with silk and velvet for the richer folk. Dresses were mostly made of serge or a cheap faced-cloth and prints in summer.

Photo: Woman Potato Planting at Hungry Hall Farm. Nell James, Thelma Smalley, Nora Howlett, Nora Buttress, Mrs Missen, Amy Shaw, Edie Fitzjohn

Girls would have a new dress at Whitsun time, large enough for growing, to be worn on Sundays and special occasions for a year, then worn for school, but always protected with a white pinafore. Underwear was all home-made either of calico or flannel. Girls wore two or more petticoats and women wore white aprons. Socks and stockings were woollen, usually hand knitted and very uncomfortable in hot weather. In the 1940’s lisle stockings were fashionable and after the war rayon and nylons became popular. Boots were made of leather and hobnailed. There were no jumpers, cardigans, fleeces or hoodies one either wore a winter coat or none, but older women wore shawls or capes and bonnets. Hats were large and elaborate and worn everywhere. You were very ‘fast’ if you went outdoors without one.


Men and boys mostly wore corduroy trousers and jackets for work, with coarse cloth suits, often black for best with ‘Oxford’ shirts, a very hard wearing material. Cloth caps or straw boaters in summer were the usual headgear.


Babies, both sexes, were dressed in long gowns, made of flannel and trimmed with lace, for ten weeks, then the baby would be ‘shortened’ - put into frocks and petticoats. Boys often wore trousers for the first time on their third birthday.

Photo: The Fountain Family, Emily, William, Albert and Cyril, c1907

When the village women worked in the fields they wore heavy boots and old skirts protected by denim aprons. The print bonnets were made from a piece of cardboard bout 12 inches and a yard of material. The cardboard was formed like a tunnel, covered with the material, tapes sewn about halfway. And the surplus material was gathered at the back and protected the wearer from the sun and the wind.



NEWS FROM THE FIVE ALLS We have had an extremely busy few months at The Five Alls what with decorating, opening our restaurant and hosting a variety of events. We are very happy with the response we have had to our Bar Menu and have received some wonderful feedback from our customers. If you have yet to pop in and sample our food our service times are as follows: Thursday: 5:00pm - 8:30pm Friday: 5:00pm - 9:30pm Saturday: 3:30pm - 9:30pm Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Our range of food may surprise you! We offer a wide variety of home-made meals to suit all tastes and cater for vegetarians, vegans and allergies.

Not only has our food been raved about, we were lucky enough to get a mention from Mark Finney in the most recent CAMRA Beer Around ‘Ere publication, referring to us ‘a bustling village local’ and praising our ‘accomplished cellar man!’ otherwise known as Flexi for ‘making the effort to source great beers and keeping them in top condition’. All of us here at The Five Alls would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past few months, from the drinkers, the foodies, the sports fans, our regulars and those we see from time to time, it wouldn’t be the same without you! G

Counselling Service (Chatteris based)

Accredited BACP Counsellor and Supervisor offers a Confidential Service for a wide range of issues including: Stress Anxiety Anger management Child Related Alcohol/Drug Depression


Please call 07962444168 for further information Or visit www.gillturton.co.uk www.benwickbugle.co.uk

LTP Sports Massage Sports Massage Deep Tissue Massage Aromatherapy Massage 30mins £25 45mins £35 60mins £45 BOOKINGS AVAILABLE 07803400876 OR ltpsportsmassage@gmail.com (www.ltpsportsmassage.co.uk) Continuing with a few more notes from Florence Sismeys’s memoirs, in the early 1900’s she states that women were very industrious and good homemakers. Forown All‘pegged Your rugs’ Blinds, They made their from old clothes, cut into strips and pushed eeons sugar bags. These rugs Frwashed through a t o tiand cosy for the brick floors Quwarm were but were very dusty and heavy to shake. Coco-matting was another floor covering.

Blinds In Harmony

Awnings & Curtains

Nearly every cottage had white net • Conservatory Blinds curtains, no doubt purchased from Miss• INTU Blinds (no screws used) • Vertical/Roller/Pleated/Roman Blinds • Venetian Blinds, Wood and Aluminium Trivett, the •draper, although the other Black-out Blinds • Fly Screens, Domestic & Commercial • Awnings & Canopies stores had a drapery side. • Made to measure and Handmade Curtains • Curtain Tracks and Poles supplied and fitted • Childtaken Safety Devices available on all blinds Cleaning was hard work, mats 15aMarket Whittlesey, PE7 1AB outside carpetPlace, beater, Come and andbeaten visit with our showroom at: T:0800 028 2942 or 01733 840258 floors swept and scrubbed, stoves W: www.blindsinharmony.co.uk E: enquiries@blindsinharmony.co.uk black-leaded and the flues cleaned. With



BOOK CORNER Please send in your favourite books, children books, or audio books no later than 24.08.2018. Germany: Memories of a Nation (History Europe) German history may be inherently fragmented, but it contains a large number of widely shared memories, awarenesses and experiences. Beginning with the fifteenth-century invention of modern printing by Gutenberg, MacGregor chooses objects and ideas, people and places which still resonate in the new Germany - porcelain from Dresden and rubble from its ruins, Bauhaus design, German sausage, the crown of Charlemagne and the gates of Buchenwald, to show us something of its collective imagination. There has never been a book about Germany quite like it. MacGregor will be speaking in Ely later this year, see “bookstore events”. Being German I just couldn’t resist buying this book, Neil MacGregor, after all, is a former director of the British Museum. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but in a way feared that it would be a one-sided story. Not at all, I found it highly interesting, and can honestly say I loved reading it. Susanne’s vote:


ELY TOPPING BOOKSTORE EVENTS Two Toppings treats coming up this autumn which shouldn’t be missed: An evening with Neil MacGregor, 18th Sep 2018, 7:30pm, at Ely Cathedral. Neil MacGregor, former director of the British Museum, has forged a reputation for bringing history to life in an entirely new way with “A History of the World in 100 Objects” and “Germany”. His dazzling, long-awaited new book, “Living With the Gods”, is a panoramic exploration of people, objects and religion over 40,000 years. Neil uses a kaleidoscope of objects, monuments and ideas to illuminate the history of mankind’s beliefs, focusing on the shared narratives that have shaped our societies and our relationships with each other. Ely Cathedral embodies many of the themes in the book: ideas of community and belief, political power and sacred space which makes it a perfect place to hear Neil expound his ideas, accompanied by a slideshow of images. An evening with Yotam Ottolenghi, 7th Nov 2018, 7:30pm, at the Ely Cathedral. Beloved chef Yotam Ottolenghi has a new book, and is coming to Ely to talk about it! He’s the undisputed master of the multi-ingredient recipe, but he also does simple brilliantly. Ottolenghi Simply showcases standout dishes which will suit whatever type of cooking you prefer.



by Otto

Hi everybody, What is it with you lot and your precious cars, I wonder? Oh, you might think, what is he on about? Weeeell, I’ll tell you. The other day, and to be fair, this day was like any other day as this matter happens all the time, so, the other day we went out for a walkie. It was early lunch time, but again, it could have been any time of the day really. So, we are out on our walk, down Doddington Road, but guess what, even where we were walking doesn’t matter, as it happens everywhere these days. Now, we are out on our walk on Doddington Road, down towards the river, and there is a footpath, as you all know. But hey, humans., small or big, dogs, cats, whatevers can’t use the footpath, because every few meters there’s a car parked. I am not talking “standing a little bit in the way”. No, I am actually talking about “standing full on parked on the footpath”!! What do these humans think? Is it that they are scared that oncoming traffic might hit their precious little car? Is it that they think their car shouldn’t park on the side on the road as it would be in the way of traffic and they might have to drive around it?? So, do these humans

think that they are being considerate by parking their tin-can on wheels on the footpath??? Or is it, could it really be, that those tin-can owners don’t think at all???? Let me tell you, I don’t care if the oncoming traffic has to slow down because there is a car (tin-can) parked in the street. Many of the drivers could do with glasses anyway as they seem to find it difficult to see the 30 on their dashboard and mistake it by a 50. Easy mistaka to maka, I guess. I also don’t care if the owner of the tin-cans think they protect their car by parking it out of the road, on the footpath, they should be insured anyway, so nothing to panic about. What I do care about is the following: Little kids, driving safely on the footpath on their shiny little bicycles, they have to drive into the street to get around those silly parked cars. People who aren’t that mobile and are on their way with a mobility scooter or walking stick struggle over the kerb to get around these cars. And finally, me and my friends have to walk on the street to get around these cars. And with “and my friends” I explicitely would like to include cats this time! I am not sure what to do about this, I am just a dog after all, but maybe, as a human, you might have a chat with your mates, to make them understand??? Thanks from the hound.



BENWICK PARISH COUNCIL 11 Doddington Road, Benwick March Cambs PE15 0UT Email: benwickparishcouncil.clerk@gmail.com Tel: 01354 677856


SITUATE: TOWN GROUND WHITTLESEY ROAD, BENWICK AREA: 3 ACRES DATE AVAILABLE: 1st OCTOBER 2018 CLOSING DATE OF APPLICATIONS: 31st July 2018 Please send applications to the Clerk at the above address. 15th June 2018



David J. Richards Ltd.

Printers &


Offset & Digital Colour Printing


Duplicate / 3-Part / 4-Part Books Funeral Order of Service Newsletters Programmes Call us on...

Rubber Stamps

ENVELOPES Prints from emails & USB’s

A2 Laminating

01354 692947 or visit...

www.djrprint.tel 1 West Park Street, Chatteris, Cambs. PE16 6AH

NEXT BUGLE EDITION The next edition of the Benwick Bugle will be our September/October issue, which will be distributed at the weekend 30th of June /1st of July. Please can you hand in all contributions, letters to the editor, book suggestions, opinions and thoughts either via email or through our letter box lat-

est by Friday, 24th August 2018. Send to mail@benwickbugle.co.uk, or bring a letter to 29c Doddington Road. It is a good idea to pack any post through our letter box in an envelope, one of Otto’s jobs is to bring the post...





YOUR EXPERIENCE HELPS OTHERS Local Healthwatch Cambs & Peterborough It Starts With You Our local Healthwatch in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are launching their ‘It Starts With You’ campaign to encourage more people to share their experiences of using local health and care service. The campaign will run from July to September 2018 and will tell the stories of local people who are helping to improve the services we all use.

is quick and easy and could make a big difference. Tell us what you think and help make care better for you, your family and community. Volunteer as a Community Listener and help us find out what people who live locally think about their health and care services. You will get training, support and out of pocket expenses. Call our free Information Service if you have a question about local health or care services and need some help with what to do next. Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Healthwatch Peterborough work together as one organisation.

Last year, Jason, who is Deaf told us about visiting A&E and not getting a British Sign language Interpreter for over 7 hours even though he had a serious lung condition. Thanks to Jason and other people who shared their experience, we are challenging the local NHS to do better for disabled people. Have you got a story to share? Tell us about your experiences and ideas to help services understand what works, what doesn’t and what you want from care in the future.

You can contact us on: Call us on 0330 355 1285 or text 0752 0635 176 www.healthwatchcambridgeshire.co.uk or www.healthwatchpeterborough.co.uk

No matter how big or small the issue, tell us about it. If it matters to you then it’s very likely it matters to someone else. Sharing your opinions with Healthwatch



Benwick Children’s Centre * High Street * Benwick * Cambridgeshire * PE15 0XA Tel: 01354 677733

Email: flutterbieschildcare@ outlook.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlutterbiesChildcareLLP

Awarded OUTSTANDING in all areas in our most recent Ofsted inspection – March 2016 Ofsted URN : EY477932

* Nursery *

New for September 2017! Our Nursery offers a home from home playing and learning environment for children from birth to 2 years with flexible arrival and departure times to accommodate a variety of different families needs.

* Pre-school *

Our Pre-school offers a fun, friendly and stimulating learning environment for children aged 2 to 5 years Early Education Funding available for all 3 and 4 year olds plus eligible 2 year olds “Owners strive to create an engaging environment indoors and outdoors that enables children to think, play, explore and learn according to their own abilities and interests” “Children thrive in the busy and exciting environment” “Parent’s are involved in their children’s learning at every level”

“A shared passion ensures all staff work with enthusiasm and enjoyment to offer children learning experiences that are consistently high quality” Key findings from our Ofsted Inspection 2016

* Breakfast & After School Club * Available term time only for children aged 2 to 12 years

Monday to Friday 7:30am to 8:50am and 3:00pm to 6:00pm Supervised transitions to and from local primary schools

* Holiday Club *

Available throughout the year for children aged 2 to 12 years Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm Activities planned for all ages and regular outings around the country!

Open every scheduled school holiday except over the Christmas break. Please contact us for more information on any of our groups or to arrange a visit.

www.flutterbieschildcare.com 20


FORGET ME NOTS by Janet Fountain

Thirteen members and friends enjoyed Ten Pin Bowling at Guyhirn on 25th April. Ernie Fountain won the trophy only just beating Janice Munden. Lunch followed at The Cobblestones in March.

As he was brought up in the village he knew many of us and our surroundings. His little stories caused a lot of laughter. On 7th June we had the Upwood Handbell Ringers to entertain us. They were originally planned to visit us in March but due to the extreme weather conditions postponed until now. Deanna Phillips, the conductress told us about the history of their club and going to Whitechapel to collect the bells. This was very interesting and the group played several songs, after which two of our members had a try at ringing the bells. Our annual quiz and cheese and wine evening will be on Thursday, 5th July. The competition is any item beginning with the letter F. David Palmer, the auctioneer will now be coming for the October meeting instead of August when we will have a Beetle Drive and the competition the letter G. For more information call Janet on 01354 677228.

The Birthday Party in May was a huge success. Darren Tomkins from The Mad Cat at Pidley prepared and served a sausage and mash supper followed by apple crumble and custard. This year was a different format as previously we had always done our own catering for this event. The entertainment that followed was brilliant. Julian (Charlie Chaplin) came again after a break from entertaining.

HAVE A LAUGH! A camel meets an elephant. The elephant asks jokingly: “Why do you have two breasts on your back?” The camel replies: “With a face like yours, I’d just shut up.” *** Two fish in a tank. Says the one fish to the other: “How do you drive this thing?”



Special occasion?

Make it extra special with genuine vintage china. Beautifully decorated bone china crockery, tiered cake stands, vintage tea pots, free luxury hand crafted bunting with every package, plus many other extra items to hire at very reasonable rates. Birthdays, baby showers, wedding breakfasts, anniversaries, romantic tea for two. Hire packages start from ÂŁ12.00. Contact me for a full no obligation quote, price list and photograph or take a look at my website. E-mail: anglostep@gmail.com



suitable for you. This allows more patients to be dealt with and to reduce some of the waiting times.

by Penny Atkins

There are now four surgeries in the Fenland Group Practice. The Rainbow Group Practice in Ramsay joined us in April 2018 and the phone number is added to the other surgeries at the top of this report. Patients from all the four surgeries can telephone any surgery to make an appointment with a Doctor or a Nurse. From the end of last year there is now a daily Duty Doctor Rota to deal with any queries, telephone consultation etc passed on by the receptionists who will ask some questions required by the Doctors to decide what help would be most


We are trying to make some of our meetings more accessible to you all by holding them at 2 pm in the Parish Hall Wimblington. So please make a note in your diary of our next meeting: THURSDAY 23rd AUGUST – 2.0 pm IN THE PARISH HALL, WIMBLINGTON REMEMBER: all patients are members of the Patient Participation Group so come to our meetings and give us your ideas. Doddington: 01354 740311 Wimblington: 01354 740986 Manea: 01354 680774 Rainbow Ramsey: 01487 710980






VILLAGE CONTACTS Benwick Village Hall Helen Briars 672943 helenbriars@gmail.com www.benwickvillagehall.co.uk Benwick Residents Association Lyn Keppel-Spoor 677494 linda@keppel-spoor.co.uk Benwick in Bloom Jill Hindle 677141 benwickinbloom@aol.com The Forget-Me-Nots Janet Fountain


Benwick Tang Soo Do Beverley Angel


Friends of Benwick Church John Hoffman 677878 www.sixfenchurches.co.uk Benwick Ladies Club Kate Morley 677633 Benwick Bugle Editor Susanne Nichols 07946 569468 mail@benwickbugle.co.uk Benwick Parish Council http://www.benwickparishcouncil. btck.co.uk/ Clerk: Jacquie Richardson 677856 benwickparishcouncil.clerk@gmail.com Councillors: Mark Chapman (Chairman), Andrew Cade, Lesley Robinson, Lyn Keppel-Spoor, Reginald Few, Richard Emmett



WHAT’S ON - THE VILLAGE CALENDAR Are you aware of any upcoming events? Please let me know so I can add them into this calendar. Please always double check dates closer to time, dates and times can change.... You can find more details about most of the dates in the articles. Regular Events: Mondays: Tang Soo Do Club 7pm - 8pm in the Village Hall Tuesdays: Fish’n Chips van in front of the Five Alls Tuesdays (seasonal): Petanque Team plays at the Five Alls Wednesdays: Tang Soo Do Club 7pm - 9pm in the Village Hall Wednesdays: Bingo, Eyes Down at 7.30pm in the Five Alls Fridays (seasonal): Dart Team plays at the Five Alls Sundays: Sunday Roast in the Five Alls 1st Monday/month: Parish Council Meeting at Village Hall 3rd Tuesday/mth, : Benwick in Bloom Meeting at the Five Alls 1st Thursday/mth/6.30pm: Forget Me Nots Meeting at Village Hall 3rd Thursday/mth/ 7pm: Benwick Ladies Club Meeting in Village Hall (Church Room)

July 2018

29.07. Church Service H.C. 10am Doddington All Six Fen Churchs 01.07. Church Service H.C. 9.30am 02.07. Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, 31.07. Allotment Application Closing Day at the Village Hall 05.07. Benwick in Bloom Judging Day August 2018 05.07. Afternoon Tea, 12pm-3.30pm at 05.08. Church Service H.C., 9.30am the Five Alls 06.08. Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm 07.07. Disco at the Five Alls at the Villae Hall 13.07. Friday Night Live Doddington 10.08. Friday Night Live Doddington Church Church 14.07. Afternoon Tea “Ladies Wimble19.08. Church Service M.P. 9.30am don Final”, time tbc, at the Five Alls 24.08. BUGLE DEADLINE. Please send 15.07. Church Service M.P. 9.30am in your articles. 21.07. Petanque Open Triples at The Five Alls

THE SMALL PRINT... Editor: Susanne Nichols, 29c Doddington Road, Benwick, PE15 0UT, phone 07946 569468, mail@benwickbugle. co.uk, www.benwickbugle.co.uk The Bugle is an independent magazine and does not endorse the products or services that appear in the magazine. However, please note that the Bugle could not exist without advertising, so please take notice of the ads in this issue, and mention that you read the ad in the Bugle, should you decide to take up an offer or service. Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the editor.



K & T Motor Repairs (est 1992)

30, Cambridge Row, Benwick, March, Cambs. PE15 OXF Tel : 01354 677239 or 07747 604618

Servicing and repairs all makes and models, petrol or diesel .

Engine , Gearbox , Alternators etc. Timing belts

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Located off the A141 between March & Chatteris Tel. 01354 740249 Email. enquires@dandjtransport.co.uk www.dandjtransport.co.uk @dandjtransport



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