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his new section is sponsored by Delphland Nurseries (see the advert) and aims to get you into the garden. Everyone can find some room to grow some veg, fruit or just a few flowers.

Strawberries - one of the most popular fruits that can be grown with ease. You will be able to find strawberry plants in all the garden centres now, and it is a great time to plant them out into your garden. If you have room for them in the ground, then great, but they can also be grown easily in containers. There are a number of different containers which perfectly suit strawberries, such as the one pictured right. If growing them in a container, ensure that water can drain since strawberries hate waterlogged soil. Ideally, position your container in full sun, and away from the wind.

At Lourish, you can swap surplus fruit and veg for free. You can also trade your eggs, chutneys, pickles, plants and seeds. Take a look at the website to find out more.

Keep an eye out for slugs - which like to munch on the strawberries, and birds which can quickly steal your crop. Protect the plants with netting it possible to keep the birds at bay. To deter slugs, put down slug pellets, or broken egg shells. Think this section could be done better? How about writing it yourself? If you have any tips or guides for the Garden then please get in touch I welcome any comments and suggestions! 21

You will know when strawberries are ready due to their distinctive red. Pick them straight away to stop them rotting on the plant.

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