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‘Ritings from the Rectory

y the time you read this I shall have moved into my retirement bungalow in South Wales - is this the last journey in life?

there has been a great deal of that as well but Jesus never promised an easy life.

It’s been great to see people blossom when they realised God had given them many gifts which they hadn’t realised they had-one person springs immediately to mind when I asked her if she could write a puppet script for Time 4t-needless to say she’s probably got a job for life writing scripts! So many lovely people have supported Peter and me and, of course, our ministry, which is an integral part of us.

It’s an adventure following Jesus; it’s an adventure learning of Him. It’s an adventure living for Jesus; it’s an adventure following Him. Let’s go where He leads us, turn away from wrong; for we know we can trust Him to help us as we go along.

We are approaching the season of I sincerely hope so. From the moment Easter when we remember the penultimate journey Jesus made – the walk we are born until the second we die we are all on a journey. There is a chil- to the cross. On that journey Jesus was accompanied part way by his disciples, dren’s chorus entitled ‘It’s an adventure following Jesus’ and for most part He deliberately walked into dangerous if we put our trust in our Creator then territory where his enemies plotted it is an adventure. Like any adventure and schemed against him, He who had story or film there are painful times as done no wrong was found guilty and led to his death, death on a cross but well as fun and excitement. It was an that was not the end. Fortunately for adventure coming to work and live in the Benefice of Doddington with Ben- us Good Friday is followed by Easter wick and Wimblington. Some of it has Sunday – the day Jesus rose from the dead, offering the gift of eternal life been fun and exciting as I met lots of lovely people, many of whom I worked to all who turn to him, repent of their sins and follow Him. alongside in varying ways.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you to all who have given encouragement. Alongside fun and excitement is of course, pain and sadly

Rev’d Val 13

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