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Micro Unit Interpolation Studio III: Fall 2012 Location: Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn Critic: Richard Scherr

Conceptual Space This early sketch shows my intent to bridge disperate parts into a unified, yet fragmented whole.

This diagram eventually translated into a general spatial roadmap for the project with the purple circle in the middle represented by the public plaza of the final design, and the intertwining green zones are seen as the penetrations through the facade that visually connect the urban and canal landscapes.

Preliminary Volume Studies

Playing with form and overlapping structure led me to a spatial arrangement that best capitalized on integrating two distinct landscapes present, the urban and canal

The physical shift towards warehouses and light manufacturing in the area play in

Urb an




project replicates this experience on a micro scale by acting as a spatial transition from urban to canal.


fares, areas where the urban landscape cut through and intersect the canal. My

al Z one

large part to its unique experience. Bisecting the canal area are major thorough-

Within the courtyard, the artist studios are emphasized to highlight the burgeoning local artist community in which the project attempts to blend with the canal

From any perspective, the housing complex exposes portions of its opaque exterior to reveal the inner networking of private and public space. While physically innaccessible to the general public, the protruding work studios and visible public space create a visual correlation between public and private, between visitor and resident.

Spatial Organization


The goal of this project was to explore possible relationships between public and private space. Offering housing above Retail Space

for young professionals and artists, the notion of public and private is further examined by redefining and manipulating what may tradition-

Resident Parking on Ground Floor

Retail Space

ally be considered“public�.

Communal Artist Studio

Resident Entrance

Retail Space

Diagram Key Public Space: Open to Public Semi-Public: Residents Only


Semi-Private: Resident Only Private Space: Res. Units

Ground Floor


Retail Space

Open Public Plaza

Retail Space

Artist Studio


B Resident Lounge

Second Floor

Diagram Key Public Space: Open to Public Semi-Public: Residents Only Semi-Private: Resident Only Private Space: Res. Units

Resident Lounge

Artist Studio



Third Floor

Sample Unit Types Lofted Unit, Type A Occupancy: 1-2 Unit Dimensions: 12’ x 18’ Ceiling Height: 12’ Square Footage: 432 sf Total Units in Complex: 10


Deluxe Studio Unit, Type B Occupancy: 1-2 Unit Dimensions: 18’ x 22’ Ceiling Height: 12’ Square Footage: 396 sf Total Units in Complex: 21


West Elevation Resident Public Lounges

Public Fitness Center


Micro Unit Housing  

New project to house young professionals and artists in a micro housing community near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY

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