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Michele Zaffarano, Five Pieces, Trees Included (Plus One), 2013 Benway Series, 2 Book Design: Michele Zaffarano Š Michele Zaffarano Š Damiano Abeni (for the translation) ISBN 978-88-98222-05-6 Digital printing: Tipografia La Colornese S.a.s. Publishing: Tielleci Editrice via San Rocco, 98 Colorno (PR) Italy

Michele Zaffarano


Civil Poems Translation by

Damiano Abeni (with Moira Egan)

Benway Series


p. 9

foreword (Acquainted with Grief ), p. 11.


five pieces, trees included The Trees, p. 17 – The Spring, p. 23 – The Book, p. 29 – The Flowers, p. 35 – The Houses, p. 41.


to Carlo Bordini


(Acquainted with Grief))

In June 1920 in the Ordine Nuovo Gramsci writes that when in economics when in politics it is only one class (it is the bourgeois class) that decides everything, (concrete) revolutionary process becomes reality only in places that are subterranean places and dark places in the darkness of factories (for instance) in the darkness of consciences (for instance). And he writes that this 11

(concrete) revolutionary process cannot be controlled cannot be documented and that the components of this (concrete) revolutionary process are (for instance) feelings and notions desires and habits, they are (for instance) the germs of all initiatives. And he writes that the organizations that are born to transform the (concrete) revolutionary process into a (concrete) reality are born under 12

the hegemony of a class in the framework of (bourgeois) concept of democracy to aff irm to enhance freedom and democracy but only as general concepts. And he writes that within this framework the relationships taken into consideration are those between citizen and citizen. And he writes that on the contrary (concrete) revolutionary process happens within the framework of the chain of production within (for instance) the factories, that within this framework the relationships taken into consideration aren’t between 13

citizen and citizen anymore, but rather between exploiter and exploited, that within this framework there is no freedom for the worker there is no democracy for the worker, and he writes that (concrete) revolutionary process is fulf illed when the worker is nothing but wants to become everything, when he wants to become everything against the power of the owner which is unlimited power over the worker (for instance) over the worker’s wife (for instance) over the worker’s children (for instance). 14

five texts, trees included

the trees

The tree is a plant made mostly of wood, its roots are underground, they are bound to the trunk, the trunk is bound to the main branches to the lesser branches to the leaves. The trunk is covered with bark, the roots are covered with bark, while the leaves are bound to the branches by the stems. 17

When there are many trees that are clustered then we say woods then we say forests. There is a specific word to define a group of a few clustered trees, this word which defines a group of a few clustered trees is the word grove. The trees are perennial plants because they live more than two years. The years of a tree can be counted on the concentric circles of the trunk. If the trunk 18

is cut at the base the tree it becomes a stump, if the trees make fruits they can be grouped into orchards.


Michele Zaffarano, Five Pieces, Trees Included (Plus One), Benway Series 2  

Michele Zaffarano, Cinque testi tra cui gli alberi (più uno) = Five Pieces, Trees Included (Plus One). English translation by Damiano Abeni...

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