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You want beautiful, quality materials for your home. You also want worry-free materials that will last, and are recommended and used by experienced professionals. Backed by a company you can trust, IntegrityÂŽ from Marvin Windows and Doors can fulfill your vision for your home.

Choose Integrity from Marvin and you won’t ever have to think about your windows and doors again.

You have a vision. We can help you build it. Hard-to-impress builders who have worked with Integrity from BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS AND RETAILERS VOTE INTEGRITY FROM MARVIN: 2007 TOP OVERALL BRAND VINYL AND COMPOSITE WINDOWS FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT

Marvin windows and doors are convinced of their superior quality and durability. They recommend Integrity products with confidence for homeowners looking for both style and practicality. They know about the Integrity product advantages of incredible efficiency, near indestructibility and virtually no maintenance. And they know that every Wood-Ultrex® Series window and door boasts the elegance of hand-crafted pine

Warranty Integrity® from Marvin products are covered by

a limited warranty guaranteeing they’ll remain free from defects in manufacturing, materials

wood interiors that will enhance any home.

Integrity from Marvin is a name you can trust.

and workmanship for up to 10 years from the

As part of the Marvin family of product lines, Integrity windows

purchase date. We also offer a special 20-year

and doors share the same heritage of quality, reliability and fine

warranty on our insulating glass, protecting it

workmanship. For more than 65 years, Marvin has been

against visible obstruction caused by a failure of

building a reputation as the maker of superior, long-lasting

the insulating glass air seal. See your dealer or

windows and doors for homes.

visit our Web site for more information.




Built to beat the challenges of the environment — and look good doing it. Integrity® from Marvin is able to offer both performance and beauty because of a revolutionary material created to be virtually impervious to the ravages of time, heat, cold and pressure. It’s called Ultrex,® and more than ten years ago we were the first to use this extraordinary material for the exteriors and structural backbones of windows and doors. Combining Ultrex with classic wood interiors and designs, we create low-maintenance windows and doors that are built to do more than look beautiful. They’re built to perform.


Ultrex® is 8x stronger than vinyl! Tough, dependable, non-corrosive and lowmaintenance, the last word in window and door construction is Ultrex. ULTREX 2

Vinyl, unlike Ultrex,® shows its age over time. Spots, streaks and cracks may appear and when they do, they can’t be repaired.

Because of its unique composition, Ultrex withstands changes in temperature and pressure. Made from glass fibers, Ultrex is non-conductive and acts as an insulator, much like the fiberglass insulation in your walls, and protects the interior of your home from exterior temperature changes. When Ultrex does expand or contract, it does so at the same rate as window glass, nearly eliminating the possibility of stress cracks and seal failures and making Integrity products durable and energy-efficient for years to come. (See graph to the left for details.) Ultrex also features the best finish in the industry, which is applied through a patented finishing process, and results in a smooth uniform high-performance acrylic cap that is up to 3 times thicker than powdercoat finishes and resists marring, cracking, fading and chalking. This impervious barrier won’t degrade from heat and UV exposure like vinyl and won’t dent or corrode like roll form aluminum. Superior strength and durability keep Ultrex looking new and performing better long after other materials have lost their luster.

In technical terms, Ultrex® is a pultruded fiberglass material. Made of thin strands of strong glass cable that have been saturated with specially Ultrex is remarkably strong. In fact, it’s more

compounded resins.

than strong enough for windows and doors; and with a tensile strength twice that of steel it has been used in the construction of bridges and as a replacement for steel rebar. 3

Energy Efficiency Built to save energy. Windows bring in the view, but they can also let in heat and cold. Over the life of your home, poorly constructed windows are costly in terms of wasted energy and high utility bills. When the Integrity® from Marvin line of windows and doors was developed, energy efficiency was a top priority. Industry-leading design and superior craftsmanship help make Integrity windows and doors among the most energy-efficient available.




reduction in cooling costs


Energy-saving features are standard. Some companies charge you more for energy-saving features. Not Marvin. We offer industry-leading solutions for energy efficiency as standard features. All Integrity windows and doors are double-pane, Low E II glazings with Argon gas


to create maximum performance and minimal energy loss.

reduction in heating costs

Compared to uncoated, single-pane windows, double-pane windows with Low-E II coating can reduce window heat loss and cut costs by 34 percent in cold climates. In warm climates, cooling costs can be cut by 38 percent.*

Manufactured to be green. Ultrex® is made with 10% recycled material, and the glass in our products contains 15% - 33% recycled content. All wood components use Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) wood to ensure sound environmental stewardship. Additionally, Ultrex requires 39% less energy to produce than vinyl and is inert, unlike vinyl/PVC, which can emit harmful environmental gas, pigments and dyes as it degrades. The Ultrex manufacturing facility is the only pultrusion company to fully comply with the EPAs 1990 Clean Air Act and has been designated as a MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) facility. Integrity was also designated the Greener North Dakota Company of the Year for 2005–presented by North Dakota Solid Waste & Recycling Association (NDSWRA). For more information visit and click on “environmental.” *Sustainable Energy Coalition at 4


Low E II allows warming winter sunlight into your home, but filters out summer light. And no matter what the climate, UV rays are screened out to minimize fading of Winter


upholstery and carpets.


The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a trade organization that has defined an energy-performance rating system for the window and door industry. Based on factors including light transmission and heat

Low-E stands for “low emissivity” and it’s a treatment for window and door panes that improves thermal performance. All Integrity products have Low E II glazing standard. They’re coated twice with microscopic metal or metallic oxide layers to reflect and absorb the sun’s warmth, as well as to reduce the damage from UV rays. And no matter what the climate, UV rays are screened out to minimize fading of upholstery and carpets.

loss or gain under varying conditions,

Argon gas and a warm edge spacer add to our effective glazing

the NFRC gave Integrity products one

techniques. Used in combination with Low-E II, Argon gas helps

of its highest performance ratings.

increase the energy efficiency of Integrity products to rates among the highest available.*

Surpassing ENERGY STAR requirements ®

The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant ENERGY STAR ratings to products that reduce energy usage to predetermined levels. As a homeowner, choosing ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors is a sure way to reduce your total energy bill by up to 15 percent.**

Integrity products do more than meet ENERGY STAR requirements; they exceed it. Twice as efficient as the average window a decade ago, Integrity windows and doors go beyond the requirement to actually reduce energy usage.

* Argon gas not available in high elevations where capillary tubes are required. ** ENERGY STAR® at 5

Standard Options FINISHES Select your interior finish: Standard bare

Select your Ultrex速 exterior finish: Stone White,

wood to stain or paint to match your interior; or

Pebble Gray, Bronze, or Evergreen. All are

a factory-applied white semi-gloss interior finish

paintable without affecting the durability.

for reduced job site finishing time and labor. Exterior Finishes

Interior Finishes

Bare Wood

Stone White

Pre-Finish White

Pebble Gray



Integrity速 Hardware Finish Options Sliding Patio Door




Sliding French Door

Inswing French Door

Outswing French Door


Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior


White Pebble Gray Bronze Evergreen Almond Frost Brass Brass PVD Satin Nickel Satin Nickel PVD Oil Rubbed Bronze Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD ADJUSTABLE HINGE FINISHES

Goldtone White Pebble Gray Gray Bronze Evergreen Coastal Brass Coastal Satin Nickel 6

GLAZING Energy efficiency, safety and privacy. Choose from Integrity’s standard Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas; tempered Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas (standard on larger units and doors, and available on most other units); or tempered obscure Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas (available on select products and sizes).

Tempered obscure Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas

Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas (Standard); Tempered Low E II insulated glass with Argon gas

(available on select products and sizes)

DIVIDED LITES Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) are bars permanently adhered to both sides of the glass for a more authentic look. SDL is available as 7/8Ë? traditionally profiled bars in several popular lite cuts* and is finished to match your interior and exterior finish options. Profiled Grilles-Between-the-Glass (GBG) offer all the style with no hassle by inserting the grille detail inside the two glass panels. GBG is also available in several popular lite cuts* and features a white interior with a Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, or Evergreen exterior to match the exterior finish. (Not available in polygons except direct glaze rectangles.) Wood interior Grilles feature spring-loaded pins for easy removal and cleaning. Available in bare wood or with factory applied white finish on interior or exterior. Simulated Divided Lite shown in Pebble Gray

Grilles-Between-the-Glass** shown in Bronze

Wood interior Grilles shown in bare wood (available in Rectangular lite cuts only)

*Contact your local Integrity representative for details. **Not available in polygons except in direct glaze rectangles.


Casement | Awning Windows The Integrity速 Casement and Awning windows offer top-of-the-line performance to protect your home from the weather. Designed to maximize your view, Integrity Casements have clean lines, a folding handle and single lever sequential locking system. Standard sizing and matching transoms and pictures let you design multiple assemblies that come together easily and beautifully.


Double Hung Windows

The IntegrityŽ Double Hung is versatile, attractive and easy to operate. The style is a traditional favorite, and it’s sure to fit in homes of almost any design because of its ease of use and reliable performance. Both sash tilt and remove with no tools for easy cleaning of the glass, while a dramatic sloped sill, low profile ergonomic hardware and detailed woodwork offer superior aesthetics and reliable performance for years to come.


Glider Windows If there’s not room for a swinging sash, the IntegrityŽ Glider will fit right in, closely matching casement proportions and sight lines. Our weatherstripping and jamb are specifically made to perform in a glider, sealing the closed sash tightly against the elements. Low profile ergonomic hardware, a detailed wood interior, and an operating sash that slides, tilts and removes easily makes this glider a perfect fit.


Bay | Bow Windows

Extend the feeling of living space without adding square footage. The view enhancing appeal of a Bay or Bow window is irresistible, especially when it features the low maintenance exterior and finely finished wood interior of a Integrity速 Double Hung or Casement window.


Round Top Windows Make an ordinary room extraordinary. Round Top windows are available in quarter-rounds, half-rounds or ellipticals with Ultrex速 exteriors and beautiful wood interiors. Use an Integrity速 Round Top alone or in a multiple assembly to add presence and value to your home.


Polygon Windows

Choose from eight popular shapes including rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, pentagons and octagons. Use them as sidelites, transoms, flankers for picture windows or to create unique multiple window assemblies. Finally, a standard line of windows that look anything but standard.


Sliding Patio Door Everything you want in a sliding door. Contemporary lines enhanced by a large daylight opening and beautiful wood interior. The door glide is effortless and designed to withstand the elements with the exterior strength of Ultrex速. Debris stays out with the reliable top hung screen and both two-panel and three-panel configurations are available.


Sliding French Door

Add a graceful touch to your home with the Sliding French Door and enjoy the beauty of a rich wood interior and our elegant harp shaped handle set. A wide bottom rail achieves the traditional French door look, but the features are thoroughly modern. A dual-point lock for added security and tighter fit offer a better seal against the elements. Available in the most popular sizes up to an 8-foot height, it offers a classic look in two- and three-panel configurations.


Inswing French Door The classic style of the Inswing French Door is personified by its wide stiles and rails and elegant handle sets that offer a feature statement to any room. The multipoint locking system, Ultrex速 sill with oak sill liner, adjustable hinges and top hung or swinging screens ensure that its performance is just as grand. Add the versatility of one-, two- and three-panel configurations to create the door of your dreams.


Outswing French Door

Stride through these doors in style. A dramatic 8'0" height, rich wood interior, wide stiles and rails, and XX configuration make a bold statement. While always beautiful Ultrex速 exterior and standard Ultrex sill with oak sill liner, tempered low E II insulated glass with Argon gas, stainless steel multi-point lock and fasteners, and available PVD handles provide exceptional performance and durability for a door that will have you sitting pretty for years to come.


Warroad, MN U.S.A. 56763

Find out what we can build for you. Contact your builder or an Integrity® from Marvin dealer today at 1-888-419-0076. In Canada, call 1-800-685-6407. or visit

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Backed by a company you can trust, Integrity ® from Marvin Windows and Doors can energy-efficient for years to come. (See graph to the left...