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London, GB

Ben Uri believes in maximising access to its collections, exhibitions and scholarship shared through our publications. To this end we have reduced the price of every book, no matter the size or original price, to a token £2 to either read or print in full. The first 10-15% is free so you get a flavour of what’s to come. In September 2020, after 20 months of content development, we launched benuri.org the first full scale virtual art museum. It encompasses 40 exhibitions, 800+ art works, 400+ artist biographies, 100+ reports from the Research Unit, 100+ films, 60+ podcasts and the work of our Research Centre for the recording of the Jewish and immigrant contribution to British visual culture since 1900 alongside our Arts and Health Institute for the study and dissemination of recipient effective art interventions using our collection as its source. Founded in 1915, by a Russian Jewish immigrant artist, our future is benuri.org