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4th Quarter 2017

Communicating Amongst Ourselves By: Chris Bentson rthodontists spend a great deal of money, time, and effort communicating to their drawing area. Whether you are communicating with potential referring parties, potential patient communities, or just the community in general, the effort is constant and immense. Historically, we gathered this information through treks to annual orthodontic meetings and study clubs and through phone calls with friends. Thankfully, there is a better way today, and it comes from Facebook groups.


Dr. Ben Burris can be credited with using Facebook to gather the orthodontic specialty into groups. For several years he hosted a public Facebook group that was active on a daily basis, had over 3,000 orthodontic members, and focused on nonclinical topics. Dr. Burris made a personal decision to shut down his public group about a year ago, and it was amazing to see what happened in the days after. The void that was left was almost immediately filled with orthodontists who decided to continue the concept. Though more fragmented, and in some ways more specific, there exists today a myriad of Facebook groups, administered by orthodontists and industry leaders, focused on both clinical and business aspects of running a practice. Some focus on products and one is even focused on women in the specialty. Indeed, there is something for anyone and everyone in these groups.

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More Than the End Result By: Debbie Best


e recently had our patio refinished with a system paver company, hoping to repair a poorly finished stamped concrete patio gone bad. As we waded through several frustrations and delays, I started to compare the customer service we received from the paver company with that offered in many orthodontic practices.

When our sales associate went over the design plans and fee estimate, he promised high service and results, then dropped the ball and neglected to inform us that something as basic as sealing the new patio was not included. New to this process, we did not know what questions to ask as to what was included in the fee. Sealing of the pavers is always done upon completion of the project; we naturally could only assume it was included in the fee. As comparison to orthodontics, how often do we assume the patient and parent understands exactly what is included in the total treatment fee? Are you charging additionally for clear brackets, retainers, x-rays, tooth whitening and broken brackets/missed appointments? Excellent customer service means reviewing the fee for treatment thoroughly and itemizing exactly what is included in the fee. Do not "surprise" the patient with extra fees.

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When we signed the contract with the system paver company, we were told by the sales associate that the work would begin the first week of May. Unfortunately, the salesman was not kept up to date on the work calendar, leading to extreme disappointment and frustration that the work did not commence until the middle of June.

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Bentson Copple reSource 4th Quarter 2017

Building Your Focus Vault


By: Curt Steinhorst

e have entered an age of distraction. At home, 60% of people spend more time staring at a screen than talking with their partner. While watching TV, 88% use a second screen. Think about that. We can't even focus on the device that used to be considered the cause of ADD. Plus, we all feel overworked, but the evidence shows something different. We are perpetually distracted. We average only three minutes of work before being deterred by interruptions. It takes us an average of 23 minutes to get back to work (Dr. Gloria Mark, UC Irvine). The problem? Access. For the first time in history, we have literally no barriers to connectivity. Let me put this into context for you. If we took the total span of human history and divided it by average life expectancy, we would arrive at 800 lifetimes. For the first 650 of those lifetimes, we lived predominantly in caves. We've only had mass communication for the last six lifetimes. Not until the last two could you communicate further than you could walk, thanks to Henry Ford. Today, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. And we do.

"M.O.P."-ing Up Profitability with a Bucket of the Accidental Patient


By: Jonathan L. Nicozisis, DMD, MS

s with most things in life, giving someone something that they didn't know they needed tends to be an appreciated practice. Eventually that thing they did not know they needed becomes commonplace or the standard of day-to-day operations. While in college, I did not know I needed to replace the stacks upon stacks of plastic CD jewel cases of my music collection organized with pride on my book shelves. Yet, when Apple created something to eliminate these stacks and consolidate them into a device the size of a deck of cards, we as a society rejoiced! And still do! The same can be said with putting a camera in a phone. When first introduced, I thought it was ridiculous and unnecessary. We didn't need it nor want it, but now we simply can't imagine our day-to-day life without such capability.

In orthodontics, the same can hold true not only for unknowing patients but also unwilling orthodontists; both might be emotionally distant to their unknown needs." Everything is just fine" is often a refrain mentioned by each. "My teeth are just fine." "My practice is just fine." "I've got no reason to fix this or that because nothing is broken."

12 Years Later‌


By: Laura Overcash

fter flipping my office calendar, the realization of the pending year-end hit me like a ton of bricks. Where does the time go? My great grandmother used to tell me that time moves faster the older you get. Those words of wisdom are so true! As a child, summer vacation seemed to last forever, and the wait between Christmases felt like an eternity. Now, time just seems to zip by, with weeks, months, and entire seasons disappearing at an accelerated pace. From its inception, Bentson Copple & Associates (the name has gone through a couple of iterations along the way) was first and foremost known for valuation, transition, and recruiting services. The Bentson Copple reSource was added into the mix because our team loved sharing our knowledge with others and there was no better way to do that than through a newsletter for the orthodontic community! In-house, we asked our team to create content and called in some favors from our friends to create the first edition of the newsletter.

New Gaidge CEO: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward


An Interview with Ryan Moynihan

aidge has partnered with orthodontic practices across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Australia to automatically gather and deliver key performance indicators that assist doctors, managers, and team leaders in assessing needs, setting goals, and driving practice performance. Gaidge has the most accurate and robust database of information in the orthodontic industry. Since 2010, the company, and its analytics, has been a leader in reporting practice performance, as well as industry trends. In 2016, Gaidge compiled and reported the activity of client orthodontists in over 1,250 locations with a combined annual Net Production of $1.4B and Net Collection following at $1.3B. This activity included 400,000 exams in which 287,000 were adolescents and 113,000 were adults. From these exams, 280,000 combined Comprehensive, Phase I, Phase II, and Clear Aligner treatment starts were tracked in Gaidge. Indeed, Gaidge has become a meaningful product to its users and to the industry as a whole.

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