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Right lighting for right vision Light is one of the greatest potential energies in nature which influences living environment both physically and mentally. No one can image life without light, irrespective of age, all are dependent on light for their livelihood. Lighting can cause critical differences among elderly people due to their deteriorating vision. Due to physical limitations, they may be destitute from the natural sunlight. Poor light may create many problems like disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms in elderly people, which can potentially lead to negative health effects. The solution for all these problems is to create proper architect lighting designing by considering the requirements that can meet the visual needs of the increasingly large elderly population. The changes in brightness make perception difficult for an aging visual system. Therefore assure that the spaces are bright enough to allow for visibilities by avoiding the darker areas. There are lights from the designs of modular lighting instruments called Modular lighting products which are listed over here.

Price : 347,79EUR

Flasher Modular Lighting Instruments - Flasher 1x50W QPAR 16 GZ10 230V Alu Structured IP44

Price : 116,35EUR

Jules Modular Lighting Instruments - Jules Pin 1x50W QR-CBC 51 GU5.3 12V Desert IP43

Price : 1.347,32EUR

Diablo Modular Lighting Instruments - Diablo High TL5 Lighting Instruments 8x14W T16 G5 230V 1-10V Opal IP20

Price : 129,65EUR

Instant Plus Modular Lighting Instruments - Instant Plus 1x25W IT-3 30 E14 230V Alu IP55

Price : 412,27EUR

Every Square Modular Lighting Instruments - Every Square Track 1x70W HIT-TC-CE G8.5 230V Alu Structured IP20

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Providing too bright lights may cause problems to aging eyes because of high range of glare and differences in color and contrast. Some elderly people may become very sensitive to bright lights which cause more glares and this creates uncomfortable and even disabling of vision.

It is important to check the quotes and the discount opportunities available with the various vendors. An aware consumer can make an effective buying decision.

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Right lighting for right vision