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Photography By: Matt Roberts

Ronnie Knight

Nayra Selena Montoya

Crystal Carter

Bobbi Thompson


Brooke Huffman


Ceramics By: Leetha Rowe & Dorinda Chambers


C!"ney Moeck

Bryson Swinny

Anonym!s Alyssa Wilkin$on

Jessie Ratli Anonym!s

Carlie Przybylski


C!"ney Moeck


ter xt


Lee'a Rowe

Anonym!s Brea Lembke

C!"ney Moeck

Bryson Swinny

Rachel Gardner

Poetry Emily Cox & Skylar Glawson

Moods By: Lizzie Copeland Another Lost Cause Thrown aside again, Never to be seen, Another I'm not good enough, This world is so mean. I try my best to, Make people pleased, But I can never, Meet their needs. People tearing me down, And breaking my heart, They're always telling me, I'm not that smart. I guess that this is my fate, To have people point out my flaws, To everyone around me, I'm just another lost cause.

I hate how I feel, I try to hide the pain, I try to cover it up, I act like I’m happy when I’m not, I wish I could express my feelings, But I don’t know how too. Sometimes I show my sadness, I don’t like to be sad around people, I try to cover it up, I don’t like people asking a lot of questions. When I hear the same question over and over again. I try to act like it doesn’t bother me, You never ask me how I feel, I feel like sometimes you use me for you. Not to help me. I told you that I needed you. I need you to help me. I need you to make me feel like nothing is wrong. I love that you try now, But I don’t know. I feel like you are giving up, I don’t think you want us anymore. I know you say you love me, But do you really? I am left with the questions… Will he stop loving me? How long do I get to cherish his love? Is he the one for me? How can you tell when you’re in love? With so many more questions… I will never know.

Dream By: Samantha Bloss As the wind moved swiftly through the trees I sat on the grass and enjoyed the breeze. The sun shined bright and the lilies swayed this beautiful scenery carrying me away. I listened to the wind as it ruffled the leafs and gave me peace. With my mind at ease I danced through the trees, wishing for someone to enjoy with me. My skies are blue, my grass is green and no one knows this is where I come to dream.

Creative Non-Fiction Emily Cox & Matt Roberts

By: Nick Ellis I have always loved spending time with my dad, when I was five we would spend time together watching fishing shows. I have always enjoyed fishing, being outside, enjoying fresh air and so one day I decided to ask my father to go fishing. He always said when he could get the time off. I was persistent and patient. I grew impatient and decided to give up. Finally my dad came up to and said he had the time off next week and I got to experience my first fishing trip with my father. I couldn’t wait to catch my first fish, to feel the tug of the pole and my dad cheering me on. I hoped that when I caught my first fish I would make my father proud. The first week I ever went fishing was filled with going to the store, getting ready to go fishing and going to the lake and getting my first fish. I was growing impatient, the first few days before we went fishing we had to shop for my gear. We went to Walmart and I bolted down the aisles to the sporting goods. Only one reel caught my eye. It was blue, it was a closed face reel about 4 feet long. We also had to buy some weight and hooks. After we got everything we needed we spent about $150.00 on the fishing gear. Throughout the shopping I was excited and ready to catch my first fish with my father. The time could not pass fast enough. I learned though, it wasn’t just the fishing that I enjoyed, I loved picking out my fishing gear with my father. It made me feel that much closer to him. My father had woke me up at six in the morning to get ready to fish. I zipped through getting ready and quickly loaded the truck and headed off to the lake. We stayed till about noon or so and caught nothing. I was a little disappointed but I thought hey, I spent the day with my dad and tomorrow's fishing will be better. All week we caught nothing, I was sadden but realized that it was okay because I got to bond with my father and spend all day with him. The last day I was ready to give up fishing forever, we haven’t caught anything and it grew slightly boring even though I was with my father. As my father started loading the truck on the last day because it was time to leave, I thought for sure my dreams were lost but no, my bobber was moving and my dad yells “Get that fish Nick!.” I look at my bobber and it was dashing around like a speedboat at it’s fastest. I was filled with joy, my father gets to see me catch my first fish. This was a big moment for me to share with my father. My father cheered me on as the pole bends towards the water. I could swear I was losing the pole but the fish flies out of the water and water drops were glistening off the fish in the sun. I saw a rainbow behind the fish, the sounds around me came back and I heard my dad proudly say good job. Again joy had filled me, I made my dad proud. At age five I caught my fish, bonded with my father and even made him proud. My day couldn’t get any better than this. Spending time with my father has always been important to me. Normally we spent our time watching fishing shows. I have always enjoyed fishing and dreamed that one day my father and I could do fish together. So, one day I got this urge to ask my father to go fishing. He always said when he got the time. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed but I never gave up and every week I asked if we could go fishing. I grew tired of asking and finally gave up. But, one day my father comes to me and says he has time to go fishing next week. My dreams were coming true, fishing and bonding closer to my father. I couldn’t be any happier. I finally got to experience my first fishing trip with my father and my first catch. The first week I ever went fishing was filled with going to the store, getting ready to go fishing and going to the lake. I had made my dad proud the day I caught my first fish, I will never forget the look on his face, the smile on his lips and the joy I felt in my heart knowing I had done well in his eyes.

Short Stories By: Jourdain Brooks

An Untrained Eye By Brianna Gregg

Clack,  clack,  clack  patent  leather  shoes  hit  the  1loor  in  a  perfectly  timed  beat,  like  a   conductor.  Detective  Albert  A.  Hinsley  always  prided  himself  on  his  appearance,  He   always  had  clean  shoes  and  a  freshly  pressed  suit,  he  carried  himself  like  a  king  looking   down  on  his  peasants  and  with  his  height,  that  wasn’t  very  hard.        “Good  morning,  Eddie!”  He  would  say  every  morning  to  the  newest  detective  on  the   team,  Eddie  Sterling  “You  ready  for  work?”        “Yessir!”        For  the  past  month  there  have  been  a  series  of  murders.  Last  night  was  the  third  one,   of1icially  making  this  the  work  of  a  serial  murderer.        The  murders  themselves  were  rather  gruesome  and  the  newest  one  is  no  different.   The  two  detectives  stood  in  a  small  house,  surrounded  by  a  team  of  every  sort  of  law   enforcement  and  media  mixed  together  in  a  heaving  mass  of  noise,  1lashes,  and  police   tape.  The  body  was  of  a  young  girl  this  time,  her  eyes  were  scratched  out  and  a  smile   was  carved  into  her  face,  leaving  a  jack-­‐o-­‐lantern  like  effect.  Even  among  the  yelling  and   noise  around  everything  seemed  to  stand  still  for  Sterling.  His  stomach  heaved.        “Whoa  there!”  A  strong  hand  clapped  his  back  “Wouldn’t  want  you  to  mess  up  any   evidence!”  said  Hinsley.  After  a  moment  Eddie  regained  his  composure  “Need  to  sit   down  a  minute?” Eddie  shook  his  head,  this  was  his  job  now,  and  he  either  had  to  get  used  to  it  or  suck  it   up.        “No,  I’m  1ine.”        “Good,  had  me  worried  there  for  a  second.”  The  tall  smiling  man  said  while  slipping  on   some  gloves  “Wouldn’t  want  you  to  pass  out,  eh?”  He  began  to  pick  around  the  house,   looking  for  anything  that  might  lead  to  a  possible  suspect.  There  weren’t  any  so  far  in   the  investigation  and  with  the  murders  become  more  frequent,  the  pressure  was  on  to   1ind  even  just  a  single  one.  The  rookie  mumbled  a  quiet  apology  and  began  his  work.        Hours  passed  and  still  very  little  evidence  was  pulled,  but  one  thing  that  Detective   Sterling  did  1ind  was  a  1ingerprint.  Things  were  looking  up  for  him.        The  next  few  days  yielded  no  results  for  the  print  and  Eddie  Sterling  found  himself   back  in  square  one.  No  1ingerprint,  no  evidence,  no  suspect,  nothing,  His  heart  began  to   sink,  they  were  never  going  to  1ind  the  killer.        Clack,  clack,  clack,  the  familiar  sound  stops  in  front  of  his  desk,  a  small  trail  of  dirt   leading  from  the  door  to  a  pair  of  patent  leather  shoes.        “Good  Morning,  Eddie!  Ready  for  work?”        Another  murder,  this  time  a  sorority  girl.  The  body  was  found  in  a  1ield  near  her   school  with  the  ever  so  familiar  jack-­‐o-­‐lantern  smile  carved  into  her  face.  “The  breaks   are  getting  smaller,”  Hinsley  murmured  under  his  breath  “pretty  soon  there  will  be  one   every  night.”  no  one  really  wanted  to  think  of  that,  but  secretly  everyone  did.  The  killer   was  starting  to  become  famous  in  his  own  way,  thanks  to  the  media.  People  are   beginning  to  call  him  The  Pumpkin  Carver.  Once  again  as  with  most  of  the  previous   murders  very  little  evidence  was  found.  Eddie  slumped  in  his  desk  seat  again  just   waiting  for  the  day  to  be  over  when  once  again  the  familiar  clack  of  shoes  made  their   way  to  his  desk  “I  heard  news  that  you  found  a  1ingerprint.”        “Yeah,  but  it  doesn’t  have  any  matches”

“That’s a  shame.  Better  luck  next  time,  Eddie.”  He  said  coldly  while  walking  away.  The   words  stung,  which  was  unlike  Hinsley.  Even  though  he  put  on  airs  he  never  really  acted   mean,  at  least  not  towards  Eddie.        In  fact,  Eddie  thought,  Why  did  he  even  come  over  here  in  the  1irst  place?  He  recalled  this   morning,  Hinsley  did  have  dirt  on  his  shoes,  which  was  weird  for  him,  and-­‐  What  am  I   thinking?  Hinsley  couldn’t  have  done  it.  He’s  a  cop.  The  feeling  never  left  him  though.  Just   checking  wouldn’t  hurt  I  suppose.        Over  the  next  few  weeks  the  murders  kept  growing.  Victims  ranged  from  young  to  old  men   and  women  alike.  “I  don’t  get  this  guy,”  Eddie  said  over  lunch  to  Hinsley  “He  isn’t  targeting   any  speci1ic  age  or  sex!  We  have  no  clue  who  is  going  to  attack  next!  Either  he  is  a  complete   idiot  or  a  total-­‐”        “Genius?”  Eddie  was  a  bit  shocked  to  hear  Hinsley  speak,  he  was  quiet  for  most  of  lunch   and  seemed  in  deep  thought.  “Do  you  think  he’s  genius,  Eddie?”        “Well,  maybe.  We  haven’t  caught  him  yet  so  he  must  be  smart,  but  it  feels  wrong  to  call   someone  like  that  a  ‘genius’.  He’s  de1initely  a  madman,  though.”  Eddie  would  have  kept   going,  but  Hinsley  seemed  more  than  satis1ied  with  his  1irst  sentence,  possibly  even  proud?   Stop  it  man,  it’s  all  in  your  head.  He  couldn’t  be  the  killer,  but,  like  before,  the  thoughts   persisted.  The  only  thing  Eddie  could  do  was  stare  suspiciously  at  the  tall  man.  No,  he   couldn’t  be.  Eddie  looked  down  in  shame;  he  was  about  to  blame  his  friend  on  several   murders.  The  feeling  of  dread  just  grew  worse  when  he  saw  Hinsley’s  scratched  shoes.  But   his  shoes  are  always  perfect...        The  next  murder  was  a  boy  about  7  years  old.  His  jack-­‐o-­‐lantern  face  smiled  blindly,   looking  up  at  the  detectives.  Eddie’s  stomach  clenched  again,  but  this  time  in  fear.  Under  the   boy’s  nails  were  strange  black  1lecks.  Lab  results  came  back  identifying  it  as  patent  leather,   possibly  from  the  killer.        The  following  day  he  had  the  results  back  on  the  1ingerprint  test.        Clack,  clack,  clack  scuffed  patent  leather  shoes  hit  the  1loor  in  a  not  so  perfectly  timed  beat,   like  a  madman  counting,  Detective  Albert  A.  Hinsley  always  prided  himself  on  his   appearance,  his  shoes  which  were  never  dirty  caked  with  mud,  and  his  always  freshly   pressed  suit  slightly  wrinkled,  he  carried  himself  like  a  tyrant  looking  down  on  the  poor,  and   with  his  height,  it  wasn’t  very  hard.        “Good  morning,  Eddie!”  He  said,  just  like  every  morning  to  the  one  who  knew  the  truth   “You  ready  for  work?  Today  is  going  to  be  busy.”  he  smiled  coldly.  

Into the Future By: Leetha Rowe I am surrounded by zombies. Yes, you read that right, I said zombies. They have taken over the world roughly 2 months ago and now we must defend own world. There is one zombie to my left. I turn and slice his ... her, I am not sure which; they are ugly, the flesh is melted almost all the way off. Anyway it lost its arm and then its head. I do a quick twist and slice another head off of one, blood splatters all over my face and my white shirt. Gosh dang it, I just washed zombie blood out of this last night! But don’t worry the blood has nothing to do with turning into a zombie, it’s their infected, rotten teeth that will turn me. You can say I have been at this zombie killing business for a while now, I am pretty good.“Behind you!” yells my partner, Adrian. I turn quickly and stab it in the eye and down it goes. See, I told you I am pretty good. I bet you are wondering, what are the steps to be a zombie, let me tell you, you have to pretty stupid to want or even accidentally become a zombie. So, this is how to become a zombie incase you were curious; Step one: Be stupid and walk outside the protected houses we (Adrian and I) have worked so hard to put bars and metal sheets on the windows, walk outside the triple gated area around the houses, do this preferable alone. Step two: Go towards, not away, from the herd of zombies. Step three: Instead of running back towards the guards around the 30 plus houses that are, yes, zombie proof, run in the other direction. Step four: fall down while running and since you didn’t think to bring a weapon with you, don’t defend yourself and let the nasty, infected zombie bite a spot of his .. her choice. If they do not decide the eat you to your death or if you somehow get away then the infected area will get bubbly, hot then melt away and the rest of your flesh will do the same. Gross, right? So, please listen to the guards, listen to the curfews, and DO NOT EVER go anywhere alone or without a weapon. We didn’t risk our lives putting up the fence and gates around the houses just because we were bored, no it was to help save the humans from hell’s bite. The fences are set up like prison fences: fence, 10 foot around dead space, fence, 10 foot around dead pace and yes another fence. Adrian and I have been clearing out the zombies around the “community” all morning. We aren’t like those stupid movies and shows that just let the damned build up around us. Others are helping of course and we have people inside the fence ready to shoot any zombie the gets too close. I have made it clear to everyone though, we do not use guns unless we are seconds away from dying. This is a rule because the noise attracts more zombies, duh of course. Also, we need to save our bullets; we have enough to last for years but come on no one knows how long this will last. Now I know I said we have people ready to shoot the zombies even though there is a rule against it but their guns have silencers and the ONLY guns that have them. It was my turn to warn Adrian. “Behind you, Adrian! Behind you!” But he turned too slow and the zombie was on him. I ran to help him. Yuck, I stepped on a half zombie’s head and got brains on my new (hand-me-down) shoes. Somehow Ardian moved his was under the zombie. Ugh, this boy is so getting yelled at after I save his butt. I paused for a second as a zombie came after me and kicked him in the chest, then proceeded to stab him in the head and watched his body fall to the ground. “HELP! Help me dang it!” Adrian yelled as I was still running toward him. Man, we should stay closer together my legs are tired, I thought. Yes, even as my boyfriend was close to dying I was worried about how sore my legs were. Finally, I got to him and kicked the zombie in the head. Instead of being the sweet caring girlfriend we all know I am (ha ha) and helping Adrian up, I turned and stomped the crap out of the zombie’s head. I turn and say, “Are you done being reckless and stupid or do I need someone else to help me clear the fields while your slow butt trains more on how to kill something with less brain function then a rock.” Yup, there is my sweetness. Adrian frowns, offended, and walks back towards the gate. “Fine, I’ll clean up the 50 bodies myself!” I yell as he keeps walking. I know there is 50 because each day everyone rotates on who kills 25 zombies, we have to kill 25 or we don’t eat lunch. Yes, silly rule but people love their food and even I help, the founder of this place, because it is fair. As I start cleaning up the rotten bodies I hear shuffling. “Adrian?” I say, almost a whisper. I look up and the people that were suppose to watching me were talking and I was too far away for them to hear me. A zombie walks from behind a house and groans at me. Crap, I think. I draw my sword ready to take the damned thing out and a dozen more are followed by it...

After I had cleaned and burned the zombie bodies, while taking out 12 more I might add, I walk into the mess hall and sign off on how many I have killed for the day. I try to get out in the fields and clear some every day since I have no real chores like everyone else. After I grab some food I find Adrian and sat next to him. “I am sorry I messed up today and left you to clean up” he says with his head down, ashamed. “It’s no big deal really. I am sorry I was rude after I saved your butt” I push him playfully, trying to make him feel better “and the clean up wasn’t too bad I got 12 more after you left.” Suddenly, he sits up and looks at me in alarm. “You what? Oh my god, I can’t believe I left you out there by yourself,” rule number one never go anywhere alone, “I am such an idiot it would have been my fault if you died!” I do a little, kind of awkward laugh, “It’s fine, I wasn’t alone, the guards were watching.” He huffs, kisses me, then says “I am so sorry.” and leaves. Romantic couple aren’t we? Later that night I decide to go for a walk, I know, I know, never go anywhere by yourself. I might as well be that dumb blonde in the scary movies that run up the stairs instead of out the door but I needed to clear my head. Our town is safe, no zombies have gotten in but we like to keep everyone armed and together just incase. I was told two days ago, on Monday, that I needed to come up with some ground rules since the place has been holding together for two months since the zombies came from hell and more people are being brought in. I’d say that we have roughly 50 people now and 35 houses. We keep six to a house and everyone has a buddy they leave with. We have been putting up more fences around other houses beyond the fences, and no there is not really “fields” we say that because there is a field of zombies. The houses that we are zombie proofing and putting fences around have to be cleared out of supplies and zombies first. We take the supplies and store it in a huge garage and 10 people control what we get. The town has decided not to use money; we simply just get what we work for because everyone would rather have that then classes and be downgraded. Plus it is a lot easier than money, in the mornings you wake up at 7am sharp and clean your house and everyone cleans the streets. (The place was trashed when we cleared out the homes when we first got here). Then, you go to the mess hall and sign off on what you did then get your food. Between 9am and 2pm, people take their turns killing 25 or more zombies and eating their lunch. Everyone gets dinner for free, no work needed. I stop in front of the medical center, it really says “medical center” on the building. The flowers in the makeshift garden have started growing more and tomorrow morning some will have blossomed. They have it so easy, I thought about the flowers, they will grow and bloom as long as there is sun and water. They don’t have to worry about zombies. I was jealous of the flowers, they had nothing to lose. The medical center is obviously where the sick and injured go. We, thankfully, have 6 doctors and 2 vets to stay there. The doctors are currently teaching the vets more about the human body then the animal body. They are the only ones who don’t risk their lives in the fields because we need them. ! I keep walking down the street, all the lights are off promptly at 9pm. We use generators and propane tanks to fuel everything and need to save everything we have. The lights do not get turned on during the day because we open the curtains for light. If we do turn them on they are a loud on for 15 minutes every hour. I know it sounds stupid but I mean we have a lot of supplies but I don’t want to get stupid with it. We may be here for a long time. You must be wondering how we get our supplies, well we go on raids around the houses and other cities around this small town. We send 15 to 20 people for a raid. Every two get a minivan and a list of things the have to get, we never run out and we are always over stocked. I’m a planner, we need to get the stuff before others do or before it goes bad. If the raiders find others on the trip they pick them up or offer aid. Anyone is welcome to our “community” as long as they cause no problems, I have no issue with shooting troublemakers, they are worse than the damned. ! I walk up to the gate, tomorrow I will be going on my second raid. Adrian will not be going, we don’t go at the same time incase one of us dies or gets bitten. Of course we were not the only ones who founded this place, there is a few other, but Adrian and I are the main ones. I am scared, these people we have are welltrained thanks to our five military people but I will be 30 minutes away from the town and away from Adrian. I take a deep breath and head back to my house. I crawl in bed next to Adrian and fall asleep. The next morning at 5am, I am already up and ready for the raid. I wake my 14 other raiders (which I found are NOT morning people) and we head out early so we can be back by 2pm.

! ! The trip was quiet as I rode next to my best friend Alex. We became best friends after I had the idea to bar up her house she let us stay in. She is one of the other founders of our town. 30 minutes later, we arrive in another small town that I didn’t pay attention to the name to. Alex and I are to get clothes for the kids back in the town. We have ten kids ages 7-13. Five boys and five girls. The kids are required to go to our makeshift school. We are always getting lucky, we have 2 teachers, elementary and highschool teacher. We don’t want our kids being street smart and book stupid now do we? As we look around some of the houses I hear something. I stop and Alex bumps into me, not saying a word because she heard it too. We walk around the main floor, refusing to get trapped up stairs. We open windows so we have an escape route. Rule number two, when in doubt know your way out. Here, let’s get the rules out of the way: Rule 1: Never go anywhere alone Rule 2: When in doubt know your way out Rule 3: Always travel with a weapon Rule 4: Headshots only, shooting at their feet won’t help Rule 5:Don’t be stupid and think you can take a lot on your own That’s all I have right now. I hear the noise again and head to what I assume is the kitchen. Five zombies stand in front of us moaning and groaning. We turn around to head out so we have more room to fight but there is three more behind us, now we fight. I pull out my sword and Alex pulls out her gun. I cut one zombie’s face in half and Alex splatters one’s brain all over the wall. One of the damned gets Alex to the ground, I try to get to her but one knocks me my sword out my hand and it slides across the floor. Great, now I am defenceless, I thought. I punch the zombie and my hand sinks into its face. I don’t it even felt that. It comes after me again and I’m not ready. Somehow I am on the floor in an instant and I cannot get him off me. This is how my life ends, I will die right here. Alone and away from Adrian, I think, I love you Adrian... I wake up soaking wet, I have been sweating in my sleep and my bed is grossly wet. I look around as Adrian, my boyfriend of 14 months come in and says we need to leave, there is zombies, actual zombies. I am confused, wasn’t there already zombies? Did zombies get in the town if so we should be able to handle them, why is he freaking out? Then it hit me, I had dreamed of the future. I saw how for this point on would play out and I knew how I was going to die. This was my time to change how I would leave this world and I was ready to live. To be continued...

Six-Word Memoirs Farewell to ) seniors of 2013! Alex Wilson, Skylar Glawson, & Savannah C*+

Be willing to sacrifice for greatness -Cecil Leivan ...Waiting for real life to begin. !



-Brittany Rice

My town, my life, my history -Zachary Roudolph

I live life to the fullest. -Sephra Pompa

Free to be me with Jesus -Jessie Current

Missouri, where boredom and misery thrive. Tayber Deroin

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The Bentonite Benton High School Ed. 1, Vol. 1, 2013

The Bentonite  

Benton High School Literary Magazine

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